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1857 Griffith's Valuation - Parish of Urney

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An * indicates that there is additional information on that person at the bottom of the page.
Surname, First, Townland
Abraham, James, Gortnagrace
Actor, James, Skelpy
Actor, William, Skelpy
Akins, John, Drumbane
Akins, Joseph, Drumbane
Alexander, Robert, Drumdoit
Anderson*, James, Alt Upper
Barr*, Andrew, Coolyslin
Barr, Robert, Fearn
Barr, Thomas, Mullanboy
Barron, Catherine, Drumdoit
Barron, James, Skelpy
Bates*, James, Alt Upper
Boak, Aaron, Alt Lower
Bogan, Francis, Drumnaha
Bogan, Francis, Gortkilly
Bogan, Francis, Graffy
Bogan, John, Dunnaloob
Bogan, John, Gortkilly
Bogan, Manus, Drumnaha
Bogan, Margaret, Drumnaha
Bogan, William, Foyfin
Bonar*, James, Alt Upper
Boyle, Patrick, Cloghfin
Boyle, Thomas, Alt Upper
Bradley, Thomas, Graffy
Breason, Michael, Dresnagh
Breslan, Patrick, Gortnagrace
Brown, Benjamin, Fearn
Brown, Charles, Calhame
Brown, Charles, Gortnagrace
Brown, James, Gortnagrace
Brown, John Jr., Gortnagrace
Brown, John Sr., Gortnagrace
Brown, Joseph, Gortnagrace
Brown, Mrs., Cormakilly
Brown, Samuel, Gortnagrace
Brown, Thomas, Gortnagrace
Brown, William, Calhame
Browne, Charles, Fearn
Browne, James, Alt Lower
Browne, John, Fearn
Browne, Rep. Thomas, Fearn
Browne, Sarah, Fearn
Buchanan, Mary, Alt Upper
Campbell, Charles, Coolyslin
Caterson, William, Alt Upper
Coneglan, Charles, Dresnagh
Coneglan, Edward, Dresnagh
Coneglan, Patrick, Dresnagh
Cooper, John, Alt Upper
Cooper, William, Alt Upper
Craig, Christopher, Fearn
Crawford, James, Gortnagrace
Credan, Charles, Skelpy
Creely, James, Cormakilly
Croley, James, Alt Lower
Cullen, Ellen, Drumdoit
Cullion, John, Drumdoit
Cunningham, Isabella, Cormakilly
Cunningham, James, Cormakilly
Curran, Denis, Ballylast
Daragh, James, Gortnagrace
Daragh, Thomas, Gortnagrace
Devine, William, Cloghfin
Dogherty*, Charles, Cormakilly
Dogherty, Charles, Halftown
Dogherty, Henry, Drumdoit
Dogherty, James, Drumdoit
Dogherty, James, Tullyard
Dogherty, John, Cormakilly
Dogherty, John, Fearn
Dogherty, John, Skelpy
Dogherty, Patrick, Gortnagrace
Dogherty, William, Drumdoit
Dogherty*, William, Tullyard
Donnell, Hugh, Millfarm
Donnell, Michael, Halftown
Doragh, John, Fearn
Doran, Peter, Gortnagrace
Durragh, Alexander, Cormakilly
Elliott, Thomas, Coolyslin
Faulkner, John, Halftown
Faulkner, Neal, Drumnaha
Flanagan, William, Fearn
Funston, Johnston, Alt Upper
Gallagher, Hugh, Ballylast
Gallagher, James, Cormakilly
Gallagher, John, Dresnagh
Gallagher, John, Skelpy
Gallagher, Michael, Mullanboy
Gallagher, William, Cormakilly
Gallan, Rose, Alt Lower
Gamble, Thomas, Foyfin, 
Gamble, Thomas H., Cavanaweery
Gardiner, James, Ballylast
Gildea, Patrick, Alt Upper
Glinn, William, Foyfin
Graham, William, Fearn
Grier, James, Mullanboy
Griffin, Elizabeth, Cloghfin
Hannigan, John, Foyfin
Hannigan, John, Millfarm
Harris, John, Ballylast
Harrison, Robert, Cloghfin
Haughey, James, Foyfin
Heany, John, Foyfin
Hegarty* , James, Graffy
Hegarty, John, Mullanboy
Henderson, John, Fearn
Heygate, Sir Fred. W., Cavanaweery
Heygate, Sir Fred. W., Dresnagh
Holmes, Charles, Halftown
Holmes, Charles, Kellysmeadow
Holmes, Charles, Roganspark
Holmes, Joseph, Drumnaha
Holmes, Mary, Drumnaha
Hone, Redmond, Alt Upper
Hughes, Thomas, Drumdoit
Irwin, Aaron, Gortnagrace
Jack, Andrew, Fearn
Jack, Eliza, Drumdoit
Jack, John, Drumdoit
Jack*, Peter, Drumdoit
Johnston, Samuel, Alt Upper
Jones, George, Alt Upper
Keaterson, John, Alt Upper
Keatly, Samuel, Halftown
Keenan, John, Alt Lower
Keenan, John, Alt Upper
Kelly, Catherine, Graffy
