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Citizens of Newry



Public Record Office for Northern Ireland




April 1848


In consideration of the present **** and seeing that evil disposed persons
We the undersigned inhabitants of the town of Newry and district  expedient and necessary, that all loyal and well-affected men should [ ] maintenance of peace and order, the enforcement of the laws, and mutual pr[otection] and we hereby enrol ourselves for these purposes, solemnly engaging, that we shall bear true allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, and shall to the utmost extent of our power, uphold the authority of the Imperial Parliament, discontenance all measures tending to the repeal of the Union, and resist all attempts to accomplish such repeal by force. Dated at Newry this 28th April 1848

John Boyd J.P. Down, Seneschal of Newry Trevor Hill, Newry
Smithson Corry JP Down Old Hall, Rosstrevor
W. N. Thompson J.P. County Down and DL Newry
Roger Hall J.P., D.L. Down and Armagh Narrow Water
Nadden [?] Hall J.P. Down Moygannon
Thomas G. Henry [?] J.P. County Down and Armagh 47 Mill Street, Newry
H. Waring J.P. County Down 4 Trevor Hill, Newry
Isaac Corry J.P. D.L. Down Abbey Yard, Newry
Peter Quinn JP County Armagh Downshire Place, Newry
H. Alexander, Presbyterian Minister The Manse, Newry
M. [?] Williams A.M. Curate of Newry Windsor Hill, Newry
John Moran Presbyterian Minister of General Assembly Windsor Hill, Newry
John Dodd Presbyterian Minister Windsor Hill, Newry
James Lunn Presbyterian Minister Carlingford
Daniel Byot [?] Vicar of Newry Bellmont Terrace, Newry
Robert Sewell [?] Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preacher 64 Kilmorey Street, Newry
Richard T. Tracy Wesleyan Minister Needham Place, Newry
William Scott Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Minister 64 Kilmorey Street, Newry
Robert Jessop Wesleyan Minister Courtney Hill
John Davis Clerk Warrenpoint
William Boyle H.P. [?] Captain 2 Trevor Hill, Newry
Richard Waring Gent 4 Trevor Hill, Newry
Samuel Parsons Bank of Ireland Agent Newry
William Parsons Merchant 1 Trevor Hill, Newry
Henry Thomson Merchant 4 Kildare Street, Newry
George Scott Merchant 35 Hill Street, Newry
Thomas King Merchant 7 Kildare Street, Newry
James Henderson Proprietor \"Telegraph\" Newspaper 70 Hill Street, Newry
George Henderson Editor \"Telegraph\" Newspaper 1 Needham Place, Newry
W. B. Glenny Gent Littleton, Newry
William Patterson [?] Tin Plate Worker 1 Margaret Street, Newry
William Quinn Chain Maker 8 Lower North Street, Newry
William Quinn Chain Maker Lower North Street, Newry
Robert Thompson Gun Maker North Street, Newry
Robert [?] Heather Grocer etc 26 Upper North Street, Newry
Archibald Walkinshaw Ironmonger 33 North Street, Newry
James Thompson Painter 31 Cowan Street, Newry
Solomon Kernahan Bootmaker 31 Upper North Street, Newry
Joseph Cathcart Ironmonger 16 North Street, Newry
Henry Hawkins Draper 39 North Street, Newry
James Pattison [?] Tinsmith 42 North Street, Newry
Michael Hooks Cotton Merchant 46 North Street, Newry
William Mollan Apothecary 18 Market Street, Newry
Thomas Laing [?] Pawnbroker Market Square, Newry
David Kennedy Woollen Draper Market Street, Newry
James Wiseman Cabinet Maker 91 and 92 Hill [Street], Newry
John Wiseman Cabinet Maker 1 Talbot Street, Newry
James Halyday Cabinet Maker 73 Church Street, Newry
H. C. Barret Saddler and Harness Maker 5 Hill Street, Newry
Henry Rebton [?] Newry School 93 Hill Street, Newry
Benjamin Scott Publican 4 Balybot Street, Newry
James MacMahon Merchant 44 Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
William Darvess Merchant 48 Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
David Herron [?] Merchant 17 Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
James W Greer Merchant 16 Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
A. Little Merchant 2 Windsor Hill, Newry
Richard Lucas Plumber and Brassfounder 7 Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
William Hoy Farmer Drumalane, Newry
John Hunter [?] Publican and Farmer [?] 5 Canal Street, Newry
Madill Merchant 1 Sugar Island, Newry
Thomas Marshall Merchant 18 Sugar Island, Newry
William Sinclair Merchant 9 Sugar Island, Newry
Hugh Dalzell jnr [?] Accountant 8 Sugar Island, Newry
Peter Quinn JP 3 Downshire Place, Newry
Hugh Dalzell Merchant Newry
Edward Smyth Miller Derramore, Newry
John Smyth Miller Derramore, Newry
William Johnson Grocer Warrenpoint
Thomas Walsh Land Surveyor Corgaray, near Newry
W. [?] Brabazon Lieutenant Louth [ ] Militia Bartheson [?] Newry
Thomas Watson Publican Needham Street, Newry
James Little Farmer [ ]
Joseph Woleland [?] Merchant Newry
John McCland [?] Student Newry
George Gray Farmer Eden [?] Newry
John Stevenson Farmer Clangtm[ ]er [?] Newry
Archibald Murdoch Merchant Newry
James Williams Distributor of Stamps Newry
Francis Fegan William Street, Newry
Joseph Purdy Spirit Dealer Hill Street, Newry
William Lockhart Farmer Dernavagh [?]
Edward Turner Gent Turner Hill, Newry
George Scott jnr Merchant\'s Clerk Hill Street, Newry
W. V. Glenny - Littleton, Newry
James D. Parsons Merchant Templegowran [?] Newry
Samuel Parsons jnr [?] Civil Engineer Bank House, Newry
William Henry Brewer and Malster Queen [?] Street, Newry
Robert Ferguson Farmer Cregans [?]
Isaac Parsons Solicitor Newry
Thomas H. M. Scott Student N.S. Hill Street, Newry
John Carlisle Accountant Newry
John[ ] Henry [?] Clerk Newry
David Henderson Member Loyal Orange Lodge No 1361 Newry
Thomas Harland Clerk Newry
Donald Stewart Merchant 4 Kilmorey Street, Newry
Henry W Wallace Merchant 64 Hill Street, Newry
John McWade \"Soapboiler\" 58 High Street
James Overn [?] Carpenter Member of 233 Lodge 29 Kilmorey Street, Newry
James Brougham Black Gentleman 64 Hill Street, Newry
Joseph Thompson Farmer Allteraveagh [?]
