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Killeshandra Old Cemetery

Inscriptions in Killeshandra Old Cemetery

Recorded by

Ursula Woods, Aisling Woods, Mary Burns, and Cathal O'Rourke

There has been a church and a cemetery on this site in Church Street since medieval times.

Originally the site of a Catholic Church, it became Crown property and was given over to Protestant worship. The church, whose ruins are still on the site, was built in 1688. As a result of its history the cemetery was mixed, shared by both Catholics and Protestants.

In 1993 a group of students from Killeshandra recorded the inscriptions on the headstones in the cemetery. Their full report was published in 'BREIFNE 1995', the journal of the Breifne Historical Society.

The order in which the names are listed is according to the positions of the graves in the cemetery.

As a result, they are not in alphabetical order and the same surnames may appear in different places throughout the list.

Huggins In memory of John Huggins, died 4th Feb 1902, aged 60 years.
His wife Jane Huggins died 4th October 1933
Their daughter Mrs. Nora Dixon died 23rd July 1950 aged 69 years.

This monument was erected by Sarah Reilly of Killeshandra
in memory of her husband Michael, died 14th Dec. 1810, aged 32 years.

Here lyeth the body of James Veaitch, died 3rd March 1714, aged 97 years
his wife Ennet?, died 6 October 1702, aged 58
Also, John Veaitch, died 26th February, 1724, aged 50 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Naylor, CorlesBratten, died 13 April 1866, aged 65 years
his wife, Margaret, died 4th June 1861, aged 68 years
also, daughter Catherine Naylor, died 8th June 1904, aged 37 years.

Here lieth the body of Malcolm Pagy, died 12th February 1784, age 74.

In loving memory of Eva Graham, died 9th April 1924, aged 11.
Darling child of W.R. & I Graham, Loughdodly, Belturbet. W.Lendrum.

Erected by Edward Donocho in memory of his father
Conner Donocho, died 12th Sept, aged 60 years.
Also his mother Bridget Donocho (alias Reilly), died 26th Jan 1791, aged 80 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Armstrong, died 13th April 1888, aged 75 years.

Here lies the body of Wm Dempsy, died 29th June 1835, aged 72 years.

In memory of Edward, Snakeel, died 7th June 1914.
Also his brothers Thomas, died 7th August 1884
and Hugh, died 6th October 1893,
and John, died 30th April
Also, their sister Catherine Donohoe, died 19th June 1908.

Under this tomb lieth the body of Mary Bath, alias Ferguson, died 1st February 1793, aged 41 years
Also, daughter Elizabeth Ferguson, alias Anderson, died 19th October 1792, aged 22 years.

No further inscription .

Magee Erected by Barthalomew Magee of Clooneen in memory of his son
Barthalomew Magee, died 7th January 1801, aged 28 years.

The Lord have mercy on the soul of Henry Martin, died 14th February 1744, in his 23rd year.

In memory of our brother John Thomas Wallace, died 29th August 1944, aged 67 years.
Also his wife Alicia Mary, died 13 January 1953, aged 78 years.

In memory of Catherine McManus, died January 1881, aged 84 years.
Erected by her sons John and Luke McManus of New York.

In memory of Walter Whyte, 1870 - 1947.

In memory of Michael Burns, Cavan died 23rd February 1961.
Also, his mother Kate Burns.
Erected by daughter Elizabeth Ryan.

Frances Goodfellow, alias Nicalls, died 31st July 1812.

Erected by Fergus Kiernan in memory of his son
Pat, died March 1813.
Also, his son Thos, died 1817.

Martin Bennet

W. Bennet, died 23 January 1909

In memory of Rev Wm Anderson, Curate of Killeshandra,
died 12th September 1802, aged 56 years.
Also his son-in-law Capt Robert M Cubbin, died 16th April 1800, aged 37 years.

Erected by Lawrence Fitzpatrick in memory of
his daughter Elanor, died 9th Sept 1817, aged ?4.
Also, Lawrence Fitzpatrick who died in July 1826, aged 88 years
and Thomas, his eldest son, died in June 1830, aged 56.

Erected by John Weir in memory of his mother
Ann Weir, Gurteen, died 25 April 1899, aged 77 years.

Erected by Rev Edward Montgomery Moore M.A. to the
memory of his mother Mary, wife of the late Brinsle Nixon Moore Esq.
She entered into rest 29th January 1871, aged 73 years.

Ionas Gunner C E North, Royal Field Artillary, 7th June 1918, aged 21.

George Ralph, child of Rev Thos Fetherson and Adeline his wife
died 10th October 1899, aged 4 weeks.

In memory of William Robert Gibson, died 13th May 1906.
Martha Gibson, died 11th November 1896.
Samuel H Gibson, died 14th September 1937.
Mary K Gibson, died 29th January, 1951.
Edith K Gibson, died 11th June 1972.
Eileen M Gibson, died 24th February 1978.

In memory of John Patton, husband of Sarah Patton, died 10th January 94, aged 77 years.

A vault. No further inscription.