Kelly, John, Cloghfin
Kelly, John, Fearn
Kelly, Margaret, Graffy
Kelly, Patrick, Fearn
Kerrigan, Charles, Graffy
Keys, George, Coolyslin
Keys, George, Mullanboy
Kilgrace, Robert, Alt Upper
Kilgrace, William, Gortnagrace
Kincaid*, Andrew, Fearn
Kincaid, James, Fearn
Kyle, John, Fearn
Lafferty, Archy, Drumbane
Lafferty, Francis, Drumnaha
Lafferty, Francis, Gortkilly
Lafferty, James, Gortkilly
Lafferty, Manus, Gortkilly
Lafferty, Manus, Skelpy
Lafferty, Mark, Gortkilly
Lafferty, Mary, Halftown
Lafferty, Neal, Skelpy
Lafferty, Owen, Dunnaloob
Lafferty, Patrick, Drumnaha
Lawn, Daniel, Cloghfin
Leckey, Lovely, Millfarm
Leech, John, Skelpy
Lewis, Robert, Cloghfin
Loughery, Andrew, Alt Lower
Loughery, Charles, Alt Lower
Loughery, William, Cavanaweery
Loughery, William, Foyfin
Lunnery, Patrick, Maghery-Callaghan
Maguire, Patrick, Gortnagrace
Mahaffy, John, Millfarm
Martin, James, Calhame
Martin, William, Calhame
Martin, William Jr., Drumdoit
Martin, William Sr., Drumdoit
Maxwell, Nancy, Gortnagrace
Maxwell, Robert, Fearn
McCairn, Robert, Fearn
McCann, John, Mullanboy
McClure, Francis, Mullanboy
McCormack, Hugh, Alt Upper
McCormack, John, Fearn
McCormack, Joseph, Drumbane
McCurdy, James, Cormakilly
McCurdy, James, Kellysmeadow
McCurdy, James, Maghery-Callaghan
McCurdy, James, Millfarm
McCutchin, Robert, Dunnaloob
McDaid, John, Dresnagh
McDermott, Edward, Drumdoit
McGeragle, James, Alt Upper
McGill, Patrick, Ballylast
McGlinchey, John, Maghery-Callaghan
McGlinchey, Rev. Michl., Halftown
McGowan, William, Gortnagrace
McHugh, Bernard, Drumbane
McHugh, Bryan, Drumdoit
McHugh, Patrick, Foyfin
McHugh, Patrick, Gortnagrace
McHugh, Patrick, Skelpy
McIntyre, Aaron, Coolyslin
McKay, Anne, Gortnagrace
McKenna, Hugh, Tullyard
McKenna, Matthew, Alt Upper
McKenna, Matthew, Calhame
McKenna, Michael, Tullyard
McKenna, Philip, Graffy
McKenna, Philip, Tullyard
McKenna, William, Tullyard
McLoughlin, Catherine, Skelpy
McLoughlin, Charles, Calhame
McLoughlin, Eliza, Cloghfin
McLoughlin, John, Alt Upper
McLoughlin, John, Coolyslin
McLoughlin, John, Foyfin
McLoughlin, Michael, Alt Upper
McLoughlin, Patrick, Skelpy
McLoughlin, Sarah, Coolyslin
McLoughlin, William, Coolyslin
McNaught, Alexander, Coolyslin
McNiff, William, Fearn
McNulty, James, Halftown
McNulty, Philip, Halftown
McPherson, Henry, Maghery-Callaghan
McPherson, William, Graffy
McSweeney, Denis, Drumdoit
Molloy, Cornelius, Gortnagrace
Moorehead, Solomon, Fearn
Murtland, Samuel, Mullanboy
Nelson, William, Drumdoit
Nesbitt, John, Ballylast
O'Brien, John, Fearn
Ogleby, Samuel, Mullanboy
O'Hara, James, Cormakilly
O'Hara, William, Calhame
O'Neill, Roger, Mullanboy
Orr, Anne, Drumdoit
Orr, John, Coolyslin
Orson, Thomas, Alt Upper
Patterson, John, Ballylast
Perry, Andrew, Cloghfin
Perry, Samuel, Cloghfin
Poak, Robert, Cavanaweery
Porter, Robert, Ballylast
Purrines, Thomas, Alt Lower
Quinn, James, Alt Lower
Quinn, Phelix, Alt Lower
Roger, William, Alt Upper
Rolleston, James, Gortnagrace
Roulston, Henry, Alt Upper
Roulston, Mary, Alt Upper
Roulston, William, Alt Upper
Ruppy, Andrew, Alt Upper
Rush, John Jr., Alt Upper
Rush, John Sr., Alt Upper
Rush, Mrs., Alt Upper
Russell, Joseph, Cloghfin
Sproule, Andrew, Cloghfin
Stewart, Rev. Samuel, Alt Upper
Sweeney, Edward, Fearn
Taylor, James, Cormakilly
Tinny, Edward, Gortnagrace
Watson, John, Fearn
Watson, Noble, Alt Upper
Watson, William, Fearn
Wauchob, Thomas, Foyfin
Wauchob, William, Cavanaweery
Wauchob, William, Foyfin
White, James, Alt Upper
White, John, Alt Upper
White, Margaret, Alt Upper
White, Michael, Millfarm
White, Samuel, Ballylast
Wilson, Joseph, Foyfin
Young, Mary, Drumbane