William John Blackham [?] Stationer Prospect Place, Newry
Arthur Maphett Accountant 5 Kilmorey Street, Newry
W. L. Douglas Gentleman Bellevue, Rosstrevor
Edward Vandeleur Gentleman The Woodhouse, Rosstrevor
Richard Benson Gentleman Fathom Park, Newry
Thomas R Breeson [?] Gentleman Fathom Park, Newry
Thomas McClelland Merchant Newry
John Tuanor [?] Irish Scripture Reader Fathom Park, Newry
Edward Comrelan [?] Irish Inspector Fathom Park, Newry
Samuel [?] Hanna [?] Son of Farmer Magherahely [?]
William Galbraith Merchant\'s Clerk 35 Hill Street, Newry
William Henderson Student of Divinity 74 Hill Street, Newry
John Croghton [?] Jeweller 16 Water Street
Henry Reside Painter Kildare Street, Newry
Charles M Seymour Captain, half-pay, Engineer 83 Hill Street, Newry
Edward Wykeham Dickenson Gentleman Needham Place, Newry
James Hatch Cabinet Maker Newry
Thomas Ferguson Pawnbroker 107 Canal Street, Newry
George Crowe [?] Gent 108 Canal Street, Newry
William J Corry
Gent Ivy Lodge, Newry
Robert White Collector of Customs 81 Hill Street, Newry
[ ] [ ]geon Trevor Hill, Newry
Robert Kerr Labourer Ballymacdermot, Newry
Joseph Walpin [?] Labourer Altinavegh, Newry
George McCalpin Labourer Altinavegh, Newry
George Giny [?] Merchant Newry
W Bailie Surveyor of Customs Newry
R. J. B[ro]wne Solicitor Newry
John Ell]is Gentleman Creeve, Newry
John Er[ ]ye Pensioner Maghernahaley [?]
John White Farmer Maghernahaley
Robert Anderson Grocer Newry
Robert McCalpin Farmer Altnavegh
M. Chambre JP Co Armagh Hawthorn Hill, Fl[ ]ys Bridge
David Cole Servant Hawthorn Hill, Fl[ ]ys Bridge
Robert Craig Farmer Loughorne [Rosstrevor]
Alexander Linden Farmer Glen
John McKelvey Farmer Glen
Thomas McKelvey Farmer Corgary
Hugh McKelvey Farmer Corgary
John Redmond Carpenter High Street, Newry
John Henery Farmer Comons [?]
Samuel McDonald Mason Cloughorne [?] Newry
William Goorley Mason Divernagh [?] Newry
James McDonald Flax Dresser Cloughorne, Newry
Nathaniel Holmes Merchant Market Street, Newry
John Bodel Merchant Monaghan Street, Newry
[ ]odent[ ] Gwyn[?] Student [?] William Street
Moses Henry Farmer Commons, Newry
Robert Heslup Farmer Fins[ ]d, Newry
Donal Macay Merchant 23 Edward Street, Newry
Samuel Cowan Farmer Crowreagh
John A Deansfield [?] Hotel Keeper Hill Street, Newry
James Fegan Accountant Town [?] Commons, Newry
Henry Wright Farmer Dromalane
W. G. Henderson Gent D[eupety] Master Royal Adelaide Orange Lodge 1361 28 Talbot Street
G. B. McKee Shopman 22 Hill Street
John Little Printer Secretary Cumberland Loyal Orange Lodge 45 39 Needham Street
Richard Sergeant Printer \"Telegraph\" 29 Cowan Street
John James Rooney [?] Printer \"Telegraph\" 7 Corn Market King Street
Thomas McNamara Printer \"Telegraph\" 8 Talbot Street
John Maguire Printer \"Telegraph\" 37 Cowan Street
Robert McFarland Sub-Ed[itor] \"Newry Telegraph\" 66 Chapel Street, Newry
Thomas Hill Printer \"Newry Telegraph\" 60 Canal Street, Newry
Samuel J Trusdale Pressman \"Newry Telegraph\" 6 Mill Street, Newry
John G Smith Pressman \"Newry Telegraph\" Cowan Street
Patrick McCann Shoemaker 44 North Street, Newry
James Miller Brassfounder and Gas Fitter 6 Lower Water Street, Newry
William Booth Harrison OM Draper 4 and 5 Lower North Street
Andrew McDowell OM Draper 4 and 5 Lower North Street
Robert Whisker Caretaker Hill Street
Robert Whisker jnr Servant 22 Hill Street
John Matthews \"Viewman\" [?] 28 Queen Street
Leonard Watson Agent for Lloyds Warrenpoint
[ ] Gent Basin Walk, Newry
Charles Lawson Coachmaker 1 Cecil Street, Newry
Ralph [?] Shaw Porter Carnyat [?] near Newry station
Richard Duffin Grocer and Baker Newry Water, Newry
John McMaster Farmer Donoughmore
George Seaton Engineer Newry
Thomas Fleming Gentleman Windsor Hill, Newry
William Brown Carpenter Carnmeen
Arthur Atkinson Tanner [?] Newry
Joseph Allen Farmer Dernagh [?] Newry
James Lyle Merchant Newry
Robert Hamilton Gentleman Newry
Isaac Smyth Miller Derramore, Newry
Robert Stewart [?] Woollen Draper 47 Hill Street, Newry
Edward Stewart Woollen Draper 47 Hill Street, Newry
William Brown Merchant 9 Burght Quay, Dublin
George Birney [?] Engineer and Founder Edward Street, Newry
R. G. Wallace Solicitor Edward Street, Newry
R. S. Wallace Attorney at Law Edward Street, Newry
Joseph McMinn Accountant Edward Street, Newry
John Levingston Flanigan Upholsterer William Street and Kilmorey Street
Hugh McMahon Commission Merchant 3 King Street
Thomas Moore Farmer etc Tullyvallon
John Gordon Publican \"Beebot\", Newry
William Little Farmer Ballinlan [?], Newry
Samuel Ranlin [?] Publican \"Ballibot\", Newry
Robert Savage Cooper \"Ballaboyle\", Newry
Andrew Savage Cooper \"Ballybot\", Newry
Richard Graham Perpetual Curate Meigh [?], Ballybot, Newry
George Guy Bridewell Keeper Ballybot, Newry
William Brown Slater Stream Street, Newry
James Malcomson Mason Newry
James Crozier Farmer Camfkeaney [?] Newry
William Guy \"Gardner\" Ballybot, Newry
Robert Little Tailor Needham Street, Newry
James Livingston Baker Needham Street, Newry
Charles Little Dealer High Street, Newry
William McAnally Farmer Chapel Street, Newry
Thomas Brown \"Chamler\" \"Cannal\" Street, Newry
William Dalzell Farmer \"Strame\" Street, Newry
John Dalzell Farmer 42 Stream Street, Newry
Samuel Bingham Assistant Accountant Newry
George Ledlie Merchant Canal Street, Newry
James Allen Dealer High Street, Newry
James McCalpin Farmer Altnaveagh
William Baird \"Cottone Cutter\" Newry
William McCollum Farmer Carmeen
David William McCall Clerk Newry
David Anderson Accountant Newry
Thomas McCaul Farmer Commons
Elisha Stenson Farmer Cloughenramer
William McCracken Steward 26 Lower\"Watter\" Street
George Alexander Kennedy Boot Manufacturer 52 Hill Street, Newry
James Stitt Grocer 51 Hill Street, Newry
J. Murdock Farmer near Newry
David Rogers Assistant 54 Hill Street, Newry
James Gamble Porter 50 Cowan Street, Newry
James Cowan Grocer 39 Water Street, Newry
Robert Gass Wine and Spirit Merchant 41 Water Street, Newry
Richard Allen Printer and Stationer 42 Water Street, Newry
James Thompson Publican 48 Water Street, Newry
Isaac Glenny Pawnbroker 148 High Street, Newry
John Davidson Gentleman 6 High Street, Newry
Joseph Edgar snr Rope Manufacturer 47 Water Street, Newry
William Marshall Spirit Grocer Dealer, 125 High Street, Newry
Samuel Larmour [?] Rope Manufacturer 22 High Street, Newry
John Cartye \"Tin Smyth\" 21 High Street, Newry
James Smith Slater 23 \"Hy\" Street, Newry
Thomas Bullick Tanner High Street, Newry
George Pavin Carpenter 134 High Street, Newry
George White Tanner Church Street, Newry
Hugh Edgar \"Rope Man Facturer\" \"Hight\" Street, Newry
James Flanigan Chain Maker 54 High Street, Newry
Joseph Edgar jnr Rope Maker 122 High Street, Newry
James McNight Farmer 1 \"Strame\" Street, Newry
Ezekiel [?] Bullock Rope Manufacturer 111 High Street, Newry
Robert Irwin \"Publin\" 53 High Street, Newry
George Wharon [?] Farmer \"Chroban\" [?]
