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Donaghcloney Presbyterian Graveyard Inscriptions

Donaghcloney Presbyterian Graveyard

Donaghcloney County Down


This is just off the Banbridge-Waringstown-Lurgan road on the small road through Donaghcloney. It is in the townland of Ballynabragget and parish of Donaghcloney. The congregation dates from about 1748  and there is an inscription over the door:- "Erected  1750 , Rebuilt  1900 ". The graveyard extends on three sides of the church and is level. The oldest recorded date of death is  1817.


Alderdice Erected by their sons in loving memory of our dear father William Alderdice,


Ashfield, Dromore, who died on  11 Jun 1907  aged 90 years. And our affectionate mother, his wife Sarah Brown Alderdice who died on  17 Feb 1863  aged 50 years.

Though we may mourn Those in live the dearest, They shall return Christ, when thou appearest.


Alexander Erected in memory of James Alexander of Tullyrane who died  22 Feb 1869  aged 72 years. And of his sons and daughters:- Samuel died  23 Jan 1840  aged 6 years; Mary died  19 Jun 1859  aged 26 years, Samuel died  13 Aug 1880  aged 31 years; James died at Beaufort West, S.A.  1859  aged 23 years; Jane died  03 May 1887  aged 43 years; Joshua died  02 Jan 1890  aged 67 years. His wife Anne died  02 Jan 1892  aged 85 years.


Beck Erected by their only child Anne Beck in memory of her beloved parents, her father John Beck of Ballynabraggett died  16 Apr 1860  aged 84 years. Also her mother Anne Beck who died  10 May 1864  aged 72 years.


Chambers Erected to the memory of James Chambers of Ballylough who died  22 Jan 1837  aged 36 years. Also his beloved wife Susanna Chambers who died  29 Mar 1869  aged 77 years. Also their granddaughter Susanna Chambers who died  05 Jan 1882  aged 15 years. And their grandson Joseph Chambers who died  18 Sep 1882  aged 26 years. Also their son James Reid Chambers who died  04 Jun 1886  aged 62 years.


Elliott Sacred to the memory of Henry Elliott, died A.D.  1858  aged 82 years. And his wife Elizabeth Elliott  1857  77. Also their daughters:- Jane Elliott  1829 , 6, Elizabeth Elliott  1837  22, Margaret Elliott died  25 Apr 1871. John Elliott died  27 Mar 1877. Israel Elliott died  04 Jul 1882. Nannie Elliott died  10 Dec 1882. Mary Elliott died  16 Dec 1882. William Elliott died  24 Jun 1888. Henry Elliott died  17 Mar 1892  aged 78 years. Ellen Elliott died  08 May 1899  aged 79 years.


Hadden Sacred to the memory of James Hadden who died A.D.  1871  aged 83 years. And his wife Elizabeth Hadden,  1868 , 82. Also their son James Hadden,  1849 , 26.


Hay The Revd. George Hay departed this life on  09 May 1829  in the 57th year of his age and the 39th of his faithful ministry. This monument is erected by his beloved wife to the memory of her worthy husband, Mary his wife died  May 1848  aged 70 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord".


Jardine See Towell


Reid In memory of Joseph Reid who died  06 Nov 1864  aged 85 years. Also of Mary his wife who died  16 Jun 1869  aged 80 years. This stone was erected by their children.


Stuart Sacred to the memory of David Stuart late of Rose Hall who departed this life  01 Jan 1825  aged 59 years. Also his daughters:- Mary died  07 Jul 1825  aged 29 years, Magdalene  25 Oct 1817  aged 3 years. Also his son William who died in the Isle of Wight,  17 Jul 1840  aged 40 years. Likewise Margaret, the beloved wife of the above named David Stuart, who departed their life  01 Dec 1848  aged 79 years.


Towell Sacred to the memory of Jane Eliza Towell of Ballynabraggett who died  10 May 1872  aged 17 years. Also Mary Jane Towell, her mother, who died  21 Apr 1855  aged 21 years.

When soon or late we reach the coast O'er life's rough ocean driven, Oh, may we meet the friends we loved Within the gate of heaven.


Jane Jardine died  11 Jan 1879  aged 66 years. Alexr. Jardine died  10 Oct 1885  aged 77 years. Also Hugh, son of Alexander Jardine, who died  07 May 1898  aged 60 years. Erected by Hugh Jardine.



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