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Church Wardens Enniskillen Parish




NOTE.—Until 1832 one Churchwarden was chosen for the Corporation and the other for the Parish at large—i.e., the Country part. From 1832 to 1867 two were elected for the town and two for the country. In 1868 only one is mentioned for the country ; and from 1869 the names represent the present smaller Parish. I. and E. stand for Inniskilling, and Enniskillen.

Churchwardens before 1773 are taken from the Par. Register in the Public Record Office, Dublin  those in italics being added from a list in Vestry Book No. 2, which was evidently made before some of the missing leaves in the old Register disappeared.


1666—John Johnston.  Thomas Hermiston.

I667—Alexander Newman. William Peebles.

1668—John Deane.       John Priscott.


In ye room of John Deane above mentioned there was chosen Churchwarden Philip Browning in behalfe of ye Corporation.


1669—Philip Browning. John Priscott.

1670-1—Robert Clarke. Richard Scarlett.

1672—John How.           John ffrith.

1673—Christopher Martin. John Moore (ffalls).

1674—James Corry the elder, David Rynd the younger (I). (Carrickmacmea).


James Corry possibly died this year, for Patk. Attwell took his place as Churchwarden. Vestry Minutes of 23 ffeb., 1675: " Taken account of David Rynd and Patrick Attwell ye Churchwardens for ye last year.


1675—Thomas Pickrin (I). John Scarlett, jun. (Ring).

1676—William Palfrey. James Spence.

1677—Thomas Shore.  James Spence.

1678—The record of this Easter Vestry is almost illegible. In the place where Wardens are usually mentioned it reads : " nominate and appoint Cornelius Donelan and Robert farguerson." Vestry Book No. 2 gives Thomas Shore and James Spence.


1679—William Browning. Robert Allen (Aghaward).

Cottington (see George Annan. p. 16o).

Vestry Book No. 2 gives same as in 1679


John Sceil (?) John Sealy (Bren­drum).

1682—James Corry.         Thomas Dunbar.

1683—James Corry (Castlecoole) Thomas Dunbar (I).

1684—     Do.,                       James Ewart (I).

1685—     Do.                  Allen Cathcart.

1686—Alex. Forker.   Robert Ferguson.

1687—James Johnston. William Campbell.

i688William McCormick. Mat. Lindsay.

1689-90— (blank).

1691—John Hall.

1692-3—John Nixon.

1694—Wm. Ferguson.

1695—Richard Evott. '696—        (blank).

1697—Wm. Ball, mercht. (I). Wm. Little (Edenmore).

1698—Paul Dane.           James Crozier (Coolcranagh).

1699—Paul Dean.      Andrew ffalles (Emberew).

1700—Capt. Robert Clarke. Thomas Kiers (flails)

1701—   Do.                 Thomas Keir.

1702—Win. Roscrow (I). John Johnston (Killywill)


1703—   Do.              Andrew Irwin (Carrinigiltagh).

I704—Thomas fforchar (I). Josias Armstrong (Mullisilligagh

1705—Wm. Roscrow (I). Philip Hoe (Letterbaily).


" Philip Hoe having made it appear before ye Lord Bishop of Clogher that he is a very poore man and not worth ten shill, in ye world, consequently not fit to be chosen Churchwarden, it is therefore now enacted that Crow, of Tullehullagh is chosen " in his room.

Thomas Crow.

Robert Armstrong (Killee).

Wm. Haw (Cullin)

James Rutlege (Clabby).

Edward Barton (Aghaward). John Corry.

John Rutlege (Lurganclabby). James Betty, sen. (Drumderge). Wm. Ruttledge (Tyralton). James Hogg (Tempo).

William Cluff (Ratoran).

Jas. Armstrong (Moysnaght).

James Beath, jun. (Drumderig).

Jas. Armstrong (Brackagh). Wm. Moffit (Carngert).

James Johnston (Shancho). Thos. Armstrong (Moysnaght).

A. D.

I 681—James Euart.

Wm. Foster.

Wm. Pal/ree. Patrick Huey. Wm. Ferguson.

1706—W112. Roscrow. 17o7-8--Robert Shore (Derri­'7°9—        Do. [carrow).
I710—Wm. Roscrow (I).

1711-12—  Do.
1713-J8—John Cole. r7i9—Robert Richardson (I). r72o—James Crawford (E).

1721—      Do.

1722—James Clarke (E).

1723—John Cathcart (E).

1724-5—Wm. Gibb (E).

1726—Robt. Elliot, mercht.,living at the corner of the Market (E).

1727—  Do.

1728--John Cue, jun. (E).

 I729—Robert Stewart.

 I730—Richard Surphlet.

1731—Thos. Roscrow.