William Duncan \"Haber-Dasher\" 30 North Street, Newry
Thomas Moore \"Nailor\" 54 High Street, Newry
James Elliott [?] Shoemaker 57 High Street, Newry
John Gillis Farmer Upper Commons, Newry
Solomon Revel Farmer Tullyhappy \"neere\" Newry
James Ford [?] \"Sawer\" 36 Church Street, Newry
David Hill Shoemaker 47 Stream Street, Newry
Edward Hill Shoemaker 47 Stream Street, Newry
Thomas Gorman Shoemaker 7 Cower Street, Newry
Samuel Brown \"Slator\" 46 Boat Street, Newry
John Best Merchant 5 Sugar Island, Newry
Robert McAlpin Merchant Tailor 4 Basin Walk, Newry
James Bryan Cabinet Maker 6 Basin Walk, Newry
Samuel Weir Whitesmith 3 Basin Walk, Newry
Isaac Scott Millwright Crowreagh, Co Down
Robert Frazer Carpenter 42 Canal Street, Newry
James Gordon Whitesmith 2 \"Balnierage\", Newry
Joseph White Carpenter 113 Canal Street, Newry
John Hyde Carpenter 4 Talbot Street, Newry
William Murphy \"Tin Smith\" \"Surgar Ilande\"
John Chartres \"White Smith\" 3 Basin Walk, Newry
William White Carpenter 113 \"Cannal\" Street, Newry
William Murphy \"Clark\" Sugar Island, Newry
William Scott Smith 3 Basin Walk, Newry
Edward Lowans Nailor 26 \"Strame\" Street, Newry
Edward Palmer Shoemaker 1 Sugar Island, Newry
Samuel Reid Solicitor Canal Street, Newry
John Robinson House Painter Sugar Island, Newry
Andrew Thompson House Painter Cowan Street, Newry
Robert Mann House Painter Barrack Street, Newry
William Johnston Carpenter Newry
John Hayley Carpenter Newry
Edward Peatt Bootmaker 1 Sugar Island, Newry
Joseph McCullough Teacher Canal Street, Newry
Thomas Peatt Bootmaker 1 Sugar Island, Newry
Robert Nolan [?] Shoemaker North Street, Newry
James Hunter Block Maker 5 Canal Street, Newry
William Andrew Water [ ] 37 Hill Street, Newry
Robert Glenny Merchant 4 Kildare Street and Merchant\'s Quay
Francis Kenn[ ] Watchmaker 2 Kildare Street, Newry
David Ivor [?] Bookbinder Cowan Street, Newry
William Blackham Watchmaker Hill Street, Newry
John Moore Merchant 41 Hill Street, Newry
William Kirkpatrick Silk Mercer 4 and 5 Lower North Street, Newry
Alexander Peacock Printer Marcus Square, Newry
James Brown [?] Mason 45 Boat Street, Newry
George Thompson \"Sleator\" 38 Stream Street, Newry
James Thompson jnr \"Sleator\" 38 Stream Street, Newry
Robert Johnson Painter 18 Chappel\", Newry
Matthew Boyd Painter Stream Street, Newry
James Lowans Nailor [?] 26 Stream Street, Newry
John Henderson [?] Painter Stream Street, Newry
James Boyd Painter \"Strem\" Street, Newry
John Lowans Nailor 26 Stream Street, Newry
William Lowans Shoemaker 28 [?] Stream Street, Newry
John Young snr Shoemaker 37 Stream Street, Newry
John Young jnr Shoemaker 37 Stream Street, Newry
William Magee Carpenter 98 \"Chaple\" Street, Newry
William Smyth Shoemaker 20 Stream Street, Newry
John Wise [?] Shoemaker 30 Stream Street, Newry
William Young Shoemaker 37 Stream Street, Newry
William Crozier [?] Rope Maker 5 Stream Street, Newry
William Scott Rope Maker High Street, Newry
William Johnson [?] Rope Maker 53 High Street, Newry
John Hart Chandler 2 Stream Street, Newry
William Ledlie Farmer Mullaglass, Co Armagh
William Lockhart Farmer Mullaglass, Co Armagh
Joseph Short Farmer Mullaglass, Co Armagh
Samuel J Barrett W[hite] Smith, D[eputy] Master 233 Orange Lodge Newry
John McCartney Shoemaker Lower North Street, Newry
James Jones Farmer Knockduff, Co Armagh
Meredith Jones Farmer Knockduff, Co Armagh John Thompson Cutler Lower North Street George Whiteside Farmer Drumbanagher, Co Armagh
John Smyth \"Dailer\" Lower North Street, Newry
Hugh Hull [Hall?] Publican Lower North Street, Newry
John McKneight [?] Dealer Lower North Street, Newry
James McAlister Chain Maker 3 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
William Mitchell Carpenter 1 Stream Street, Newry
James Shaw Stone Cutter 1 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
James [ ] Gentleman Newry
John Richey [?] Merchant Newry
Joseph Hamilton Grocer Newry
William Jones \"Coling\" Canal Street, Newry
James Pollock Cooper Canal Street, Newry
Thomas Adams \"Paenter\" Canal Street, Newry
John McElroy Farmer Canal Street, Newry
Colin McElroy Farmer Canal Street, Newry
William Clark Servant Canal Street, Newry
George Crozier Farmer Knockduff
James Crozier Farmer Knockduff
Samuel Kingan Provision Merchant Merchant\'s Quay, Newry
Samuel Glenny Merchant Newry
Archibald Erskine M.D. and Surgeon Newry
Thomas D. Swanzy Student Newry
George Blackham Watchmaker Hill Street, Newry
William H. Brown - Cecil Street, Newry
Alexander Gilles [?] Woollen Draper Hill Street, Newry
William Richey Accountant 7 Sandys Street, Newry
Alexander Farrell Master Tailor 19 Mall, Newry
William Kennedy Tailor 19 Mall, Newry
William Reed Farmer \"Sheepton\"
John Wightman Stone Cutter 20 High Street, Newry
Robert Williamson Farmer Listrmleskey [?]