Lieut Col James H Fletcher, D.S.O.Mc, died 4th January 1935, aged 46 years.
Joseph H Fletcher, died 10th March 1920, aged 58 years.
Mary Sophia Fletcher, died 4th August 1953, aged 84 years.
Charles H Fletcher, died 24th March 1985, aged 86 years.
Liliam Beatrice Fletcher, died 13th December 1989, aged 94 years.

Cosby Young of Lahard, died 26th October 1896, aged 44 years.

In memory of Walter William Young, died 27th January 1891, aged 51 years.
Also his mother Mary Glemina Young, died 17th July 1852, aged 31 years.
And his wife Margaret, died 15th May 1930.
And Their son William Alexander Knight Young, died 1st March 1917.
Erected by his son Wm A K Young, Gartinardress.

Erected by her children in memory of their mother
Marianne Woodhouse, Rockfield, died 7th May 1919.

In memory of Stella Frances Richardson, wife of John Richardson, Killeshandra, died 9th March 1944.
And of John Richardson, died 20th July 1949.

In memory of Samuel J Crawford, died 3rd February 1859, aged 49 years.
Also his wife Eliza Crawford, died 17th January 1888, aged 87 years.
Also, their children Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Charlotte.
Also their grandchildren Samuel James Sheridan, died 9th December 1885, aged 4 months.
And Davis Elored, died 4th December 1881, aged 4 years.

Thompson In memory of Olive Marjorie, daughter of Ianesia and Alice E Thompson, died 11 December 1916, aged 5 years.
Also, Jane Donovan, widow of the Late H Donovan M.D., Kilfinane, died 7th April 1916.
Henry Blythe Thompson, 1903 - 1978.

In memory of Dr John Sheridan of this town, died 19th December 1850, aged 57 years.
Also his soon Robert, died 11th July 1856, aged 15 years.

In memory of Bridget Gannon (Nee McAvey), Drumcase, interred here 29th August 1930, aged 84 years.
Also her husband Thurlogh, died January 1889, aged 50 years.

In memory of Alexander Armstrong, died 15th January 1883, aged 72 years.
Also his wife Jane who died June 1886, aged 68 years.
Also their daughter Lucinda, died 29th December 1913, aged 62 years.

Here lieth John Kinkead, died 19th August 1774, aged 9 years.
Also Willm Kinkead, his brother, died 20th September 1774, aged 5 years.

Here lieth Elizth Irwin, died 15th February 1788, aged 22 years.
Also, William Fowler, her former husband, died 9th April 1785, aged 23 years.
Also her grandfather Stephen Monypenny, died 4th October 1759, aged 42 years.
Erected by her father John Timon.
Also her mother Ilenor Timon, alias Monypenny, died 2nd March 1799, aged 32 years.
And John Timon, died 15th December 1802, aged 76 years.

Erected by John Faris of Drummergold in memory of his wife Isabella Faris, died 7th October 1802, aged 52 years.

William Bennet of Astanagh, near Granard, who died 5th July 1830, aged 60 years.
Also his wife Anne Bennet, died 25th July 1830, aged 58 years.
Erected by their sons Robert and Abraham Bennet.

Erected by John Canning of Enniskillen in memory of his wife Catherine, died 31st May 1841, aged 28 years.

Pray for Thomas Gaffney, died August '82, aged 49.
Also his wife.
Erected by their son Owen

Pray for Patrick Thally, died 14th September 1735, aged 63 years.

To the memory of Patrick Tully, Coragh, died March 1923.
Also his wife Julia, died May 1942.
And their son Willie, died August 1935.

Here lies Thos Harkness, died 6th March 1729, aged 54 years.
Also his grandson Iain Fares, died 12th August 1762, aged 23 years.

Here lies ____ Harkness, died 3rd March 1686, aged 6 years.
His wife Agnes, died Feb 24 aged 62.

In loving memory of the Todd family, Coragh.

In memory of Abigail and Nicholas Sheridan,
died 29th August 1890 and 3rd October 1903 respectively.
Erected by their children.

No further inscription.


In memory of John Woodhouse, died 7th July 1908, aged 87 years.
Also his wife Hannah Woodhouse, died 1st 1912,aged 91 years.
Also their son William, died 1st December 11895, aged 32 years.

In memory of Frances Ferguson, wife of Robert Ferguson Gen. And daughter of Edmond Anderson,
died 24th June 1601, aged 23 years.
Also Edmond Anderson, father to the above Frances Ferguson.
He was Magistrate for the space of 16 years for this county.
He died 11th May 1613, aged 77 years.
Erected by his sons Edward and William Anderson.

In memory of Elizabeth Woods, died 29th August 1903, aged 66 years.
Also Robert Woods, died 30th March 1916, aged 80 years.
And their daughter Elizabeth Martin, died 21st September 1942, aged 72 years.
Erected by Lieut Col J L Martin R.A.M.O.

In memory of Edward Woods, died 13 October 1955, aged 45 years.
Also his parents Robert, died 3rd April 1951
And Margaret, died 21st July 1968

In memory of Lucy Alice Young, died 26th December 1910.

No inscription

The family vault of James Hamilton Esq. of Castle Hamilton.

Joseph Hamilton

The Martin Vault. No inscription


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