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Irish Marriages A-G


Irish Marriages

1771 to 1812
By Henry Farrar; London, England; 1890


NOTE: Be sure to check the entries for both bride and groom as groom's entry contains the most information.

Abbot, Chas., Speaker of H. of C.=Gibbs, Elizabeth, e.d. of Sir Philip, in the Island of Barbadoes, with portrait and sketch Mar. 1810 p. 99
Abbot, Joseph, Dublin=Thomas, Jane, Brookhill, co. Carlow Mar. 1809 p. 192
Abbot, Wm., Dublin=Journeaux, Miss, s. to John, of and at Cork June 1804 p. 383

Abbott, Eliza=Groves, Wm. 1805 p. 510

Abbotts, Miss=Sinnett, John T. 1802 p 448

Abercrombie, Geo. [Advocate], e.s. of Sir Ralph, K.B., Comr.-in-Ch. in Scotland=Dundas, Montague, y.d. of Henry (Visct. Melville), Secy. of State for War, at Edinburgh [25 Jan] Mar. 1799 p. 208

Abercorn, Marq. of John James=[I. 20 June 1779, at St. Marylebone, Copley, Cath., 1st d. of Sir Jno., Bt., she d. 1791=2. 4 Mar 1792, in Grosvenor Sq., Hamilton, Lady Cecil, his cousin, div. by Act of Parl., Sept 1798, on 23 May 1799, she md. Sir Joseph Copley, Bt., bro.-in-law to her former husband, d. 1819]=3. in Dover St., Piccadilly, Hatton, Lady Ann, r. of Henry, Gt. Clonard, co. Wicklow, y.d. of Arthur Saunders Gore, E. of Arran Apr. 3, 1800 p. 319

Aberdein, Miss=Vanderzee, Dan. ii 1798 p. 908

Abraham, Mary Jane=Stokes, John 1878 p. 448

Acheson, Miss=St. George, Thos. 1776 p. 576
Acheson, Miss=Montgomery, Hugh 1778 p. 480
Acheson, Dr. Alex.=Hamilton, Frances, at Enniskillen Nov. 1787 p. 616
Acheson, Arthur, e.s. of Sir Archibald, Bt. =Pole, Miss, d. of Lt.-Gen. [at St. George's Hanover Sq., lic. witnesses, Chas. Pole and Olivia Pole] [Feb 26] Mar 1774 p. 172
Acheson, col. [Archibald, Lord Acheson, 1806, s. as E. of Gosford (I.) 1807, cr. Baron Worlingham, of Beccles, co. Suffol, (U.K.) Vic. Adm of Ulster]=Sparrow, [Mary, only d. and h. of Robt. of Worlingham, Suffolk, in London, 20 July] Aug. 1805 p. 511

Achmuty, Miss=Croker, Chas. 1786 p. 504
Achmuty, Sam, Bryanstown, co. Longford=Savage, Miss Feb. 1777 p. 144

Ackerman, Edward, Liverpool=Dunbar, Jane Matilda, 2nd d. of Sir Geo., Bt. Apr. 1801 p. 255

Ackland, Major=James, Miss, Abbey St. Nov. 1783 p. 616

Acton, Miss=Walker, Thos. 1783 p. 336

Adair, Miss=Mills, Sam. ii 1794 p. 480
Adair, Henry, bar.-at.-law=Dwyer, Eliza, d. of John, Marlfield, co. Dublin Apr. 1807 p. 255
Adair, James, Peamount, co. Limerick=Johnston, Mary, d. of John, Johnsville Nov. 1801 p. 704
Adair, Jane=Fortescue, F.W. ii 1797 p. 497
Adair, Rev. Wm. R. of Fermoy=Malcolm, L., d. of late Archibald, of and at Dumfries Jan. 1804 p. 62

Adam, Abel, Clanatten, co. Wexford=Stopford, Eliza Apr. 1775 p. 255
Adam, John=Vincent, Miss, d. of Aldm. of Parteen Mar. 1794 p. 287

Adams, Miss=Brabazon, Philip 1772 p. 336
Adams, Mr., of Long Island of St. Christophers=Smith, Miss Apr. 1781 p. 224
Adams, Miss=Austin, Joseph i 1790 p. 192
Adams, Miss=Hickman, Rhd. i 1791 p. 192
Adams, Miss=Going, Thomas Rhd. i 1797 p. 568
Adams, Miss=Ball, Joe i 1800 p. 120
Adams, Alice=Brew, Rhd 1786 p. 391
Adams, Rev. Allen Noble, Sherlocke House, co. Cavan=Battersby, Isabella, Lakefield, co. Meath June 1791 p. 568
Adams, Arthur=Smyth, Miss, d. of Baron Jan 1787 p. 56
Adams, Dorothea=Grant, J.S. 1809 p. 376
Adams, James Eden=McNeilans, Elizabeth, e.d. of Thomas, of Serabane Dec 1801 p. 763
Adams, Lucy=Gondy, Rev. Alex 1788 p. 392
Adams, Michael=Delany, Miss, at Middletown Feb. 1792 p. 192
Adams, Sam.=Leslee, Elizabeth, at Bell Green, co. Cavan Mar. 1779 p. 192
Adams, Sam.=Franklin, M., only d. of late Rhd., Ballyvalone, in Bruff Feb. 1805 p. 127
Adams, Wm., Abbey St.=Lenahan, Miss, of Stephen St. Mar 1777 p. 216

Adamson, Lt., West Kent Militia=Browne, Ruth, d. of Jno. at Youghall Sept. 1780 p. 191
Adamson, Jas. aet. 63=Hughes, Miss, aet. 20, both of and at Bleary, nr. Lurgan Dec. 1807 p. 763

Adderley, Mrs.=Hobart, rt. Hon. Robt. 1792 p. 194

Addison, John=Donkin, Miss, Drogheda Jan. 1801 p. 63
Addison, John George, co. Clare=Johnston, Ann, n. of General Aug. 1801 p. 514

Adye, Miss=Vision, John i 1798 p. 383

Agar, hon. Mrs.=Loveden, Pryse i 1798 p. 383
Agar, hon. and rev. J.E.=Flower, hon. Miss, s. to Lord Ashbrook, at Castle Durrow Mar. 1792 p. 208

Agnew, Capt. Andrew, 12th Foot=De Courcy, hon. Miss, d. of Lord Kinsale, at Kinsale June 1792 p. 568
Agnew, Mary=Coleman, James 1810 p. 479

Ahern, Maurice, Hernbrook, co. Limerick=Nunan, Miss, d. of Philip, Moygap, co. Cork Oct. 1805 p. 639

Ahmuty, Thos. E.I. Co.'s Service=Staples, Frances, e.d. of Rev. Alex., of Madden, co. Armagh, at Mrs. Deane's, Granby Row Jan 1804 p. 62

Ahy, Mary=Clark, Rev. Thos. 1808 p. 763

Aicken, Abigail=Hobert, Capt. P.M. 1806 p. 125

Aidmore, Miss=Wallace, Wm. 1804 p. 383

Aigoin, Miss=Burgh, Capt. Thos. 1775 p. 255

Aiken, Miss=Simpson, Boyle 1808 p. 447

Addison, John George, co. Clare=Johnston, Ann, n. of General Aug. 1801 p. 514

Agnew, Capt. Andrew, 12th Foot=De Courcy, hon. Miss, d. of Lord Kinsale, at Kinsale June 1792 p. 568

Airy, Wm.=Wall, Miss, d. of Garrett, in Carlow Feb. 1792 p. 192

Alcock, Alexander=Wall, Miss, at Waterford Nov. 1787 p. 616

Aldercorn, Jno., s. of Lt. Gen. of Rathmill, co. Meath=Bermingham, Miss 19 July 1774 p. 493

Aldworth, R.Roger=Oliver, Eliza, y.d. of late Archdn, in Merrion Square Apr. 1793 p. 384

