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Headstones Old Glendermott Graveyard

Alexander Jane, daughter of John Irwin died 6.12.1876 also husband Robert died 14.3.1887, Martha Irwin died 28.2.1882, also her husband John died 23.5.1882, daughter Elizabeth died 7.6.1920, their son Alexander died 20.11.1928.

Anderson Adam of Curryfree died 13.12.1900 aged 89 years, wife Elizabeth A Todd died 2.8.1894 aged 72 years, Dr Adam Anderson L.R.C.P. & S (Edinburgh) distinguished student in Arts and Medicine died 10.1.1882 aged 36 years, Robert Anderson died 30.5.1930 aged 86 years, Thomas Anderson of Curryfree died 22.1.1923 aged 68 years, wife Mary Eliza died 26.5.1934 aged 77 years.

AndersonWilliam of Waterside Londonderry died 17.5.1915 aged 83 years, wife Mary died 1.12.1927 aged 80 years, three sons David, John and George.

Ballantine James of Gortree died 25.8.1874, wife Margaret Donnell died 15.12.1891, children Thomas died 1904, Samuel died 1905, Caldwell died 1916, Joanna died 1925, Martha died 1925, Dorcas died 1925, James died 1930, Margaret died 1930.

Boardman John died 16.1.1876, his wife Isabella died 4.2.1891, sons Edward died 10.7.1905, John died 4.10.1907, daughter Eleanor died 21.7.1914, son Robert died 5.2.1922, Mary Jane daughter of Edward Boardman, wife of David McCarter died 14.6.1937.

Caldwell Andrew died 19.6.1785 aged 76 years.

Caldwell William died 1830, his wife Mary died 19.12.1876 aged 88 years.

Colhoun Margaret born 1811 and died 1856, also William James born 1842 died 1874, Margaret wife of Thomas.

Crumley Robert died 6.5.1886, wife Rebecca died 25.10.1892, daughter Margaretta Jane died 13.6.1905, Elizabeth died 28.3.1945.

Elder Matilda Margaret, erected by Charles and Sarah Elder in memory of their daughter who died 29.7.1888 and Jemima died 19.5.1906.

Grockett? Crockett? William John of Upper Prehen died 27.1.1929, wife Rebecca Jane died 13.10.1942.

Hanna James Steele 1856 - 1936.

Hatrick Ezekiel of Grierstown died 23.10.1862 aged 53 years, his wife Margaret Ellison died Castleshaaghan County Donegal 15.4.1890 aged 73 years.

Henderson Robert of Lissaghmore died 12.1.1908 aged 77 years, wife Matilda died 12.5.1928 aged 90 years, daughter Margaret Ann died 2.10.1927 aged 70 years, Sarah Jane died 29.11.1929 aged 64 years.

Henry, Henrys of Gromkiln and William Moore died 18.1.1881 aged 75 years, wife Martha died 8.4.1883 aged 80 years, Thomas Henry, son of Thomas died 26.10.1920 aged 21 years, Thomas Henry Moore died 26.5.1923 aged 84 years, Matilda Moore died 22.2.1827 aged 85 years, Christina, wife of Thomas Henry Moore died 7.4.1931 aged 70 years, Ellen daughter of David and Elizabeth Moore died 20.4.1888 aged 9 months, Elizabeth Wilson, wife of David Moore died 11.2.1889 aged 37 years, David Moore died 24.1.1938 aged 95 years, Rev. Samuel Henry Moore, son of David and E, Minister 2nd Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 1912 - 1926 1st - 2nd Moneymore Church 1926 - 1939 died 12.11.1939 aged 55 years.

Hyndman David of \"Cloghore\" died 27.5.1847 aged 79 years, Catherine wife of M Hyndman of \"Ballyorr\" died 26.2.1859 aged 52 years, Margaret youngest daughter of above died 23.2.1862 aged 20 years.

Hyndman James of Gortinure died 19.5.1850 aged 73 years, also his wife Margaret died 14.4.1862 aged 84 years, his daughter Christeena died 15.2.1873 aged 62 years.

