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Protestant Demonstation Hillsborough

The meeting was held on the 30th of October 1867, being the anniversary of the great Protestant demonstration of 1834. For some days previously the weather had been unusually severe , but the morning dawned beautifully and, during the entire day, the sky was clear and cloudless. At an early hour, living streams began to flow along all the roads leading to Hillsborough. They consisted mainly of the yeomanry of the surrounding country, and the artizans of the great centres of manufacture in Down and Antrim. There were none of those signs of poverty among them which usually characterise great assemblies. In dress, mien, and physique they represented the honest, industrious, and prosperous Protestant people of Ulster. The assembly of such men at such a season, and with no inducement save that of their own strong feelings, shows how highly they prize their rights, and how firmly they will stand up in their defence.

It is difficult to estimate numbers in the open country; but according to the most careful calculation, upwards of thirty thousand people were present. The moral weight of such a meeting, however, is not to be estimated by mere numbers. Vast masses of the idle and thoughtless may be brought together at any moment; but wherever we find the leading aristocracy, the clergy, the landed gentry, the merchants, the farmers, and the artizans, all assembling by common consent, we may, nay, we must, conclude that there is some great principle at stake, and that they are in earnest in asserting or defending it.

Among those present were the following :—

The Marquis of Downshire, Earl of Roden, Earl of Erne, Vistount Massereene, Viseouut Templetown, Lord Garvagh, Lord E. Hill-Trevor, M.P.; Sir T. Bateson, Bart., M.P.; Sir J. M. Stronge.Bart., M.P.; Sir H. H. Bruce, Bart., M.P.; Hon. Stuart Knox, M.P.; Hon.H. Cole.M.P.; Hon.J. L. Cole.M.P.; Colonel Forde.M.P.; Capt. Archdall, M.P.; Robert Peel Dawson, Esq., M.P.; William Keown ; Esq., M.P.; E. W. Verner, Esq., M.P.; H. Bruen, Esq., M.P.; J. Vance, Esq., M.P.; T. Connolly, Esq., M.P.; Sir G. Forster, Bart.; Sir J. M. Stewart, Bart., Ballygawley ; Sir W. G. Johnson, D.L., J.P., Belfast; Thomas Hamilton-Jones, Esq., D.L., J.P., Money, glass House ; S. Vesoy, Esq., D.L., J.P., Derrabard ; John Madden, Esq.. D.L., J.P., Hilton Park; John Madden, Esq., D.L., J.P, Boslea Manor; Conway R. Dobbs, Esq., D.L., J.P., Castle Dobbs; Isaac Corry, Esq., D.L., J.P., Newry; Frederick Lindesay, Esq., D.L., J.P., Loughry; Lieut.