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List of inhabitants of Carlingford,Omeath and Greenore



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Residents of Carlingford, Omeath and Greenore 1876

A List of inhabitants in alphabetical order with trades & professions

Barbour Thomas M.D.

Abbey View Carlingford

Brown George

Grocer Carlingford

Brown Thomas

Builder Carlingford

Browne Wm. C.

Grocer ironmonger Newry Sreet Carlingford

Burke Captain

Nootka Lodge Carlingford

Campbell Rev John

PP Carlingford

Connolly B

Grocer Omeath

Connor Patrick

Draper Carlingford

Connor Peter

Grocer, coal merchant Carlingford

Craig William

Spring Cottage

Creighton John

Bootmaker Carlingford

Croghan Mrs

Castle View Carlingford

D???Arcy Matthew JP


Davis John

Clerk Carlingford

Farley John

Rockland House

Finnegan John


Harris W H  (R.N.)


Harrison George

Post Office Omeath

Harrold Hugh

Spirit grocer Carlingford

Herald Bernard

Castle hill Carlingford

Hughes James

Grocer, Carlingford

Hurst Rev Mr


Larkin Michael

Castlehill Carlingford

Marsh Rev P.

Rector of Carlingford

Mateer Archibald

Catherines Grove Carlingford

Mather Rev C

Rector of Carlingford

Mitchell C. B.

Prospect House Omeath

Murphy Rev Robert

CC Cooley

Murphy P{atrick

Spirit grocer Carlingford

Murphy Charles

Fishing net and rope maker Carlingford

McAleavy Bernard

Spirit grocer Carlingford

McAleavey Bernard

Spirit grocer Carlingford

McCann Patick

Baker Carlingford

McCaw David

bootmaker Carlingford

McCracken George


McCrystal Rev Thos

PP Cooley

McGowan Michael

Quarry master Carlingford

OHagan Mrs Mary Ann

Mount Bagnel

OHagan John

Spirit grocer, Omeath

OHare Hugh

Spirit grocer Carlingford

Parks John

Moneymore House

Parks Thomas

Balling House

Parks Robert

Haberdasher&coal merchant Carlingford

Rafferty Michael

Harbour master Carlingford

Reid Edward

Process server

Suter Richard

Process server, Crosselaney

Rutherford The Misses

Ghan House

Woods Thomas

Spirit grocer Carlingford

Woodhouse Curran Obins JP

Omeath Park

Woodney Mary Ann


Woodney William








Chambers Mrs

Greenore Hotel

Chambers Thomas

Locomotive superintendant Greenore

Chapman R

Station master Greenore

Edwards J D

Vet Sur Greenore

Feehan James


Feehan James

Monksland House

Graham J.

Ticket clerk Greenore

McAlister Wm.

Goods clerk Greenore

Parsons WD

Railway Station Manager Greenore



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