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Officers and Officials of Enniskillen 1839

1839     Corporation                   



John Willoughby Cole Earl of Enniskillen


Hamilton Irving Esq.

Recorder Of Enniskillen

Lord Cole

Burgess of Enniskillen

Hon Arthur Henry Cole


Hon John Cole


Hon J.Charles Maude


Adam Nixon Esq


Alexander Nixon Esq


B.G. Frith Esq.


Charles Ovenden Esq


Joseph MaGuire Esq


Rev Abraham Hamilton


Richard Dane Esq


William Corry Esq


William Gabbett Esq


William Irvine Esq


John Brien Esq

High Sheriff

Hugh Collum Esq

Sub. Sheriff

Arthur French Esq

Resident Police Magistrate

William Henry Esq

Sub Inspector of Police

Patrick P. Taffe Esq

Paymaster of Police

William Henderson Esq

Chief Constable

John Chambers Esq

Collector of Excise

Mr George Pennington

Pro (sub) Collector of Excise

Mr Richard Martin

Supervisor Excise Office

Mr Willliam Armour

Excise Officer

Mr George Hewyson

Excise Officer

Stewart Whittaker

Distributor of Stamps

Paul Dane

Inspector of the County Goal

Hon and Rev J.C. Maude

Protestant Chaplin to Goal

Rev Ephriam Stevenson

Presbyterian Chaplin to Goal

Rev James Sheil

Roman Catholic Chaplin to Goal

George Alcock Nixon M.D.

Surgeon to County Goal

Mr Hugh Collum

Apothecary to County Goal

Mr John Lamb

 Governor of County Goal

Richard Dane

Treasurer to County Infirmary

Stewart Whittaker

Secretary to County Infirmary

George Alcock Nixon M.D.

Surgeon to County Infirmary

Margaret Morrison

Housekeeper in Infirmary

Lieutenant Budd

Barrack Master

Arthur Thompson

Commissioner of Affridavits

George Crooke

Commissioner of Affridavits

Hugh Collum

Commissioner of Affridavits


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