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Principal Residents in the City of Armagh Year 1840

1840 Principal business premises in the City of Armagh

Adams, John C., Woollen and Linen Draper, Hatter, 5 Upper English Street.
Allen, E. & G., Haberdashers, English Street.
Anderson, John, Saddle and Harness Maker, English Street.
Armstrong, Meredith, Surgeon, English Street.
Armstrong, Thomas, Ironmonger, Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Scotch Street.
Armstrong, George, Flour Miller, Market Street.
Arthur, John, Sack and Bag Manufacturer, Dobbin Street.
Barker, William, Esq., Solicitor and Law Agent, Abbey Street and 15 Nelson Street, Dublin.
Barnes, George, Flour Miller, Ogle Street.
Barnes, John, Linen Manufacturer, Loughgall
Barnes and Whitford, Watch Makers, Scotch Street.
Barrett, Jacob, Esq., Solicitor, Proctor of Office to his Grace the Lord Primate, and Public Notary, Upper English Street and 26 Queen Street, Dublin.
Bell, Matthew Robert, Merchant, Irish Street.
Bell, James T., Esq., Local Crown Solicitor, 7 Houses and 16 Blessington Street, Dublin.
Bell, James C., Esq., Barrister, College Street and 74 Upper Dominick Street, Dublin.
Bell, Matthew, Seedsman, Flour and Leather Merchant, 1 English Street.
Boyd, William, Grocer, Gunpowder, Paint, Oil, and Seed Merchant, 4 Thomas Street.
Boyd, William, junior, Spirit, Ham and Bacon Store, Thomas Street.
Boyd, James B., Brown Linen Manufacturer, Linen Bleacher, and Flax Merchant, Office, Dobbin Street.
Boyd, A. & F., Iron and Timber Merchants, Dobbin Street.
Boyle, Hugh, Linen Merchant, Linen Hall.
Branigan, John, Spirit Dealer, 2 Dobbin Street.
Brice, Alexander, Apothecary, English Street.
Burns, James, Watch and Clock Maker, English Street.
Campbell, Jane, Grocer and Druggist, Scotch Street.
Cargill, William, Linen and Flax Merchant and Agent, Mullabane, Glasslough, County Monaghan, Offices, 26 Dobbin Street, Armagh, and Ballybay.
Carvill, Thomas, Ironmonger and Timber Merchant, 37 Thomas Street.
Cargill, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant and Agent, Mulladuff, Glasslough, County Monaghan, Office, 26 Dobbin Street.
Carrol, I. & E., Haberdashers, English Street.
Close, James, Woollen Draper, etc., Scotch Street.
Colvan, John, M.D., Surgeon, Lower English Street.
Cole, Robert, Flax Buyer and Linen Yarn Merchant, 19 Barrack Street.
Constable, George, Hair Dresser, etc., Agent for J. J. Jacksons Silk Dyeing Establishment, Scotch Street.
Connolly, Charles, Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, General Trimming and Saddlery Merchant, Market Street.
Cowdy, Arthur, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant, Offices, 25 Dobbin Street, Armagh, and Thomas Street, Portadown, residence, Portadown.
Corrigan, Mrs., Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Corrigan, Samuel, Manufacturer of Lawns, Verner\\\'s Bridge, Office, Dobbin Street.
Corrigan, Robert, Lawn Manufacturer, Mospring, Moy, Office, Dobbin Street.
Corrigan, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant, Dobbin Street.
Corry, John, Woollen Draper, Market Street.
Craig, Thomas, Tanner, Lower English Street.
Craig, John, Grocer and Spirit Dealer, Scotch Street.
Crolly, Right Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Primate, Abbey Street, Armagh and Drogheda.
Croan, Robert, Linen Manufacturer, Derryane, Verners Bridge and Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Cumming, Thomas, M.D., Beresford Row.
Cumming, John, Esq., Solicitor, Beresford Row and 39 Westmoreland Street, Dublin.
Daly, Rev. James, Roman Catholic Curate.
Davidson, John, Master Extraordinary in Chancery, and Commissioner for taking Affidavits in all the Courts, Agent to the Albion Fire and Life, and Phoenix Fire Assurance Companies, Abbey Street.
Davidson, John, Timber Merchant, Abbey Street.
Davidson, Alexander, Rope Manufacturer, Scotch Street.
Davison, Robert, Leather, Iron and Timber Merchant, Ogle Street.
Dickson, Henry, Corn Miller, Flax Commission Agent, and Spirit Dealer, Market Street.
