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Muster Roll Magilligan

PRONI Ref T/640/103 Parish of Magilligan Muster Roll 1665 

The Muster Rolls of the Province of Ulster is a large, leather-bound 
volume in the British Library, where it is shelved as Additional 
Manuscript 4770. The volume consists of 283 folio sheets, each slightly 
larger than a page of A4, on which are recorded the names of 13,147 
adult males from the nine counties of Ulster. Each county forms a 
separate section of the volume and the men who mustered are listed under 
the names of their landlords; Generally beside each man’s name there is a 
description of the weapons he was carrying or a note if he was unarmed.


These contain lists of the names of the men{tenants} aged between 18 and 60 they could assemble in an emergency.  

By the commissioners for the Army and Militia in the County of Londonderry we require and command you immediate;y upon sight hereof give warning to the undernamed persons to appeare before us at Newtowne Londonderry upon the 16th instant of the {blank} o’clock in the morning with their best armes to do and observe such directions as shall be given by us and therefore fail not to their peril 

Dated the 9th day of our Sovereigne Lord King CharlesII


Tristam Beresford

John Gorges

John Gage

Ra. King

To the constables of Magilligan Parish 

The Muster


Robert Woodsyd

John Hall

Hugh Hall

William Mikle

Hugh Patton

James Smale

Richard Barnaby

John Robinson

David Hutton

John Mickle

Robert McArthur

John Adams

James Black

Dan Williamson

Alex McCrackin

John Conn

James Martin

William Smale

Thomas Martin

John Miskemin absent sick

Robert Smale absent

John Work absent

William Callwell absent

William Muirhead absent


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