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Rent Roll of Lurgan 1667




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Public Record Office for Northern Ireland


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A halfe yeares Rent roll of the Town of Lurgan


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All spelling as original document

A halfe yeares  Rent roll of the town of Lurgan and other lands adjoining due the first of october 1667
Major Martin
John Heath £02. 10s. 00d.
Mr. John Gill £03. 00s. 00d.
Serjeant William Parry £00. 13s. 00d.
John Lindon
John Tomlinson £00. 10s. 00d.
Mr. Copeland £02. 00s. 00d.
Mr. Rely £00. 10s. 00d.
Widdow Thornberrie £00. 10s. 00d.
Major Martin £04. 12s. 00d. [01s. 00d.]
Mr. Alexander Gill £00. 08s. 08d.
Major Martin and Mr. Gill £12. 10s. 00d.
Miles mcLevy £01. 05s. 00d.
William Janes £00. 11s. 00d.
David Blackbourne £00. 11s. 00d.
Charles Wallace £00. 12s. 00d.
Andrew Crafford £01. 00s. 00d.
William Maddrin £00. 11s. 06d.
John Hoile £00. 05s. 00d.
Captn Hawxworth £00. 09s. 00d.
Edward Webb £00. 18s. 00d.
£33. 06s. 08d.
Lodovick Hamilton £00. 08s. 00d.
Henry Newtown and William Smart £00. 14s. 00d.
Widow Knowles £00. 11s. 00d.
Serjeant Gibson £00. 10s. 00d.
William Spence £00. 12s. 00d.
William Marshall £00. 10s. 00d.
Richard Stiles £01. 02s. 00d.
Alexander Noble £00. 11s. 00d.
Idem £00. 08s. 00d.
Mr. Josias Booth £02. 00s. 00d.
Mr. Rely £02. 00s. 00d.
Peter Harland £01. 05s. 00d.
Henry Leister £01. 12s. 06d.
Thomas Stalker £02. 10s. 00d.
John Colter £02. 15s. 00d.
Flush Spott
Francis Foster £01. 12s. 03d.
Phillip Stowell £00. 15s. 00d.
Stowell Spence and Newtown £02. 00s. 00d.
Mortagh Quin £00. 15s. 00d.
Charles Wallace and George mcLevy £01. 10s. 00d.
Mr. Alexander Gill £00. 05s. 00d.
Dr. Wilson £01. 00s. 00d.
Thomas Barrowes £00. 14s. 00d.
£25. 19s. 09d.
Idem £00. 06s. 00d.
Dr. Bourne £00. 12s. 00d. Widdow Lawless £00. 02s. 06d.
Richard Timins £00. 13s. 06d.
George mcLevie £01. 07s. 00d.
James Vaghan £00. 15s. 00d.
Christopher Clarkson £00. 15s. 00d.
Ensigne Shalcross £02. 13s. 04d.
Robert Hoope £01. 07s. 00d.
William Marshall and William Gibson £01. 07s. 00d.
John Mathews £00. 12s. 00d.
Idem £01. 05s. 00d.
Hugh Stampar £01. 00s. 00d.
Mr. Rely £00. 12s. 00d.
John Watson £01. 10s. 00d.
John Kitchin £00. 12s. 00d.
Richard Plunkett £00. 04s. 00d.
Andrew Cromuy £00. 04s. 00d.
Major Martin £00. 02s. 06d.
Captn Hawksworth £00. 09s. 06d.
William Blackhall £01. 05s. 00d.
Widdow Porter £01. 02s. 06d.
John Heath £01. 05s. 00d.
Mr. Gill £02. 05s. 06d.
Mr. Copeland £08. 00s. 00d.
Widdow Wilson £00. 15s. 00d.
Captn Hawksworth £01. 12s. 00d.
Miles Harrison £00. 07s. 06d.
Mr. Cowley £00. 02s. 06d.
Pat. Wilson £00. 11s. 00d.
£35. 15s. 04d.
Mr. Rely for Tanaghmore £01. 09s. 00d.
A half yeares rentroll due out of the lands of Brownloes-Derry the first day of November 1667
William Calvert assignee of John Smith £07. 16s. 00d.
Roger Kirke £06. 04s. 00d.
Thomas Flory £03. 13s. 06d.
Manus OGribbin £06. 06s. 00d.
Roger Webb £07. 06s. 00d.
Henry Maginn £01. 06s. 08d.