1732—John Dane (Killyhevlin )•

1733—Thomas Magee.

1734—James Armstrong (I).

1735—William Smith (I).

1736—James Hall (I).

  1737     Do.

1738—William Hazlet (I).

1739—Alex. Clarke (I).


1741—George Reed (E).

I742—George Reid.

1743         Do.

1744—Thomas Oliver.

1745—William Peebles.

1746—John Ball.

I747—Wm. Campbell.

1748—Samuel Moore.

1749—      Do.

1750—    Do.

1751—Robert Adams.

1752—William Spear.

1753—Robert Johnston (E).

1754—Alexr. Ross.

1755—John Deeryn.

1756—Wm. Cue.

1757—Christopher West.

1758—Philip Mulligan.

I759—John Hinds.

1760—James Thompson (E).

I 761—Edward Crook.

1762—Arthur Johnston (E).

I763—Michael Swettenham. 1764—George Clark.

I765—John Attwell. 1766—Robert Soden (E). 1767—Thomas Quinton (E). 1768—Wm. Carleton (E). 1769—Alexr. Ross (E).

1770—Hazlett Irvine.

Jas. Beatty, jun. (Drumderg). John Armstrong (Brackagh). John McClintock (Pubble). Andrew Scott (Emrough). Archibald Cunningham (Tunny‑

James Shaw (Killee).

Wm. Ramsay (Drumnameal). James Irvin (Creevehill).

Wm. Moffit (Mullicknock). Samuel Beatty (Doon).

John Lyon (M'Gonraw) (Magon­Jas. Armstrong, (Emroo) [ragh) Francis Carter (Ramaly). William Frith (Cross).

Wm. Frith (Alex. Curry).

John M'Clintick (Pubble). Samuel Richey (Emerow). John Irwin (Falls).

Law. Spear (signs as Warden.) Vestry Book No. 2 gives Wm. Rutledge.

John Nixon.

William Shaw (Killee).

John Wherry (Doon).

John Cooke (Springwell) . Richard Frith (Cornagrade). Archd. Henderson.

Mathew Erwine (Knockstakin). Matthew Irvine.

Robert Crawford the younger. John Ruttledge.

Philip Armstrong (Moidena). James Watson (Brackagh). Wm. Moffitt (Clabby).

John Barber (Killee).

James Beatty (Carrykeel). Josiah Armstrong (Mullysillagh) Wm. Little (Pubble).

Lawr. Cony (Carrickmacmea). James Ruttledge (Shancho). Chas. Hamilton (Doonin).

Wm. Ramsay (Drumnamall).

" May 15.—Resolved, that as Mr. Wm. Ramsay has already served the office of Churchwarden, Mr. Wm. Fearis, of Emroo, be appointed in his stead."


1771—James Hall.     Wm. Michel (Breacho), (Metchel)

I772—Wm. Howard.   Samuel Beatty (Lattin).


VESTRY Book No. 2.

A. D.

I 773—Wm. Lawton.

I 774—Matthew Armstrong.

I 775—John McMullin. I 776—Thomas Irvine.

I777—Richard Campbell. 1778—Francis Johnston. 1779_ John Cue.

178o—Wm. Graham. 1781—Christopher Johnston. 1782—John Graham. 1783—Thos. Hamilton.

1784—Walter Stewart. 1785—Daniel Queade. 1786—Robert Read.

1787—" Resolved, that John

1786), having had the office of Churchwarden,

above office." John Elliott (Tullyweel).


Wm. M'Cormack (Emroo). James Moffet (Mullynock). Joseph Coulter (Clabby).

Wm. Moffit (Tattingart). James Crawford (Aughternerry). Arthur Armstrong (Emroo). Wm. Hamilton (Springwell). James Rutledge (Falls).

Alexr. M'Clintock (Pubble). John Beatty, jun. (Drumderg). Wm. Elliott (Mullysilligah). Alexr. Frith (Cornagrade). Thos. Nixon (Tullyweel).

Scott, of Emroo, Sidesman (in whole trouble of executing the is excused from serving the

1787—John Johnston. 1788—Wm. Ball, jun. 1789—Wm. Frith.

1790—James Quinton. 1791 —John Cochran.

1792—Andrew Montgomery. 1793—John Crozier (died in office, Geo. Trotter, Sides-

man served as C. W.)

I 794—Wm. Thompson. 1795—Charles Oliver. 1796—Sir Walter Hudson.

1797—Joseph Frith. 1798—Joseph Gamble, M.D. 1799—Wm. Henderson (E). i800—Fookes Moore. I801—Alexr. Clarke. I8o2—Daniel Queade. I803—Chris. Hamilton (School‑House Lane.

I805—James Hall. 1806—Wm. Muldoon.

I807—Alexr. Hudson.