Aldy, Mr., Exchange St.=M'Cullagh, Anne, Montgomery St. June 1810 p. 288

Alexander, Jas., M.P., Londonderry=Crawford, Anne, d. of Jas. of Crawfordsbourn, co. Down Nov. 4, 1774 p. 694
Alexander, Rbt., banker=Quin, Henrietta, y.d. of Henry, M.D., 1st cousin to Ctss. of Tyrone, at Stephen's Green by Bp. Down and Connor. July 1785 p. 391

Allen, Miss=Gliam,Thos. 1781 p. 362
Allen, Miss=Montgomery, Hugh 1785 p. 223
Allen, Miss=Darley, John 1788 p. 766
Allen, Miss=Keller, Jeremiah 1788 p. 616
Allen, Miss=Buchanan, Rev. Thos i 1790 p. 382
Allen, Miss=Buchanan, Rev. Thos. i 1790 p. 382
Allen, Miss=Lowcay, Standish ii 1794 p. 288
Allen, Miss=Lambert, John ii 1794 p. 288
Allen, Miss=Valentine, Peter ii 1797 p. 96
Allen, Miss=Rankin, George i 1799 p. 369
Allen, Miss=McCarthy, John 1803 p. 703
Allen, Capt., late of R.I. Artillery=Bunbury, Miss, s. to Benjamin, of Tipperary Sep. 1804 p. 575
Allen, B.=McCree, A. 1809 p. 320
Allen, Edward=Wrixon, Miss Sep. 1801 p. 575
Allen, George, Gardiner St., Dublin=Thorpe, G.d. of late Robt. Anthy. Flood June 1809 p. 383
Allen, Rev. Henry, Killaloe=Hastings, Phoebe, 2nd d. of Gen., of Mynoe, at same place in co. Cork Nov. 1803 p. 703
Allen, Henry=Stewart, Miss, bot of Belfast Nov. 1808 p. 704
Allen, Rev. Isaac, A.M.=Bridge, Miss, d. of late Rev. J., at Bridge Hall, co. Tyrone, on Monday, 17th Apr 1806 p. 254
Allen, J.=McKibben, Elizabeth, both of and at Portaferry Feb. 1806 p. 125
Allen, Adm. John Carter=Freeman, Mrs. Stella Frances, of Devonshire Place Aug. 1799 143
Allen, Joshua, Visct. [Capt. in 37th Foot 1758-60, 1st Foot 1763-65, pension of 600 a year awarded in 1770]=Barry [Frances] e.d. of Gaynor, of Dromstown, co. Meath [at Dublin] 4 Aug 1781 p. 448
Allen, Mary=Montgomery, Thos. 1777 p. 704
Allen, Rhd., Clondallen, co. Meath=Fetherstone, Miss Grangemore, co. Westmeath Apr. 1776 p. 288
Allen, Sam., jr., co. Antrim=Benning, Emily Mary, 2nd d. of rev. Dr. Dec. 1798 p. 908
Allen, Sam. of Youghall=Ruby, Miss, at the said place July 1809 p. 432
Allen, Ulick=Macnamara, Miss, n. to Stephen Creagh Butler June 1787 p. 336

Almuty, Thomas, Mrlborough Bdgs.=Quin, Mrs. s. to rt. hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, Bt., mother Lady Headford, at Bath, England Sep. 1792 p. 288

Altamont, Earl of, John [Denis, K.P., 3rd Earl, cr. Marq. Sligo, 29 Dec. 1800]=Howe, Lady Louisa Catharine, y.d. and coh. of Rhd. Earl Howe in London [May 21] June 1787 p. 336

Anderson, J,Gt. Longford St.=Walsh, Miss, Keatings Park, co. Dublin 19 July 1812 p. 320
Anderson, J.=Kelly, Eliza Maria 27 June 1812 p. 320

Annesley, Miss=Annesley, Rev. Mr. 1774 p. 430
Annesley, Rev.=Annesley, Miss, of and at Ballysax, co. Kildare 30 June 1774 p. 430
Annesley, Miss=Fox, Luke i 1791 p. 104
Annesley, Miss=Geary, Jeremiah 1809 p. 127
Annesley, Lady, Arabella=Macleod, Major 1801 p. 763
Annesley, Rev. Arthur=Tyndale, Anne, Queen St. Feb. 1800 p. 120
Annesley, Chas., Ballysax, co. Kildare=Digby, Miss, d. of Rev. Simon, Osbertown, same co. Sep. 1800 p. 192
Annesley, Francis, West Park,co. Clare=Davis, Jane, Penylan, Carmarthenshire, at Berwick Mar. 1804 p. 192
Annesley, hon. Geo, s. of Visct. Valentia=Courtney, hon Anne, d. of late Visct., in London Dec. 1790 p. 576
Annesley, Marcus J., e.s. hon. and rev. Wm. Dean of Down, n. of E. of Annesley=Smith, Caroline, d. of late Ferdinand, of the Grange, Salop Nov. 1803 p. 702
Annesley, Margt.=Lyndon, Geo. 1774 p. 430
Annesley, hon. and rev. Wm., bro. to Visct. Glerawley=Digby, Miss,d. of Simon, M.P. boro Kildare Jan. 1780 p. 64

Ansley, hon. Rhd., Charleville=Hessernam, Miss, Lishennet, co. Limerick Nov. 1792 p. 480

Archdall, Mervyn, Bolton St.=Murray, Miss, Drogheda St. Mar 1784 p. 163

Archdeacon, Thos., jr=Kelly, Miss, d. of Joseph, both of Dorset St Oct. 1795 p. 384

Archer, Sam., bookseller=Logan, Miss, both of Belfast June 1802 p. 383
Archer, Thos., of Mount John=Lamb, Miss, d. of Wm., of Prospect May 1778 p. 368

Ardah, Wm. Maryville=Kennedy, Maria Parsons, d. of Arthur, Greenhill, co. Waterford Mar. 1804 p. 192

Armstrong, rev. Mr., Moaliff, co. Tipperary=Beresford, Miss, d. of Bp. of Ossory, n. to Lord Chancellor, and Marq. of Waterford, at Stephen's Green Nov. 1789 p. 616
Armstrong, Alex. late R.I. Artillery=Clarke, Miss, only d. of late Thomas, of Waterford Oct. 1802 p. 639
Armstrong, James, M.D.=Bradshaw, Mary, d. of Richard, of and at Mullinabone, co. Tipperary mar. 1807 p. 192
Armstrong, Martin=Crawford, Miss, Riskey, co. Leitrim Nov 1788 p. 616
Armstrong, Newcomen, Glanmore, co. Longford=Moore, Miss, Killian, of the same co. July 1803 p. 447
Armstrong, Thomas=Connor, Miss, d. of R. Sep 1800 p. 191

Armstronge, Andrew=Brady, Miss, of North Anne St. Feb. 1791 p. 192

Arnold, Wm., Gr. George St.=Gray, Miss, of Glasnevin, co. Dublin Apr. 1801 p. 256

Ash, Letitia=Lewis, Lancelot 1804 p. 575

Ashe, Miss=Brownlow, Lt. Co. Chas. 1785 p. 168
Ashe, John, Limerick=Lane, Miss, 5,000,d. of Gawin, Summer Hill, co. Dublin Feb. 178? p. 112
Ashe, Joseph, Ashebroooke=Fitzmaurice, Diana, Virulum, co. Longford Aug. 1800 p. 127
Ashe, Thos., Ashefield, co. Meath=Kinlock, Miss, d. of David, of Kilmorton, Scotland Sep. 1775 p. 629
Ashe, Capt. Wm., 23rd Foot=Rawlins, Mrs., r. of John Aug 1793 p. 191

Astley, John jr, of the Amphitheatre, by Westminster Bridge, late of Peter St., Dublin=Smith, H.W., g.d. of the author of "Wealth of Nations", of the same place Feb. 1801 p. 128

Atkin, Lt. Maurice, 34th Foot=McCarthy, Miss, Carnavara, nr. Limerick July 1785 p. 391

