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Banbridge Town


Merchants&Shopkeepers in Banbridge and Neighbourhood.

Boyd, Robert, Esq., manager of the Ulster Bank branch,
Banbridge, residence, Marlacoo, Tanderagee
Burgess, Titus, innkeeper, Commercial Inn
Chaine, Robert, surgeon
Chapman, George, linen manufacturer and haberdasher
Christy, John, linen bleacher, mills, Millpark, residence, Stramore, Gilford
Clibburn, Edward, C. flour miller, linen merchant and bleacher
Craig, Stewart, manufacturer of linens, drills, sheetings, and coloured threads, Church-street
Crawford, George and Co. linen merchants and bleachers, Ballievy
Crawford and Lindsays, linen and sheeting manufacturers and bleachers, Ballydown
Crozier, Thomas, Esq. solicitor. Church street, and 17 Greenby row, Rutland square W. Dublin
Dunbar, Dickson, and Co. linen manufacturers, Huntley
Dunbar, M'Master, and Co. flax and tow spinners, and linen thread manufacturers, Gilford
Dunbar, Hugh, of Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., residence.Huntley
Ervin, Thomas, woollendraper
Fennell, Joshua R., bleacher, Banford green, Gilford
Finlay, John, linen sheeting and drill manufacturer, Bridge end
Frackellon, Samuel and William, flax merchants, Bridge street
Frackelton, Samuel, grocer, seedsman and ironmonger,Bridge street
Friar, William, provision merchant, Newry street
Hale, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Halliday, Jacob, grocer and Hardware, merchant
Hamilton, Robert, ironmonger, grocer, and spirit dealer
Haughton, Samuel and Thomas, linen, drill, and sheeting manufacturers, Banford green, residence, Banford House, Gilford
Hayes, William, and Son, linen merchants and bleachers, Millmount, Banbridge
Hayes, Richard, of William Hayes and Son, Millmount
Hayes and Boyd, flax and tow spinners, Seapatrick
Hayes, Frederick Wm., of Hayes and Boyd, Seapatrick
Henry, E. and Co., silk mercers and haberdashers, do.
Herron, Mrs., Jane, haberdasher and silk mercer
Herron, Henry, linen thread manufacturer, Gilford
Hutcheson, James, ironmonger, &c., Bridge~street
Kelso, Robert, surgeon, Newry street
Lavery, John, leather merchant, Newry street
Law, Samuel, flax and tow spinner, Hazel Bank
Law, William, of George Crawford and Co., residence Hazel Bank
Law. George, Wm., Esq., solicitor, Banbridge, and 20 Middle Gardiner-street, Dublin
Malcomson, Thomas, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant
Malcomson, Samuel, surgeon
Malcomson, grocer and spirit merchant
Main, John, woollendraper, Newry street
Matier, Robert, Esq., manager of the Provincial Bank
Moorhead, John, jun., woolendraper,
Morton, Joseph, linendraper and drill manufacturer, Newry Street
Mulligan, John and George, linen merchants and bleachers, Ballydown
McCIelland, James, linen merchant and bleacher. Banville
M'Clelland, Andrew, and Sons, manufacturers of linens, Meetings, and drills, &c. Rathfriland street
M'Clelland, Robert and Co., thread manufacturers, Rath-friland street
M'Clelland, John, haberdasher
M'Master, John, of Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., Gilford
O'Flagherty, Francis, grocer and seedsman, Newry st.
Robinson, Wm., linen manufacturer, Rockview
Rule, Alexander and Robert, proprietors of the Down-shire Arms Inn, Newry street
Scott, John, woollendraper, Manchester, and hat ware­house
Smyth, John, and Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, Milltown
Smyth, Brice, and Sons, manufacturers of linen, diaper, sheeting, drills, and damask, and bleachers, Brookfield
Stoney, Isaac, linen manufacturer, Jinen merchant and bleacher, Mountpleasant, Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thomas, and Henry, linen, diaper, and damask manufacturers and bleachers, Springvale, Gil-ford. Henry Uprichard, resident partner ; James Uprichard's residence, Banvale; Thomas Uprichard's re­sidence, Fairview, Lurgan
Waugh, William, manufacturer of linen, sheeting, drills,
&c., office, Seapatrick, residence, Whitehill
Walker and M'Clelland, (successors to Andrew M'Clelland and Sons,) woollendrapers, &c.
Woods, John, grocer, spirit, hardware, and timber mer­chant, Newry street
Woods, John, jun., woollendraper
Woods, Samuel, woollendraper, Newry street


Provincial Bank-Robert Mactier, manager
Ulster Bank Branch-Robert Boyd, manager

Flax Spinners

Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., Gilford
Hayes and Boyd, Seapatrick
Samuel Law, Hazel bank

Flax Merchants

Frackleton, Samuel


Commercial-Titus Burgess, Newry street
Downshire Arms-Alex. and Robt, Rule, Newry street

Linen Merchants

Christy, John, Millpark, residence, Stramore, Gilford
Crawford, George and Co, Ballievy
Hayes, William and Son, Millmount
 Mulligan, John and George, Ballydown
M'Clelland, James, Banville
Smyth, John and Co., Milltown
Stoney, Isaac,  Mountpleasant. Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thos. and Henry, Springvale, Gilford

Linen Manufacturers

Chapman, George, Bridge end
Craig, Stewart, drills, sheetings, Church street
Crawford and Lindsays (sheeting), BalJydown
Dunbar, Dickson, and Co., Huntley
Finlay, John, sheetings and drills, Bridge end
Haugton, Samuel and Thomas, dril! and sheeting, Ban-ford green, Gilford
Morton, Joseph, diaper and drills, Newry street
McClelland, Andrew and Sons, sheeting and drills
Robinson, William, Rockview
Smyth, Brice, and Sons, diaper, sheeting, and drills, Brookfield
Stoney, Isaac, Mountpleasant, Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thomas, and Henry, damask, and
diaper, Springvale, Gilford


Crozier, Thomas, Church-street, and 17 Granby row, Rutland square West, Dublin
Law, George Wm., Church street, and 20 Middle Gardiner street, Dublin

Cotton Thread Manufactuers

Craig, Stewart, Church Street
Dunbar, M'Master,
Henry Herron, Gilford
M'Clelland, Robert and Co., Rathfriland street




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