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Rental of Brownlow Estate Lurgan

Rental fof Brownlow Estate Lurgan County Armagh 1755 to 1758


Tearsogue. Geo. Keeler. John Black. Sarah England and her son Joseph. William Hill. Widow Magarity. John Cammack. Taberhuney. John Shaw for Donaldsons land. From 1711. John Cammack for Hodgsons land. From 1725. Thomas Bullocks. From 1712. Thomas Pedlo for Geo. Lynass land. From 1730. Thomas Elliot for Hodskins land. From 1733. Henry Close. From 1729. William Gray. From 1729.

 Tullygally. John Graham, part of Tullygally. Widow McCann. Francis Hillary. William Coulter, for Tobias Hillarys land in Tullygally. From 1713. Michael Capper, for Carters land in Tulllygally. From 1711. Kirk and Russell for part of Tullygally. From 1711.

Monbrief. John McCallum, for Clarks land in Monbrief. From 1714. William Hallowday, for part of Monbrief. Arthur Forde. Robert Cooper. William Mathews. Courtney and Watson William Jordan. William Wetheral Richard Wetheral of Monbrief and Tagnavin. Edward Wetheral. John Wetheral and mother. John Harrison.

 Legaccory. John Leviston. William Hare. Thomas Rogers. William Magowan. Sidney Russell. Joseph McCamson. William Davidson. Bernard McCann. John Bane. Daniel McCann. Bryon Hanvy.

 Silverwood. William Magennis.

 Bocconnell. Chr. Weldon. Francis Grayson. Knockramer. Terence Morgan. William Dillon. John Hutchinson. Thomas Hutchinson.

 Ballynamony. John Deargs. Mathew Hewitt. Simon Hewitt.

 Aughacommon. Adam Starherds. Roger Webb.

 Tanaghmore. Rev. John Menagh. Edmund McCann. Patrick Faloone. Daniel Faloone. Peter Faloone. John Mathews for liberty of mill dam in Tanaghmore.

 Derrymacash. John Turks. Widow Tate. Edward McSherry. William Castles (jnr.) John Read. William Castles (snr.) John Liggett. Geo. Thompson. James Byrne. Mathew Money. James Menagh. Luke and Rose Hennon of Woolfs Island Brian and Hugh Hennon of Woolfs Island. Loughlin Doone of Woolfs Island. David Ruddle, for bleach yard Derrymacash and Derryadd.

 Derryadd . John Abram Michael Abram David Maziere for bleach yard. John Stevenson. Alex Murphy. Revd. John Carroll. Ardmore. William Emerson. William Reed.


Derrytrasna. Joseph Turkington. William Turkington.


Derryinver. Richard Bodle. John McCann William McKinny John Bunting. John Hamill Christopher Corner

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