Atkinson, Mrs.=Bell, Geo. 1774 p. 493
Atkinson, Miss=McDermott, Christopher 1778 p. 504
Atkinson, Miss=Newcome, Wm. ii 1792 p. 288
Atkinson, Geo., Torganny=Lewis, Miss Oct. 1771 p. 512
Atkinson, John, Ballyshannon=Hamilton, Eliza, Abbey St. Mar. 1776 p. 216
Atkinson, Joe, Barberstown, co. Kildare=Tongue, Miss, Pill Lane June, 1783 p. 336
Atkinson, Letitia=Cardwell, Wm. 1804 p. 447
Atkinson, Lt. Sam., 85th Foot=Hening, Miss, Banbridge May 1808 p. 319
Atkinson, Sarah=Cullen, Mr. 1773 p. 316
Atkinson, William, Maghery, col Armagh=Turkington, Jane, d. of John, Lurgan July 1807 p. 448

Aubin, John=Russell, Mrs., at Old Windsor Nov. 1797 p. 480

Auchmuty, John, s. of Rev. John, of Fosterstown=King, Miss, Gt. Britain St. Nov. 1789 p. 616

Austin, Joe, Springfield=Adams, Miss, Cork Feb 1790 p. 192

Aylmer, Rhd., Croagh, co. Limerick=Bourke, Anne, Maria, d. of Thos., Pennywell Aug. 1800 p. 127

Babbington, Ralph, Greenfort, co. Donegal=Scanlan, Miss June 1789 p. 336

Bailey, Miss=O'Halloran, Joseph ii 1791 p. 96
Bailey, Miss=O'Neill, Robt. 1806 p. 126

Bailie, Miss=Roe, Robt. ii 1797 p. 497
Bailie, Miss=Higgins, Mathew 1801 p. 63
Bailie, Capt. of Royal South Down Militia=Pringle, M. jan. 1804 p. 62
Bailie, Rev. Annesley=Crofton, Mary Frances, d. of Rev. Henry Mar. 1803 p. 191
Bailie, George, Jearswood=Pringle, Mary, younger d. of Sir James, Bt. Aug. 1801 p. 514
Bailie, James=Holetond, Rose, of Maynooth, co. Kildare, at Sandymount, co. Dublin Apr. 1786 p. 224
Bailie, John, Loughwer=Gough, Rebecca Jan. 1790 p. 96
Bailie, Rbt. Liverpool=Seede, Miss, at Belfast Oct. 1771 p. 512
Bailie, Robt.=Coin, Miss, both of Stewarts town July 1796 p. 96

Baily, Thos., Balls Bridge, Dublin=Ennis, Mary, Little Mary St., Dublin Sep. 1806 p. 576
Baily, Rev. Edwd=Symes, Miss Mar. 1773 p. 60

Baldwin, Wm., Castle Townsend, co. Cork=Kirby, Miss, d. of Franklin Dec. 1792 p. 568

Baker, Dr.=Baker, Miss, of Kilcullen, at Kilkenny Jan. 1774 p. 60
Baker, Miss=Baker, Dr. 1774 p. 60
Baker, Miss=Warren, Thos. 1787 p. 504
Baker, Lt., R.N.=Beatty, Miss, of Londonderry Aug. 1805 p. 511
Baker, Abraham White, Ballytobin, co. Kildare=Blunden, Sophia, d. of Sir Jno., Bt., at Castle Blunden 10 Nov. 1778 p. 648
Baker, Edwd., of Ahemure=Blunden, Rose, of New Park, at Kilkenny 14 Feb. 1778 p. 56
Baker, Eliza=Wrixon, Nich. 1776 p. 648
Baker, Jane=Glascock, Edwd. 1803 p. 319
Baker, John, London=O'Connel, Alicia, r. surgeon O'Holobran, M.R.I.A., at Limerick Sep. 1809 p. 544
Baker, Rhd., Ballydavid=Moore, Elizabeth, d. of Southwell, at Ashgrove, co. Tipperary Oct. 1793 p. 384
Baker, Rev. Wm=Birch, Miss, s. to Robt., M.P. for boro' Belturbet, at Turvey, co. Dublin Aug. 1774 p. 629
Baker, Wm., jr., Ballydavid=Griffiths, Miss, d. of Edwd. Raheen, co. Tipperary Dec. 1789 p. 672

Balfour, John=Moore, Miss, both of and at Londonderry Jan. 1778 p. 64

Ball, Joseph, co. Louth=Adams, Miss, d. of Jno. Feb. 1800 p. 120

No entries

Barclay, John=Smith, Miss, only d. of Paul Feb.1799 p. 136

Barker, Wm., M.D.=Clifford, Amelia, at Waterford Sep 1807 p. 575

Barklie, Robt.=Moran, Miss, at Sligo Mar. 1808 p. 192

Barrington, Jonah, bar.-at-law=Grogan, Miss, e.d. of Edward, Prliament St. June 1789 p. 336
Barrington, Wheeler=O'Neil, Miss, Britain St. Oct. 1793 p. 384

Barnard, Jas., Castle Barnard, co. Cork=Boyle, Lady Anne, e.d. of E. of Shannon Feb. 1784 p. 111

Barnes, Patrick, Church St.=O'Donnell, Miss, North King St. Apr. 1805 p. 254

Barry, hon,=Burdet, Miss Aug. 1771 p. 392
Barry, Miss=Winder, Jno. 1781 p. 448
Barry, Miss=Allen, Visct. 1782 p. 654
Barry, Miss=Buckley, Dr. 1782 p. 664
Barry, Miss=Coddington, Nicholas, ii 1793 p. 96
Barry, Miss=Harrold, Rhd. 1788 p. 560
Barry, Miss=Hicks, Thomas ii 1796 p. 96
Barry, Miss=McLoughlin, P.E., M.D. 1806 p. 191
Barry, Miss=Millerd, Rev. Chas. 1801 p. 128
Barry, Miss=Roache, Francis 1806 p. 125
Barry, Miss=Tandy, Geo. 1806 p. 125
Barry, Mrs. Alice=Hale, Thos. 1812 p. 240
Barry, Lady Caroline=Melfort, Count 1788 p. 448
Barry, Catherine Hannah=Batty, P. 1780 p. 407
Barry, Catherine=O'Flyn, Wm., M.D. i 1792 p. 192
Barry, Chas., linen draper=Leader, Miss, d. of Henry, of Tulig, nr. Mill St., co. Cork Mar. 1804 p. 192
Barry, Denny, s. of Sir Barry, Bt.=Morgell, Miss, d. of Crosbie, of Mount Morgell, co. Kerry, M.P. for Tralee Jan. 1791 p. 104
Barry, Edward, co. Cork=Dalton, Miss, d. of Michael, of Wood park, co. Clare Oct. 1792 p. 384
Barry, Ellen=Walsh, Michael 1807 p. 511
Barry, Geo., Lieghskroop, co. Meath=Evans, Miss, y.d. of hon. John, of Mountjoy Sq., cousin to Lord Carbery Feb. 1796 p. 192
Barry, James, Tallow=Foley, S., d. of Michael, of said place June 1803 p. 383
Barry, John, Doneraile, co. Cork=Dillon, Miss, Clonmel, June 1806 p. 384
Barry, Mary=Brerton, Geo. 1785 p. 223
Barry, Sam.=Wade, Miss June 1772 p. 336
Barry, Standish, Lamlarra, co. Cork=Roche, Miss, d. of Philip R. John July 1787 p. 392
Barry, Wm.=Hutchinson, Miss, at Cork Mar. 1795 p. 288

Bartlett, Capt.=Kelly, Miss, at Waterford Mar 1773 p. 160

Barton, Col. Chas, 2nd Life Guards=Johnston, Susanna, d. of Nathaniel, at Wimbledon, surrey Dec. 1799 p. 424

Bastard, J. Polloxfen, M.P., co. Devon, of Kitley=Martin, J.Anne, 3rd d. of Sir Henry, Bt., M.P., Southhampton, comptr. of Navy, in London July 1809 p. 432