Loague William of Drumahoe died 3.5.1863 aged 87 years, his wife Nancy died 3.6.1857 aged 81 years, daughter Jane died 16.3.1879 aged 80 years, son Joseph died 24.10.1893 aged 85 years.

Logue Robert of Drumahoe died 11.1.1906, also his wife Matilda died 5.10.1904.

Marshall Sarah died 26.4.1918, daughter Cissy died 14.3.1932, David Marshall died 25.5.1947.

McCauley James 1866.

McCay Isabella of Ardkill House Londonderry died 6.8.1898 aged 93 years.

McClay Mary Ann wife of John McClay died 26.10.1907, son William Alexander of Gortmunley died 7.5.1879 aged 4 years, also the above John McClay died 19.4.1922 aged 87 years.

McClintock Sarah Catherine, erected. by William James McClintock in memory of his sister who died 21.10.1882, also above William James died at Willard Parker HospitalUSA 14.1, interred in MountOliverCemetery 18.1.1900.

McCutcheon Joseph of Lisneal died 30.10.1848 aged 77 years, his wife Ann died 12.1.1830 aged 80 years, son William died 31.1.1861 aged 86 years.

McDaid Joseph died 14.6.1883 aged 81 years, Sarah died 6.11.1880 aged 82 years, Mary Jane died 29.8.1895 aged 62 years, Ann died 1.10.1897 aged 62 years, John died 8.12.1905 aged 78 years.

McDermott Annie Lowry infant daughter of Samuel McDermott died 4.1.1876 aged 14 months, Samuel died 16.10.1902 aged 64 years, wife Margaret died 7.5.1906 aged 64 years.

McDermott James, erected by Jane McDermott in memory of her husband who died 18.5.1975 aged 68 years, children Ellen died 10.5.1848, James died 10.2.1869 aged 37 years, Jane died 23.7.1888 aged 81 years, Ann Lowry daughter of the above James died 7.10.1913 aged 82 years.

McElroy William died 10.2.1956, his wife Sarah died 7.1.1962, sister-in-law Margaret Shields died 29.11.1962.

McIntosh Ann, erected by James McIntosh of Desercone in memory of his wife who died 4.1.1884 aged 64 years, James died 2.1.1899 aged 72 years, also his father John died August 1857, John\'s wife Nancy died April 1872.

McOlay John died 16.8.1908 aged 73 years, his wife Mary Ann died 30.1.1910 aged 80 years.

Millar Oliver died 1.2.1856 aged 84 years, wife Mary died 12.12.1856 aged 75 years, James, grandson died 12.4.1873 aged 11 years.

Miller Hugh of Trench died 24.5.1897 aged 80 years, also his wife Annie died 12.5.1922 aged 90 years.

Miller James of Tamnymore died 10.6.1871, his wife Catherine died 2.9.1889, son Alexander died 15.10.1871, James died 17.11.1886, George died 12.8.1897, William died 20.1.1905, also daughter Hannah died 24.6.1908, Rachel died 14.3.1922 and Catherine died 23.1.1925.

Mitchelburn Colonel John grandson of Sir Richard Mitchelburn of Broadhurst and Stanmore, County of Susex, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Siege of Londonderry in 1689 in the defence of the Protestant Interest died 1.10.1721 aged 76 years, died the first year reign of King William.

Mitchell James of Killymallagh died 4.7.1861 aged 51 years, his brother Samuel died 1.7.1861 aged 45 years, Eliza relict of above James died 28.12.1891 aged 74 years, daughter Jemima died 14.9.1871 aged 15 years, Eliza Dill died 17.11.1880.

Mitchell Matilda daughter of the late James Mitchell of Killmallagh died 27.12.1894, brother John died 28.1.1931, wife Catherine died 11.8.1911.

Mitchell Rebecca died 13.2.1882 aged 56 years, William John Hyndman died 17.12.1903 aged 32 years.

