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List of passengers by the Ship MARY, Wallington, Master, from Londonderry, arrived at Philadelphia, 17 June 1811.

Gabriel Andrews
George Beatty
Jane Beatty
Wm. Beatty
Z. Bennett
Ann Brown
Anthony Campbell
Wm. Ceyrin
Ann Clark
David Clark
William Clark
John Clary
Patrick Connely
Wm. Craig
Cornelius Crossen
Patrick Crosson
John Cummings
Sarah Curragan
Barnard Davis
Abigal Dougherty
Thos. Dougherty
Joseph Douglass
Catherine Doyle
Margaret Duncan
James Edmondon
James Fee
Patrick Fee
James Fife
Patrick Flanagan
Laurin Folhall
Mary Genagal
Andrew Gibson
James Gillaspie
Samuel Glen
Charles Hamilton
Daniel Hamilton
Wm. Hamilton
David Harvey
Eleanor Hunter
James Hunter
Wm. Hunter
Wm. Key
Alex. Larkie
Mary Larkie
James Laverty
Jane Lurkie
Joseph Magis
Francis Maze
Jane McBrine
Morgan McCurdy
William McCurdy
Pat. McGellaghan
Thos. McGrath
Margt. McGrath
James McGrath
Abrm. McIntire
Andrew McKnight
Daniel McKnight
David McKnight
Jane McKnight
Mary McKnight
Thomas McKnight
Patrick McLeon
Cather. McLorten
Terrence McLorten
Andrew Mills
Francis Monegan
John Moorehead (Drowned)
Elizabeth Morrison
Martha Morrison
Anthony Mulden
Mary Norris
Robert Norris
Arch. Raulstone
John Rein
Nathan Rogers
Eleanor Ross
Joseph Ross
William Ross
Harvey Roulstone
James Roulstone
Martha Roulstone
Martha Smith
Joseph Tagart
James Thompson
John Thorne
Samuel Wallace
Archer Wason
Jane Wason
George Williams
Wm. Williams
Mary Wishat
Robert Wishat
Ruth Wishat
Sarah Wishat
Sarah Wishat
Adam Woods
James Woods

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