Batchelor, Edward, s. of John, of William St.=Gibbons, Mary, d. of late Andrew, of Essex Bridge, Dublin June 1803 p. 383

Bateman, Miss=Lewis, T.B. 1778 p. 248
Bateman, Miss=Blenerhasset, Gerald 1778 p. 424
Bateman, Capt. R.H., South Downshire Militia=Tarleton, Miss, d. of John Weldon, of Killeigh, King's co. Feb. 1809 p. 127
Bateman, John=Burke, Miss, 35,000 at Anglingham, co. Galway Nov. 1782 p. 608
Bateman, Rowland=McDonnell, Maryu, at Mayo may 1771 p. 224
Bateman, Rowland=Denny, Arabella, 2nd d. of late Sir Barry, Bt., at Tralee Oct. 1790 p. 384

Bathurst, Rev. Dr., Canon of Oxford=Coote, Miss, d. of very rev. Dean, n. to Sir Eyre K.B. Sep. 1780 p. 520

Batty, Philip, Ballihealy, co. Westmeath=Barry, Cath. Hannah, 2nd d. of Gaynor, Bean, co. Dublin July 1780 p. 407

Bavers, Tongue, Kilkenny=Kennedy, Miss, Aprl. 1781 p. 224

Bayley, Peter, Chancery Lane=Brady, Miss, Prussia St, Dublin 3 May 1777 p. 376
Bayley, Rev. Mr.=Wall, Miss at co. Waterford Oct 1772 p. 568

Baynes, Sir Edw., Bt.=Lambert, Miss, d. of Rbt. Nov. 1798 p. 815

Beatty, Miss=Smith, Jno. 1786 p. 672
Beatty, Miss=Stephens, Mr. 1787 p. 448
Beatty, Miss=M'Main, Wm. 1805 p. 62
Beatty, Miss=Baker, Lt. R.N., 1805 p. 511
Beatty, Miss=Slayd, Rev. Thos. 1808 p. 62
Beatty, Cath.=Smith, Rbt. 1781 p. 616
Beatty, David=Bell, Miss Oct. 1782 p. 552
Beatty, Jno., bookseller, Skinner row=Turvey, Isabella, Leixlin Jan. 1777 p. 72
Beatty, John, M.D.=Betagh, Mary, d. of Henry, of York St. Nov. 1792 p. 480
Beatty, Cornet Wm., 8th Lt. Dragoons=Cooper, Sophis, d. of Quarter-Master Cooper, of the Clare Regt. June 1809 p. 376

Bedford, John Fitzwilliam, Aughrim St., g. nephew of Govr.=Murray, Mrs., r. of Mr., Frankford lodge, co. Kildare, s. lic. May 1811 p. 280

Begg, Matt., of Beatra, Co. Roscommon=Corry, Miss, d. of John, Ballymacurly, of same co. Dec. 1802 p. 764

No entries

Bell, Andrew=Clarke, Catharine, d. of Ralph, Drumheel, co. Cavan June 1787 p. 336
Bell, Geo.=Atkinson, Mrs. 11 Aug 1774 p. 493
Bell, Henry Gunne=Irvine, Miss, d. ofCol, co. Fermanagh Sep. 1788 p. 504
Bell, Launcelot, Kilmore, nr. Lurgan=Hewitt, Eliza of same place Jan. 1809 p. 64

Bellew, Miss=Nugent, hon. Wm. ii 1794 p. 480
Bellew, Aaron Walker=Keating, Margt. Sweetman, d. of late Wm. Jan 1797 p. 97
Bellew, Chris. Dillon, of Mount Bellew=Nugent, hon. Miss, d. of Lord Riverston Nov.. 1794 p. 480
Bellew, Rbt. Barneath, co. Louth=Forster, Mary, d. of Christopher, Galway Dec. 1800 p. 379

Bellingham, Alan, city of Dublin=Smith, Miss, s. of William, Barbaville, co. Westmeath Sep. 1794 p. 288

Belmore, Visct=Caldwell, Miss, at Bath Apr. 1794 p. 384

Bennet, Edmond, Bossomtown, co. Limerick=Bouchier, Miss, of Baggotstown Nov. 1779 p. 711
Bennet, Rev. Woolley Leigh, Buckingham=King, Margaret, 4th d. of Rev. W., of Mallow, in Cork Aug. 1810 p. 384

Bennett, Chas.=Russell, Mary Anne, d. of John, at Limerick Mar. 1804 p. 192
Bennett, Francis, Armagh=M'Kee, Cath., 2nd d. of Denis, of that town Feb. 1809 p. 127

Beresford, Miss=Armstrong, Rev. 1789 p. 616
Beresford, Miss=Clements, Hy. Th. 1778 p. 480
Beresford, Miss=White, Mr., banker 1805 p. 511
Beresford, Anne Constantia=Uniacke, Rbt. i 1790 p. 96
Beresford, Lord Geo.=Scutz, H., at St. Marylebone, London, by Bp. Cloyne Dec. 1808 p. 763
Beresford, Lady Isabella Ann=Brydges, John W.H. 1812 p. 191
Beresford, Jane=Hill, Geo. 1788 p. 560
Beresford, rt. hon John=Montgomery, Miss, d. of Sir Wm., Bt., s. to Visct. Townsend June 1774 p. 366
Beresford, rt. hon John, 5th s. of Marcus, Earl of Tyrone=[I.12 Nov. 1760, Lisgondes, Anna Constantina, g.d.of Col. Lisgondes, of French Army, taken prisoner at battle Blenheim and Frances, Ctss. dow. of Huntington, n. of Thoephilus, 7th Earl, she d. 1772] 2. Montgomery, Barbara, 2nd d. of Sir William, of Magbre Hill, Scotland [4 June 1774], issue from both marriages, 17 children. an acct. of the family, with portraits Jan. 1794
Beresford, John Claudius, 2nd s. of rt. hon. John, n. to Marq. of Waterford, banker, Dublin, M.P. boro Swords=Menzies, Elizabeth, only child of late Archibald, Culderes, Scotland, in London Mar. 1795 p. 288

Bergley, Alex., Jr., Coleraine=O'Neil, Miss, a rich heiress, at Maghern Oct. 1806 p. 640

Bermingham, Counsellor=Fitzgerald, Miss May 1773 p. 272
Bermingham, Miss=Aldercorn, John 1774 p. 493
Bermingham, Lady Elizabeth=Duffield, Capt. Fran. 1779 p. 488
Bermingham, Lady Louisa=Blake, J.H. 1748 p. 488
Bermingham, Lady M.=St. Laurence, Visct. 1771 p. 512
Bermingham, Wm. of Galway=Rutledge, Miss Aug. 1772 p. 456

Bernard, B., Ferbane, King's co.=Horan, Miss d. of Anthy, of said town Jan 1805 p. 62
Bernard, Wm., Bridge St.=Lacy, Miss, Castle St. July 1806 p. 447

No entries

Beville, R.=Johnston, M.A. d. of A., in North Frederick St. Mar. 1801 p. 191

Billigam, Wm.=Smiral, M., both of Kilrea Jan. 1808 p. 62

Bird, William, Birdsville=Clarke, Rebecca, at Protarlington Jan. 1795 p. 96

Birmingham, Wm., Kelsylan, King's co.=Fallon, Miss, Clonagh, co. Roscommon July 1791 p. 96

Birnie, Samuel, Newtownlimavady=Mullen, Miss, Scrugan, at Newtownlimavady Jan. 1808 p.62

Blackwell, Miss=Jervas, Thomas 1801 p. 255
Blackwell, Miss=White, Thomas 1807 p. 64
Blackwell, James, Ballyclough=Walsh, Miss, d. of Thomas, of Clarina Dec. 1804 p. 763

Blackwood, Rhd., Clooncroey, co. Cavan=Madden, Miss, e.d. of Sam, of Hilton, co. Monaghan Dec. 1801 p. 763

