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Extracts of Jurys for Inquisitions

The Inquisitions are ‘treasury’ documents, recording the rights and privileges of the crown over land held by tenants-in-chief in Ireland. The Inquisitions Post Mortem were surveys undertaken by the court of chancery or exchequer at the time of death of the landholder. The earliest start in 1276 but there is a notable gap between the reign of Henry VI and c. the 1530s. The resumption after 1609 indicates the revival of crown government in Ireland.

Extracts of Jurys selected for Exchequer Inquisitions of Co. Fermanagh from 1620 -1662

No. 2. Jas I. Taken about George Montgomery the Bishop of Clogher on 2 March Jas I (1621), at Magheraveely

Clinton Maude, Symon Munford, Hugh Montgomery, John. Presley, Jn. Clarke, Thomas Tateringham, gents. ; Jas. Owen, yeoman ; Rory Maguire gt. ; Donell Boy OMulpatrick, gt. ; Cormack McManus, yeoman ; Patrick McCoronie, yeoman ; Gillerno OBeran, yeoman ; and Christopher Dixinson, yeoman.

No. 3. Jas I. Taken about Bryan OScollan, on 3rd Oct. 20th, Jas. I. (1622) at Enniskillen
Clinton Maude, James Arnott, Hugh Stokes,  Thos. Presley, Thos. Simpson, Edw. Rogers, Charles Brookes, Alex. Hughes and Hugh Montgomery, all gents. ; and James. Dundas, Donnell McCormack and Teige Reagh O’Bryan, yeomen.

p. 223

No. 1 Jas II. Taken about Roger Boyle, the Bishop of Clogher, at Lisnaskea 19 April 4th, Jas. II (168–).
Cuconoght oge Maguire, Edmond oge Maguire, Bryan Maguire, Robt. Elliett, Phelim Maguire, Tirlogh Maguire, Jas. Montgomery, Arthur McCarley, Wm. Moore, Alex. Gredin, Christopher OKeenan and Alex. McDonnell all gents.

No. 1. Wm. And Mary. Taken about Cuconaght Maguire on 5 May 1693, at Enniskillen.
Jason Hassart of Mullymesker
Laurence Crafford of Bonnybrook  Derrybrusk parish
David McCustian of Enniskillen
Jas. West of Killymaddue (Kilnamadoo, Boho/Devenish parish )
Alex. Forquer/Korker of Iniskillen
George Rankin of Moneymarget {Sliverhill} (Devenish parish).
Jn. Maynes of Mountsieborough
Richd. Evett of Tully
Jas. Dundas of Derrymeanagh
George Rankin of Inniskillen
Wm. Bell of Corrick
Wm. Cottington of Iniskillen

No. 39 Charles 1. taken 14 Sept, 1638 at Enniskillen, about Charles Waterhouse, before Richard Guttridge, Provost of Enniskillen, by the following Jury:
Thomas Knowles of Castlecoole, gt.
Pat OQuigley of Clonyferyn, gt.
Jn. Pulloge of Shean, gt. Inishmacsaint parish
Pat McHugh of Cosclavdin, gt.
Cahel Oge Maguire, of Lary, gt.
Thos. Burbor of Maguiresbridge
Jn. Anderson of Enniskllen, gt.
Thos. Serjent of Killikey, gt.
Phelim OCase, of Montiagh, gt.
Jn. Johnson, of Tully, gt.
Chas. Handel, of Mullaghnagowan , Galloon parish
Cormack McCollo Maguire, gt.
Thos. Grosse of Clankelly, gt.

No. 38. Charles 1. taken 14 Sept, 1638 at Eniskillen, about Phelim Maguire, before Richd. Guttridge, Provost of Eniskillen, by the following Jury:
Francis Wotten of Monaghan
Pat Murphy of Monaghan
Thos. Harris of Ballyneshallen
Hugh McLoughlin of Ballysheske
Pat McBrien McMahon of Ballylackey
Hugh Macilduffe McMahon of Ballyduffy
Owen Patrick Conn ODuffy, of Ballyduffy
Mahon McMahon of Ballydromgowlagh
Rosse McLaghlen M’Kenna of Ballaghreske
James McPhillips McTerence of Ballaghreske
Ardell McPhillips McKenna of Ballenveagh
Dunslevy Boy McKenna, of Ballentenney