-Colonel Clements, D.L., J.P., Cavan ; John M\'Clintock, Esq., D.L., J.P., Drumcar, Lieutenant County Louth ; W. Verner, Esq., D.L., J.P., Church Hill; F. J. Jervais, Esq., D.L., J.P., County Tyrone; H. C. Singleton, Esq., D.L., J.P., Meath; Joseph Atkinson, Esq., D.L., J.P., Loughgall; Maxwell C. Close, Esq., D.L., J.P., Poyntzpass ; William Armstrong, Esq., D.L., J.P., KUlylea; Major Nugent, D.L., J.P., Castle Ward, Bangor ; St. John J. Blacker, Esq., D.L., J.P.; S. D. Crommelin, Esq., D.L., J.P., Carrowdore Castle; J. T. Reilly, Esq.,D.L., J.P., Scarva House, Banbridge; Wm. Archdall, Esq.,D.L„ J.P.,Riversdale, Enniski len ; Robt. Percival Maxwell, Esq., D.L., J.P.; Major Irvine,D.L., J.P.; Clias. Eccles, Esq., D.L., J.P., Fintona; Major Madden Hall, D.L., J.P., Narrow Water Castle; Captain Despard, J.P., Killough, Downpatrick ; John Harrison, E*sq., J.P., Mertoun Hall; Richard C. Brush, Esq., J.P., Benburb House, Moy; Edward Hill Trevor, Esq., J.P., Lisnagead, County Down; John Malholland, Esq., J.P., Craigavad; John Keown, Esq., J.P.; C. N. Walker, Esq., J.P.; William Parsons, Esq. J.P.; Henry T. Higginson, Esq., J.P., Camlin ; Major Jesse Lloyd, J.P., Monaghan; Lieutenant-Colonel M\'Clintock, J.P., Tynan; Lieut.-Colonel Cross, J.P.,

Rev. R. J. Shaw, Rev. T. W. Roe, Rev. E. J. Gilmore, Rot. J. Fawoett, Rev. E. Gabbett. Rev. Walter Johnston, Couuor; Rev. A. H. M\'Causland, Rev. F. Kipg, Rev. D. Dickinson, Rev. C. K. Irwin, Rev. W. J. M. Young, Rev. E. Richards, R*.v. A. Ballock, Rev. Mr. M\'Kay.Rev. T. Bl ickwood Price, Rev. Edwd. Maguire, Rev. Edwin Thomas, Kev. F. Dodds, R .v. J. Gardner, Rev. C. Lett, Rev. John Sp»uce, Rev, Dr. Givau, Rev. Charles Boyd, Riv. j. H. Atkins, Rev. J. H. Davidson, Rev. H. W. Lett, Rev. W. Breaker, Rev. W. Dudgeon, R8V. J. Carlisle, Rev. E. P. Brooke, Rev. G. Smith, Rev. R. Le Poer M\'Uintock, Rev. R. Gage, Rev. W. Mortimer, Rev. A. Gault, Rev. J. M\'Cormick, Rev. J. Hobson. Rev. R. Stewart, Rev. W. Duffin, Rev. D. Bell, Rev. C. Allen, Rtv. C. Crossle, Rev. G. Edmundson, Rev. W. Johnston, Rev. H. L. St. George, Rev. Hugh Watson, Rev. W. R. Slake, Rev. E. Smyth, Rev. J. W. Dickson, Rev. Adam Cuppage, Rev. Robert Law, Rev. G. M. Ritchie, Rev. Andrew Creery, Rev. S. F. Dudley, Rev. Thomas Cooper, Rev. James Patton, Rev. Charles Beauolerk, Rov. H. B. St. George, Rev. James Jones, Rev. F. Saunderson, Rev. John C. Quin, Rev. William Johuston Smyth, Rov. John Hudson, Rev. R. E. Fleming, Rev. Mr. Hall, Rev. Jamas Mussen, Rev. S. T. Faussett, Rev. James A. Beers, Rev. H. Maunsell, Ruv. A. T. Kirkpatrick, Kev. Leslie Scott, Rev. Wm. Young, Rev. John Hill, Pev. Robert Ilannay, Rev. E. J. Hurtrick, Rev. Robert Anderson, Rev. J. H, King, Acton; Pev. Wm. Gordon, Rsv. H. Stewart, Rev James Allusion, R..v.J. Powell, Rev Joseph Bradshaw, Rev. G. B. layers, Rev. G. Lestrange, Rev. E. S. Eager, Rev. W. H. Wynne, Rev. E. Synge, Kev. J. M. Hobsou, Rev. W. K. Lyuar, Rev. J. Hardinge, Rev. G. T. Payue, Rev. J. A. Johnston, Rev. H. S. O\'Hara, Rev. L. M. Carter, Rev. E.J. Smyth, Kev. T. Cosgrove, Kev. W. Metge, Rev. J. O\'Hara, Hev. Mr. Moore, head, Lougbaghroy; Rev. H. W. Young, Rev. T. B. Swanzey, Rev. A. Dudgeon, Rev. E. Mockler, Rev. J. Lyle, Rev. C. Seaver, Rev. W. Green, Rev. E. Cotter, Rev. L. M. Cotter, Hev. John