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List of Passengers per Ship HARMONY, Captain Hobkirk, from Londonderry, arrived at Philadelphia, 31 October, 1811, in 70 days.

Ann Anderson
Hugh Anderson
James Anderson
Cath. Blair
Eliza Blair
George Blair
James Blair
Jane Blair
Wm. Blair
Ellen Boyd
Mary Ann Boyd
Samuel Boyd
Bridget Browne
Mary Browne
Patrick Browne
Mary Bull
Samuel Chestnut
John Cochran
Jane Colvin
John Colvin
Bryan Cooney
Daniel Coyle
John Coyle
James Cullen
John Devilt
Thomas Devilt
Anthy. Dougherty
Cath. Dougherty
Henry Dougherty
Cath. Gallagher
Chas. Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher
Mary Gallagher
Michl. Gallagher
Patk. Gallagher
Biddy Gallen
Cath. Gallen
Hugh Gallen
James Gallen
Margt. Gallen
Mary Gallen
Owen Gallen
Sally Gallen
Adam George
John Gilmour
John Gordon
Biddy Griffeth
Rose Griffeth
John Hamill
Robert Hamilton
John Hanlan
Gerard Hunter
John Hunter
Martha Hunter
Mary Hunter
Andrew Irvine
John Irvine
James Kavanagh
Allen Kerr
John Kirkpatrick
Wm. Kirkpatrick
Wm. Knox
Mary Logan
Biddy Logue
James Logue
Mary Logue
Wm. Logue
Cath. Loughead
Edward Loughead
John Manson
Edw. McCafferty
Charles McCoun
Daniel McCue
Michael McCue
Eleanor McFfaddin
Manus McFaddin
Wm. McFarland
Philip McGowan
Charles McKay
Biddy McLaughlin
Elea. McLaughlin
Fran. McLaughlin
Roger McNeal
Thomas McShane
William Moore
Mathew Nanson
Mary Norris
Samuel Patterson
Robert Rankin
John Rea
Michael Rodder
Bernard Size
Hannah Size
John Smiley
Eliz. Steel
John Steel
Sally Steel
Martha Stirling
Thomas Stirling
Robert Thompson
John Young
Mary Young

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