No. 40. Charles 1. taken at Eniskillen, 9 Sept 1639, about Jn. Sedborough, by the following Jury:
Phelim OCassidy, of Muntiagh
Alex. Wiggins of Larvey
Thos. Presley of Lisneshilly
Jerome Emery of Cash, yeoman
Thos Tibbalis, of Knoappagh, yeoman
Chas. Heynolds, of Mullaghnegowan, yeoman
Wm. Armer, of Downsee, yeoman
Jn. Patterson of Drumreagh
William Wilson of Clabby,  

Jn. Myles of Mullasillagh, yeomen
Jas. McManus of Lismalower, gt.
Manus McManus, of Aghalane, gt.
Anthony Barton of Bogheallan, gt.
Wm. Ayer of Carrickreagh, gt.
Archibald Armstrong, of Dromsken, gt.
George Dickeson, of Lettergreen
Jas. Johnson of Drumadowen, gt.
George Bradshaw of Castleroe
George Ward  of Castlenew

No. 1 Charles II. Taken 1st Feb 13th, Chas. II (1661), at Eniskillen, about Bryan Maguire, by following Jury:
John Dane, Wm. Duncan, Wm. Wilkins, Jn. Emerson, Js. Campbell, Jas. Buchanan, Jn. Russell, Edw. Dixon. Edw. Copeland, Pat McEleeve, Robt. Clarke and Hugh Donellson, all gents of Eniskillen.

Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5. Charles II. All taken 9 April 1662, at Enniskillen.
No. 2, About Allen Cooke, Jury:
Edw. Bampton, senior, Jn. Johnston, Adam Kearnes, George Burnes, Jn. Wales, Edw. Bampton, junior, Rowland Betty, Will Bennett, Henry Notley, Jas. King. Will Barton, Robt. Johnston, Jas Arnot, Jn Wardell and Jn. Johnston, junior, all gents.

p. 225
No. 3, about Ralph Gore, by Jury:
Edw. Brampton, senior
Jn. Johnston, senior
Robt. Johnston
Jas. Arnet
George Burnes
Jn. King
Jn. Wardell
Rowland Betty
Henry Notley
Edward Bampton, junior
Jn. Johnston, junior
Will Barton
Jn. Miles
Adam Kearnes
Will Boyd

No. 6. Charles II. Taken 2 Sep, 1662, at Lowtherstown, about Gerard Lowther,

Edwd. Bampton, senior, of Drumcunny
Thos. Humphrey, of Drumard
Wm. Graham, of Drumerin
Walter Erwin, of Ballynent
David Graham of Derrynany
Wm. Wilson of Liscreevin
Leonard Amery, of Drumnerenagh
Gawn Blackley of Manake
Thos. Bell of Drumshean
Jn. Armstrong of Cullenfield
Thos. Chittock, of Cash
Wm. Johnston of Templemaghery
Wm. Miles of Lissnarrogg
Edward Humphrey of Rosquar
Miles Hollywood of Durass
All gents.

No. 29. Charles II. Taken 16 March, 1631, at Enniskillen about Symon Presley, by Jury:
Christopher Irwin, of Lowtherstown
Thos. Edwick of Clankillew
Jn. Young of Coylton
Edward Shaniell of Dromoule
Pat M’Hugh of Cossarly
Donald Deane Maguire of Brackagh
Thomas Oge Maguire of Tullaghone
Wm. Hall of Lisbofin
Wm. Atkinson of Iniskillen
Cormock McColloe of Kilcreen
Cormic McAwley of Derrycoolaghtyen
Phelim OCassidy of Moutar

No. I. Charles 1. taken 22 Sept 2nd, Chas. I, (1626), at Enniskillen about Conor Roe Maguire, kt., Jury:
Alex. Creaghton of Aghaward
Edward Skamill of Drumaw
Jn. Scarlett of Killhola
Thos. Mayne of Castlecoole
Wm. Parkins of Trowry
Pat Fitzsimons of Killsallogh
Nicholas Osenbrook of Mullaghveagh
Wm. Atkinson, Enniskillen
Thos. King of Eniskillen, gt.
Richd. Gutterich of Lisgoule
Gerald Wiggins of Eniskillen
Patrick oge McCord, of Drumbrochus
Thos. Mantan of Castlecoole
Richd. Jackson of Ruskearne
Edw. Rogers of Letrim
All gents”

Comment: Extracts from Dundass “The History of Enniskillen”

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