Wilson, Rev. R. Irvine, Rev. R. B. Labarte, Rev. A. J. Ard, Rev. W. D. Johnston, Rev. F. Scott, Rev. A. S Irvine, Rev. J. Lefroy, Rev. 0. S. Kellett, Rev. J Crossley, Rev. Mr. Mervyn, Revs. E. S. and John Corbett, Rev. R. Gage, Rev. R. Lindsay, Rev. Joseph M\'Cormick, President Primitive Wesleyau Conference ; Rev. W. D. Commeiin, Rev W. G. Murphy, Rev. E. P. Roe, Rev. T. F. Martin, Rev. Richard Young, Rev. George Greer, Rev. James O\'Hara, Rev. Jas. Boyce, Rev. Richard Young, liev. C. Waring, Rev. L. S. Kennedy, Rev. Charles Miller, Rev. C. Knox, Rev. J. H. Seymour, Rev. John Stewart, Rev. S. Ffolliott, Rev. H. Ffolliott, Rev. Thomas Adair, Rev. J. M. Montmy, Rev. George Chichester, Rev. W. Pounden, Rev. J. B. Godfrey, Rev. Woa. St. George, Rev. C. Smiley, Kev. E. O B. Pratt, Rev. Hartley Hodsou. Rev. J. L. M. Scott, Rev. John Wrixon, Rev. Thos. Greer, Rev. Mr. Crawford, Hillhall, Rev. Charles Powell, London ; Rev.George Kirkpatrick, Rev. P. L. Jameson, Rev. E. T. Gaussen, Rtv. J. Fawcett, Rev. Lewis R. Hearn. Rev. R. Gage, Rev. Wm. Craig, Rev. John C. Hudson, Rev. Wm. Brown, Rev. W. II. Young, Rev. C. Quin, Rev. R. Johnston, Rev. James W. Carey, Rev. James Lang, President Moravian Conference; liev. Wilnam Greer, Anahilt; Rev. P. W. Carter, Rev. C. B. Knox, Rev. J. M txwell Moutray, Rev. Joseph M\'Oormick, Newry; Rev. Jolm Todd, Port ado wn; Rev. William R ibinson, Lurgan ; Rev. Robert Wilson, Lisbnrn ; Rev. Richard Butler, Banbridge; Rev. John Carlisle, Belfast; Rev. John Flauig.m, Rev. W. Cotter, Rev. T. Ellis, Dr. Reade, Dr. H. L. Kane, Dr. Croker, Hillaborongh ; Dr. T. Reade, Dr. Gar linrr, Dr. Alex. Brice, Armagh ; Dr. Greene, Dr. W. H. Garnor, Dr. C J. Anderson, Dr. Andrew Speering, Dr. M Crea, Tomple\'patrick ; Dr. A. Mussen, Dr. Moore, Dr. Thompson Antrim; Dr. R. F. Dill, Dr. Davis,

Warrenpoint; Dr. H. Ferguson, Dr. W. M. Berry, Dr. C. Mnllholland, Dr. Thompson, Anahilt; Dr. J. S. Vesie, Dr. Weir, Dromore; Dr. Alexander, Dr. G. Davis, Monaghan; Robert Cassidy, Esq., LL.D.; W. H. Kisbey, Esq., Barrister-at-Lnw; Isaac Weir, Esq., Barrister-at-Law; G. B. Patton, Esq., LL.D., Barrister-at-Law ; Alex. Campbell, Warrenpoint; Henry Black, G. Cooke, Allan Montgomery, G. Henry, Armagh; Joseph Fowler, Henry Irwin, Wm. Swallow, Wra, Sands, A. S. Montgomery, Win. Qainn, H. R. Hudson, Wakefield; H. Dixon, Samuel Dolaoherois, Samuel Black, James Anderson, James Shaw, Ballyoran ; G. P. Johnston, Charles E. Wilson, E. Welsh Armagh ; John Bntler, Rathmines; W. A. Gaussen, J. M\'Tear, H. M\'Fall, James Hart, William Graham, John Lanyon ; Wm. St. George, Thomas Ellis, Wm. Alderdice, C. B. Mitchell, E. Geoghegan, James Henry, J. A. MTntyre, B. C. Adair, Samuel Bill, Templetown ; Samuel Black, Robert M\'Comb, Armagh ; H. Smyth, James Clibborn, D. Hale, E. J. Addy, W. F. Armstrong, Henry