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A Sample of Irish Family Names - - Irish Family Names
Irish Names 11-16th Century - - Irish Names
Irish Surname Information Pages - - Irish Names
Old Irish Names History - - Irish Names
Free Ulster Maps - - Ulster Maps
1609 Pardon List 1609 - State Papers
The Civil Survey 1654 1654 - Civil Survey
A List of Deported Convicts and Vagabonds 1737-1743 - -
Death Notices of Irish Emigrants 1806/1838 - 19th c.Obituaries
18th/19th century guide to the Estates of Ulster 1700-1900 All Estates Records
Marriage Register of Portpatrick Wigtownshire 1720-1846 All Marriage Register
Justices of the Peace in several Counties 1797- 1798 All General information
More Ulster family names. n/a ALL General information
Hearth Money Roll Dundalk 1663 1663 Dundalk Taxation record
A committee chosen by the people 16th Nov. 1761 Halifax Nova Scotia Committee of settlers
1689 Dublin Parliament 1689 King James II Dublin General info
Hearth Money Roll 1663 Louth Taxation record
Early emigrants to Canada 11th March 1762 n/a Emigrants
Bishop Dunbars Curse 1525 N/A General info
Scottish Undertakers in Ulster 1609 n/a Census
Principal Undertakers in Plantation of Ulster 1609 N/A Church census with notes
The Sea Venture 1609 n/a Ships List
Scottish "undertakers" in Ulster 1609-1610 N/A Land grant applications
Some PRONI papers 1630-1932 N/A Collections at PRONI
Cromwellian Adventurers in Ireland 1642-1646 n/a List of Land Petitioners
The Scotch Irish 1650-1750 N/A History
Passengers on the Henry and Frances 1685 1685 n/a early New England emigrants
King James 11 Army Roll 1688 N/A Army Roll
Emigrants to New York 1850 16th July 1850 N/A Emigrants
Jacobean Deportees 1716 N/A Deportees to the Americas
Irish emigrants to Boston 1716 1716 n/a Early emigrants
Transported Jacobite prisoners 1716 N/A Jacobite Prisoners
The Brigatine Two Brothers 1716 N/A Rebel deportees
Friendship out of Belfast 1716 N/A Transported prisioners
Transported Jacobite rebels 1716 N/A Transported rebels
18th century emigrants 1716-1736 N/A ships lists
Irish names in the marriage register of Portpatrick 1720-1846 n/a Marriage Register
The Charming Molly 1760 N/A Early Emigrants
Halifax Nova Scotia settlers 1761 1761 n/a 18th c Canadian emigrants
Early emigrants to Boston 1762 N/A Early emigrants
The Hannah out of Cork 1764 N/A Emigrants
Passengers on the William 1766 N/A 18th century emigrants
Early emigrants to Boston 1766 N/A Irish Emigrants
Irish Marriages A-G 1771-1812 N/A Marriages
Irish Marriages H 1778-1812 N/A Marriages
Irish Marriages I-K 1778-1812 N/A Marriages
Irish Marriages L-McD 1778-1812 N/A Marriages
Irish Marriages McD-My 1778-1812 N/A Marriages
Belfast Newsletter Archives 17th Nov 1761 n/a emigrants to Canada
The American Ship Eagle 1803 N/A Emigrants
The Barque Patty 1803 N/A Emigrants
The ship American Londonderry to New York 1803 N/A Emigrants
The Ship Margaret 1803 N/A Emigrants
The Patty 1803 N/A Emigrants from Newry
Ship Fortitude 1803 n/a Emigrants via Cork
Early emigrants via the Port of Newry 1803 N/A Emigration Lists
Emigrants from Londonderry Port 1811 N/A Emigrants
Irish Emigrants to New York 1811 N/A Irish emigrants
Irish arriving in New Brunswick 1814 N/A census of immigrants
Protestant Emigrants to Canada 1817 N/A Emigrants
Canadian USA border crossings 1817-1819 N/A Border Crossings Canada
The Malsham 1819 N/A emigrants
Emigrants from Belfast 1820 N/A Emigrants
Emigrants to New York from Belfast 1820 N/A emigrants
Ship James Bailey from Belfast 1820 N/A Emigrants
The Ship Jane from Belfast 1820 N/A Emigrants