James Pichs [?] Shoemaker High Street, Newry
William Fawler [?] Shoemaker High Street, Newry
Samuel Weir Farmer Domilly [?]
George Weir Farmer Cloghenmore [?]
John Red [?] Gardner Cowan Street, Newry
Samuel Dobbin Coachman Trevor Hill, Newry
John Arnett xx Farmer \"Strame\" Street, Newry
James Weir Farmer Cowan Street, Newry
Isaac Reid Farmer \"Scarce\" [?]
Robert Crozier Farmer Knockduff
George Crozier Farmer Knockduff
Andrew Montgumry Farmer Curley
Samuel Jardine Farmer Shin
William Speer Farmer \"Shirn\"
John Weir Farmer \"Caragahan\"
Samuel McMullin Farmer Shin
William Glenny Gent Glenville, Newry
John Glenny Gent Glenville, Newry
James Craig \"Millr\" Dysert
James Davidson Clerk Savilmore
\"Archible Gambell\" Weaver Dysert
Andrew Murphy Weaver Dysert
Robert McNight Weaver Dysert
William McNight Labourer Dysert
David McNight Labourer Dysert
William McNight Farmer Dysert
Samuel McNight Weaver Dysert
William Glenny Farmer Dysert
Isaac Glenny Farmer Dysert
George Greer \"Clark\" Dysert
William Scott Labourer Dysert
\"Johns\" Scott Labourer Dysert
Thomas Glenny Labourer Dysert
Joseph Hanna \"Waver\" Dysert
George Scot \"Laborer\" Dysert
William Scot \"Laborer\" Bearagh
Isaac Gleny \"Laboerer\" Benagh
William Mcrum - Savilmore
\"Samyel McRum\" \"Waver\" \"Castelarigan\"
Joseph Moore Farmer Benough
James Moore Farmer Benough
George Moore Farmer Benough
John Cowan Farmer \"Benagh\"
James Cowan Farmer \"Benagh\"
Robert Cowan \"Clark\" Newry
John Cowan Weaver Benough
William Cowan Farmer Benough
Joseph Cowan Farmer Benough
William Cowan \"Shewmaker\" Benough
Joseph Cowan Farmer Benough
\"Samuell\" Cowan Labourer Benough
James Cowan \"Cleark\" Benough
James Moore Farmer Benough
\"Archabalb\" Ravey P. Farmer Benough
\"Henrey\" Ravey Weaver Benough
George Ravey Labourer Benough
John Tucker Labourer Benaigh
John Harley Farmer Benough
William Harley Labourer Benough
John McMinn Farmer Benough
Hugh McMinn Labourer Benough
Gilbert McMinn Weaver Benough
Abraham McMinn Weaver Benough
George McMinn Farmer Benough
John McMinn Labourer Benough
William Smyth Labourer Benough
John Smyth Weaver Benough
William Bruce Shoemaker Benough
Samuel Bruce Weaver Benough
Robert Rainny Farmer Benough
John Rainny Weaver Benough
William Cowan [?] jnr Writing Clerk Crowreagh
William Cowan snr Farmer Crowreagh
John McCullough Farmer \"Crouragh\"
William McCullough Farmer \"Crouragh\"
William Reaney Jobbing Smith Benagh
Thomas Reaney Farmer Benagh
William Rainny jnr Stone Cutter Benagh
Isaac Scott Farmer Benagh
George Scott Labourer Benagh
James Scott Weaver Benagh
George Henry Weaver Dysert
John Henry Labourer Dysert
Hugh Henry Weaver Dysert
Joseph Mitchell Farmer Croregh
Isaac Mitchell Labourer Crowreagh
Robert Mitchell Labourer Crowreagh
Francis White Brazier 6 Market [Square] Newry
William P [ ]lby Civil Bill Officer 138 High Street, Newry
John Mahood Painter 8 Market Street, Newry
William McAllister Smith 3 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
John Shaw Stone Cutter 1 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
John G. Nicholson Cooper 19 Lower Water Street, Newry
James Whitfield Smith 9 Cathrine Street, Newry
John Costigan Stone Cutter 42 Lower North Street, Newry
James Quinn White Smith 41 Lower North Street, Newry
John Quinn Smith 2 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
John Quinn jnr Smith 2 Lindsay\'s Hill, Newry
John Shaw Mason 42 Lower North Street, Newry
Samuel Morton \"Daler\" 48 Lower North Street, Newry
John Anderson Dealer 15 Lower North Street, Newry
William Tweedy Dealer 14 Lower North Street, Newry
John Jackson Agent 46 Kilmorey Street, Newry
John Venerd Civil Bill Officer 19 High Street, Newry
Thomas Boyd Painter 62 North Street, Newry
David Clark Saddler 9 Water Street, Newry
Henry Thompson Farmer \"Damulley\"
Joseph McMinn Farmer Sheeptown
Matthew Williamson Comb Manufacturer 106 High Street, Newry
Hugh Dunsheath Comb Maker 27 High Street, Newry
John Boyd Shoemaker 105 High Street, Newry
Edward Cooper Comb Maker 42 High Street, Newry
John Flanigan Chain Maker 104 High Street, Newry
John Stewart Carpenter 136 High Street, Newry
George McKee \"Cach Maker\" 100 Hill Street, Newry
Isaac Stewart Coach Maker 136 High Street, Newry
Joseph Fowler Coach Builder Downshire \"COH\" Factory
William McGrath White Smith Lower Mill Street, Newry
James Taylor Accountant Hill Street, Newry
David Thompsand \"Body Maker\" 4 William Street, Newry
James Thompson Farmer Altnaveigh
James Woods Clerk 9 Sugar Island, Newry
James McWatters Farmer \"Coranshego\"
A. K. Walker Clerk 9 Sugar Island,
James McGowan Nailor 21 Lower North [Street] Newry
George Giffin Glass and \"Collour\" [?] Dealer 21 Sugar Island, Newry
Thomas Gibson Roper Newry
Henry Thompson Nailor Newry
Samuel Pollock [?] Baker Newry
William Brown Farmer Newry
John Wright Grocer Newry
James Wright Accountant Newry
George McCracken Merchant Newry
George Heslip [?] Carpenter Canal Street, Newry
John Hunter \"Blockermaker\" Canal Street, Newry
John Tweedy \"Laborer\" Newry
Moses Cousins Farmer Newry
John Bell Sawyer Mill Street, Newry
David Whalley Publican Canal Street, Newry
James McGrath Copper Smith Canal Street, Newry
Robert Hamilton Shoemaker Canal Street, Newry
Alester Mearavaha \"50 years an Orngman shomaker\" \"Canall\" Street, Newry
St. John Brown Farmer Lisduff, Newry
Richard Brown Farmer Lisduff, Newry
David Hunter Grocer Canal Street, Newry
John Turner Book-keeper Water Street, Newry
James Gordon Accountant Sugar Island, Newry
William Walker Farmer Carfkeaney [?]