Dobbin, Leonard & Thomas, Esqrs., Managers of the Bank of Ireland, Office, Scotch Street.
Duncan, John, Engraver and Watch Maker, English Street.
Duncan, Miss, Bonnet and Stay Warehouse, Russel Street.
Dundas, Mrs., Haberdasher, English Street.
Fegan, John, Albert Hotel, English Street.
Fitzpatrick, Hugh, Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Fulton, Robert, Druggist, Grocer, Glass, Oil and Timber Merchant, Upper English Street.
Forster, Thomas, Surgeon and Apothecary, Upper English Street.
Foster, Charles, jun., Grocer and Baker, Scotch Street.
Frazer, John, Classical School, College Street.
Gardener, Samuel & Edward, Armagh Foundry, Iron and Brass Founders, Smiths, Plumbers, Tin, Zinc and Copper Workers, Bell Hangers, etc., Dobbin Street.
Gardner, Samuel, of S. & E. Gardner, Woollen Draper, Agent to the Westminster Life and Sun Fire and Life Insurance Company.
Gas Company Work, Callen Street, Robert McEndow, Secretary and Treasurer, Joseph Gibbs, Manager.
Gibson, John, Linen Yarn Merchant, Richhill, Office, Yarn Hall, Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Graham, Mrs. Maria, Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Grattan, Thomas, Surgeon Dentist, Medical Hall, Scotch Street.
Greacon, James, Printer and Stationer, Thomas Street.
Green, James, & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, and Coloured Thread Manufacturers, Keady, Offices, Dobbin Street and Ballybay.
Hazilton, Hammersley, Watch Maker and Jeweller, Russell Street.
Heaton, William, Woollen Draper, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher, Market Street.
Hodge, Robert, Linen Yarn Merchant, Monaghan, Office, Yarn Hall, Armagh.
Hodge, Samuel, Linen Yarn Merchant, Clontibret, Castleblaney, Office, Yarn Hall, Armagh.
Hughes, William S., Saddler and Harness Maker, Scotch Street.
Hughes, S., M. and L., Haberdashers and Linen Drapers, Scotch Street.
Hughes, Patrick, Proprietor of the Victoria Hotel, Castle Street.
Jackson, Henry, Linen Manufacturer, Drumherif, Loughgall, Office, Dobbin Street, Armagh.
Johnston, Samuel, Linen Draper, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher, 34 Scotch Street.
Keenan, Philip, Proprietor of the Royal Hotel and Posting Establishment, Dobbin Street, from whence cars start for Newry, Portadown, Enniskillen and Dungannon, every day, Sunday excepted.
Keys, Charles, Baker and Grocer, 57 Scotch Street.
Kidd, James Alexander, Bleacher, Greenmount, Keady, Office, Linen Hall, Armagh.
Kidd, Thomas, Esq., Manager of the Belfast Bank Branch, Upper English Street.
Kidd, Osborne, Distiller and Flour Miller, Distillery, Ballynahone, Office, Thomas Street.
Kidd, William Lodge, M.D., Charlemont Place.
Kidd, Samuel, & Son., Linen Merchants and Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers, etc., Dundrum, Keady, Office, Dobbin Street.
King, James, Haberdasher and Hosier, Scotch Street.
Kirk, William, Esq., Manager of the Northern Bank Branch, Market Street & General & Commission Linen Merchant, Bleacher, Dyer & Finisher, Ann Vale, Keady.
Knox & Co., Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Haberdashers, Market Street.
Lavery, Philip, Surgeon, Scotch Street.
Larah and Cherryvale, Castleblaney.
Ledlie, George, Agent to James Twigg, Flax Spinner.
Leslie, John, M.D., Scotch Street.
Lethen, William, English Street.
Lillyman, William, Veterinary Surgeon, Scotch Street.
Lyle, Andrew & Alexander, Maltsters, Brewers and Spirit Merchants, Lower English Street.
Macartney, John N., Watch Maker and Jeweller, 48 Market Street.
Matthews, Joseph, Flour Miller, 13 Scotch Street.
Mercer, Arthur, Linen Manufacturer, Loughgall, Office, Dobbin Street.
Moody, William, Book Seller, Stationer, Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchant, News Agent and Music Seller, Market Street.
Molliert, Samuel, Delf, Glass and China Warehouse, Scotch Street.
Medical Hall, 26 Scotch Street, John Leslie, M.D., Surgeon and Apothecary, Proprietor.
Murdoch, William, Flax and Tow Spinner and Linen Manufacturer, Anaroe, Glasslough.
