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Landowners in County Londonderry

Parliamentary Returns 1870 The following individuals owned {not rented} one or more acres of land in Co. Londonderry, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s.

1. James Martin, address Knocknakeilt, Maghera, owned 19 acres.

2. John Martin, address Corrowmenagh, Newtownlimavady, owned 53 acres.

3. John Martin, address Knocknakeilt, Maghera, owned 26 acres.

4. John Martin, address Ballynacross, Maghera, owned 7 acres.

5. The late John Martin address Culmore Newtownlimavady, owned 668 acres.

6. Sir Samuel Martin address Newtownlimavady owned 2,166 acres.

7. Thomas Mathers address Bogslea Shantallow owned 6 acres.

8. Mrs. Mathews no address given, owned 17 acres.

9. Rev. J. D. Maughan, address Dublin and Glendermott owned 61 acres in Londonderry.

10. Anne Mauleverer, no address given, owned 317 acres.

11. Bellingham Mauleverer, Reps. of, no address given, owned 1,262 acres.

12. Rev. R. W. Maxwell, address Birdstown House Donegal owned 3,570 acres.

13. Joseph Mays, address Toberhead, Castledawson, owned 13 acres.

14. William Meighan, address Bonanaboigh, Dungiven owned 4 acres.

15. Mercers Company address R. H. Dolling, Agent owned 21,241 acres.

16. John Michaels address Main Strret Eglington, owned 43 acres.

17. Joseph E. Millar address Londonderry, owned 28 acres.

18. Robert Millen address Leek or Leck Newtownlimavady, owned 59 acres.

19. Rev. Alexander Miller, address Muff Glebe, Moneymore, owned 3,456 acres.

20. Alexander Miller, address Ballyness, Dungiven owned 119 acres.

21. Daniel Miller, address Moys, Newtownlimavady, owned 23 acres.

22. Elizabeth Miller, address Drumreighland, owned 8 acres.

23. Hugh Miller, address Moys, Newtownlimavady, owned 14 acres.

24. Hunter Miller, address Drumreighland, Newtownlimavady, owned 2 acres.

25. James Miller, same address, owned 11 acres.

26. John Miller, same address, owned 3 acres.

27. John Miller, address Moys, Newtownlimavady, owned25 acres.

28. John Miller (Betty), address Drumreighland, Newtownlimavady, owned 17 acres.

29. John Miller (James), same address, owned 10 acres.

30. Matthew Miller, address Moys, Drumreighland, Newtownlimavady, owned 13 acres.

31. Samuel Miller (Betty), address Drumreighland, Newtownlimavady, owned 8 acres.

32. Saml. Miller (Mountain), Drumreighland, Newtownlimavady, owned 42 acres. (nickname). 33. William Miller, same address, owned 7 acres.

34. William Miller, address Derryork, Dungiven, owned 5 acres.

35. Ann Milligan, address Londonderry, owned 1 acre.

36. Martha Milliken, address Boveagh Dungiven, owned 8 acres.

37. Samuel Milliken, address Ardinarive Dungiven, owned 4 acres.

38. George Milliken, address Bovagh Ballymoney, owned 32 acres.

39. William Milling address Derryork Dungiven owned 85 acres.

40. Toal Millon, address Mobuy, Draperstown, owned 183 acres.

41. David Mitchell, address Greerstown, owned 64 acres.

42. Francis Mitchell, address Mullagh, Maghera, owned 18 acres.

43. George Mitchell, address Ballynagalliagh owned 14 acres.

44. George Mitchell, address Buncrana Donegal owned 1 acre.

45. James Mitchell, address Mullagh Maghera, owned 4 acres.

46. Mary A. Mitchell, same address owned 21 acres.

47. Thomas Mitchell, address Greerstown owned 35 acres.

48. William Mitchell, address Ballymaguigan Castledawson, owned 8 acres.

49. John Moffat, address Ballymully Moneymore, owned 33 acres.

50. John Montgomery, address Benvarden, owned 191 acres.

51. Capt. R. J. Montgomery, address Benvarden, Ballymoney, owned 545 acres.

52. The late Rev. Saml. Montgomery address Glebe, Draperstown, owned 161 acres.

53. Thomas Montgomery, address Birchhill, Antrim owned 472 acres.

54. William Moody, address Newtownlimavady, owned 2 acres.

55. James Mooney, address Killygullib owned 9 acres.

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