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Devenish burials

  St. Molaise's Church (Inscriptions in the cemetery adjoining the church)
  From the book "Devenish (Lough Erne) Its History, Antiquities and Traditions"
  by J.E. McKenna (Canon.)
  published in 1897 by MH Gill & Son Dublin and A. Weaver, Enniskillen
  Complete book available on the internet.

  Transcribed by Vynette Sage


Aegan Here Lyeth the Body of Farrell Aegan who departed this life January the twentyneth, 1730.
  Aged 60 years.
Beatty Erected by James Beatty of Doon in memory of his Uncle John Bell of Gortaloughan who
  departed this life 12th February, 1852. Aged 45 years. Also in memory of his Uncle Richard
  Bell of Gourtaloughan who departed this life 20th September, 1867. Aged 82 years.
Boyd Here lyeth the Body of John Boyd who Dyed January the 6, 1736. Aged XXV.
Brad Here lies the body of Patrick Brad who departed this life May ye 22, 1758. Aged 32 years.
Brennan  Here lieth the body of Mary Brennan who departed this life Feb. 3, 1735. Also ye Body of
  John Brennan who departd April ye 8th, 1736.
Browning Here lieth the Body of William Browning, who departed this life October the 10th 1819.
  Aged 65 years

The Reverend Edmond Cassidy died 1702. The Reverend Maurice Cassidydied July 6,1722.