No entries

Blair, James Montgomery=Wynne, Miss, d. of Capt.James. of Sligo

Blake, Charles, Moyne, co.Galway=Browne, Georgina, y.d. of late Sir Geo., Bt., of Neale Park, co. Mayo Aug. 1790 p. 192
Blake, Edward, e.s. Michael, Frenchfort, co. Galway=McDermot, Maria, e.d. of late Owen, Rough Grange, co. Meath, s.lic. in Gt. Denmark St. June 1810 p. 288
Blake, Jno.=Lynch, Eleanor, e.d. Edward, at Menlough, co. Galway May 1779 p. 320
Blake, Joseph Hy., Ardfry, co. Galway=Bermingham, Lady Louisa, 3rd d. of Earl of Louth, at Milltown, co. Dublin Aug. 1784 p. 488
Blake, Maj. Maur., of North Mayo Militia, of Tower Hill, co. Mayo=O'Connor, Miss, only d. of Val, of Dominick St., Dublin Aug 1803 p. 512
Blake, Rbt., Temple St.=Browne, Miss, d. of late Edward, Ardskea, co. Galway May 1809 p. 319
Blake, Stephen, Summerville=D'Arcy, Mrs., Well Park June 1792 p. 568

Bland, John, Blandfort=Browne, Eliza, West Port Aug. 1800 p. 127

Blakeney, John Chas.=Wall, Miss, d. of Peter, in Kilkenny, Feb. 1792 p. 192

Blaquiere, hon. Peter Boyle, s. to Lord de=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Dennis, of Dublin Oct. 1804 p. 639

Blenerhasset, Gerald=Bateman, Miss, Altavilla, at Limerick 2 June 1778 p. 424

Bligh, Miss=Jocelyn, Visct. 1788 p. 111

Bluett, M., Newcastle, co. Limerick=Keating, Miss, d. of late Bryan Nov. 1803 p. 702
Bluett, Mary=Crilly, Capt. 1780 p. 176

Blundell, Lt., 20th Foot=Gregg, Elizabeth, of Cork Nov. 1788 p. 616

Blunden, Sir John, Bt.=Robbins, Miss, d. and s. h. of John, Ballyduffe, co. Kilkenny Feb. 1786 p. 111

Blyth, Miss=O'Connor, John 1779 p. 64
Blyth, Vice-Adm.=Golightly, Miss, Ham Common, Surrey Sep. 1800 p. 191
Blyth, Miss=Howard, hon. Hugh 1793 p. 192
Blyth, Lady Theodosia=Blyth, Thos. i 1791 p. 104
Blyth, Thos., M.P., boro Ashboy=Blyth, Lady Theodosia, d. of late E. of Darnley, in London Jan. 1791 p. 101

Boake, Thomas=Roe, Frances, quakers, at the meeting house, Sycamore Alley, Dublin 8 July 1804 p. 447

Bodkin, Nicholas=Browne, Anne, 2nd d. of Christopher, of and at Galway Jan 1774 p. 60

Boland, Miss=Wyse, Thos 1809 p. 128
Boland, Caroline=Farrington, Capt. i 1794 p. 96
Boland, Eliza=Clark, Frederick ii 1791 p. 384

Bolger, R., of Callanbarny, co. Kilkenny=Houghton, Mrs., of Ballane, co. Wexford, in Dublin Monday, 12 Aug 1802 p. 512
Bolger, Maria=Mahon, Neary 1809 p. 128

Bolland, Miss=Colley, John 1771 p. 336
Bolland, Miss=Field, George i 1798 p. 96

Booth, John, Drumsna, co.Leitrim=Mitchell, Miss, Ballyfermot, co. Dublin Aug. 1805 p. 516

Borbridge, Lt., 2nd Garrison Batt.=Pearce, Ann, 3rd d. of Capt., late of Invalids June 1811 p. 336

Boswell, James=Carey, Miss, d. of Joseph, at Newport, co. Tipperary May, 1802 p. 320

Bouchier, Miss=Bennet, Edmond 1779 p. 711
Bouchier, Miss=Torkington, John ii 1799 p. 360
Bouchier, Eliza=Wolfe, George ii 1790 p. 384
Bouchier, Lt. Joseph Cabbet, of Royal Tyrone Militia=Laurenson, Mrs., r. of Ralph, of Queen's co. Oct. 1807 p. 639
Bouchier, Mary=Sandys, Rbt. ii 1798 p. 815
Bouchier, Mrs. Susannah=Hemett, Lt., Jacob 1806 p. 63

Boulger, Wm., late of ordnance office=Smith, Miss, d. of late Wm., late of Palace St., latterly of Berkshire July 1808 p. 447

Bourke, Miss=Cahill, Fran. 1785 p. 670
Bourke, Miss=Delaney, Dr. 1788 p. 111
Bourke, Miss=O'Beirne, Connel i 1791 p. 288
Bourke, Miss=Stepney, Herbert Rawson i 1795 p. 192
Bourke, Miss=Bourke, John ii 1797 p. 479
Bourke, Andrew, Woodville, co. Tipperary=Butler, Jane, d. of late James, Currabowen, co. Cork, in Clonmel May 1807 p. 320
Bourke, Anne=Wilson, Garret 1780 p. 526
Bourke, Anne Maria=Aylmer, Rhd. ii 1800 p. 127
Bourke, Jas., Galway=Stapleton, Miss Feb. 1773 p. 104
Bourke, Jno., Drumsally, co. Limerick=Ryan, Miss, d. of Edmd., Roscabell, co. Tipperary Sep.1774 p. 629
Bourke, John, Mount Pelier, co. Limerick=Bourke, Miss, d. of late John Nov. 1797 p. 479
Bourke, hon and rev. Joseph, Dean of Ossery=Gardiner, hon. Miss, d. of late Visct. Mountjoy July 1799 p. 72
Bourke, Lady Mary=Clifford, Lord de 1789 p. 168
Bourke, Mary=Singleton, Capt. ii 1796 p. 287
Bourke, Lady Mary Ann=Sotheby, Rear-Adm. 1806 p. 254
Bourke, hon. and rev. Rhd., 2nd s. of late Archbp. of Tuam, Earl of Mayo=Fowler, Frances, 2nd d. of Archbp. of Dublin Mar. 1795 p. 383
Bourke, Lady Theodosia=Hale, Capt. 1807 p. 192
Bourke, Walter, Palmerstown=Gildea, Miss, Cloonegashell, co. Mayo May 1783 p. 280
Bourke, Wm., Pennywell=Gliffan, Ellen A., d. of Wm. of Mount Gliffan, co. Sligo Oct. 1795 p. 384
Bourke, Wm.=Lawe, Miss Dec. 1772 p. 676

Bourne, Matilda=Willcock, Matt. 1810 p. 511
Bourne, Titus, solicitor, Alford, Lincs.=Woodcock, Margaret, y.d. of Thos. Mar. 1811 p. 168

Bower, Lt., 48th Regt.=Brady, Miss Feb. 1773 p. 104
Bower, rev. Henry=Smith, Miss, d. of Rbt. Smithborough, co. Westmeath Aug. 1800 p. 127

Bowen, Read=Delany, Malachy i 1792 p. 208

Boyce, R., apothecary, Thomas St.=Brown, Miss, James St. Sep. 1801 p. 575

Boyd,Wilson, E.D., Carrickfregus=Joyce, Miss, of d. late Val, of Belfast Sep. 1807 p. 575

Boyde, John=Hayes, Miss, d. of Sir Sam., Bt., Drumlo Castle Mar. 1799 p. 208

Boylan, John, Micknanstown, co. Meath=Dempsey, Miss Belley, of the said co. Feb. 1808 p. 128
Boylan, Philip, Abbey St.=Halfpenny, Mary, Phoenix St. 1 June 1779 p. 375
Boylan, Thomas of Hilltown,=O'Brien, Miss, at Drogheda Nov. 1798 p. 908

