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Abstracts of surviving fragments of the 1821 Census

Abstracts of surviving fragments of the 1821 Census for County Cavan


Mayo townland


Connolly, William, aged 48, farmer and weaver, 5 acres 3 roods.
Connolly, James, son, aged 21.
Connolly, Margaret, daughter, aged 18.
Connolly, Thomas, son, aged 16.
Connolly, Mary, daughter, aged 14.
Connolly, Rose, daughter, aged 12.


Connolly, Thomas, aged 54, farmer and labourer, 10 acres.
Connolly, Anne, wife, aged 51.
Connolly, Thomas, son, aged 17.
Connolly, Patrick, son, aged 15.
Connolly, Margaret, daughter, aged 13.


Connolly, Patrick, aged 31, farmer and labourer, 5 acres.
Connolly, Margaret, wife, aged 24.
Connolly, William, son, aged 2.
Smyth, Judith, aged 22, house servant.


Connolly, Thomas, aged 66, farmer and car man.
Connolly, Anne, wife, aged 63.
Connolly, Owen, son, aged 33, car man.
Connolly, Thomas, son, aged 14.
Connolly, Sarah, daughter, aged 20.
Loughran, William, aged 24, journeyman weaver .
Leary, Mary, aged 24, flax spinner.
O Neill, Patrick, aged 15, house servant.
McGrath, William, aged 3, grandson.


Connolly, Anthony, aged 81, farmer, 9 acres.
Connolly, Arthur, son, aged 49, weaver.
Connolly, Sarah, aged 39, daughter-in-law.
Connolly, Charles, son, aged 41, weaver.
Connolly, Mary, grandaughter, aged 14.
Connolly, Anne, grandaughter, aged 12.
Connolly, Charles, grandson, aged 10.
Connolly, Margaret, grandaughter, aged 8.
Connolly, Sarah, grandaughter, aged 2.


Dempsey, Luke, aged 51, farmer and weaver, 31/4 acres.
Dempsey, Laurence, no age given.
Dempsey, James, no age given.
Dempsey, John, no age given.
Dempsey, Bernard, no age given.
Dempsey, Margaret, no age given.
Dempsey, Bridget, no age given.
Dempsey, Ann, no age given.
Dempsey, Mary, no age given.
Dempsey, Alice, no age given.


Drumnagran townland:

Smyth, Owen, aged 60, farmer.
Smyth, Mary, wife, aged 58.
Smyth, Catherine, daughter, aged 20.
Smyth, Michael, son, aged 18.
Smyth, John, son, aged 12.
Smyth, Rose, daughter, aged 11.
Smyth, Bridget, daughter, aged 9.
McPhillips, Rose, aged 24, flax spinner, visitor.
Kelly, Anne, aged 60, pauper, lodger.


Smith, Charles, aged 60, farmer and weaver, 6 acres of land.
Smith, Mary, daughter, aged 18.
Smith, James, son, aged 19.
Smith, Anne, daughter, aged 16.
Smith, Bridget, daughter, aged 12.
Smith, Owen, son, aged 11.


Smith, Owen, aged 54, farmer, 8 acres.
Smith, Susan, wife, aged 35.
Smith, Mary, daughter, aged 10.
Smith, Frank, son, aged 9.
Smith, Peter, son, aged 8.
Smith, Rose, daughter, aged 4.
Smith, John, son, aged 2.
Brady, Catherine, aged 32, servant maid.
Fay, Andrew, aged 22, servant boy.


Smith, Thomas, aged 45, farmer, 8 acres.
Smith, Mary, wife, aged 34.
Smith, John, son, aged 15.
Smith, Bridget, daughter, aged 13.
Smith, Mary Anne, daughter, aged 8.
Smith, Anne, daughter, aged 6.
Smith, Margaret, daughter, aged 3.
Smith, Susan, daughter, under 1.
Fay, Margaret, aged 23, servant maid.
Smith, John, aged 84. His father.


Smyth, Catherine, aged 60, farmer and widow.
Smyth, Charles, son, aged 29, weaver.
Smyth, Catherine, aged 22, daughter-in-law.
Smyth, Hugh, son, aged 27.
Smyth, Honora, daughter, aged 24.
Smyth, Catherine, daughter, aged 22.
Smyth, Rose, grandaughter, under 1.
McGaraghan, Rose, aged 35, servant maid.
Gavan, Andrew, aged 18, servant boy.


Smyth, Patt, aged 35, farmer and weaver, 10 acres.
Smyth, Mary, wife, aged 22.
Smyth, Rose, daughter, aged 2.
Smyth, Nicholas, son, aged 1.
McEntee, Bridget, aged 17, servant maid.
McDonnell, Edward, aged 20, apprentice.


Smyth, Luke, aged 44, farmer and weaver.
Smyth, Mary, wife, aged 30.
Smyth, James, son, aged 11.
Smyth, Michael, son, aged 9.
Smyth, Alice, daughter, aged 7.
Smyth, Elizabeth, daughter, aged 5.
Smyth, Luke, son, aged 3.
Smyth, John, son, under 1.
Smyth, John, aged 22, servant boy.


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