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Bradfords Mayflower List



 Bradford's Mayflower List 1620

Name                              Age          Occupation     Status
 Dea & Gov John CARVER           abt   60       merchant  married
  Mrs. Katharine (Robinson] CARVER             wife             
  Desire MINTER                 abt   16       companion     
  John HOWLAND                        27       servant          
  Roger WILDER                  over  21       servant          
  William LATHAM                abt   16       servant          
  Mrs. Carvers maid             abt   20       maid             
  Jasper MORE                   little boy     bound-boy        
Elder William BREWSTER       abt   54       printer/publisher   married
  Mrs. Mary BREWSTER           abt   51       wife             
  Love BREWSTER                 abt    7       son           
  Wrestling BREWSTER            a lad            son             
  Richard MORE (brothers)       abt    6       bound-boy      
   * MORE (brothers)       not known bound-boy     
Master Edward WINSLOW                 25       Printer        
 Mrs. Elizabeth (Barker] WINSLOW abt   23       wife             
  George SOULE                  abt   21       servant   single
  Elias STORY                   under 21       servant          
  Ellen MORE                        ?           bound-girl       
Master William BRADFORD    30       Fustian maker,
                                                   and silk dyer   married
Mrs. Dorothy (May) Bradford         23       wife             
 Dr. Samuel FULLER  abt   30       Physician      married
William BUTTEN                under 21       servant        single
Master Isaac ALLERTON                 32       Tailor   married
 Mrs. Mary (Norris) ALLERTON                 wife             
 Bartholomew ALLERTON           abt    8       son            
 Remember ALLERTON             abt    6       daughter         
 Mary ALLERTON                 abt    4       daughter         
 John HOOKE                    Lad           servant          
Capt Myles STANDISH                   36       soldier married
Mrs. Rose STANDISH            under 36       wife           
Master Christopher MARTIN       abt   40       tradesman, treasure-agent 
  Mrs. MARTIN                                 wife             
  Solomon PROWER                under 21       servant        single
  John LANGEMORE                under 21       servant          
Master William WHITE            abt   30       Wool-carder    married
 Mrs. Susanna WHITE            abt   25       wife             
  Resolved WHITE                       5       son       
  William HOLBECK                under 21       servant          
  Edward THOMPSON             under 21       servant      
Master William MULLENS          over  42       Tradesman      married
  Mrs. Alice MULLENS                         wife           
  Joseph MULLENS                over  16       son   single
  Priscilla MULLENS             over  16       daughter         
  Robert CARVER                 under 21       servant         
Master Richard WARREN           over  45       farmer   married
Master Stephen HOPKINS          over  35     lay-reader     
Mrs. Elizabeth HOPKINS           wife             
Giles HOPKINS                 abt   15       son          
Constance HOPKINS             abt   11       daughter         
  Damaris HOPKINS               child          daughter     
* Edward DOTEY (DOTY)   over   21      servant           
  Edward LEISTER                over   21      servant          
Master John CRACKSTONE          abt   35     widower 
John CRACKSTONE (Jr)          Lad     son    single
Master Edward TILLY (or TILLIE)    abt   30       silk-worker    married
  Mrs. Ann TILLEY                            wife             
  Henry SAMPSON                        6       cousin         
  Humility COOPER               girl     cousin           
Master John TILLEY              over  35       silk-worker    married
Mrs. Bridget (Vander Velde  } TILLEY     2nd wife         
Elizabeth TILLEY                    13       daughter      
Francis COOKE                   abt   38       husbandman     married
  John COOKE                    abt   10       son           
James CHILTON                   abt   40        married
 Mrs. Susanna CHILTON                        wife            
 Mary CHILTON                  girl           daughter       single
Thomas ROGERS                  over  30                  married
  Joseph ROGERS                 lad            son         single
Degory PRIEST                         41       hatter         Married
John RIGDALE                    over  21       
Mrs. Alice RIGDALE            wife             
Edward FULLER                   over  25       
  Mrs. FULLER                      wife           
  Samuel FULLER                 abt    5       son            
Thomas TINKER                   over  21    married
  Mrs. TINKER                   over  21       wife           
  ??   TINKER                                son            
John TURNER                     over  30   widower 
  ??   TURNER                       ?          son            single
  ??   TURNER                       ?          son            single
Francis EATON                   abt   25       Carpenter      married
Mrs. Sarah EATON                  wife 

Samuel EATON infant son
Gilbert WINSLOW               20       Carpenter       
John ALDEN                        21       Cooper       
Peter BROWNE                    over  25       Mechanic     

John BILLINGTON                 over  30       married

Mrs. Helen BILLINGTON              wife             

John BILLINGTON abt 16 son

Francis BILLINGTON abt 14 son

Moses FLETCHER                over  30       Smith   married

Thomas WILLIAMS                 over  21   single 
John GOODMAN                    over  21    single 
Edmond MARGESON              over  21       single 
Richard BRITTERIDGE            over  21      single 
Richard CLARKE                   over  21      single 
Richard Gardiner                 over  21     single
John ALDERTON                   over  21       seaman         single 
Thomas ENGLISH                  over  21       seaman         single 
William TREVOR                  abt   21       seaman         single 
  *    ELY                    abt   21       seaman         single 
Oceanus Hopkins and Peregrine White are properly reckoned Mayflower passengers
and should be added to the above enumeration of those embarking at Plym
 to make a complete list of the 104 Pilgrim voyagers

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