Murtagh Conellan and Shane mcNallie £01. 10s. 00d.
Charls Corrigan £00. 14s. 00d.
Simon Huit £04. 00s. 00d.
Mr. John and William Waring and Thomas Anderson £31. 10s. 00d.
Captn Hawxworth £00. 06s. 08d.
Captn Cox £05. 06s. 00d.
John and Henry Maginn £05. 10s. 00d.
Collonell Stuart £05. 06s. 00d.
Captn Hawxworth £06. 05s. 00d.
William Maginn £05. 16s. 00d.
Owen mcCartan et alii £09. 00s. 00d.
Captain Jones
Robert Chambers £01. 09s. 02d.
James Bullagh £01. 00s. 00d.
Richard Crooke £01. 00s. 00d.
£111. 04s. 07d.
John Ray £01. 11s. 00d.
John Harland £00. 17s. 06d.
Idem £03. 10s. 00d.
John mcCollogh £03. 03s. 04d.
Jo. Hoope assignee of Whitesides £03. 04s. 00d.
James Dowey and William Parrie £06. 00s. 00d.
Captain Draper
Fulk Martin £07. 16s. 00d.
Georg Hobby £03. 14s. 00d.
Idem £01. 06s. 00d.
John and Ellen Langtrie £05. 00s. 00d.
Ed. Bradie assignee to George Shelton £03. 12s. 00d.
Hugh Allen et alii assignees to Thomas Anderson £07. 12s. 00d.
William Parry £01. 01s. 00d.
George Gibson £00. 18s. 00d.
Miles mcLevy £00. 15s. 00d.
John Watson £02. 12s. 00d.
Lodovick Hamilton £01. 12s. 00d.
Robert Gare £02. 07s. 00d.
Jane Porter £01. 06s. 00d.
William Janes £00. 13s. 00d.
Anthony Hartlowe £01. 08s. 00d.
William Smith £01. 02s. 06d.
Neale Newes and William Oferall £05. 00s. 00d.
Cutbeard Meanes Valentine Brown and Thomas Lancake £03. 13s. 00d.
Susanna Hillary £00. 17s. 00d.
Henry Maginn £01. 00s. 00d.
Mr. Alexander Gill £02. 10s. 00d.
£74. 00s. 04d.
Sum total £280. 06s. 08d.
A rentroll of other lands belonging to me in the Counties of Lough and Monaghan for one halfe yeare ending at Alsaints 1667
Richard Chamberlaine et alii £20. 00s. 00d.
Captn. Blomfield £02. 10s. 00d.
Nicholas and Pat. Carroll £02. 12s. 06d.
Bryan Connellie £00. 06s. 00d.
Redmond mcMahon et alii £02. 10s. 00d.
Nicholas Carroll £00. 07s. 06d.
Richard Carroll per alios £02. 00s. 00d.
Pat. Chamberlaine £01. 00s. 00d.
Edmond Magorman £00. 15s. 00d.
Henry mcLuoy and Pat. mcGuire £01. 05s. 00d.
Pat. mcMahon £03. 10s. 00d.
£36. 16s. 00d.
These are the severall sumes of the several pages foregoeing summ\\\'d vp together £33. 06s. 08d.
£25. 19s. 09d.
£35. 15s. 04d.
£111. 04s. 07d. £74. 00s. 04d.
The totall sum of this half yeares rent is £317. 01s. 08d.
The totall sum of this whole yeares rent is £634. 03s. 04d.
A rent roll of Sir William Brownlowe\\\'s half yeares rent ending Alsaints 1635
These rents are supposed to bee for the lands and followeing vidzt. Ballenemony and tenement John Davis of Lurgan £10. 05s. 00d.
Accamon part John Parker £06. 10s. 00d. Anaghlost William Smith £00. 06s. 08d.
Porters tenement Copelands old tenement Humphry Wilson £01. 00s. 00d.
Gills freehold William Ward £01. 00s. 00d.
Part of Dromnemoe William Ward and Humphry Wilson £02. 05s. 05d.
Winters tenement and Adams Thomas Thompson Junior £02. 00s. 00d.
Heaths tenement Dorothie Atkinson and Thomas [James] ** Bolton £02. 17s. 09d.
Grahams tenement James Atkinson £00. 10s. 00d.
Brownloes tenement and Knockneshane William Horner £05. 17s. 07d.
Christopher Bane £01. 18s. 00d.