I808—James Hall.

1809—James Chittick.

I 810—Robert Crawford.

John Falls (Carrowkeel). Robert Watson (Brockagh). James Crook (or Cook) of Falls. James M'Auley (Edenmore). Wm. Shaw, jun. (Killee).

Wm. Veitch (Lisnalughoge). Wm. Little (Carnagiltagh).

Andrew Scott (Learn).

Andrew Morrow (Tullyultagh). Andrew Cunningham (Tony‑

Jos. Coulter (Lurganclabby). George Little (Ramaly)

Edward West (Tiralton).

James Frith (Cross).

Wm. Cluff (Ratoran).

Wm. Redmond (Tempo). Robert Little (Pubble).

Galbraith Hamilton (Creive)

Wm. Rutledge (Falls).

Wm. Ramsay (Drumrain). John Cluff (Furnace).

Peter Moffat (Topped Mt.).

Do. Do.





181I—Joseph Whitley. Peter Moffat (Topped Mt.)

1812—John Henry Frith.         Do.

r813—Wm. Quintin.                Do.

I814.—Armar Boyle.   Joseph Betty (Claranagh).

1815—Wm. Thompson. Galbraith Moat (Manor of


r8x6—Francis Hastings (after- Alexr. Little (Kilnabrackin). wards Earl of Hunting‑

don, see p. 169).

1817—Liddle Baxter (E). Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).

1818—Gorgius (sic) Irvine (E). Do.

1819—Wm. Irvine (Prospecthill). Do.

1820-I—Wm. Gabbitt (E). Wm. Frith (Cross).

1820—Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).       Do.

1823—*Wm. Gabbitt (E).          Do.

r824—Charles Jones (E). Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).

1825—George Spear (E).       Do.

1826—Exham Moroney (E).   Do.

1827—Samuel Frith (E). James Elliott (Clabby).

1828—Stuart Whittaker (E). Richard Dane (Killyhevlin)

1829—Wm. Gabbitt (E).         Do.

183o—Geo. Wood (Tonystick). Paul Dane (Killyhevlin).

1831—Baptist G. Frith, M.D. (E) Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).


1832—Geo. Spear.            Wm. Dane (Drumard).

Arthur Thompson. James Graham (Ratoran).

1833—James Chittick. Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).

Stewart Betty.       John Little (Shillinmore).

i834—Robert Keys.    Wm. Dane (Drumard).

Wm. Fitzgerald.  Joseph Armstrong (Tyralton).

1835—Chris. Gamble.     Paul Dane

John Adams.       Wm. Hamilton (Crieve Hill).

1836—John Collum.     Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).

Thomas Wood.    Alexr. Nelson (Lattin).

1837—Capt. Curry.     James Frith (Cross).

James Kernaghan. John Watson (Pubble).

1838—Paul Dane.        Dr. Richd. Frith (Tonystick).

1839—Joseph M`Gwire.

Ralph Stone.

Wm. Frith.                Wm. Hurst (Topped Mt.).

Wm. Little (Doone).

Richard Dane (Killyhevlin).

Lieut. Win. Dundas, R.N.

184o--Geo. Nixon.                          (Killyvilly).

John Beatty (Drumderg).

Robert Clegg.

Wm. Armstrong (Coolcrana).

r 84 r—Paul Dane.            David Campbell (Derryhean).
Samuel Frith.

John Falls (Tempo).

1842—Wm. C. Ovenden, M.D. James Frith (Cross). Wm. Auchinleck Dane

Wm. Frith (Cross).

1843—S. Betty.       Robert Betty (Doon).

G. A. Nixon, M.D.

* Captain Wm. Gabbet (sic), Darling-street, was in 1824 Provost of the Corporation (Pigot's Directory)





1844—Baptist Frith, M.D. James Beatty (Carrowkeel).

John Thos. Galbraith. John Hall (Drumclay).

1845—Wm. Kitson, Wine merct. Andrew Wilson (Waternerry).
Paul Dane (Killyhevlin). Thos. Beatty (Clancagh).

1846—Capt. Corry,           Wm. Frith (Cross).

Wm. Robinson. Fras. Armstrong (Coolcran).

1847—Capt. Morony.    Hezlatt Betty.

Wm. Hall, Grocer. Thos. Scales (Tempo).

1848—Dr. Mahood.    James Frith (Cross).

Robert Beatty.    Hamilton Hunter (Doonin).

1849—Baptist Frith, M.D. Wm. Frith (Cross).

Archibald Collum, Attey. Hamilton Hunter (Doonin).

1850—John Graham, Attey.     Wm. Frith (Cross).
Wm. Armstrong, Pawn- Alex. Nelson (Lattin). broker.

i851—Richard Hamilton. Wm. Faulkner.

r 852—Samuel Clarke. Geo. Black.

