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King James 11 Army Roll

LIST OF COMMISSIONS, received and delivered by Mr. Sheridan since the Earl of Tyrconnels coming Lord Deputy of Ireland. February 12th, 1688 and for the Lord Sunderland June 21st, 1687.


Anthony Hamilton Colonel Sir Neale ONeille Captain Nicholas Purcell Captain William Nugent Captain William Hungate Major Theo. Russell Lieut Colonel Walter Nugent Captain William Talbott Major George Newcomen Captain Walter Harvey Captain John Burk Captain Edward Fitzgerald Captain John Hamilton Lieut Col Sir Charles Hamilton Captain Richard Cussack Captain Symon Luttrell Lieut Col Lord Kilkenny-West Captain Ullick Bourk Captain Francis Carroll Major James Netterville Captain Lord Mountjoy Brigadier John Gyles Captain Daniel Macarty Captain Sir Robert Gore Captain Robert Nangle Captain




Daniel ONeill Lieutenant Ulick Burk Lieutenant George Barnewall Cornet Robert Grace Capt Francis Meara Lieutenant Edmond Butler Cornet Edward Butler Capt Walter Burke Lieutenant John Gaydon Cornet Robert Walsh Cornet John Nugent Cornet and Lieut Henry Dillon Lieutenant Rene Mezandier Lieutenant Arthur Magennis Cornet Francis Hamilton Lieut Francis Preston Cornet James Purcell Cornet George Gernon Lieut




Henry Edgeworth Lieut. Hugh O Rourk Lieut William Netterville Lieut John Dungan Lieutenant Jeffrey Connell Ensign Thomas Luttrell Ensign Beverley Newcommmin Ensign Francis Slingsby Lieut Charles Manley Lieut Thomas Colt Lieut Anthony Malone Lieut Richard Barnewall Ensign Richard Plunkett Lieut. Con. ONeill Lieutenant John Talbott Lieutenant David Lundy Ensign John Talbott Ensign Arthur Fitton Lieutenant * Fitzpatrick Lieutenant Thomas Talbott Ensign Edward Kindellan Capt Christopher Barewall Lieut. Thomas Clayton Ensign Andrew Dorrington Ensign Mountjoy Blunt Ensign Nicholas Tyrwhitt Lieut Edmond Keating Ensign Patrick Cheevers Ensign Charles Stuart Ensign Richard Bellew Ensign Henry Sheridan Ensign John Delahyde Lieutenant Daniel OSullivan Lieutenant Robert Russell Lieutenant John MaCartane Ensign Michael Cussack Ensign John Bellew Ensign Edmund Reyley Ensign George Darcy Ensign John White Lieutenant James Tobyn Ensign John Butler Ensign George Haughton Capt John Reynolds Capt John Hogan Lieutenant Benjamin Tichborne Ensign Pierce Butler Ensign Nicholas Rooth Ensign Andrew Browne Ensign James Magee Ensign John Wogan Ensign Richard Barnewall Lieut. George Talbot Lieut Thomas Dongan Ensign * Bulkley Ensign Hugh ONeill Ensign William Sheridan Ensign




Rowland Smith Captain John Roche Cornet




Joseph Jackman Lieutenant Sir Thomas Atkins Lieut. Christopher Nugent Lieut. Toby Purcell Major Mark Talbott Major James Bryan Ensign Lord Limerick Capt of Horse Matthew Bellew Lieut of Horse Silvester Mathews Ensign David Lundy Ensign Daniel ONeill Lieutenant Phillip Terrett Lieutenant Morgan Floyd Captain Colonel Grace Governor of Athlone Colonel Grace Captain Arundell Captain Edward Butler Captain Randall Plunkett Lieut James Bryan Ensign John Taaffe Captain




Henry Sheridan Ensign Thomas Purcell Ensign John White Lieutenant Eustace White Lieutenant Lord Kilkenny West Capt. James Butler Cornet John Power Lieutenant Daniel MacNamara Ensign Hugh O Roirk Lieut. William Usher Lieutenant Calla McCallahan Cornet John Delahide Ensign * Bryan Ensign * Stafford Ensign Thomas Nugent Ensign * Fleming Lieut of Horse * Burke Lieut of Horse * Townsley Cornet Richard Butler Cornet John Nugent Lieut of Horse Arthur Dillon Lieut of Horse Henry Dillon Lieut of Horse Roger Jeffries Cornet


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