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Tenants Drumgavelin Dromore

The inhabitants of Drumgavelin, Dromore, Couty Down, September 1800

with agents comments

 Widow Brown no cottiers or tenants

 Hugh Murdock. Has this as an out farm and a woman in the house keeping it clean but no other tenants

 Joseph Teat and Robert Teat. brothers . This was their fathers farm.

 John Hamilton no tenants

 John Brown and Dinnis Gillstone

 William Brown no tenants

 James Phillips no tenants

 Patrick McAravey His sister has a house but no other tenants

 William Mooney no tenants

 Hugh Morrow and James Cry

 William Barr and John Wilson. John Wilson under William Barr as tenant

 Andrew Gray no tenants

 James Warren and Samuel Moss Both purchasers of part of James Johnstons lease and part of Adam Palmers lease.

 David Hill and Daniel Tranor both tenants of Hugh Lemon of Donmore

 John Fullton . He has a kiln man but no tenants

 Thomas Hannah. He has no tenants or cottiers

 Widow Paterson No cottiers or tenants

 Adam Palmer  No tenants

 Hugh Shields and Frances Rogan both tenants to John Blackwood Belfast No other cottiers or tenants only Rogan is to set the house

 John McManes and his three sons

 John Maharey No tenants

 John Hawney and James Barr both cottiers who keep a cow each under David Moss Ballymacarn

James McCartain no tenants

 James Chambers no tenants

 David Gillespy father and Gawn Gillespy his son

 William Rainey. He has about 10 acres under him George Milbee has J and Thos Millbee both as tenants

 Robert Simpson Has 6 acres where he lives and 4 as outland  and his son Alex. has a house from him but no cottiers

 Robert McIlwain He has James Peel and Widow Allen as tenants. Each has a house but no cow

 Robert McIlwain for George Beattys lease but no cottiers or tenants

 Hugh Pool for his own and Widow Henderson

 Hugh Pool for Mathew McCargharty and no tenants

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