William Laverty Labourer Stream Street, Newry
Henry Monaghan Labourer Ballybot, Newry
John Anderson Grocer etc Water Street, Newry
George McCrum Assistant \"Clarke\" Water Street, Newry
William Elkins Painter 35 Castle Street, Newry
George Elkins Painter 35 Castle Street, Newry
Thomas Elkins Painter 35 Castle Street, Newry
Henry Elkins Painter 35 Castle Street, Newry
David Scott Painter High Street, Newry
John Anderson Painter Stream Street, Newry
Samuel Dalzell Farmer Stream Street, Newry
Jame[s?] Frazer [?] Clerk Water Street, Newry
John Scott Bookbinder Upper Commons
William G. Browne Painter 32 Chapel Street, Newry
John Brown Slater 32 Chapel Street, Newry
John Henderson Porter Cowan Street, Newry
David McKnight Gardener Creeve,near Newry
William McAllister \"Asisting Clark\" 38 Water Street, Newry
James Tayler \"Carpender\" 48 \"Stran\" Street, Newry
James Wilson \"Vittler\" 6 \"Sandes\" Street, Newry
Joseph Boyd Porter 29 Stream Street, Newry
John McAllister \"Asisting Clark\" 38 Water Street, Newry
Francis Mathers [?] Boat Maker 13 North Street, Newry
William Gordon Shoemaker 129 High Street, Newry
John Sergison Shoemaker 15 Upper North Street, Newry
William Sergison Shoemaker 15 Upper North Street, Newry
James Sergison Shoemaker 15 Upper North Street, Newry
William McGuffin Shoemaker 37 Upper North Street, Newry
Robert Fleming Tin Smith 38 North Street, Newry
Henry Fleming Bre[ ] North Street, Newry
James McKee Farmer \"Balinlare\" [?] Newry
Samuel Smith Dealer 57 North Street, Newry
John Smith Dealer 54 North Street, Newry
[ ] Dealer 42 Lower North Street, Newry
George McGowand [?] Publican 28 Lower North Street, Newry
James Dodds Farmer Commons, Newry
John Parson [?] Farmer North Street, Newry
Edward Mullagh [?] Farmer High Street, Newry
Samuel McCarteney Farmer Water Street, Newry
Joseph Copeland Farmer Cloughenramer, Newry
John Wilson Farmer Benagh, Newry
John Stevenson Farmer Drumiler, Newry
Sturd [?] Stevenson Farmer Drumeter, Newry
William Baird Farmer Knockduff, Newry
Moses Hunter Tin [Inn] Keeper Monikhen [Monaghan?] Street, Newry
David Lockhart Farmer Lisdrumleskey, Newry
John McComlie Farmer Mona [ghan] Street, Newry
John Beggs Marble \"Meason\" Trade Queen Street, Newry
John Bulmer \"Kiln Currier\" [?] Queen Street, Newry
John Bulmer \"Kiln Currier\" [?] Queen Street, Newry
Robert Beggs Marble \"Meason\" Queen Street, Newry
Henry Beggs Painter Queen Street, Newry
Thomas Beggs Marble \"Meason\" Queen Street, Newry
John Owen Ship Agent Newry
John Elliot Farmer [ ]
Henry Gordon Carpenter Newry
George Gordon Carpenter Newry
Alex Graham Farmer Common[s]
Robert Elliott Sawyer Cowan Street, Newry
Andrew Jordan Schoolmaster Commons
John McNeill Farmer Balinacraig
Michael McCormick Farmer Ballyholland
John Ingraim Stone Cutter Commons
Robert Moore [his mark] Farmer Commons
John Campbell [his mark] Farmer Commons
James Kennedy Farmer Commons
Robert Baird Stone \"Cuter\" Commons
Robert Numony Farmer Commons
George Vesey [?] Farmer Commons
James McNight [his mark] Farmer Ballinacraig
James Ingraim Stone Cutter Commons
David McCall Farmer Commons
John Gillis Farmer Commons
George Miller Farmer Commons
Michael McAteer [his mark] Farmer Commons
David Jonston Farmer Commons
Samuel Chambers Farmer Ballyholland
David Chambers Farmer Ballyholland
Arthur McDonnell [his mark] Plasterer Commons
George Browne Farmer Commons
James Horton Farmer Commons
Joseph McAldin Farmer Commons
James Dodds Farmer Commons
Joseph Shaw Farmer Commons
Samuel McKeage Farmer Ballinacraig
Felix McAteer [his mark] Farmer Commons
Mark Savage Farmer Commons
[ ]wan [ ]artney Shoemaker Commons
Michael Harkins Farmer Commons
Thomas Cunningham Farmer Commons
William Kennedy Farmer Commons
Andrew McNeull [?] [his mark] Farmer Commons Henry Nevill Farmer Commons
James Walmsley Gentleman Ballykeel House, Kilkeel
William McCulla Merchant Newry
James Grew [?] Merchant Newry
William Hudson Flax Spinner Mount Caulfield, Newry
George Guy \"Seenaker\" [?] 18 Mill Street, Newry
Michael Smith Gentleman Bridge Street, Newry
Richard Crilley Sub-agent Bank of Ireland Moorevale, Newry
James Broms [?] Printer Newry Telegraph 14 North Street Newry
Richard Hart Printer Newry Telegraph 14 North Street Newry
William Fleming McNeill Printer Newry Telegraph Laurel Hill, Dublin Road
Hugh Kennedy Printer Newry Telegraph Crowb[an?]e, Newry
John Sloan Printer Newry Telegraph 8 Talbot Street, Newry
Robert Karcock [?] Saddler Newry
Edward G. Howard [?] Merchant Hill Street, Newry
John Weir Farmer Cargahban [?]
