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A List of Passengers who intend going to Philadelphia in the Ship Mohawk of and for Philadelphia, burthen 500 tons, John Barry Master, sworn at Londonderry, 23 April, 1803.

Wm. Alexander	    32       labourer     Donagheady
Jane Alexander	    30		    	  Donagheady
James Alexander	    11		          Donagheady
Martha Alexander	    10		          Donagheady
Archd. Anderson	    19       labourer     Armagh
William Bacon	    28       labourer     Taughbone
Elizabeth Bacon	    27		          Taughbone
William Bacon	    12		     	  Taughbone
John Bates	    21       labourer     Donamanagh
Patk. Brodley	    19       servant      Londonderry
Alexr. Brodley	    28       labourer     Newtonstewart
James Campbell	    28       labourer     Dungannon
Mary Campbell	    20		     	  Dungannon
Neal Callaghan	    19       labourer     Ardmalin
John Carten	    35       labourer     Claggen
Pat Diven		    28       servant      Strabane
Tho. Donan	    23       labourer     Taughbone
Neal Dougherty	    20       labourer     Buncrana
Darby Dougherty	    25       labourer     Ardmalin
Thomas Drum	    36       labourer     Enniskillen
Nathl. Drum	    34       labourer     Enniskillen
William Drum	    20       labourer     Enniskillen
Mary Drum		    16		    	  Enniskillen
Henry Forrester	    24       labourer     Clonis
Saml. Faggart	    30       labourer     Clonis
Margt. Faggart	    28		    	  Clonis
William Glin	    25       labourer     Letterkenny
Robert Graham	    20       labourer     Bolea
John Hastings	    21       labourer     Stewartstown
Charles Hethrington  40       labourer      Dungannon
Christy Hethrington  36       labourer      Dungannon
Susna. Hethrington   40		     	  Dungannon
Josh. Hethrington	    14		      	  Dungannon
Eliza Hethrington	    16		      	  Dungannon
George Hethrington   10		        	Dungannon
Robert Hopkins	    21       labourer     Bolea
Rich. Jones	    24       servant      Strabane
William Kelly	    23       labourer     Buncrana
Pat Lunay		    20		    	  Enniskillen
Denis Lynchakin	    20       labourer     Buncrana
Anne Martin	    20		    	  Enniskillen
Barry McAna	    24       labourer     Strabane
Ferrol McAward	    21       labourer     Buncrana
David McConaghy	    10       labourer     Ballyarton
John McCoy	    20       labourer     Clougher
Robert McCrea	    30       servant      Strabane
Owen McDade	    28       labourer     Carne
Patk. McDonnell	    20       labourer     Buncrana
Pat McGafferty	    19       labourer     Taughbone
James McGonegall	    25       labourer     Buncrana
John McGrenan	    18       servant      Taughbone
Robert McQuisten	    26       labourer     Dungiven
James Murray	    20       labourer     Dunamanagh
Elizth. Niely	    21       stewart      Newton
Abraham Philips	    35       labourer     Urney
John Simpson	    25       labourer     Stewartstown
Francis Smyth	    29       labourer     Enniskillen
James Tait	    36       labourer     Armagh
Samuel Thompson	    28       labourer     Dungannon
Anna Thompson	    30		     	  Dungannon
Andw. Thompson	    25       labourer     Dungannon
James Thompson	     6		          Dungannon
Sarah Thompson	    22		          Dungannon
John Thompson	    35       labourer     Ardmalin
James Walker	    32       servant      Eniskillen
Ann Walker	    30		          Enniskillen
Ralph Walker	    36       labourer     Enniskillen
Anne Walker	    32		          Enniskillen
George Walker	    20       labourer     Stewartstown
Alexr. Wood	    26       labourer     Lisnaska
Mary Wood		    20            	  Lisnaska

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