Girdwood, Clonaver; Thomas Valentine, W. J. Totten, John Parker, G. H. Johnston, H. Adair, S. Stone, A C. Coote, Mr.Galbraith, G. Tate, G. Maoklin, T. Smith, J. Mortimer, T. MaoKnight, Thompson C. Robinson, W. Manning, James Corscaden, J. Brown, A. A. Richardson, R. W. Scott, A. Reid, N. Wood, J. M\'Afee, H. Thompson, C. Thompson, H. G. Henderson, Newry Telegraph ; Thomas M\'Cann, James Magill, H. W. Wallace, Samuel Delacherois, Robert Fowler, C. Waddell, John C. Qainn, James M\'Mahon, Charles A. Creery, George Elliott, Robert Morrow, Mr. Trevor, D. C. Taylor, Thos. J. Smith, Wm. Coates, Robert Smith, Warrenpoint; Francis Dwyer, R. Martin, T. 0. Marks, Armagh ; Thomas Scott, Robert Atkinson, C. Singleton, James M\'Qnitty, James H. Moore, Dublin; E. Malone, W. Johnston, Thomas B. Wakefield, John Seott, R. B. Saunders, John H. O\'Flagherty, Banbridge; Thomas Casement, 0. B. Graham, Robert Ireland, H. Carroll, James H. Beattie, H. H. Milligan, George Ingram, R. Jefferson, John Ellis, Newry; D. Robinson, Armagh; T. Fleming, John Moore, Kilkeel; R. Smith, G. E. Bowen, Mr. Keogh, Robert M\'Comb, Thos. Chambre, R. L. Lewis, F. Hall, J. A. Knox, F. Fforde, Raughlin, Lurgan ; A. Lindsay, W. L. Lewis, W. Hayes, Banbridge ; H. Mercer, Lurgan ; John Oulton, Henry Kingsmill, Bray; George Rice, Armagh; John M\'Clelland, John Davison, Lee Rice, Armagh; Jas. Whalley, Adam W. M\'Kibbin, Thomas Brown, Ballinderry; Mr. Skillen, Henry Nicholl, John M\'Minn, Donaghadee ; William Orr, Jas. Greene, H. Anderson, John Girdwood, Clonaver; Thomas Greer, John M\'Caw, H. H. Moore, Nelson Bullock, W. N. Wallace, George Greer, Charles Richardson, Springfield; J. Stanley Bruce, Lucas Waring, Lisburn ; David Beatty, Lisburn ; Mr. Tomlin, Mr. Elrington, Robert Boag, J. M. Ewart, Robert Hassard, Robert Hillies, Newry ; John Emerson, John Galbraith, Henry S. Garrett, Henry C. Irvine, David A. Marks, Jas. Burns, Templetown; R. F. Gordon, Charles Oulton, Edwin Lilly, Alex. Lockhart, Henry Stewart, Robert Waring, Fitzgibbon Louch, C.E., Derry; J. W. Greer, W. M. Jones, L. Turtle, W. J. Johnston, Alexander Molloy, S. Walkington, David M\'Connell, J. Finlay, Armagh ; Joseph H. Gray, Glenarm ; Hugh Stewart, Dromore; Crommelin Irwin, Lisburn; M. Hall, Henry Seeds, Belfast; Mr. Bryan, Armagh; Jas. Hill, R. D. Bates, Charles Wallace, Alexander Moore, J. Hardy, C.E., A. St. George, G. H. Ewart. W. E. Reilly, Banbridge; J. Maunsell, E. Charley, Conway House; H. D. Hay, J. Smith, Thos. Walkington, Jas. Crossley, John G. M\'Gee, R. Kyle Knox, Coleraine; M. M\'Neile Johnston, Armagh; James Owens, James Stephen Kirk, patrick, George Gray, Markethill; Thomas Marshall, Armagh; Richard Colvin, W. St. George, George Allen, S. Y. Crymble, George Hobson, Armagh ; J. M\'Carter, Waringstown; J. M\'Birney, Templetown; R. P. Moutrey, J. Judkin Butler,