Edward Greer Mail Coach Constructor Newry
Alexander R Clark Auctioneer and Valuator Corn Market, Newry
Robert Best Farmer Cloughea
Robert Best Farmer Maytown
William Barr Farmer Carick Amada [?]
Thomas Thompson Farmer Damulley
Isaac Irven Smith Shin
Thomas Stitt Farmer Shinn
Robert Badford Farmer Sheeptown
William Kinsbrey Farmer \"Snalem\" [?]
James Hall \"Semen\" Corn Market, Newry
George Weir Farmer Sheeptown
William Weir Farmer Desart
Alexander Weir Farmer Sheeptown
John Weir Farmer Sheeptown
John Nibl[o]ck Farmer Dysert
James McCandless Farmer Lis[ ]mon
Isaac Pierce [?] Farmer New [?] Street, Newry
John Agne[ ] Farmer \"Seurce\" [?]
George Holland Farmer Crankey [?]
John Patterson Farmer Glassdrumon
James McCullough Farmer \"Ballyblaugh\"
Robert Willson Smith \"Sierece\" [?]
George Shields Farmer Lissnegree
John Porter Farmer \"Bellack\"
John Porter Tailor \"Bre[ ]rey\"[?]
Robert Porter Farmer \"Ballaeck\"
James Porter Farmer Lissnagree
David Copeland Steward Newry
William Scott Shoemaker Newry
Samuel Hegan Blacksmith Newry
Henry Graham Miller Benagh
John Redmond Farmer [?] Markethill
Samuel Dickey Shoemaker Church Street, Newry
James Cobin [?] Accountant Newry
James Atkins Gardener \"Darkaley\"
Thomas Menight Servant Newry
George Glenny Cabinet Maker High Street, Newry
John Kernahan Shoemaker High Street, Newry
Alexander Montgomery Bailiff High Street, Newry
David [?] William Kernahan Farmer 148 High Street, Newry
John Copeland Bailiff 14 High Street, Newry
William Little Farmer Aughnragh, Newry
Samuel Moore \"Naelear\" 54 High Street, Newry
William Wright Merchant North Street, Newry
Robert Weir Carpenter Dorans Hill, Newry
David Henesey Cabinet Maker 6 Lower North Street, Newry
William Henesey Cabinet Maker 6 Lower North Street, Newry
George Story Clerk Newry
John Henry Wallace & Co Merchants Newry
William Howard Shopman Hill Street, Newry
Samuel Bailie Bookseller Hill Street, Newry
David Searight Dealer \"Belabought\", Newry
Mr Richardson Whitmore [?] Bookbinder Margaret Square, Newry
Henry [?] Magill Farmer Margaret Street, Newry
Patrick Glenen Labourer Water Street, Newry
William Hagan Farmer Newry
Robert McCalpin Farmer Water Street, Newry
William Henry Magill Innkeeper Margaret Street, Newry
James Magill \"Clark\" Margaret Street, Newry
John Magill Merchant Margaret Street, Newry
James Webb Teacher Windsor Hill, Newry
Robert Johnston Medical Profession Sugar Island, Newry
William Ligget Nailer Canal Street, Newry
Thomas Ligget Nailer Canal Street, Newry
John Grant Gardener Catherine Street, Newry
James McCurdy Farmer Catherine Street, Newry
[ ] Blackmore Pensioner Catherine Street, Newry
James Magill H[ ] left [?] [ ] are [?] Benburb [?]
[ ]der Webb Warper [?] Benburb David Davidson Sawyer Lisnamulligan, Newry
James Laughlin Sawyer Lisnamulligan, Newry
No2 (Orange Lodge) Sheeptown, near Newry
John Copeland Labourer Sheeptown
Benjamin Wilson Farmer Crobane
John Wilson Farmer Crobane
Robert Copeland Farmer Sheeptown
John McCracken Farmer Sheeptown
John McCracken Labourer Sheeptown
Samuel McCracken Boot and Shoemaker Sheeptown
Robert Bradford Farmer Sheeptown
Samuel Bradford Labourer Sheeptown
Robert Copeland Farmer Sheeptown
David Copeland Labourer Crobane
William Wilson Farmer Crobane
George Wilson Farmer Crobane
John Wilson Carpenter Crobane
William Wilson Farmer Sheeptown
Benjamin Wilson Farmer Sheeptown
George Wilson Farmer Sheeptown
John Boyd Fardener \"Creive\"
Robert McKague Labourer \"Creive\"
John McMurry Carpenter \"Creive\"
Benjamin Bradford Farmer Sheeptown
Isaac Chambers Labourer \"Creive\"
William McKague Labourer \"Creive\"
William McMurry Carpenter \"Creive\"
Charles Dodds Labourer Crobane
William Dodds Farmer Crobane
Isaac Copeland Farmer Sheeptown
Andrew Wilson Tailor \"Crowbane\"
James Russell Weaver Sheeptown
James Mort \"Leaberer\" \"Croban\"
William Bullock \"Leaberer\" Creive
William Lutton \"Leaberer\" \"Curs\" Street, Newry
Robert McGaffin Shoemaker \"Crowban\"
David O\'Hara [?] Farmer Crowreagh
James Heaslay Farmer Sheeptown
Robert Dodd Farmer Crobane
Robert Keown [?] Labourer Crowban
John Grant [?] Labourer Sheeptown
James McKague Labourer \"Crieve\"
James Dodds jnr Farmer Crowbane
Samuel Martin Farmer Crowbane
Thomas Sloan [?] Farmer Damolly
No 37 Orange Lodge Altnaveagh, near Newry
James McCalpin Master Farmer Altnaveagh
Henry McCullough Deputy Farmer Altnaveagh
William Lockhart Secretary Farmer Altnaveagh
Samuel Tweedy Treasurer Farmer Altnaveagh
William Thompson Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
Jam[ ] Sloman [?] Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
James McCullough Committee Farmer Altnaveagh Joseph McCalpin Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
George McCalpin Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert Little Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
William Little Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
