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Ballinamallard Gravestones

Church of Ireland Diocese of Clogher

The Parish Church of Magheracross, Ballinamallard, Northern Ireland

July 22, 2004

Transcribed by Shelley Lunney


1.        Brien                                        In Loving Memory of Catherine Brien wife of H. G. Brien who died 11 September

                                                             1920 aged 60? Years


2.        McIllfatrick                             In Loving Memory of John McIllfatrick died 24 may 1932 aged 39 years

                                                            Also his loving wife Margaret McIlfatrick died 2nd September 1983 aged 80 years                                                                        Peace Perfect Peace 


3.        Brien                                        Scared To the Memory of Robert Brien of Rosscor died 15 October 1878 aged 80


                                                            Also his beloved wife Mary Brien who departed this life September 7, 1902

                                                    And their daughters Mary Ann Brien and Sarah Isabella Brien who entered into rest 

                                                    December 20, 1897 and February 11, 1930 respectively

                                                            They overcame thoroughly the blood of the lamb


4.        Crowe (Makeny)                 In Memory of a loving husband and father Robert Crowe passed away 20 May 1958

                                                            aged 82 years

                                                            Abide With Me


5.        Anderson                               Erected by Robert Anderson in memory of his wife Elizabeth Anderson who died

                                                            October 10th 1775 aged 66? Years

                                                            Also the erector who died the 10th of May 1787 aged 79 years

                                                            And Jane Anderson wife of Johnston Anderson who died February 2, 1809 aged 80


                                                            Also the above Johnston Anderson who died February 2, 1809 aged 80 Years


6.       Doyle                                        Erected by James Coburn USA in memory of his uncles Thomas  Doyle, James Doyle,

                                                            their father and mother


7.        Mecahey                                In Loving Memory of Joseph Mecahey, Relaghgrinnis, died 1st January 1909 aged 87


                                                            Also his wife Elizabeth Mecahey died 8th March 1915 aged 87 years

                                                            And their daughter Isabella Mecahey died 14th August 1878 aged 9 years

                                                            Also their son John Robert Mecahey died 22nd September 1941 aged 82 years

                                                            And their son Richard Mecahey died 12 May 1949 aged 77 years

                                                            Peace Perfect Peace


8.        Gilmore                                   In Memory of our dearly beloved mother Mary Anne Gilmore died 15th January  1929

                                                            aged 75 years

                                                            Erected by her sons Thomas Gilmore and Charles Gilmore


Concrete wall along south side of cemetery


9.        Col____an                             Erected by William Col___an of __________ in memory of his beloved daughter Sarah

                                                            Jane Col___an who died the 17th day May 1869 aged 3 years


10.    Illegible


11.    Armstrong                             Erected in Memory of John Armstrong of Curran who died August 30th 1864 aged 65


                                                            Also his son Charles Armstrong who died February 28, 1871 aged 40 years

                                                            Also his wife Jane Armstrong who died November 21, 1893 aged 83 years

                                                            Also his son James Irvine Armstrong who died March 22, 1920 aged 88 years

                                                            Also Lina Armstrong  died March 9th 1938 aged 2 years


12.    Scoles                                      Here lies the body of Harry Scoles who departed this life January 27, 1787

                                                            Also joined by his wife _________ Scoles

                                                            (stone mostly illegible)


13.    Illegible


14.   Illegible


15.   Wilson                                      In Memory of John Wilson of Gulladuff who departed this life 22 January 1875 aged 95


                                                            Also Dinah Wilson his wife died 9th December 1874 aged 73 years

                                                            Erected by their son Robert Wilson of Knockmanoul


16.    Armstrong                             Alexander Armstrong erected this stone in memory of his beloved wife Christina

                                                            Armstrong who departed this life March 10, 1806 aged 48 years and his son Sam

                                                            Armstrong who departed this life March 13, 18__ aged _____

                                                            Also his son Anthony who departed this life July 24, 1817 aged 19 years

                                                            Also his son Robert Anthony who departed this life __ July  1818 aged 29? Years

                                                            Alexander Armstrong who departed this life September 3rd 1830 in the ___ year


17.    Armstrong                             Erected by David Armstrong in memory of his mother Anne Armstrong of Graghan

                                                            who died December 25, 1875 aged 40 years

                                                            Also his father David Armstrong who died April 10, 1892 aged 75 years


18.    Armstrong                             In Loving Memory of John Armstrong,  Drumkeen, who died 3rd January 1887 aged 71


                                                            Also his wife Mary Armstrong who departed this life 13th March 1873 aged 75 years

                                                            Erected by their devoted children

                                                            Also their son-in-law William B. Campbell died 29th May 1914

                                                            Their three daughters Margaret Armstrong died 15 March 1929

                                                                                                      Sara Maxwell died 29 May 1929

                                                                                                      Christine Armstrong died 17th October 1929

                                                            Forever With the Lord


19.    Brown                                      Erected by John Brown of Waterford in memory of his beloved mother Isabella Brown

                                                            of Drumslow who departed this life 13th March 1873 aged 75 years

                                                            Also in memory of his beloved father John Brown who departed this life 17th April

                                                            1878 aged 88 years

                                                            Also of William Brown of Bigh who departed this life 11th February 1898 aged 78 years

                                                            Also Ellen Brown wife of William Brown who departed this life 30th October 1902 aged

                                                            77 years



20.    Betty                                        In Loving Memory of my dear husband William Curry Betty died 8th December 1953

                                                            aged 47 years

                                            Also his mother Mary Elizabeth Betty died 7th December 1949 aged 70 years

                                            And his father Gerrard Irvine Betty died 26 November 1954 aged 74 years

                                            Erected by M. E. Betty

                                            Marguerite Elizabeth Betty died 10 March 1967 aged 56 years

                                            Thy Will Be Done


Front Wall


21.    Armstrong                             Erected in memory of Robert William Armstrong and Margaret Armstrong, Coolcarren,

                                                            Ballinamallard, by their loving family 1967




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