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Londonderry to New York : 6/23/1803

ALLEN	Ostin		19	Farmer		Cookstown	
ANDERSON	David		20	Labourer	Gortin N. Stewart	
BLAIR	William		20	FarmerN.	Limavady	
CROOKS	Benjamin	11	Farmer		Cookstown	
CROOKS	James		60	Farmer		Cookstown	
CROOKS	James		 6	Child		Cookstown	
CROOKS	James		12	Farmer		Cookstown	
CROOKS	Jane		50	Married		Cookstown	
CROOKS	John		16	Farmer		Cookstown	
CROOKS	Margt.		18	Spinster	Cookstown	
CROOKS	Mary		20	Spinster	Cookstown	
CROOKS	Saml.		17	Farmer		Cookstown	
CROOKS	Sarah		14	Spinster	Cookstown	
DAVIDSON	William		20	Labourer	Nughadown Derry		
DICK	Wm.		30	Labourer	Kilane Ceepeyt Near Ballymena	
DOUGAL	Sarah		20	Servant Girl	Cookstown	
GALLAGHER	John		22	Labourer	Furmeny Omagh	
GALLAGHER	Patrick		21	Labourer	Furmeny Omagh	
GAULT	Samuel		30	Labourer 	Kilane Ballymena	
GREER	Anna		 7	Spinster	Cookstown	
GREER	Hannah		12	Spinster	Cookstown	
GREER	Joseph		 4			Cookstown	
GREER	Mary		15	Spinster	Cookstown	
GREER	Sarah		20	Spinster	Cookstown	
GREER	Susan		40	Married		Cookstown	
GREER	Susan		15	Spinster	Cookstown	
HANNAH	John		20	Labourer	Newtown Stewart	
HANNAH	William		22	Labourer	Armagh	
HUNTER	Jo.		45	Farmer		Gortmurry Moneymoremckeon	
IRVINE	Alex.		21	Labourer	Gortin N. Stewart	
MCCUE	John		20	Labourer	Ternamenter Tyrone
MCKEEVER	Alexr.		21	Labourer	Gortin N. Stewart	
MCKEON	Alexr.		20	Labourer	Lisabany	
MCKEON	Ann		24	Spinster	Lisabany Moneymore	
MCKEON	William		23	Farmer		Lisabany Moneymore	
MCQUILLAN	Mark		21	Farmer		Nughnacloy	
MCQUIN	Ann		17	Spinster	Cookstown	
MCQUIN	John		15	Labourer	Cookstown	
MURDOCK	John		20	Farmer		Glass Lough Monaghan	
PATRICK	Jane		18	Spinster	Newtown Stewart	
PATRICK	Nancy		4mths	Child		Newtown Stewart	
PATRICK	William		19	Farmer		Newtown Stewart	
PEDIN	William		22	Labourer	Nughadown Derry	
REED	Alex.		28	Farmer		Castledaunt nr N Stewart	
REED	Samuel		30	Farmer		Castledaunt nr N Stewart	
REED	Stewart		28	Farmer		Castledaunt nr N Stewart	
REED	William		23	Farmer		Castledaunt nr N Stewart	
RUSSELL	Elizh.		22	Married		Dunnamany	
RUSSELL	Isabella	5mths	Child		Dunnamany	
RUSSELL	James		22	Labourer	Dunnamany	
SANDS	Ellen		 1	Child		Cranah Moneymore	
SANDS	James		26	Labourer	Cranah Moneymore	
SANDS	John		 5	Child		Cranah Moneymore	
SANDS	Mary		26	Married		Cranah Moneymore	
SANDS	Mary		22	Spinster	Cranah Moneymore	
SANDS	Robert		 7	Child		Cranah Moneymore	
STEEL	Samuel		16	Farmer		Newtown Stewart	
WALKER	James		54	Labourer	Dromagalagh	
WEBB	Alice		 8	Child		Cookstown	
WEBB	Jane		 5	Child 		Cookstown	
WEBB	Janet		44	Married		Cookstown	
WEBB	John		50	Farmer		Cookstown	
WEBB	John		19	Farmer		Cookstown	
WEBB	Maria		10	Spinster	Cookstown	
WEBB	Susan		16	Spinster	Cookstown	
WEBB	Thomas		15	Farmer		Cookstown	
WILSON	Henry		24	Farmer		Dungannon	
WILSON	Jane		20			Dungannon	
WILSON	Mary		2mths	Child 		Dungannon	

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