Davy Tweedy Committee Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert Little Tailor Newry
Samuel Thompson Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert Bogs Marble Cutter Newry
Joseph Hale Boot Maker Newry
James Ruddle Labourer Newry
Joseph Thomson Farmer Altnaveagh
Samuel Kerr Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert Kerr Gardener Altnaveagh
George Kerr Farmer Altnaveagh
James Ross Farmer Altnaveagh
Isaac Cowan Farmer Altnaveagh
William Little Farmer Altnaveagh
William Little Farmer Altnaveagh
James Little Farmer Altnaveagh
William Mathus Farmer Altnaveagh
James Feris Farmer Altnaveagh
George Matheus [?] Farmer Altnaveagh
David McCullough Farmer Altnaveagh
David Lockhart Farmer Lisdrumliskey
\"Jorge\" Lockhart Farmer Lisdrumlesky
James Lockhart Farmer Lisdrumlesky
David \"Gambel\" Farmer Lisdrumliskey
William Thomson Farmer Altnaveagh
David McCullough Farmer Altnavigh
\"Hamuelton\" Thomson Farmer Altnaveagh
Alexander McCalden Farmer Altnaveagh
\"Hamuelton Shaw Farmer Altnaveagh
George McCalden [?] Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert Thompson Farmer Ballymadermott
Henry Thomson Farmer Ballymadermott
Joseph Little Farmer Altnaveagh
Robert McCalpin Farmer Altnaveagh
No 45 Cumberland Orange Lodge, Newry
1. Joseph Mitchell McCullough Master of Orange Lodge 45 84 Canal Street
2. George Gordon Carpenter Deputy Master Commons
3. John Little Printer Secretary 39 Needham Street
4. William G Browne Printer Treasurer 32 Chapel Street
5. John Hyde Carpenter 1st Committee 4 Talbot Street
6. James Boyd Painter \"2nd of Committee\" Stream Street
7. James Hunter Block Maker \"3rd Committee\" 5 Canal Street
8. William Smith Coach Builder \"4 Committee\" 102 Chapel Street
9. Richard Sergant Printer \"5 Committee\" 29 Cowan Street
10. George Fegan Commercial Clerk Member Commons, Newry
11. William Murphy Tin Smith Member Sugar Island
12. John McClinchie Carpenter Member 72 Canal Street
13. William Gordon Carpenter Member Commons, Newry
14. John Anderson Grocer etc Member 38 Water Street, Newry
15. Thomas McNamara Printer Member 8 Talbot Street, Newry
16. James Latimer Hairdresser Member Sugar Island, Newry
17. William Andrew Farmer Member Commons, Newry
18. William McCalpin Farmer Member Commons, Newry
19. William Calvert Commercial Clerk Member 6 North [Street], Newry
20. George McCrum Commercial Clerk Member Water Street, Newry
21. Henry Reside Painter Member Kildare Street
22. William Gordon Boot Maker Member High Street
23. Thomas Hill Printer Member Canal Street
24. Robert Johnson Painter Member \"Chappel\" Street
25. Robert Irwin P. Tailor Member Tuscans-pass, Newry
26. John Maguire Printer Member Cowan Street
27. William McNeill Printer Member Laurel Hill, Newry
28. William McAllister \"Clark\" Member 38 Water Street
29. George Elkins Painter Member Castle Street
30. Thomas Brown Chandler Member 40 Canal Street
31. James McGrath Copper Smith Canal Street, Newry
32. John Grant Gardener Member Catherine Street, Newry
33. James McCullough Printer Member Canal Street, Newry
34. Alexander Gray \"Cordwenier\" Member 85 Canal Street, Newry
35. William Sturgeon Cartwright Member Canal Street, Newry
36. Edward Wilson Cartwright Member Canal Street, Newry
37. Palmer Rea Cartwright Member Canal Street, Newry
38. Hugh Frazer Farmer Member Canal Street, Newry
39. Thomas Campbell Labourer Member Lisdrumgullion, Newry
40. John McElroy Labourer Member Chequer Hill
41. John Agnew Farmer Member \"Seirce\", Newry
42. Francis Agnew Farmer Member \"Seirce\" [?] Newry
No 77 Orange Lodge Devernagh [?], near Newry
William Moffet Weaver Divernagh
Joseph Brown Weaver Divernagh Andrew Porter Farmer Divernagh William McWatters Farmer Divernagh \"Issac Gadas\" Labourer Divernagh
George Greer Carpenter Divernagh
Alexander McCormick Farmer Divernagh
Samuel McCormick Farmer Divernagh
John McCormick Farmer Divernagh
William McCormick Farmer Divernagh
Robert Graham Weaver Divernagh
Joseph Graham Tailor Divernagh
James Graham Farmer Divernagh
George Fleming [?] Farmer Maghernahuley
Daniel White Son to Farmer Divernagh
William Martin Son to Farmer Maghernahely
Joshua White Son to Farmer Divernagh
Edward Maculla Labourer Maghernahely
Samuel Morrison Teacher of Ch[urch] Ed[ucation] Society Maghernahely
John Henry Farmer Esswary
Joseph Henry Farmer Esswary
David Rodgers Farmer Esswary
Joseph Kernaghan Farmer Esswary
James Cleland Farmer Clougharivan
Robert Graham Labourer Maghernahely
John Houston Farmer Maghernahely
James McElroy [?] Farmer Divernagh
Matthew McElroy Weaver Divernagh
John McElroy Farmer Divernagh
Andrew Horner Son to Farmer Divernagh
Joseph Horner Son to Farmer Divernagh
Thomas McCullough \"Machinist\" Maghernahely
Samuel McDanald Mason Dysart
James McDonald Weaver Maytown
William Goorley Mason Bessbrook
John White Carpenter Maghernahely
Isaac Fletcher Farmer Maghernahely
Alexander McCall[en?] \"Mercer\" [?] \"Labour\" Newry
William McComb Labourer \"Carneygat\"
William Croagh [?] Carpenter Magherhalray [?]