Boyle, Miss=Carew, Rbt. 1771 p. 336
Boyle, Miss=Hunter, Nath. 1786 p. 672
Boyle, Miss=Smollett, J.R. 1801 p. 63
Boyle, Alex., of Kirlish Lodge, co. Tyrone=Vicars, Grace, d. of Rhd., Lavally, Queen's co. July 1783 p. 293
Boyle, Lady Anne=Barnard, Jas. 1784 p. 111
Boyle, Capt. hon. Courtney, bro. to Earl of Cork=Poyntz, Caroline Amelia, y.d. of Wm., at Midgham, Berks. July 1799 p. 75
Boyle, Elinor=Oakes, John 1808 p. 383
Boyle, Eliza=Foley, Sam. 1784 p. 280
Boyle, Jas. Moore, Tullyvin, co. Cavan=Moore, Miss, d. of Rhd., Rathdowny, in Queen's co. Dec. 1788 p. 671
Boyle, Jas. Moore, Tulyvin, co. Cavan=Davison, Mary, d. of Ralph, Cootehill Aug. 1807 p. 511
Boyle, John, of Castle Bellingham=Hopman, Mrs.,r. of John Feb. 1802 p. 128
Boyle, John, Surgeon=Phepo, Miss, d. of late Rhd. May 1806 p. 320
Boyle, Rhd.=Sweete, Miss, d. of John, at Cork, Aug 1797 p. 191
Boyle, Sam., of city Waterford=Carey, Dolly, d. of Shapland=Ballyboro, co. Wexford Mar. 1780 p. 176

Boyne, Rhd., Grafton St.=Henry, Alicia, of Gt. Britain St. Aug. 1805 p. 511

Boyse, J., attorney=Egan, Mary Ann, d. of late Mont., Thomondgate July 1805 p. 446

Brabazon, Edward, bar.-at-law=Lynch, Miss, d. of late Rev. Stuart, Skinner's Row June 1789 p. 336
Brabazon, Capt. Lambert, R.N.=Grey, Miss, s. to Dr. Grey, Jervis St. May 1796 p. 480
Brabazon, Henry, Seafield co. Louth=Elliott, Mrs., of Francis Nov. 1803 p. 702
Brabazon, Philip, Louth=Adams, Miss June 1772 p. 336

Bradford, Mr. Cutler, Clonmel=King, Miss, Capoel St. July 1805 p. 445

Bradley, James, jr. of Capel St.=Doyle, Margaret, d. of Mr. of Fishamble St. Dec. 1801 p. 763

Bradshaw, Miss=Brennan, Alex. 1786 p. 224
Bradshaw, Augustus, Cavendish=Westmeath, Ctss. of [late wife of Geo. Fdk., 7th Earl of Marianne Jefferys, d. of James St. John, of Blarney Castle, co. Cork, [n. to John, 1st Earl of Clare, Lord High Chan. of Ireland, had issue one son, Geo. Thos. John. The marriage was dissolved by Act. Parl., 1796] in London Jan 1797 p. 96
Bradshaw, Ben. Greenfield, co. Tipperary=Webb, Miss, d. and h. of late Capt. John, at island Bridge mar. 1794 p. 287
Bradshaw, Grace=Hammersley, H. 1786 p. 111
Bradshaw, John Rose, Oakfield, co. Tipperary=Higgenbotham, E.d. of Thos., Drumcondra Dec. 1807 p. 763
Bradshaw, John, linen draper, Priesthill, nr. Hillsborough=Gardner, Miss, Magherabeg, nr. Dromore Sep. 1808 p. 576
Bradshaw, Mary=Armstrong, James, M.D. 1807 p. 192
Bradshaw, Rbt.=Lucas, Miss, at Clare Jan. 1772 p. 55
Bradshaw, Rbt., Ayle, co. Limerick=Mulchay, Jane, Ballymahee, co. Waterford Dec. 1783 p. 672
Bradshaw, Sam.=Lloyd, Mary, d. of John, at Mount Catherine Oct. 1793 p. 384
Bradshaw, Wm., York St.=Herbert, Lucy, Carrick-on-Suir April 1793 p. 384

Brady, Miss=Bayley, Peter 1777 p. 376
Brady, Miss=Bower, Lt., 1773 p. 104
Brady, Miss=Huleat, Rev. John 1781 p. 112
Brady, Miss=Armstronge, Andrew i 1791 p. 192
Brady, Miss=Kenny, Edw. i 1795 p. 96
Brady, Miss=Byrne, Pierce 1805 p. 446
Brady, Mrs.=O'Brien, Rear-Adm., E 1808 p. 319
Brady, Ann=Canning, James 1808 p. 640
Brady, Anne=Richardson, J. 1811 p. 592
Brady, Anthy, Raheen, co. Clare=Dwyer, Miss, d. of Thos., of Cullen Jan. 1785 p. 56
Brady, Rev. Champion, Huntingdon, co. Carlow=Paine, Miss, d. of Wm., of Dame St. Aug. 1776 p. 576
Brady, Hugh, Oldcastle, co. Meath=Drummond, Anne, Usher Quay Sept. 1796 p. 287
Brady, Jas., printer=Campbell, Miss, Pill Lane, Dublin, s. lic. July 1809 p. 431
Brady, Jane=Madden, John 1801 p. 763
Brady, Joseph, Cootehill=Gannon, Alice, Duke St., d. of late J., tobacconist, North King St. May 1812 p. 240
Brady, Letitia=Geale, Fdk. 1781 p. 112
Brady, Wm.=Power, Miss, 10,000, only d. of late Edwd., at Killalve Dec. 1806 p. 764

Braiser, Brook, of Rivers, in liberties of Limerick=Mitchell, Ellen, d.of Henry, late of Mitchellsfort, co. Cork, at seat of G. Rivers, Ballinatrea, co. Waterford July 1804 p. 448

Brannagan, Thos. Dublin=Wall, Jane, Drogheda June 1805 p. 384

No entries

Brenan, Peter, Maryboro=Henry, Miss, of same place, at Gloucester mar. 1811 p. 168

Brennan, Miss=Corbally, J. 1811 p. 448
Brennan, Alex., one of the 6 clerks in high court of Chancery=Bradshaw, Miss, York St. apr 1786 p. 224
Brennan, Angel=Cawthorne, Mr. 1802 p. 764
Brennan, Ann=McDonnell, Chris. 1801 p. 127
Brennan, Anne=Thompson, Thos. 1811 p. 392
Brennan, Chas. Murray, Miss, d. of Emanual, both of Kilkenny Sep 1796 p. 287
Brennan, Charlotte=Higginbotham, Jas. 1809 p. 544
Brennan, Henry, Dublin=Poynton, Miss, d. of late Robt., Birr, King's co. July 1809 p. 431
Brennan, Peter, Maryboro, Queen's co.=Power,Miss, of Thomas St. Sep 1801 p. 575

Brerton, Geo.=Barry, Mary, in Cork Apr. 1785 p. 223

Brew, Lt., 68th Foot=Richards, Charlotte, of Mecklinburgh St. June 1797 p. 568
Brew, Rhd., Tullycrene=Adams, Alice, d. of Chas., of Killoe, at Ennis July 1786 p. 391

Brickenden, Rhd.=Lambert, Lady E., s. to E. of Cavan Mar. 1800 p. 192

Bridge, Wm.=Smith, Miss, d. of Patten, Racket Hall, co. Tipperary June 1805 p. 191

Bridgman, Henrietta=Wallplate, Joseph 1789 p. 616
Bridgman, Juliana=Montague, B.J. 1801 p. 640

Briscoe, Miss=Evans, Tyrell 1780 p. 232
Briscoe, Miss=D'Arcy, Francis ii 1796 p. 480
Briscoe, Abigail=Fitzgerald, Edwd. 1777 p. 704
Briscoe, Edwd.=Cuffee, Miss, in Waterford Nov. 1783 p. 615
Briscoe, Sir James=Boyde, Miss, of and at Belfast Dec. 1792 p. 568
Briscoe, Joseph Seymour, Pendhill, Surrey=Law, Stephana, d. of Rev. Archdn. of Rochester

