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Document and Certificate Retrieval Service in Northern Ireland

Your source for all original certificates and documents.

Request copies of specific original documents

We are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to carry out your own genealogical research by obtaining copies of specific records. This new genealogical service is a cost effective way of finding vital information relating to your ancestors and blasting through those "brickwalls" that are the scourge of so many present day family genealogists.

Experienced researchers will tell you that the most important genealogical breakthroughs come from information contained in a birth marriage or death certificate.

Placing your Order

It is in your own interests to be sure that the information you give is as accurate as possible. We cannot do "wild card" searches.

Please understand that every effort is made to locate the information for you but in the case of certificates the results also depend on the accuracy of your input.

Ulster Ancestry’s Document Request Service is a document search service. This means that you pay for a search of a specific document. Please understand that in the case of certificates some searches may not be successful. This may be because the record is simply not there or the information given is either incorrect or too vague.

Documents,will be forwarded to your given delivery address by first class air mail.

Griffith's Primary Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books are photocopies of the original pages.

The Valuation Office Revision Books are transcriptions of the original.

Fees are as follows:

Griffiths Valuation:

£15 STG  
US $22  

Tithe Books :

£15 STG  
US $22  

Valuation Books:

£20 STG  
US $30  

Orders placed within a European Union country are subject to VAT.