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The Markethill Yeomanry

Mullaghbrack,County Armagh

 The Markethill Yeomanry were formed as a volunteer reserve under the command of Archibald Acheson in 1796.

The muster rolls are missing but the pay sheets are in the care of PRONI (The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland)


 Returns to Parliament and Pay Sheets 1801-1802



Captain the Hon. Archibald Acheson (son of the Earl of Gosford)

Lieut John Read (Land Agent to the Earl of Gosford)

Lieut. Thomas Narwood

Captain James Dawson (brother of Thomas Dawson of Clare Castle)

Lieut. William Barker (curate of Mullaghbrack)

Andrew Trew of Derrycughan

The strength of the corps is given in Returns to Parliament of 1803

as 12 Mounted Cavalry and 88 Infantry

The following names are taken from the pay sheets of 1801-1802

John Armstrong

James Armstrong

Thomas Abbott

William Blow

Robert Beck

James Clements

William Calliston

William Copeland

James Cromwell

Thomas Carson

John Clements

Alexander Craig

James Campbell

Hugh Feenan

John Feenan

Robert Graham

Alexander Graham (1801 and 1803)

Michael Graham

James Glasby

Thomas Greer

John Gray(1801)

John Gillis

Samuel Hunter

John Hamilton

Robert Hosack

Thomas Hart junior

Alexander Hunter

David Irwin

John Jackson

William Jameson

George Jameson

William Jameson senior

John Johnston

James Johnston

Issac Kitchen

John Kitchen

William Kitchen

James Kidd

David Kerr

Ben Kidd

James Kilpatrick

James Kennedy

Archibald Little

James Little

John Little

James Loughead

George Lamberton

William Montgomery

William McNally

H. Monroe (1803)

William Mack

John McClure

John Maginnis

Francis McStay

John McAlister

Joseph Magowan

James McCalla

John McCreeny

Thomas McKinney

James Mason

John McMahon senior

John McMahon junior

Thomas McMahon

James McLaughlin

John McLean

William Martin

Archibald McAlister

William Neele

John Neele

Thomas Neele

Robert Neele

John Neele (no2)

William Neele (1803)

James Neilson

Alexander Nairne

Robert Ochiltree

Michael Ochiltree

Micheal Ochiltree senior

Peter Pillow

John Pillow

James Quin

William Robinson

John Smith

William Stewart

William Scarr

Samuel Shuttleton

William Scarr

John Scarr

John Singleton

John Scofield

William Scofield

Samuel Scofield

Robert Spence

Alexander Spence

William Spence

Alexander Spence (1803)

William Smith

James Scanlon

William Todd

Peter Todd

James Todd

John Todd

Andrew Watson (1801)


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