mcLevyes Richard mcEnass £04. 04s. 00d.
Rebecca Shellington £00. 13s. 04d.
John Cullie £00. 16s. 08d.
George Rogers £01. 01s. 03d.
Adam Hamilton £00. 16s. 08d.
Donogh mcElindon £00. 05s. 00d.
r Lawles Phelome mcCartan £00. 15s. 03d.
£43. 02s. 07d.
George Hodgins Mathew Mathewson £01. 02s. 06d.
Taberhuney Roger Edwards £01. 01s. 03d.
Roger Edwards and Matthew Matteson £02. 11s. 04d.
John Compsie £02. 01s. 00d.
Thomas Cullie £01. 01s. 03d.
Hartlowes tenement 1/2 Peter Harland £08. 00s. 00d.
Knockneshane and part Balliblagh James Litle £05. 02s. 08d.
Richard Spence £01. 02s. 06d.
Robert For size £01. 05s. 00d.
Andersons tenement Thomas Thompson Senior £00. 16s. 00d.
Thomas and Robert Atkinson £04. 06s. 00d.
Jo. Winter £00. 05s. 00d.
Christopher Relph £00. 10s. 00d.
Allice Smith £01. 14s. 04d.
Cormicks tenement part at Accamon John Cowper £07. 00s. 00d.
Wal (?) to it waste William Linus £01. 01s. 03d.
Morrice Mullmurrie £01. 01s. 03d.
William Hathwaite £01. 15s. 02d.
Part Kilnargett Part Kilnargett Christopher Atkinson £03. 02s. 09d.
Part same John Robson £07. 08s. 11d.
Castle and demesnes Mr. Robert Ward £36. 08s. 04d.
£89. 06s. 06d.
The place of the new freehold Alexander Gill £09. 18s. 04d.
Widdow William Gourden £03. 00s. 00d.
Knockrawre Mr. Richard Palmer £06. 06s. 08d.
1/2 Tullidagon Mathew Williamson £03. 13s. 04d.
Roger Gibbs £03. 08s. 04d.
Thomas Thompson Senior and Robert Atkinson £02. 11s. 04d.
Thomas Tailor £20. 13s. 04d.
John Brownlowe £12. 13s. 04d.
Jo. Brownlowe and Robert Atkinson £42. 10s. 00d.
William Horner and James Atkinson £02. 12s. 03d.
Henry Hunter £01. 07s. 00d.
James Atkinson £01. 11s. 06d.
Catharina OHaghertie £02. 01s. 08d.
George Marshall and Christopher Lydall £02. 07s. 06d.
Owen oNeale £02. 15s. 05d.
Owen oNeale and Daniell Magoghie £02. 12s. 11d. Pat oCorr and Pat mcEtimanie £03. 00s. 00d.
Thomas Smith £00. 18s. 03d.
Part Tirmony (?) Michael Greene £05. 12s. 04d.
t Hodsons William Nicholson £03. 03s. 04d.
Balliblagh Thomas Harkley and Frances Marshall £05. 03s. 04d.
£138. 00s. 02d.
William Gill £01. 16s. 06d.
Henry and William Hunter £01. 16s. 08d.
Part Butconell Robert Gibbs £05. 03s. 04d.
Part Kilnargett Leonard Riggs £00. 17s. 06d. Anna Boomer £01. 00s. 00d.
Part Tirmoyry Robert and Leonard Pierson £03. 13s. 04d.
Montaghes and
John and
£45. 00s. 00d.
£09. 16s. 08d.
£07. 08s. 00d.
£06. 06s. 08d.
£04. 04s. 00d.
Thomas Calvert
£02. 05s. 10d.
Part [Tullegally]
Henry Calvert
£00. 12s. 06d.
1/2 Tullidagon
Thomas Hooker
£02. 15s. 00d.
Part Donagreighan
\\\"neare it\\\"
John Ridgall
£03. 03s. 04d.
Edward Brice
£03. 03s. 04d.
Part Carricknegair
John Gregson
£03. 16s. 08d.
Part Carricknegair
Widdow of Launcelott Pierson
£03. 03s. 04d.
William Hooker
£01. 16s. 08d.
Part Bromnikelly
John Ogell
£02. 15s. 00d.
Part Bromnikelly
Edward Atkinson
£01. 16s. 08d.
£06. 13s. 04d.
William White
£01. 10s. 00d.
£120. 14s. 00d.
The totall sum of Sir William Brownlowes half yeares rent ending Alsaints 1635
£391. 03s. 07d.
The totall sum of the whole yeares rent then was
£782. 07s. 02d.