1853—Massy H. Morphy. John Quinton, mercht.

1854—Saml. Frith.

John Lemon, Mercht.

1855—George Stewart. Wm. Bell, Chemist.

1856—Henry Echlin.

Saml Little, Mercht.

1857—Fredk. Nixon. George Willis.

1858—R. P. Walsh, M.D. Ben. Robinson, Mercht.

1859—John Keys.

Walker E. Patterson.

1860—John Gunning. Edwd. Gamble.

1861—Dr. Geo. Mahood.
John Lemon.

1862—Saml. Clarke (Ulster Bnk) Hazlett Betty (Floraville)

1863—Robt. Keys (Fort Ldge.). Wm. Ball, Postmaster

1864—Edwd. Gamble (Ann-st.). David Wilkin (Church-st)

1865—John Graham. James Dundas.

1866—James King (Eden). John Johnston (High-st.)

1867—W. R. Cooney. Thos. Plunkett.

1868—Edwd. Bagot, M.D.

Wm. Frith (Cross).

James Beatty (Tempo). Wm. Robt. Frith (Cross). Thos. Armstrong (Coolcran).

Andrew Wilson (Waternerry). Dr. Gerard Irvine (Tempo). John Touchburn (Drumgarrow). John Little (Doon).

Andrew Wilson (Waternerry). Wm. Hurst (Mullinock). Henry Beacome (Killanure). Wm. Hurst, jun. (Mullinock). Samuel Frith (Cross).

Guy Beatty (Carnagiltagh). Thos. Hall (Drumclay). Robert Little (Doon).

John Hall (Drumclay). Frans. Armstrong (Coolcran). Massy H. Morphy (Levaghy). John Beatty (Carrowkeel). Saml. Frith (Cross).

John Gibson, sen. (Tempo). W. Frith (Cross).

James Beatty (Doon). Alex. Nelson.

Jas Frith Belmore-st.). J. Trimble (Ratoran). Saml Frith (Cross).

Saml. Frith.

Robt. Little (Doon). Saml. Frith.

Robt. Hunter (Tempo). John Robinson (Pubble). John Hall (Drumclay). George Hurst (Drumderg)





I868—Fras. Nelson. 1869—Robt. Pakenham Walsh, 1870—John A. Pomeroy [M.D. 1871—Henry Plews. 1872—Edward Smyth. 1873—Saml Clarke. 1874—Joseph Alexander. 1875—Geo. Stewart (Prov. Bnk) 1876—Dr. Bagot.

1877—Sam. Clarke (Ulster Bnk.) 1878—Capt. Sitwell, R.E. 1879—Henry Plews. 1880—Joseph Alexander. 1881—Frederick -Wilson. 1882—Richard Talbot Forde

(Ulster Bank). 1883—C. E. R. A. Irvine. 1884—j. B. Frith.

1885—John Ringwood. 1886—R. P. Walsh, M.D. 1887—Edward Smyth, J.P. 1888—John Richardson. 1889—Henry Plews. 1890—Edward Smyth. 1891—R. P. Walsh, M.D. 1892—Leonard Kidd, M.D. 1893—Charles Irvine. 1894-5—John Stewart. 1896—           Do.

1897—R. A. M'Kay. 1898—C. D. J. Jephson.

1899—Arthur Collum (Bellevue) rgoo—Capt. Arthur Collum. 1901-2—Richard Biggs, LL.D. 19o3-6—Jas. Parsons Burkitt,B.A.

1907-9—C. F. Falls, M.A. 1910-11—A. C. M'Donnell, M.A. 1912—John Duff. 1913—Sinclair Gunning.

Thos. M'Keague. Edwd. Gamble. William Teele. John Verner. (Mr.) Gunning. Wm. Clarke (High-st.).

Wm. Teele.

James Dundas. Edwd. Gamble. John Gunning, M.D.

Jas. Dundas, jun. (Darling-st ). Thomas Elliott.

C. R. Hearne. Dr. Gamble.

John Brien Frith. Robert Lemon. Rbot. Parsons. Thomas Elliott. W. R. Cooney Dr. Gunning. John Richardson. John Richardson. Sinclair Gunning.


James Dundas, jun.


Thompson Taylor.

James Dundas, sen.


R. A. M'Cay. Sinclair Gunning.

Jas. Dundas (i.e., J. D., jun.,

now of Townhall-St James

Dundas, sen., his cousin,


died in 1901). Josiah Maguire. James Dundas.





1667—Pat. Murphy. 1670—Robt. Sheeres. 1672—James Draper. 1673—John Bayly.

1673—James Dollimeer.

1736—Robt. Elliot (Garvary).

I737—Robert Crawford(Woughternerry).



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