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Richard Hagan Palo Alto California USA

I filled out Ulster Ancestry’s initial questionnaire into my family’s history both maternal and paternal. Robert quickly responded to my inquiry outlining his proposed research strategy.

Ulster Ancestry have over 2 years completed 12 separate full research reports for me. I started with research into my father and mother, expanding into reports on my grandparents, which grew into a very difficult search for the birth of my grandmother, Mary Hagan, but he finally found her.

Robert's final report was a deep Hagan report going into the 1700s. The majority of pre-1922 records were destroyed in the Irish Civil War by a fire at the Public Record Office, so this was a work of great determination.

Every email enquiry I sent has been thoroughly researched and promptly answered. I will use all his reports as a roadmap into my family’s history for years to come. With every email , (and there have been over 1350 of them!), Robert makes me feel like he works only for me.

Robert has an enormous amount of knowledge and data floating around in his head. He is old school, doing “boots on the ground” research, collecting birth certificates, marriage and death information. I don’t know when this man sleeps.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, to ask Ulster Ancestry do additional reports for me, if there was anything left to research for my family. He has built a vast knowledge of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

AFH Scotland

My many years of searching for this part of my family are now over and I have you to thank for that. I very much appreciate the work you carried out for me and I now look forward to sharing information, photos and stories with my new found second cousins!

Pam Treme USA

Like the last time I worked with Ulster Ancestry, they provided prompt service and got the exact records that I requested. Having access to someone like this makes research overseas possible. I just wish I knew more to make better use of Robert's skills.

Jim B. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My greatest appreciation for the fine research you undertook for my Acheson ancestors in Ulster. This is a true tribute to the professional work of your organization, and I thank you.

You gave me a solid feel for the people and the environment of the times back then, in and around Omagh.

Warmest regards.

Alison H , Midlothian, Scotland

Thank you for sending over such a beautifully prepared report which has filled me with great excitement!

The details that you have provided really do seem to tie in with my research but more especially with the old family photographs which kicked this whole investigation off.

I would be more than happy to commission you to spend more time as I’m sure that there are many avenues left to explore further.

Kind regards

Raewyn, NSW Australia

I'm writing purely to thank both of you for your efforts in providing me with 1824 Tithe Applotments. It's not just a thank you for these, but also for the tone in which your responses have come through, and your follow-up (i.e. keeping me informed) throughout the process.

Please know how much your efforts have been appreciated.

Kindest Regards

Mark. Northern Ireland.

The report arrived in the post today and I am absolutely delighted with it. The level of detail is amazing and having all the supporting documents is an unexpected bonus.

My sincere thanks for getting this to me at such short notice, I know my mother will be thrilled with it.

I think my summer may be spent in the northwest visiting the places our ancestors lived!

Thanks again.

Jo . Victoria Australia

Thank you so very much.

Very exciting to see the actual proof ! There are quite a few other researchers who will be happy to see this.


Rich - Palo Alto CA

I say that I took the day reviewing your report and all I can say is “Wow!” and you can even multiply that “Wow” a few times. I have just been contacted by a great grandson of William Irvine and he asked if I had any info. With your research I was able to provide him with the date of his death. Now I’m starting to see how other trees interconnect with mine.

When you start going back many generations you can have thousands of connections and that is mind boggling.

With much thanks.

M.D. - Miami Florida.

"The professionalism of Ulster Ancestry is first class. I am a repeat customer of their services. I have previously hired genealogists in both the USA and Canada. The quality of the work by Ulster Ancestry is first rate in every aspect. As a client, I had only an ancestral name, year of birth, religious denomination, and a County in Ireland as a starting point to my inquiry. I had no knowledge of parish and townland locations or of the Irish record keeping practice of listing phonetic variations as homonyms of family names. Ulster Ancestry acted both as a teacher and a guide into the field of Irish genealogy. Ulster Ancestry demonstrates a broad based detailed knowledge of the available genealogical documentary resources, together with an understanding of the history, economy, and sociology of Northern Ireland. I am a completely satisfied customer. "

P.T. - Reme - USA

"Robert provided lots of initial information so that I was able to ask him to do a targeted search. I'm already formulating my next question/search for Ulster Ancestry. Thank you for a great experience ."

Pam Tr. - USA

"This task was the first one that Ulster Ancestry has completed for me. It won't be the last. The researcher did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. I was very pleased with the job he did and the manner in which he completed the project."

P.T. - Calgary Canada



"I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf. I’ll be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone who asks me about a researcher in Ireland in the future."

O.H. - New Zealand

"Really appreciate all your hard work and research. I now probably know as much as I ever will about where my family came from and the kind of life their lived in Ireland. You provide a fantastic service, and I'm really grateful for the things you did and found for me."

B.L. - Australia

“I have used Ulster Ancestry services since 2005 to research many aspects of my Ulster family history in great detail. As a result of their meticulous research I now have a full picture of the family history over the span of many hundreds of years"

C.C. - New York

"Yesterday was my birthday. Your research was the best present I could ever have received. Many, many, thanks "


Received you wonderful Report today. Oh thank you so much, it will be so appreciated by the family!!! Again thank you so much. Using your organization was one of my best ever choices and I would and will recommend Ulster Ancestry research to anyone . "

D.J.�- Arizona

"I just wanted to acknowledge receipt of your report; Many thanks!"

"What a terrific job you have done. This is the first real solid lead we've had on Thomas Junk in many many years."


"I received the ancestry report on my great great great grandfather today in the mail and I was thrilled. What the researcher Pauline found out about the family farm gave us all the answers. What she could never have known was that the names listed on my GGG grandpa’s Will, as witnesses, were the family who immigrated to the U.S.A. with my grt.grt grandpa and his family. They had a brother and sister who lived here already and we suspect sponsered both families coming to America. The new information we received from you gave lots that your researcher would not have known about, but that I could make connections with . The listing of three of the missing children baptisms was also wonderful Thank you so much. We are thrilled by the quality and content of your work."

S.W.G. Northern Ireland

"I just want to thank you once again for your work in finding my natural mother after nearly 50 years of trying on my part. Over the years I had made several attempts but all ended in failure, until I contacted you. Starting with only a name and a workplace in the 1940s {not a home address } within 12 weeks you gave me my mother’s current address and the names and addresses of 2 half brothers I never knew I had I can unreservedly recommend you services to anyone who is in a similar position to my own. "

P.R. Florida - USA

"Thank you so much for your hard work, expertise and the impressive binder. My family are very thrilled to have all this additional knowledge about our history. I hope to visit Ulster soon and the places marked on the map and see where my family came from. Thank you very much for putting in extra time. I am so very grateful to you and to ulsterancestry.com. I will most certainly recommend you to other people who have Ulster ties, who wish to have their family researched. Sincerely."

M.E. - Ontario, Canada

I received your research book on my ancestors yesterday. I am so very pleased with your work. I'm still going through the names and dates. Many of them I'm finding are the same as other sources which confirms their authenticity. I'm very grateful to you for persevering with viewing records which were in such bad shape. I realize it is very time consuming and understand you put in much more time in than you charged for. I also appreciate that. Again I want to thank you for all your time and effort. You will hear from me again.