  Aged 58 years. The Reverend Phelim Cassidy died August 4th, 1735. Aged 57 years.
  Doctor Patrick Cassidy, brother to the Rev. Maurice had four sons Henry Phelim Patrick and
  the Reverend Andrew Cassidy Pastor of Davunis qui hoc opus fieri fecit anno Do., 1774. Then
  aged 38 years. Deo Honor et Gloria.
Cassidy Patrick Cassidy has three children interred here. Margaret Phelim and Catherine. 1744.
Cassidy Here lieth the Body of Doctor Patrick Cassidy who died September 27, 1720. Reverendus
  Pater Mauri tius Cassidy.
Daugherty Here lies ye body of Owen Daugherty who died Dec. ye 13th, 1761. Aged 58 years.
Flaherty This monument and buiral place belonged to Edward Flaherty and his wife Margaret Flaherty
  of Enniskillen.
O'Flaherty This stone was erected by Hugh O'Flaherty in memory of his father mother and posterity and
  also of his son Edwd O'Flaherty who was born ye 1st of Jany 1786 and Departed this life ye
  14 of July, 1792. Aged 6 years and 6 months.
O'Flaherty Here lieth the body of Hugh O'Flaherty who departed this life the 2nd day of June, 1798. Aged
  55 years.
Forde This monument erectd in memory of the Revd. Henry Forde, D.D. and P.P. of Enniskillen,
(Meadden) who departed this life the 14th day of June in the year of our Lord 1793. Aged 45 years.
  By his affectionate sister Eliz. Meadden. If unaffected Piety and a Benevolent Heart could
  insure a length of days his numerous friends would not have to lament his Irreparable loss.
  Richard Robert Madden restored this inscription the 14th May 1851.
Gallagher Here lieth the body of Hugh Gallagher who departed this life November ye 6, 1756. Aged
  71 years.
Gallagher This stone was erected by Patrick Gallagher in memory of his father Charles Gallagher who
  departed this life November the 10th, 1772. Aged 61 years.
Gragg This stone erected by John Maguire in memory of his mother Jane Gragg who died December
(Maguire) the 5th, 1774. Aged 61 years.
Greanger Here lieth the body of David Greanger who departed this life April the 22, 1778. Aged 84
Hackett This stone erected by John Hackett in memory of his fathr. William Hackett who departed
  this life Decbr. The 7th, 1796. aged 48 years. Also his mother [Honor Hackett who] departed
  this life 20th July 1796. aged. 69 years. And his brother James Hackett who departed this life
  10th May, 1795. Aged 14 years.
Hoes Here [lieth] the Bodys of Mary and Catherine Hoes, daughter to C.H. who dyed the year
  1718 and 1724. aged 16, 21
Johnston Here lies the body of the Rev. James Johnston R.C.C. of the parish of Donaghcavy in the 
  county of Tyrone departed this life August 6th, 1798. Aged 53 years.
Keenan Here lyeth the Body of Terence Keenan who departed this Life March the 18th, 1742. Aged 
(Keirnan) 38 years. Also his children Denis John Bridget and Sarah Dyed 9 bry, 1740. Also the Body of 
  Sarah Keenan otherwise married Wife of Terence Keirnan who departed This life the 23rd
  July, 1773. Aged 57 years.
Keenan This stone erected by James Keenan in memory of his Father Edward Keenan of Enniskillen
  merchant whose Body here lieth and departd this life the 9th day of Decr, 1785. Aged 66 
  years. His virtues through this life always rendered him the noblest and best of characters 
  that of an honest man. Also four of his children Mary Felix Edward and Sally
Kelly This stone erected by Edward Kelly of Enniskillen mercht. In memory of his 2 daughters
  Catherine Kelly who died Jan 1793. Aged 21 years. And Mary Kelly who died June 23rd, 1793.
  Aged 19 years.
Kerneghan This stone erected by James Kerreghan for his daughter C….. Who died Feb. 17, 1774. Aged
  17 years.
Kerr Erected by Patk. Krr of Enniskillen in memory of his father Cormich Kerr of Shankill who
  deprtd this life Oct, the 6th, 1832. Aged 76 years. Also his mother Mary Kerr who departed
  this life April 22nd 1835. Aged 70 years.
Loughran Here lyeth ye body of James Loughran who departd this live March ye 17th 1735. Aged 61
Macalees Errected by Jams Macalees for his Father Hugh Macalees who departed this life Feb., 1797.
  Aged 69 years.
MacVe Erected by Terence MacVe in memory of Rev. Michael MacVe who deceased August 12th,
  1780. Aged 56 years. Also the Rev. John MacVe who deceased March 12th, 1800. Aged 39 yrs.
  Terence MacVe died Feb. 7th, 1815. Aged 94 years. Also his son Patrick MacVe died March 6th,
  1840. Aged 55 years.
Maguire Here lieth the body of James Maguire the eighth son of Terence FitzHugh Fitz Philip, who 
  departed this life the  3rd Oct., 1757. Aged 26 years.
Maguire Erected by Hugh Maguire of Enniskillen in memory of his father Hugh Maguire who departed
  this life March 27th 1798. Aged 65 years.
Maguire Erected by Eliza Maguire in memory of her husband Denis Maguire Departed this life Feby,
  ye 15th 1795. Aged 63. I.H.S. Hoc bonus Hoc justus simplex generousus honestus/ Mortus
  ecc….et meni ori Dionisius…./ Pauperis Auxilium Maguirae gloria gentis/ Beneath this stone,
  Thy bones just Denis lie/ With goodness fraught, fraught with simplicity/ Of poor a friend,
  the glory of thy name/ Thy generous soul. Thy virtues who can blame.
Maguire Erected in memory of the late Most Rev. Dr. Dennis Maguire Catholic Bishop of Dromore who
  translated to Kilmore who departed this life on the 23rd day of December in the year of Our
  Lord 1798. Aged 77 years. During which period he lived a most exemplary life with 
  indefatigable zeal and charity to mankind. He was indeed the good Shepard. A true and real
  follower of his Master and a most affectionate and sincere friend.
Maguire This stone erected by Captain Dennis Maguire of His Imperial Majesty's service in memory
  of his father Bryan Maguire late of Roseheaith who departed this life November ye 7, 1790.
  Aged 72 years.
Maguire Philip Maguire of Enniskillen departed this life Decr 13th 1806 aged 84 yrs. and Margaret
(Kernan) Maguire otherwise Kernan March 8th 1811 aged 74 years. In their memory was this simple
  pledge of respect--dedicated by their Son-in-law Peter Maguire Doctor of Medicine.
Maguire This stone was erected by Philip Maguire Enniskillen in memory of his daughter Sarah Maguire
  who departed this life Oct. the 29, 1781. Aged 20 years. Also Margaret Maguire who departed
  this life May the 11th, 1790. Aged 24 years.
Maguire Here lyeth the body of Thomas Maguire who died may ye 25th, 1772. Aged 74 years. Also his
  daughter Ann died May, 1772. Agd. 17 years.
McCafery Here lyeth the Bodies of Edmond McCafery and his wife Eleinor. He dyed ye year 1726 and
  she 1732. Aged--56 &60.
McColline Here lyeth ye body of James McColline who departed this Life ye 15 October, 1718.
McCusker In memory of J.A. McCusker who departed this life Dec. 25, 1818. Aged 72 years. And his wife
  Mary McCusker who departed this life Aug. 10, 1832. Aged 76 years. Erected by their 
  affectionate son John McCusker of Gartelaughan.
McCusker This stone was cut by Thomas McCusker for his wife Catherine McCusker who died Sept. 29,
  1792. Aged 61 years.
McEvoy Erected in memory of his Son Terence McEvoy who departed this life Feb. 2nd, 1809. Aged
(Busby) 16. Also his grandmother Mary Busby. James McEvoy depd. Oct. 21st. 1816.
McGrath Here lies ye body of James Magrath who departed this life 10br ye 18h 1754. Aged 54 years.
(Brady) Also ye body of Chas. Brady who departed this life March ye 30th, 1758. Aged 60 years.
McGrath In memory of Cecily Magrath who died Jan, 1769. Aged 56 years, by John Magrath.
McManus This burying place belongeth to James McManus. Here lyeth his Grf and child Margaret 
McMulchan This stone was erected by John McMulchan in memry of his Fatr Patrick who departed this
  Life ye23rd Janry 1781. Aged 64 yrs.
Miner Here lyth the Body of Mary Miner who Died September 17, 1781. Aged 64 yrs.
O'Donnell Here lies ye body of John O'Donnell who died Nov. ye 22, 1776. Aged 79 years. Also ye body
(Griffin, M'Aleher) of Margaret Griffin who died June ye 20, 1742. Aged 78 years. Also ye body of Mary M'Aleher
  who died July ye 5, 1766. Aged 56 years.
Reilly Erected in memory of John Reilly of Enniskillen who died August 2d 1757. Aged 30 years.
Sweeny This stone was erected by Michael Sweeny in memory of his father Jams Sweeny who 
  departed this life August ye 13th, 1801. Aged 75 years.
Velden This monument is erected by Mr. John Velden in memory of his well-beloved father Mr.
  Patrick Velden who dyed the year 1684.

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