J. Holmes, Monaghan ; Geo. Courtney, R. Hamilton, T. G. Peel, John Hardy, Wm. M\'Geagh, Wm. Boyd, Templetown; Archibald Tisdale, Dublin ; H. C. Brooke, Jonathan Richardson, Lambeg, Vesey E. Knox, A. Scott, E. A. Athill, W. E. L\'E. Daffin, James Thompson, Wm. Crawford, Alex. Tate, County Surveyor; Henry Digges, Dublin; T. S. Howe, Thomas Johnston Smyth, D. Ellis, Newry; T. A. Oakes, G. Gerald Bingham, Henry Rodgers, Wm. Telford, D. Leonard, A. Dickson, R. M\'llree, John M\'Watters, Armagh; Anketell Moutray, Wm. Nolan, James Boal, A. G. Williams, W. G. Gwynne, Antrim ; C. A. Creery, Robert R. Dolling, Edwin Munro, Robert Hassard, Jonathan Seaver, Henry Rodgers, Mr. Tisdall, P. W. Metge, A. J. Macrory, W. Q. Ewart, Charles Gausseu, Charles J. Barker, J. Matthews, Armagh; W. Richard, William Law, W. A. Gaussen, James Alexander, Rebt. T. M\'Geagh, J. W. Clements, Richard Davison, William S. Mitchell, Alexander Mitchell, Glencraig; John Mitchell, Frederick Kiaahan, Charles James Kinahan, Hugh Rea, Thomas G. Henry, L. M. Ewart, Smith Jackson, T. A. Young, T. G. Echlin, Joseph J. Murphy, J. Mayne, J. Turtle, Isaac J. Murphy, C. M. Arundell, T. Waring, R. Potter, William Brixton, Alexander Ferris, S. Beatty, William Mulholland, John Richardson, C. B. G. Kennedy, M. J. Fiddes, W. M. Carpendale, C. J. Nicholson, H. J. Garrett, M. R. Johnston, R. J. Johnston, Wm. Beers, Newcastle ; H. G. Moore, J. Evatts, N. Archdall, Crocknacreeve, Fermanagh ; E. C. Munro, Hillsborough; D. Munro, Hillsborough ; T. R. Stannus, John K. Green, George Brett, James M\'Clelland, Dromore; J. B. M\'Connell, Dromore; George Brush, Dromore; John Jardine, Dromore; Wm. Lane, Dromore; Samuel Doak, Dromore; Wm. Macoun, Donacloney; F. Langtry, Maghrralin ; R. K. Richardson, Moira; Wm. Atkinson, Waringstown; James Glenn, Wm. Anderaon, Alexander M\'Vicker, Jonathan Vint, Charles H. VVard, George Clarke, Lisburn ; Wm. Sinclair, Newry; J. Wallace, do.; R. Patterson, do.; Robert Scott, DungaDnon; T. G. Peel, Armagh; J. G. Lockhart, Lurgan; James Malcolm, do.; F. Hole, Magheralin ; R. Waddell, do.; Thomas Smyth, Leamore Park ; Thomas C. Wilson, J. E. M\'Cullagh, Lurgan ; Wm. Stewart; Robert Stewart, James Wilson, Carrickfergus; W. Wardlow George Gray, Glenarm ; Conway Carter, Ballintoy; Edward Greer, Newry; John Harrison, Dromore; W. Drummond, Glasgow; P. Ryan, Portadown; A. W. M\'Creight, W. Bryson, John Warner, Monaglian; James Collins, Newtownards ; C. Nelson, Newtownards; Wm. Stewart, Newtowuards ; Wm. Collins, Newtownards; W. Orr, Ballymena; Hugh Simpson, Anghnacloy ; W.Irwin, Dublin; W. Maclurcan, Dunmurry; D. F. Spiller, R. Lilburn, C.V. D\'Arcy, Roff Thomson, Wm. M\'llwrath, Alex. Turner, Wm. Baird, Wm. Baird, jun., R. F. Gordon, Castle Chambers, Belfast; David Morrow, W. Dennington Kisbey, Clement K. Cordner, Antrim; W. Parsons, The Lodge, Seaforde; Thomas Price, John Scott, Banbridge, James Johnston



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