Broderick, hon. Chas., bro. of Viscot. Middleton=Woodward, Mary, d. of Bp. Cloyne, in Merrion St. 8 Dec 1786 p. 672
Broderick, Edward, 9th Foot=Baldwin, Ann, Clohina, nr. Macroon, in Cork Oct. 1804 p. 639
Broderick, Henry, Kilkenny=Bathurst, Jane, Brackley, Northamptonshire Apr. 1780 p. 232

No entries

No entries

Brooke, Major of 20th Foot, e.s. of Sir Sam., Bt.=Dunbar, Maria Isabella, d. of George, at Liverpool Aug. 1797 p. 192

Brophy, Miss=Staines, Henry 1808 p. 128

Brown, Miss=Foord, Abraham 1777 p. 376
Brown, Mr., s. of Lord Kenmare=Dillon, hon Miss, d. of Lord July 1777 p. 512
Brown, Miss=Lonnergan, Thos. 1780 p. 576
Brown, Miss=Saunders, John 1782 p. 56
Brown, Miss=Hunt, Lt. 1783 p. 336
Brown, Lt., R.N.=Rea, Margaret, Moy, co. Tyrone, at Lurgan June 1790 p. 576
Brown, Capt., 13th Foot=Sprey, Miss, y.d. of Lt.-Gen. June 1800 p. 381
Brown, Miss=Boyce, R. 1801 p. 575
Brown, Miss=Cantillon, Mich 1803 p. 255
Brown, Miss=Ryves, Chas. 1803 p. 64
Brown, Miss=Dillon, H.A. 1807 p. 128
Brown, Miss=Eades, Lt. M.A. 1811 p. 56
Brown, Miss=Wellesley, Dr. 1804 p. 127
Brown, Barbazon=Dargavell, miss June 1806 p. 384
Brown, Lady Charlotte=Goold, Geo 1802 p. 320
Brown, Lady Elizabeth=Mahon, Ross 1800 p. 504
Brown, Frances=Gibbs, Rev. Jno. 1779 p. 128
Brown, Henry, attorney=Jones, Miss Dec. 1771 p. 626
Brown, Henry, Oak Park, co. Carlow=Knox, Miss, d. of Francis of Rappa, n. to Mrs. King, at Besleek, seat of rt. hon. Henry King Dec. 1787 p. 672
Brown, J.A.=Aylmer, Miss, d. of Capt. Rhd., late of 7th Foot, at Rockville Aug. 1793 p. 192
Brown, Jane=Ewing, Lt. John ii 1796 p. 480
Brown, Louisa=Moore, Geo. 1807 p. 575
Brown, Louisa=Kirwin, Patrick 1811 p. 448
Brown, Mary=Kelly, Major 1775 p. 127
Brown, Morris Graydon, of Glanmore=Ormsby, Miss, of Gt. Britain St. 4 Mar. 1775 p. 254
Brown, Nich., Makestown, co. Westmeath=Drake, Miss, Drakerath, co. Meath 14 Mar 1775 p. 254
Brown, S.Larne=Beers, helen, of same place, at Belfast Jan. 1807 p. 64
Brown, Sarah=Cox, Joseph 1780 p. 325
Brown, Thomas=Ronayne, Margaretta, of Balicrussa, at Cove Church, co. Cork Apr. 1778 p. 248
Brown, Thos.=Chambers, Miss, at Letter Kenny Sep. 1807 p. 575

Browne, Miss=Parke, Roger 1775 p. 629
Browne, Miss=Joynt, Jas. 1781 p. 504
Browne, Miss=Dillon, John 1784 p. 112
Browne, Miss=Morton, T.S. 1784 p. 112
Browne, Miss=Coates, Thos. 1788 p. 336
Browne, Miss=Browne, Dom. 1788 p. 111
Browne, Miss=Powers, Sam. i 1794 p. 568
Browne, Miss=Gower, Roger ii 1796 p. 480
Browne, Miss=Higgs, Lt. John 1802 p. 256
Browne, Miss=Kearney, John i 1797 p. 96
Browne, Miss=McCabe, Luke ii 1799 p. 424
Browne, Miss=Langton, Wm. Gore i 1800 p. 319
Browne, Miss=Mathers, Wm. ii 1800 p. 191
Browne, Capt., 13th Foot=Spry, Caroline,d. Lt.-Gen. Nov. 1800 p. 319
Browne, Miss=Cummins, Chas. 1802 p. 576
Browne, Miss=Sleater, James 1802 p. 639
Browne, Miss=Lopdell, Christ. 1805 p. 62
Browne, Miss=Tournea, Mr. 1805 p. 446
Browne, Miss=Roche, Parke 1807 p. 639
Browne, Miss=Blake, Rbt. 1809 p. 319
Browne, And.=Gilker, Miss Aug. 1773 p. 448
Browne, Lady Anne=Desart, Visct. 1785 p. 448
Browne, Ann=Nelson, Geo 1801 p. 163
Browne, Anne=Bodkin, Nich. 1774 p. 60
Browne, Anne=Browne, D.G. 1784 p. 552
Browne, Anne=Browne, John ii 1790 p. 480
Browne, Anne=Devereux, Wm. 1774 p. 630
Browne, Cath., Reddish=Stopford, Rev. Edwd. 1802 p. 764
Browne, Dennis, Lake View, co. Mayo=Mahon, Miss, d. of Jas. 10 June 1775 p. 437
Browne, Dominick, Geossel, Castlemargaret=Browne, hon. Anne, d. and s.h. of Geo., Claremont, co. Mayo Sep. 1784 p. 552
Browne, Dom, Ashford, co. Galway=Browne, Miss, e.d. hon John, at Elmhall, co. Mayo Feb. 1788 p. 111
Browne, Eliza=Bland, John ii 1800 p. 127
Browne, Eliza=Jennings, Rbt. i 1800 p. 120
Browne, Rev. Geo.=Cope, Miss, d. of Edward, of Armagh, in Hollis St. Feb. 1802 p. 128
Browne, Geo. Joseph, Templemore, co. Tipperary=Conyngham, Miss, Manor Hamilton, co. Derry Dec. 1800 p. 379
Browne, Georgina=Blake, Charles ii 1790 p. 192
Browne, Henry, Browne's Fort, co .Mayo=Sewell, Miss, d. of Henry June 1800 p. 381
Browne, J., Capel St.=Binns, Miss, n. to John Pemberton, Mount Olive, co. Dublin Nov. 1808 p. 704
Browne, Jas., of Gloves=Burke, Miss, d. of Jas., Isserchaim, both of co. Galway July 1777 p. 512
Browne, hon. Jas. Caufield, e.s. Earl of Kilmaine=Cavendish, hon Miss, d. of Sir Henry, Bt., and Lady Waterpark Aug. 1793 p. 191
Browne, Jane=Greene, Fran.Wm. 1786 p. 504
Browne, Jane=Smith, John 1808 p. 640
Browne, John, Moyne=Dolphin, Margaret, daughter of John, at Turo, co. Galway Feb. 1790 p. 192
Browne, John, Ardskea=Browne, Anne, d. of Michael at Clonkeely, co. Galway Nov. 1790 p. 480
Browne, John, inspector of stamp duties=Walsh, Miss, e.d. of Philip, Fiddown, n. to Peter, Belline, co. Kilkenny, at Fiddown, by Rev. Mr. Sands Dec. 1809 p. 762
Browne, Margt.=Wedderburne, Sir David, Bt. ii 1800 p. 255
Browne, Margt.=Fitzgerald, Edw. 1806 p. 125
Browne, Nich, Mount Hazel, co. Galway=Burke, E, y.d. of Sir Thomas, Bt., of Marble Hill, said co. Feb. 1804 p. 127
Browne, Peter=Ennis, Miss Aug 1788 p. 448
Browne, Philip, Belmont, co. Mayo=Fox, Miss, e.d. of Francis, Foxhall Nov. 1800 p. 319
Browne, Lt.-Col. Robt., 12th Dragoons, n. of Lord Frankfort=Clayton, Miss, only d. of sir Rhd., Bt., of Addington Jan 1804 p. 62
Browne, Ruth=Adamson, Lt. ii 1800 p. 191
Browne, Thos., Newtown, co. Galway=Marshall, Mrs., r. of Simon, late collr. Port of Galway Apr. 1780 p. 232
Browne, Thomas, jr=Jones, Miss, at Galway Nov. 1792 p. 480
Browne, Val., e.s. of Visct. Kenmare [after Sir Valentine Brown, Bt., cr. 1798, Baron Castlerosse and Visct. Kenmare: 1801: Visct. and Earl of Castlerosse, I., one of the 18 peers cr. before Union=1. Dillon, Charlotte, d. of Henry, Visct. of Costello Gallen, in 1777, she d. 1782]=2. Aylmer, Mary, 1st d. of Michael, of Lyons, co. Kildare, at Lyons Aug. [1785?] 1783 p. 504
Browne, Wm., Brownhill, co. Carlow=Burke, Lady Charlotte, d. of Archbp. Tuam, Earl Mayo, in Merrion Street, by Bp. of Killaloe Aug. 1793 p. 191
Browne, Rev. Wm=Auchinlock, Miss Belfast Nov. 1808 p. 704
Browne, Wm., Londonderry Militia=Bennett, Elizabeth, only d. of John, co. Limerick June 1809 p. 376

