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List of Passengers on board the ship Margaret

Master: Thomas Marsh bound for New York from Newry 18 April 1803.

Hugh Alexander	     		29	Labourer
Jane Alexander, wife       	22
Jane Alexander, dau	 	 3
Sarah Alexander, dau		 2
Ann Beard		  		24
Ann Beard		   		 2
Elizabeth Brothers	 	44
Mary Brothers	    			19
Samuel Brothers	    		12	Labourer
James Brothers	    		10
William Brothers	    		 7
M Ann Anderson	     		30
Matu. Doubly	       		12
Samuel Douglas	     		18	Farmer
Biddy Enery			35
James Farrell	       			3
Robert Goocy	       		20	Farmer
James Harkness	     		40	Labourer
Janes Harkness, wife       	36
Thomas Harkness, son       	12
Margaret Harkness, dau     	10
Sarah Harkness, dau		10
Abigal Harkness, dau		 8
Robert Harkness, son		 6
James Harkness, son	 	 4
Thomas Haxten	      		19	Labourer
James McClean	      		60	Farmer
Elizabeth McClean	  		60
David McClean	    		24	Labourer
John McClean				Labourer
George McClean		       		Labourer
Samuel Magil	     		39	Labourer
Samuel Magil	     		21	Labourer
William Riddle	    		19	Labourer
John Rolston	    		27	Labourer
Eliz. Story			47
Ben Story		 		18	Farmer
Ann Story		 		16

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