Mulligan, A. J., Esq., Manager of the Ulster Bank Branch, English Street.
McCaldin, William, Linen, Linen Yarn and Flax Merchant, Newbliss, County Monaghan, Office, 11 Dobbin Street, Armagh.
McCann, Thomas, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Dealer, Grover, Baker and General Merchant, 62 & 63 English Street.
McEndow, Robert, Bakery, Glass and China Warehouse and Coal Store, English Street.
McArthur, John, Painter, etc., 27 Scotch Street.
McKean, Henry, Flax and Tow Spinner, Darclay, Keady, Office, Market Street, Armagh.
McKinstry, John, Esq., Solicitor, Proctor of the Consistorial Registry Court, Armagh and Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments for Deeds to be Executed by Married Women, Offices, Beresford Row and 17 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.
McKinstry, Robert, M.D., Beresford Row.
McVernon, Arthur, Engraver and Copperplate Printer, Thomas Street.
McWatters, John, Book Seller, Printer, Stationer and Librarian, English Street.
McKee, Joseph, Linen Manufacturer and Bleacher, Millview, Keady.
Nicholson, A. & J., Haberdashers, English Street.
Noble, Dorothea, Haberdasher, Market Street.
OBrien, Rev. Michael, Roman Catholic Curate.
Orr, William, & Sons, Linen Manufacturers, Linen Merchants and Finishers of Linens, Loughgall, Office in Armagh, Dobbin Street.
Orr, Sinclair, Linen Yarn Merchant, Loughgall, Office in Armagh, Dobbin Street.
Post Office, Scotch Street, Robert Birch, Postmaster.
Penton, Mrs., Nursery and Seed Establishment.
Prentice, Thomas A., Stamp Distributor for County Armagh, Scotch Street.
Potter, Frederick, Printer and Stationer, Scotch Street.
Quin, John, Esq., Solicitor, 42 Castle Street and 34 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin.
Rea, James, Register Office for Servants, Church Street.
Rickard, James, Flour and Oatmeal Miller, English Street.
Riddall, Robert, & Co., Corn and Flour Millers, Mills, Lurgyvallen, Office, 28 Upper English Street.
Riddall, Robert, of Robert Riddall & Co., Deputy Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh, Upper English Street.
Riddall, James, Ironmonger, English Street.
Riggs, John S., Grocer, Wine and Spirit Dealer, 24 Upper English Street.
Rooney, Rev. Patrick, Roman Catholic Curate, Chaplain to the Gaol and Poor House.
Rodgers, William, proprietor of the Molyneux Arms Hotel and Posting Establishment, Upper English Street.
Scott, George, Registrar of the Diocese of Armagh and Local Director of the Belfast Bank Branch, residence, Vicars Hill.
Simpson, John, Meal, Flour and Spirit Store, Market Street.
Sloan, Mrs., Druggist, English Street.
Smyth, James, Seedsman, English Street.
Smyth, Robert, Flax Spinner, Millbrook.
Stevenson, R., Book Seller, Stationer and Printer, Scotch Street.
Sling, W. H., Hair Dresser, Scotch Street.
Sling, John, Hair Dresser, Scotch Street.
Smyth, Thomas, Grocery Establishment, Scotch Street.
Scott, S., Book Binder, etc., Thomas Street.
Stanley, James, Flour Miller and Spirit Merchant, 28 Scotch Street.
Stanley, James, Jun., Wine and Spirit Merchant, College Street.
Stanley, John, jun., Esq., Solicitor and Proctor of the Consistorial and Metropolitan Court of Armagh, English Street and 12 North Frederick Street, Dublin.
Trenor and Bennett, Corn and Flour Millers, Umgola.
Twigg, James, Flax and Tow Spinner, Mills, Laragh and Cherryvale, Castleblaney, George Ledlie, Agent.
Ulster Steam Carrying Company Stores, Mall, Office, English Street, Robert McEndow, Agent.
Vint, J., Glass, Oil, Colour and Room Paper Warehouse, Market Street.
Vogan, Richard C., Grocer, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Upper English Street.
Walker & McNair, Haberdashers, etc., 1 Market Street.
White, Samuel, Book Binder and Stationer, 5 English Street.
Williams, Miss J, Haberdasher and Milliner, English Street.
Wilson, John, Flax Buyer, Grocer and Haberdasher, Scotch Street.
Wilson, Wm. Thomas, M.D., Surgeon, Thomas Street.
Wilton, Thomas, Grocer, etc., Thomas Street.
Wynne, Mrs. Margaret, Linen Bleacher, Lislea House.



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