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Brothers of Philadelphia

List of passengers to Philadelphia on board the BROTHERS of Philadelphia sworn at Londonderry 14 April 1804.

Jas. Boyd	 	26	farmer		 Pettigo	 Fermanagh
Jas. Boyle	40	labourer	 Ballyshannon	 Donegal
Wm. Doherty	23	labourer	 Innishannon	 Donegal
Mary Doherty	26	spinster	 Innishannon	 Donegal
Jas. Doherty	28	farmer		 		Donegal
John Doherty	30	labourer	 Innishannon	 Donegal
Jas. Dunn	 	24	 farmer		 		Donegal
Mary Dunn	 	19	 spinster	 		Donegal
Mary Flanigan	28	 spinster	 Ballyshannon	 Donegal
Chas. Flanigan	34	labourer	 Ballyshannon	 Donegal
Jno. Flanigan	06	child			Ballyshannon	Donegal
Patk. Hearney	12	 child			Dungiven	Derry
John Hearney	10	child			Dungiven	Derry
Ann Hearney	35	spinster	 Dungiven	 Derry
Biddy Hearney	07	child			Dungiven	Derry
Nanny Hearney	04	child			Dungiven	Derry
Jos. Hibran	22	labourer	 Castlefin	 Donegal
J. Hibran	 	30	 labourer	 Castlefin	 Donegal
Jane Himton	35	spinster	 Castelfin	 Donegal
Chas. Kelly	21	labourer	 Drunmore	 Tyrone
Hu. Kelly	 	30	 labourer	 Ballyshannon	 Donegal
Hugh Kelly	22	labourer	 Drunmore	 Tyrone
Pat McLoughlin	32	labourer	 Innishannon	 Donegal
R. McLoughlin	24	 labourer	 Innishannon	 Donegal
Margaret Osburn	27	 Spinster	 Omagh	 	Tyrone
Jas. Osburne	04	child			Omagh	 	Tyrone
Margt. Osburne	27	spinster	 Omagh	 	Tyrone
Jane Osburne	06	child		Omagh	 	Tyrone
Jas. Porter	35	farmer		 		Donegal
Ann Robinson	22	spinster	 Innishannon	 Donegal
Wm. Robinson	32	labourer	 Coleraine	 Derry
Thom Thompson	23	 farmer		 Castlefin	 Donegal
Jas. Wishart	51	labourer	 Dungannon	 Tyrone
Margt. Wishart	21	spinster	 Pettigo	 Fermanagh
Noble Young	22	farmer		 Pethgow	 Fermanagh
Jas. Young	21	labourer	 Pethgow	 Fermanagh
Sarah Young	50	spinster	 Pethgow	 Fermanagh

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