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List of Emigrants from Belfast


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A list of passengers embarked on the ship South Africa out of Port of Belfast arriving

New York 9th June 1811

 Master :John E Scott

 Passenger\' names and given places of abode

George Roberts Armagh

Samuel McCammar Armagh

William Murphy Monaghan

Mary Murphy Monaghan

John Hawthorn Bellikiel

Agnes Hawthorn Ballykiel

David Scott Bellikiel

Margaret Scott Bellikiel

John Logan Bellikiel

Jacob Pearson Armagh

Jane Pearson Armagh

Margaret Moffett Armagh

James Rock Armagh

Mary Rock Armagh

Joseph Bridget and family Belleek

Joseph McCullagh Carmery

William Heson Carmery

William Spratt Carmery

Mary Spratt Carmery

William Shaw Billamegary

Margaret Shaw Billamegary

John Porter Billamegary

Eliza Fullan Lisburn

Selton Fullan Lisburn

Andrew Martin Kilmore

Jane Morrow Monaghan

Ellen Morrow Monaghan

Jane Morrow Monaghan

John Finlay Monaghan

James Cowser Monaghan

Eliza Cowser Monahan

William McCaird Monaghan

Sophia Cowser Armagh

Eliza Cowser Armagh

Jane Clagher Armagh

Hugh ORay Belfast

John Guir and family Belfast

Robert Moore Dungannon

Eliza Moore Dungannon

Thomas Moore & family  Rathfryland

Thomas Calvin Rathfryland

William Forcade and family Belfast

Henry Moore Rathfryland

Mary Moore Rathfryland

John Patterson Bellikeil

Arthur Shee Rathfryland

William Willis Rathfryland

Felix Farren Dungannon

Margaret Willis Dingannon

Sally Farren Dungannon

James Farren Dungannon

Thomas Kelly Dungannon

Molly Kelly Dungannon

Hugh Cunningham Rathfriland

Michael McArnorney Rathfriland

Patrick Maney Rathfriland

Jane McDade  Hillsborough

John Buchanan Carrickfergus

Samuel Irvine & family Dungannon

William Gatt Dungannon

John McCartney Loughbrickland

Nancy McCartney Loughbrickland

James Bodd Loughbrickland

James McCartney Loughbrickland

Matha Heron Loughbrickland

James Herker Belfast

William Quail Downpatrick

William Stockdale Downpatrick

Jane Stockdale Downpatrick

Jane Warren Belfast

Hugh Warren Belfast

Ann Aiken Dromore

Jane Aiken Dromore

John Cleland Lisburn

William Armstrong Down

Arabella Armstrong Down

Eleanor Blaney Down

Joseph Patterson Down

David Patterson &family Down

Mary Patterson Down

William Willis Down

James White Down

Robert Burke Down

Edward Hazelton Down

James Morgan &family Down

George Patterson Down

Eliza Thompson Down

Maria Thompson Down

Sarah Thompson Down

John Thompson Down

James Thompson Down

George Thompson Down

Joseph Thompson Down

John Hodgson Down

John Lockart Down

John Fulton Lisburn

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