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Londonderry to New York : 5/26/1804

ALCORN	James		40	Labourer	Glenvenogh Donegal	
ALCORN	John		17	Labourer	Glenvenogh Donegal	
ALCORN	Michl.		16	Labourer	Glenvenogh Donegal	
BRISLAND	James		26	Farmer	 	Tyrone	
COYLE	John		20	Farmer		Glenvenogh Donegal	
CROW	Francis		22	Labourer	Magheranny	
CROZIER	James		22	Labourer	Dromash	
CUTHBERT	Ann		13	Spinster	Glenvenogh Donegal	
CUTHBERT	Fanny		12	Spinster	Glenvenogh Donegal	
CUTHBERT	George		35	Labourer	Coleraine	
DAVITT	Hames		24	Farmer		Astraw Co. Tyrone	
ELLIOT	George		24	Farmer		Down	
GALLAGHER	Mary		35	Spinster	Glenvenogh Donegal	
GAMBLE	James		25	Farmer		Donaghardy Co Tyrone	
GIBSON	Eliza.		28	Spinster	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GIBSON	Fanny		18	Spinster	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GIBSON	John		19	Labourer	Ballycloy	
GIBSON	Matthew		38	Farmer	 	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GINN	Anne		50	Spinster	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GINN	Jane		20	Spinster	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GINN	John		28	Labourer	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GINN	Margt.		26	Spinster	Drumceeran Co. Tyrone	
GUTHRIE	Richard		34	Labourer	Magheranny	
JOHNSTON	Ann		26	Spinster	Fermanagh	
JOHNSTON	Charles		38	Labourer	Fermanagh	
KEYS	Eliza.		20	Spinster	Magheranny	
KEYS	Thomas		24	Farmer		Magheranny	
MCCARAN	Edward		22	Farmer		Glenvenogh Donegal	
MCCARAN	James		20	Farmer		Glenvenogh Donegal	
MCGAWLY	Patrick		26	Labourer	Urney Co.Tyrone	
PATTERSON	Samuel		26	Labourer	Donaghardy Co Tyrone	
PAUL	Thomas		20	Labourer	Down	
SANDERSON	Margt.		18	Spinster	Langfield Co.Tyrone	
SANDERSON	Sidney		28	Farmer	 	Langfield Co.Tyrone	
SANDERSON	William		35	Labourer	Langfield Co.Tyrone	
TODD	James		19	Labourer	Largilly	
WATSON	George		29	Labourer	Donaghardy Co Tyrone	
WOODS	Margaret	28	Spinster	Lissenderry	

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