In the same rentroll I find this note vidzt.: Memorandum that I Sir William Brownlowe knight haue assigned and appointed and by these presents doe assigne and appoint all my tenants to pay vnto Randall Aldersey of the citty of Dublin gent. £233 sterling euerie half yeare out of the rents of such lands as are now in their possession before such time as they pay any of their said rents to me the said Sir William Brownlowe and which is for the paiment of such monies as are secured to bee paid to Alderman Parkhurst or or for his vse. In witness whereof I haue herevnto put my hand and seale the 21 of December 1635 William Brownlowe Witness herevnto Barth. Waite William Povey and Jo. Brownlowe.

The number of acres of som parcells of the Manor
Corners part of Dromnemoe north the way
21a. 00r. 00p.
mcLevyes on the same side the way
03a. 00r. 00p.
Gibsons land or Mathews on the same side
15a. 00r. 00p.
mcLevyes on South side the way
12a. 00r. 20p.
Mercer and Jones
Morgan Jones his land [formerly Crooks] Lurganitarry 31a. 2r.
31a. 01r. 00p.
Mercer 71
Carrolls land or Doweyes and Langtryes formerly Richard Parryes and Pat Smith
44a. 03r. 10p.
Mercer 71
Carolina lands formerly Leisters and Tufts Carrikneguir Ed. Brady or Ogles land 60a. Irish viz. Jo. 21a. 2r.; Thomas 40a. John Langtryes land Donayreigh 87a. Irish
41a. 01r. 06p.
Mercer 69
Hoopes land Carrickinegair 4a. Killaghy 19a. Browne\\\'s land in both the same - formerly Hamons
18a. 00r. 00p.
son (?) both sides the way John Harland in Lissacorran
34a. 01r. 27p.
[Lissacorran old survey 1711]
Thomas Hardies in the same
20a. 01r. 36p.
88 Dobb
Fosters (?) land there
11a. 00r. 00p.
Rayes or Greers
18a. 00r. 00p.
76 Hill
Tullidagon 96a. vizt meadow 16a., wood 18 pasture 20 arable 42a. Tulli ally [93a.] 75a. 1r. vizt meadow 11 arable 20 wood pasture 44
171a. 01r. 00p. English
Langtry Donagreigh - 87a. - 141a.
163a. 02r. 00p.
Magwigin or Brownes land in Tirmoiry
14a. 00r. 00p.
Craffords land there
16a. 02r. 00p.
Bells there (?)
37a. 02r. 00p.
Armstrongs there
40a. 01r. 00p.
Atkinson and B s
Knockrawr by old survey 182a.; by late 151a. vide the parcells
Vetts (?) 1652
Clanrolla old survey 274a. 1r. 13p. - Hillary and Greer late survey 193a. 2r. 8 (?) p.
Vetts (?) 1652
Lissacorran old survey 179a. 1r. 17p.
Vetts (?) 1652
Larginitarry old survey 178a.
Vetts (?) 1652
Balliblagh old survey 146a. 1r.
Vetts (?) 1652
Knockneshane old survey 171a. 1r.
Vetts (?) 1652
Taberhuney old survey 178a.
Jo. Hill
Dromnikerney 128a. Irish 222a. English (?)
Thomas Citts
Watsons land in Dromnemoe formerly Poggs
42a. 00r. 00p.
Bets Senior
32a. 1r. 0p.
Bets Junr
30a. 1r. 0p.
George Lawleyes land formerly Lawles and Colter per Mercer
32a. 03r. 00p.
William Betts
parke 16 1/2
Heaths land - Martin Robert (?) Neville (?) 16a. A[rthur] B[rownlow] 48 gardines (?) 1a. tot.
86a. 00r. 00p.
Moss Heath 3
Roger Fishers land Knockneshane 18 (?) a.
Quins land
Spences tenement (?) at 18a. 2r. [now Farelyes (?)]
Spence in all 48a. 2r.
Jon Armstrong in Tirmoyry
40a. 01r. 03p.
Pat Connelly 11a. 0r. 4p. English
Widdow Ellis 36a. 2r. 3p. English
Thomas Hardy 33a. 0r. 24p. Irish
John Harlan 55a. 2r. 36p. Irish
Lorginitarry Doweyes 1/2 - 52a. 3rd.
att 92
17p. -
55a. 00r. 05p.
Irish per Mercer
Carrolls land there 26a. 1r. 07p.
Old survey
178a. English
Dromnikelly Bradshaws land 30a. 2r.
Hodgins 60a. 2r. English
Murfett (?)
John Porters park of Quins land 10a.
1r. 17p. English
William Piersons land in Dogher
54a. 3r. English
Kilnargett 200a. English Mrs. (?) Moris 85, Mrs. Jones 115
Tanaghmore Shankill 213a. English
Bucconell 140
94 Thompson
30 Gwns (?)
15 Dauson (?)
114a. Irish
White 16
Jo. Ogle 12a. 21p.
William Taylor 11a. 2p.
79a. William Walker
84a. Langtry
Jo. Ogle
P hill 19a. 2r. 0p.
House place 1a.
Thomas Ogle 40a. 0r. 0p.

Memorandum that Tuesday the 18th July 1665 the holly (?) stake next the key at Clanrolla was putt into logh neagh
Memorandum that on Saturday the 8th of August 1668 a holly [stake] t nke was sett vp on the heape of stones lyeing in logneagh in the part betwixt Clanrolla and Anaghdroghilla
Memorandum that on Saturday the 29th August 1668 the holly stake furthest out on the high that key at Clanrolla was there fixed all per A[rthur] B[rownlow



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