Robert McComb \"Labour\" Newry
John McComb \"Labour\" Newry
Samuel McComb \"Labour\" \"Carneygat\"
Daniel McComb \"Labour\" \"Carneygat\"
\"Handrew\" McComb \"Labour\" Newry
William McComb \"Labour\" \"Carneygat\"
Shay [?] Best Farmer \"Carneygat\"
William Best Farmer \"Carneygat\"
John Dickey [?] Farmer Clough[ ]
James McComb Labourer Newry
John McComb Labourer Newry
Robert Best Farmer \"Carneygat\"
Thomas McElroy Farmer Maghernagheny
James McElroy Weaver Maghernagheny
James Baxter Farmer Devernagh
William Lenighan Farmer Devernagh
Nathaniel Revell Farmer Devernagh
Joseph Boyd Farmer Devernagh
Henry White Farmer Devernagh
Thomas Ewart Son to a farmer Devernagh
William Horner Labourer Devernagh
Alexander Graham snr Farmer Devernagh
Alexander Graham jnr Farmer Devernagh
Iasec Graham Farmer Devernagh
John White Farmer Devernagh Samuel White Weaver Devernagh
James McCormick Farmer Devernagh
William McCormick jnr \"Laibour\" Devernagh
Robert Morehead Farmer Devernagh
John Morehead Shoemaker Devernagh
\"Elexander\" Morehead Shoemaker Devernagh
Robert Morehead Shoemaker Devernagh
William Moerehead Shoemaker Devernagh
Thomas Morehead Labourer Devernagh
George Moorhead Labourer Devernagh All Orangemen
No 117 Orange Lodge Mullaghglass, near Newry
William Lockhart Farmer Mullaghglass Master of 117 \"Oarange\" Lodge
Henry Gordon Gray Surgeon Millvale Honorary Member
William Trimble Miller Mullaghglass Deputy Master of No 117
Henry Lockhart Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
John Clarke Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
William Brown Clerk Mullaghglass Loyal to the Queen
William Lynas Farmer Mullaghglass \"Secrity\" of No 117 \"Oarnge\" Lodge
Arthur Lockhart Farmer Mullaghglass Treasurer No 117 \"Oarnge\" Lodge
William Campbell Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member Mullaghglass Lodge No 117
Moses Hunter Farmer Mullaghglass Foreman of the Committee of No 117
John William Sester Teacher Mullaghglass School firm and loyal to the Cause
John Graham Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member of No 117 0L
Hugh Pantin Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member of No 117 0L
Marshall Pollock Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member of No 117 0L
John Irvine Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member of No 117 0L
John Lawrence Hamilton Farmer Mullaghglass Member of Committee
William McCallister Mechanic Mullaghglass Member of Committee
John Dodds Miller
Laim Bawn [?] Honorary Member of L0L
William McKibbin Labourer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
Alexander Sturgeon Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
Andrew Sturgeon Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
John McCallister Labourer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
John Lenmong Farmer Mullaghglass Loyal to the Queen
John Henning Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member of No 117
Robert Gourlay Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
John Gourlay Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
Samuel Gourlay Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member John Lochart Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
Michael Lockhart Farmer Mullaghglass Honorary Member
James Lockhart \"Cart Right\" Newry Honorary Member
James Pollock Farmer Mullaghglass
\"Aadam\" Ranton [?] Farmer Mullaghglass
James Graham Farmer Mullaghglass
Jack Lockhart Farmer Mullaghglass
We won\'t surrender [signed] William Lockhart (Master)
No 129 Orange Lodge, Hanoverian Lodge, Newry
John Robinson Master Housepainter 21 Sugar Island, Newry
Edward Lowans D[eputy] M[aster] Nailer 26 Stream Street, Newry
James Thompson Secretary Slater 38 Stream Street, Newry
William Irwin Treasurer Roper High Street, Newry
Andrew Weir 1st of Committee House Painter Doran\'s Hill, Newry
David Hill 2nd of Committee Shoemaker 47 Stream Street, Newry
David Skiffington 3rd of Committee Currier High Street, Newry
Hugh Edgar 4th of Committee Rope Maker Water Street, Newry
William Kennedy 5th of Committee Grocer Stream Street, Newry
Andrew Thompson Private Member House Painter Cowan Street, Newry
John Thompson Private Member Painter Cowan Street, Newry
Robert Mann Private Member House Painter Barrack Street, Newry
David Scott Private Member House Painter High Street, Newry
Patrick Cummins Private Member Butler Talbot Street, Newry
Andrew Magill [?] Private Member Farmer \"Hy\" Street, Newry
John Turnbial Private Member Shoemaker Church Street, Newry
James Lowans Private Member Nailer Stream Street, Newry
James Dickey Private Member Farmer Church Street, Newry
John Wier Private Member Shoemaker \"Streams\" Street, Newry
Joshua Byron Private Member Coa[c]h Maker Newry
James Lowans jnr Private Member Shoemaker Hill Street, Newry
Matthew Boyd Private Member Painter \"Straim\" Street, Newry
John Smyth Private Member Slater High Street, Newry
William Elliott Private Member Joiner Cowan Street, Newry
William Scott Private Member Roper High Street, Newry
Thomas McGuffin Private Member Shoemaker Church Street, Newry
Robert Flemoning Private Member Tin Smith North Street, Newry
William Laverty Private Member \"Laiburer\" Stream Street, Newry
Samuel Dalzell Private Member \"Laiburer\" Stream Street, Newry
Samuel Kernaghan Private Member Shoemaker High Street, Newry
John Fisher [?] Private Member Shopkeeper Clough[ ]
Robert Fisher \"And no Repeal [?]\"
Joseph Campbell Private Member Weaver Devernagh
John Elliott Private Member Farmer Devernagh
Robert Carswell Private Member Labourer Newry
Joshua White Private Member Carpenter Maghernahely
James White Private Member Farmer Maghernahely
Bartholomew Pollock Private Member Cooper [?] Newry
Samuel Anderson Private Member Sawyer Newry
Signature of Members belonging to Orange Lodge 232, Duke of York Orange Lodge, Newry
John Fowler Master Coach Smith 52 Chapel Street, Newry
Robert Jameson D[eputy] Master Shoemaker 4 \"Lindseys\" Hill
William Weir Treasurer Carpenter Sandy Street, Newry
Joseph White Secretary Carpenter 113 Canal Street, Newry
John Boyd F[ ] Committee Shoemaker 100 High Street, Newry Committee
Joseph Ingram Carpenter 68 Chapel Street Committee
Enoch Fowler Coach Painter 36 \"Chaple\" Street, Newry Committee
John Ingram Stone Cutter Commons Committee
Robert Elliott jnr Printer Cowan Street, Newry Committee
Samuel Brown \"Slator\" 46 Boat Street
Alexander Richardson Printer Chapel Street
Stewart A McKinley \"Sawer\" Queen Street
Joseph H Cochrane Brush Maker 22 \"Monahan\" Street
Hugh Mitchell Sail Maker 7 \"Kingh\" Street
Robert Nomry [?] Stone Cutter Commons
Edward Hill Shoemaker Stream Street
James Kerr Shoemaker Church Street
Richard Kerr Shoemaker Church Street
James Wiscon [?] Carpenter Talbot Street
Robert Elliott \"Sawer\" Cowan Street
Thomas Thomson \"Sawer\" Stream Street
William McClenaghan Farmer Cloughirvan
John McClenaghan Farmer Cloughirvan
James White Farmer Cloughirvan
John Irwin Farmer Clougheeney
Robert Gordon Carpenter Bessbrook
George Henning Farmer Magharealey [?]
Joseph Donaldson Student Kiltebawn
Francis Forde Farmer Carnatly
Robert Fisher Clerk Clough[ ]
Joseph Campbell We[aver] Clough[ ]
Alexander Bothwell Farmer Ballinacraig
Thomas Wright Farmer \"Connans\"
William McAteer Farmer Commons
Thomas Weir Farmer Commons
Thomas Henry Farmer Commons
William Hodge Farmer Ballnacraig
Robert McClimens Farmer Commons
Archibald Dunn Farmer Commons
Hugh Wheelan Farmer Commons
Andrew Monaghan Farmer Commons
John Dodd Farmer Commons
Joshua Byron Pensioner 38th Foot, Newry
Thomas Wilson Land Surveyor \"Drumonlane\"


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