Passengers Belfast to Philadelphia 1821 N/A Emigrants
Emigrants from County Cork 1823 N/A Emigrants
Emigrants to Australia 1825- N/A Emigrants
The McCabe List 1829 N/A Early Irish emigrants to Ottawa
Famine Emigrants to Delaware 1830-1841 N/A Famine emigrants
The Lady of the Lake 1831 N/A Emigrants
The Brig Symmetry 1832 N/A Emigrants
County Donegal Emigrants 1832 N/A Famine Emigrants
Emigrants to Australia 1833 n/a Emigrants
Emigrants to New South Wales 1833 n/a Emigrants
The Brig Billow 1833 N/A Tyrone Emigrants
Ship Kinkella Derry to Philadelphia 1834 N/A Emigrants
SS Macedonia 1834 N/A Emigrants
Irish to Argentina 1840-1849 N/A Emigrants
Destitute Emigrants at Montreal 1844 N/A Emigrants
Passengers on The Yorkshire 1847 N/A famine emigrants
The Bark Ovanda 1847 N/A Famine Emigrants
The Brig Victoria 1847 N/A Famine Ship
The Brig Yorkshire 1847 N/A Famine Ship
Deceased Irish famine emigrants 1847 N/A General info
Names on the Irish Wall Toronto 1847 n/a Memorial
Orphaned children at Quebec 1847 N/A Orphaned immigrants
Port of Londonderry Emigrant Lists 1847-1849 N/A Emigrants
The Brig Mary 1847-1849 N/A Famine Emigrants
The Bark John Kerr from Londonderry 1848 N/A Famine Emigrants
emigrants to New Zealand 1849 N/A Emigrants
The Bark Creole 1850 N/A Emigrants from Londonderry
The James Redden 1850 N/A Famine Emigrants
Ulster Town property holders 1850 1850-1864 N/A census substitute
The SS Alice Wilson 1851 N/A Emigrants
Officers of the Coast Guard 1851 n/a General
Arrivals in the State of Victoria 1852 N/A immigrants
The wreck of the Isabella Watson 1852 N/A Report of survivors
Passengers from Londonderry 1853 n/a Emigrants
Adolph Werner Londonderry to Quebec Canada 1854 n/a emigrants
Fermanagh and Donegal Emigrants 1854 N/A Emigrants
SS Mauritius, Londonderry to Quebec, 1854 1854 N/A Emigrants to Canada
Destitute Irish deported to Ireland 1860-1862 N/A The Destitute Poor
Destitute poor Irish deported from England Part 3 1861-1862 N/A Destitute Poor deportees
Return to Ireland of the destitute poor 1861-1862 N/A Lists of Irish paupers expelled from England
Destitute Irish deported from England Part 2 1861-62 N/A Destitute Irish Deportees
Emigrants to Philadelphia 1862 N/A Emigrants
Dublin Emigrants 1863 N/A Famine Emigrants
Stadanona Londonderry -New York 1870 N/A Emigrant Lists
SS India: Moville to New York 1871 N/A Emigrants from Port of Derry
SS Olympia 1873 N/A Emigrants
The Ship Alsatia Londonderry to New York 1876 N/A Emigrants
Ship State of Pennsylvania 1878 N/A Emigrants Larne to New York
The Liner Teutonic 1891 N/A Emigrants
Ulster Defence Union Members 1893 N/A Gentry&Clergy
Passengers on SS Mongolian 1897 n/a Immigrants
Roll of the Dead RMS Titanic 1912 N/A N/A
Survivors from RMS Titanic 1912 N/A N/A
Irish American Prisoners 1776 1st Jan 1789 N/A Pardon Roll
SS City of Chester 27th April 1891 N/A Emigrants
The Brig Pallas Cork to Quebec 9th July 1856 N/A Irish Emigrants
The Africa Belfast to New York 9th June 1811 N/A Emigrants
The Mary carrying famine emigrants April 1847 n/a Famine Emigrants
Names as spelled in Irish Catholic Registers N/A N/A Explanation of Latin names Part 2
Old trades explained n/a n/a information
Irish family names n/a n/a Irish family names
Latin Names as found in RC Church Registers. n/a n/a Latin Names as found in RC Church Registers.
Passengers Queenstown to New York Various late 19th ce N/A Emigrants
Passengers on the The Brig Barbara 1852 passenger list Emigrants from Port of Londonderry
The Brig Freemason 27th Dec 1764 ______ Irish Ships List