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List of Officers Seige of Derry

Defenders of Derry 1688-1689

 A LIST, containing the Names of the Gentlemen, who were Officers in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Michelburn at the Seige of Derry 1688-1689

 Source: Journal of the House of Commons Volume 12. June 1698.

Colonel Skiffington.Captain-Lieutenant Goburne.Anthony Shoburne.

Lieutenant-Colonel Houston.Samuel Archer.Samuel Shelcross.

Major Micheburne.Andrew Dunbar.Richard Jackson.

Captains Lieutenants and Ensigns

John Dobbin.Richard Kane.James Morris.

John Hamilton.Wm. Hamilton.James Boyde.

Wm. Shaw.Joseph Cunningham.John Wilson.

Henry Shaw.William Shaw.John White.

Henry McCullogh.John McCullogh.Wm. McCullogh.

Humphry Bell.John Cunningham.Joseph Wilson.

John Anderson.Joshua Campbell.John Brady.

Edmund Rice.Samuel Ferguson.John Clements.

William Irwyn.Francis Boyd.(Royd?)Forrest Shortidge.

John Bickerstaff.

Richard Bickerstaff, Grenadiers.William Crosts, Adjutant Thomas Adaire,

Surgeon.Thomas Traicy John Hughes, Quarter-master,John Thompson, Mate.

Mr. John Knox, Chaplain.

Added, at the Commencement of the Siege. Four Companies.


James McCormick.William Gunter.George Ryford.

David Chalmers.Oliver Arcketill.Charles Johnston.

Charles Shaw.Edward Rakine.John Railey.

Micheal Cuningham. William Pollock. John Foresyth.




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