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Census 1725 Aghadowey Parish



 from the book


by Rev. Thomas H. Mullin, Belfast: Century Services, 1972.


Census of Tenants, 1725


                                Lanagivey: Rd. Moon, Hugh Neal. Subtenants: Daniel Beal, Shean O\'Dempsey, John Mack Venney, Neil McLeise,

                                James  Agillan, John English, Turlough Connell, Widdow O\'Dempsey, Widdow Beal and 5 or 6 others.

Bwalla Riagh: Jas. Moor, (with 2 cotters). For the upper part next to Culcrow: James Shirlogh, James Stewart.

Cule Crowe: Andrew Henry, James Anderson, David Poo, Patrick McAllen.

Glassgort: N. part: Donald McLeese, Donnaghee McLeese, Jno. Guillin, Thomas McRandall. Other part: Turlough McHollister, Jno. McHollister, Teag Connel.

Lissmoor: Lieut. McMullan, Edmond Tills, Archibald McSparrow, Tho. Buys, David Poes Mrs. Abigall Cudmore for ye Mansion house.

Mullagh Moor: 3 set off for Glebe for chaplain of Agivey. to Lieut. McMullan, Briant McGillegham. James McAllen, Roger McPeek, Widow Grey.

Bwalla Brack and Drumcron: Sam Bell, Patrick Bell, John Thompson, John Brown, John Kennedy.

Bwalla O\'Cahane: John Montgomery, Robt. McCleeve, John Dodd, Thomas Fullerton, Widow McBride.

Bwalla Cluntagh: Thos. Wilson, James Fullerton, Robt. Wilson, John Wilson, Neil McFaul, Widdow McFaul.

Bwalla Clogh: Robt. Fulton, John Wood, Widdow Buntin, Widdow Desmore, Alexr. Stanhill, Saml. Rawlins, Widdow Dodd, Widdow Wraugham.

Bwalla Neontagh North: Jas. Thompson, scn., Jas. Thompson, jun, John Mitchell, John Kile (a cotter). Bwalla Neontagh South: Jno. Collins, Archibald Lamont, Sawney Bowl, Robt. White, Robt. Young (a cotter).

Bwalla O\'Hagan: Jas. Mitchell, James Orr, Robt. Mills, Jno. Moor, Saunders Osborne, James Osborne, Jno. McLaughland, Jno. Boyd, Bryant Quigg, John Knox, Wm. Knox.

Bwalla William: Saml, Bell, James Cohrand, sen., Jno. Coherand, Jas. Cohrand, jun., Robt. Cohrand. Saml. Hunter, David Turbett, and Jno. Robb are cotters or undertenants for houses only without lands) to these others.

Bwalla Moor (also Belleury): A Canning freehold.

Killeure: George Gregg (has a bleaching yard), David Hanson, Saml. Boyd.

Carroreagh: Neal O\'Tonagh, Widdow Hunter.

Cornamucklagh: Sheany Beel, Jas. Dempson, Duncan McMihill, Widdow Smith, David Givin.

Killneglass Upper: Patrick Kenedy, Robt. Kenedy, Jno. Gondey, Robt. Hunter (a cotter).

Killneglass Lower: Widdow Kenedy, Patrick Kenedy, 2 other Kenedy.

Killeagh: Angus McCollister, Wm. Crow, Saml. Kenedy, Jno. Johnstown, David Matthews, Widdo Moor, Jas Ferguson (a cotter).

Clarehill: Captain Paul Fullerton.

Cluinkein: Jno. Cammel, ---- Leisley, two widows namca Clarks, John Neal, Thomas Watson, Wm. Colwell.

Cloenbeck: Tenanted with Drumsteeple. Let together.

Cligann: Robt. Wallis, Wm. Wallis, David Simpson, John Stinson, Danl. Maclogh. (Droghett appears to be let with this).

Cnockduff Upper: Robt. Heldrey, Jno. Heldrey, Matthew Neilly.

Cnockduff Lower: Jno. Murphey, Thos. Murphey, Widow Mairness.

Cuileans: Upper: Joseph Tomms, Sam Fullerton, Marmaduke Quidd, with John Crawford and Widdow Hutchins, cotters. Lower: John Miller, Wm. Miller, Tho. Gamble, Jas. Gilmore.

Coin Druine: Wm. Henry, Janres Henry, Robt. Henry, Wm. Morrison with Widdo Loughland, a cotter.

Cross Conolly: Tenants same as Balli Neontagh.

Culla Capul: Mr. James Ross, Saml. Cochran, Martha Adams.

Drom Stapul: Danl. Lillie, Jno. Thompson, ye widdows of Robt. and John Gold, with 4 cotters, Saml. Hindman, Thos. Turner, Widdo Shirlough, Jno. Hunter ye Miller of Cloenbeck. These people rent Drom Stapul, Cloenbeck and Milltown altogether.

Drommeel: Mirty Dempson, Bryan Dempson.

Duine a Bannaigh: Mr. Jno. Adams, Bryant O\'Mullan. They have Bryant Macossa, Jno. Muckle\'tea, Bryant Dickin, Jas. Layman, Thos. McCall and 5 other      cotters to take ye whole.

Enishlenn: Hugh CoIwell, Hugh Fulton, Danl. Mullan, David Harper, Saml. Dunsmore, Tho. Dunlap, Tho. Caronthers.

Ghorta Cloghan: Joseph Conolly, sen., Joseph Conolly, jun., Bryant O\'Cahan.

Lissnascreehog: Patrick McNichol, Dennis O\'Cahane, Hugh McNiohol, Donnaghee McNichol, Shaan McGowan, Briant O\'Cahane, Shaan O\'Cahane, Shaan Hill O\'Cahane, Danl. O\'Cahane, Michl. O\'Mullane, Long Patick O\'Mullane, Short Patrick O\"Mullane, Bryant O\'Cahane, Donachee Du O\'Mullains.

Mullanch: A part called Ghort Faddey, James Bare, Jas. McMichill, The Widdows Blare.

Magheragh More: Robt. Dennis and Jno. Lenox are tenants who have 12 cotters: Robt. Grey, Jno. Grey, Cha. Grey, Thos. Tatc, Wm. Woodruffe, Richd. McKever, Jno. Wright, Nathl. Murrel, ---- Beveridge, Jno. Conolly, John Margey, Widow Mullans.

Reesk (Risk): Danl. O\'Dempsey, Wido O\'Dempsey, Patrick O\'Dempsey.

Ruskey: Geo. Shirlough, Jas. Grey.

Rang Creas (Really a part of Mulla Inch): Capt. Hudson.

Sgaltee: John Sherleck, James Sherleck, Andrew Hunter, Widdow Hunter.

Slaghlaverty: Jas. Little, Robt. Woodroffe.

Tedenbaan: James Dorants, sen., James Dorrants, jun.

Teenultenagh: John Mackphatriss, Widdow Mackphatriss, Michl. Dorants.

Tirkeeran: Robt. Thompson, Lazarus Holmes, Eliza Paterson. James Mackkenary, Robt. Harwood, Charles Matthews.

No tenants are given for Farsetmona, Ghorta Faddie, G horta Ree, Garveyhey, Hanna Kill, Lissaboy (also called Ballarogan and Balleinmoine), Lisscall, Altduffe or Tavenaghmore.


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