Moore, erected by Margaret Moore in memory of her children, James died 22.6.1874 aged 14 years, Maggie died 17.3.1875 aged 5 years, Lizzie died 31.3.1876 aged 15 years

Murray Adam MD, East India Co Services, eldest son of Major Thomas Murray 18th Royal Irish Regiment died 8.3.1868 aged 68 years, Hannah wife of James Clooney died 21.101.1883 aged 77 years.

MurrayCol Adam of Ling in the County, led the relief in the seige of Derry AD 1688.

Murray James of Clooney, lineal descendant of Col. Adam Murray last male line of the Irish brand of ancient house of Falahill and Philip Haugh died 10.8.1871 aged 68 years, son Thomas died 11.11.1846 aged 7 years, remembered by members of Glendermott No Surrender NC plus ultra in Uno L.O.L No 1688 May 1907 JT Miller, WM, RR Lynch SECA.

Perry Eliza wife of John of Gortinure died 22.9.1887, John died 20.9.1871 aged 81 years, son David died 21.4.1873 aged 45 years, daughter Elizabeth died 22.8.1902 aged 82 years, Margaret died 23.11.1902 aged 89 years, Jane died 21.6.1909 aged 93 years.

Riddley Morohorah Wm died 19.1.1971 aged 21 years.

Robinson George died 4.3.1851, his son William died 29.6.1851.

Rogers Robert died 14.7.1852 aged 72 years, son William died 15.1.1874 aged 56 years, wife Elizabeth died 15.6.1875 aged 84 years.

Scott John, Classical and Mathematical teacher born Glenderowan 7.9.1838 and died at Ramelton 21.3.1911.

Scott Samuel retired Controller of Customs and Excise, Burton-on-Trent, born this parish 23.12.1851, died in Ayr 4.5.1938, William Scott born Glenderowan 26.12.1807 died at New Buildings 9.12.1888 and his wife Elleanor died 17.7.1881 aged 69 years, Ellen Scott died 10.8.1927 aged 78 years, sister Sarah died 20.5.1890 aged 35 years.

Smyth Catherine, erected by John Smyth.in memory of Catherine, grandmother who died 1853, Jane Smyth sister, died 2.7.1890, William Smyth, grandfather died 6.3.1900, Sarah died 30.6.1907, Charles Smyth, father died 23.5.1926 aged 74 years.

Smyth George late of \"The Oaks\" died 28.2.1853 aged 50 years.

Smyth John Acheson Esq of Ardmore Drumahoe died 19.8.1860, erected by Ester Little his sister.

Smyth Samuel, erected by Catherine in memory of her husband of Warbleshinney who died 6.8.1872 aged 64 years.

Smyth, the Smyths of \"The Cross\", Captain Vincent Beatty who died at \"The Cross\" on 18.12.1842 aged 62 years, also Robert died 1.3.1847 aged 82 years, Margaret his wife died 20.12.1849 aged 72 years.

Stevenson Col. David W died 1.10.1920 aged 71 years, Joseph McCay Stevenson, husband of Vida Stevenson eldest son of above died 9.2.1908.

Stevenson Edward, erected by Robina Semple in memory of her grandfather Edward Stevenson of Tullally who died 6.4.1923, wife Margaret died 17.11.1888, daughter Margaret Semple died 22.1.1909, her daughter Ethel Violet Semple died 11.9.1900, Robina Semple died 11.3.1932.

Stevenson John George of Knockerack died 25.10.1875 aged 18 years, Joseph died 13.5.1877 aged 53 years, Kate Black wife of DW Stevenson died 12.7.1890.

Stevenson Robert died 21.12.1897 aged 71 years, son James died 18.2.1897 aged 22 years, his wife Catherine died 5.2.1931 aged 90 years.

Stewison Thomas of K***brack  died 20.3.1814 aged 84 years, his wife Isabella died 12.6.1821 aged 52 years.

Thompson Robert of Ardkill died June 1822 aged 65 years, wife Martha died November 1806 aged 40 years, daughter Ellen died November 1834 aged 50 years.





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