Additional Information
ANDERSON, Alt, 1841 Census
James, head, married 1820
Sally, wife, nee ILLEN
Isabella, daughter, 20
William, son, 18, in America by 1851
John, son, 16, in America by 1851
James, son, 14, in America by 1851
Samuel, son, 12
David, son, 10, in America by 1851
Robert, son, 8
Thomas, son, 6
Allen, son, 4


BARR, Coolyshin, 1851 Census
Andy, head, 25
Jane, wife, 30
Nancy (Annie) daughter, 8
Ellen, daughter, 8
Eliza, daughter, 7
Andy, son, 1


BATES, Alt Upper, 1851 Census
James, head, maried 1845
Sarah, wife
William, son, 5
James, son, 4
Beckey, daughter, 1


BONAR, Alt, 1851 Census
James, head, 40, married 1834
Mary (Matilda), wife, 41
William, son, 16
Letitia, daughter, 14
Mary, daughter, 11
Robert, son, 9
Margaret, daughter, 6
Eliza, daughter, 4
Matilda, daughter, 9months


DOHERTY, Cormakilly, 1841 Census
Charles, head, 42, married 1827
Sara (Sally), wife, 39
James, son, 13, in England by 1851
Hugh, son, 8
Edward, son, 6
Sara Anne, daughter, 5
Margaret, daughter, 3
Mary, daughter, 7months
Jane, daughter, 7 in 1851, married Greer
Biddy, daughter, 5 in 1851


DOUGHERTY, Tullyard, 1841 Census
William, head, 44, married 1825, widower 52 in 1851
Catherine, wife, 34, died age 42
William, son, 14
James, son, 12
Mary, daughter, 10
Catherine, daughter, 8
Biddy, daughter, 6
Ann, daughter, 4
Neal, son, 18months
John, son, 7/8 in 1851, spelling surname as Doherty


HEGARTY, Graffy, 1841 Census
James, head, married 1835
Eliza (Betty), wife, nee Rush
James, son, 5
Sarah, daughter, 3
Nancy A. (Anne), daughter, 7 in 1851, married Anderson
Mary E., daughter, 6 in 1851
Eliza, daughter, 3 in 1851
James, father, 61, died 1848
RUSH, Sally, mother-in-law, 73, died 1846


JACK, Drumdoit, 1841 Census
Peter, head, married 1832
Nancy, wife, nee Davis
Ann, daughter, 8
Catherine, daughter, 7, married Anderson
Isabella, daughter, 5
Henry, son, 4
Andy, son, 2
Eliza, daughter, 8 in 1851
James, son, 6 in 1851
Robert, son, 2 in 1851
Peter, son, died 1848 age 1


KINCAID, Fearn, 1851 Census
Andrew, head, 56, married 1830
Jane, wife, 52, nee Russell
Joseph, son, 21
Elinor, daughter, 19
Samuel, son, 16
Matilda Jane, daughter, 9
Eliza, daughter, 10months, died 1847

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