Brownlow, Lt. Col. Chas., 57th Foot, s. of rt. hon. Wm=Ashe, Miss, e.d. of Benj., of Bath, at Bath mar. 1785 p. 168
Brownlow, Wm. s. of late rt. hon. Wm., Kt. of Shire, co. Armagh=Ford, Miss, d. of Mr., Seaford, co. Down Mar. 1795 p. 288

No entries

Brydges, John, W.H., Wotten Court, co. Kent=Beresford, Lady Isabella Ann, d. of late Marq. of Waterford, at Marybone Church, by Bp. of Raphoe Apr. 1812 p. 191

Buchanan, Rev. Thos.=Allen, Miss, d. of late Aldm. Apr. 1790 p. 382

Buckley, Dr.=Barry, Miss, Cold Harbour Dec. 1782 p. 664
Buckley, Miss=Hams, Rbt. i 1798 p. 383
Buckley, Rhd., Capel St.=Farrell, Marg., Dorset St., Aug. 1808 p. 511

Buckworth, Lt. Jno., e.s. Sir Jno., Bt.=Vaughan, Mrs., r. of Mr., d. of Edw. Buckworth, Herne Sep. 1800 p. 191

Bunbury, Thos.=Green, Miss., d. of Michael, of Greenmount, co. Tipperary June 1790 p. 576

Burchall, Lt. [John, Ensign, Sept. 29, 1760, Lt. May 20 1762], 48th Regt=Moore, Miss Sep. 1772 p. 512

Burges, John Henry, Woodpark, co. Armagh=Johnston, Miss, d. of Sir Rhd., Bt., at Gilford, co. Down Feb. 1794 p. 192

Burgh, Capt. Thos., of Artillery=Aigoin, Miss, d. of David, of Jervais St. Mar. 1775 p. 255
Burgh, Thos., Oldtown, M.P., Harristown=Gardiner, Miss, s. to Luke May 1784 p. 280

Burke, John, Tyaquin, co. Galway=Lambert, Eliza, d. of Chas., of Cregolan, of same co. 3 Sep 1774 p. 629
Burke, John J., of Dublin=O'Reilly, Miss d. of late B., Ballymares, co. Longford Apr. 1807 p. 255
Burke, Patrick, Derryhoile, co. Galway=Nash, Miss, Stephen's Green, Feb. 1806 p. 126
Burke, Ulick, Portumney, co. Rosocmmon=Darcy, Miss, Stedalt, co. Meath Sep. 1777 p. 639
Burke, Walter, of Burkerrew, co. Tiperary=Shea, B., d. of John Nov. 1788 p. 616

Burne, Edward, Burnebrooke=Dowdall, Elizabeth, at Kilteevan, co. Roscommon Feb. 1791 p. 192
Burne, Miss=Jefferson, James 1809 p. 320
Burne, Miss=Hawkey, Rev. ii 1790 p. 96

Burnes, Lt., 71st Foot=Coates, Miss, d. of Thos., Ballinnason, co. Kildare July 1809 p. 432

Burns, Elizabeth=Thomson, John 1807 p. 639

Burside, Capt.=Smyth, Miss, d. of late Capt., of Waterford, at Galway Dec 1794 p. 568

Burton, hon. Fran. Nath., bro. to Earl Conyngham=Lawless, hon. Miss, d. of late Lord Cloncurry, in Merrion Row June 1801 p. 384

Bushell, James, Ballvanghen, co. Tipperary=Corbett, Rebecca, d. of James June 1794 p. 568

Butler, Edward, Grafton St.=Stone, Miss, Durrow, co. Kilkenny Oct. 1804 p. 639
Butler, Mich., printer &c., High st., Kilkenny=Maher, Miss, d. of Dom., of Irish town, same co. Apr. 1779 p. 256

Byrne, Edwd., of Mullinaback=Roe, Miss, step-d. of E. Clonmell, n. to Visct. Landaff July 1797 p. 95
Byrne, James, Carrick-on-Suir=Roe, Miss, d. of Petre, Fitzwilliam Sq., s. lic. by Rev. Mr. Pidgeon Apr. 1805 p. 254
Byrne, John Tyrell, Ballymakerly, co. Roscommon=O'Beirne, Miss, Jamestown, co. Leitrim Sep. 1791 p. 288
Byrne, John, Dublin=Clancy, Miss, d. of late Matt., of Limerick Jan. 1803 p. 64
Byrne, Joseph, Bride St=Larkin, Miss, Essex St. Aug. 1805 p. 511
Byrne, Pierce, Cloverhill, co. Cavan=Brady, Miss, Carregallen, co. Leitrim July 1805 p. 446

Brynne, Robt., City of Dublin=Clinton, Miss, d. of John, of Goose Green, co. Dublin Feb. 1801 p. 127

Byron, Miss=Moriarty, L.T. 1806 p. 320
Byron, Sam., Surveyor City Dublin=Church, Miss, Peter St. Oct. 1787 p. 560

Cahill, Fran.=Bourke, Miss, both of City Dublin, at Thurles, co. Tipperary Dec. 1785 p. 670

Caldcutt, Lt. 5th Dragoons Gds.=McNamara, Dorinda, d. of Francis, Dodlan, co. Clare, at Galway, Oct. 1807 p. 640

Calderwood, Wm. =Rafferty, Lucy, both of Little Mary St. July 1805 p. 445

Caldwell, Major=Hamilton, Miss, Kildare St. June 1774 p. 366
Caldwell, Miss=Crawford, David ii 1791 p. 288
Caldwell, Miss=Belmore, Visct. i 1794 p. 384
Caldwell, Sir John, Bt., of Castle Caldwell, co. Fermanagh, and Court of Miian, in Sacred Roman Empire=Meynell, Harriet, d. of Hugh, of Yorkshire, at Queen's Sq. Chapel, Bath 16 May 1789 p. 391
Caldwell, John, Magherafelt, co. Derry=Leckey, Mary, Agivy, same co. June 1791 p. 568

Callaghan, Miss=Longfield, Rbt. 1778 p. 248
Callaghan, Miss=Henry, Wm. 1809 p. 375
Callaghan, Malachy, Upper St., Gardiner St.=Sullivan, Miss, Knockduff, co. Cork, at Cork (25 Jan.) Mar. 1808 p. 191

Calvery, Anthony, Carrick on Suir= Costello, Miss, Welbec St., in London Jan. 1807 p. 64

Campbell, Capt. Douglas=Gray, Widow, of Molesworth St. May 1777 p. 376
Campbell, Capt. John=Martin, Miss, of Mecklinburgh St. Nov. 1776 p. 792
Campbell, John, Clontarff=M'Mahon, Miss Abbey Feb. 1781 p. 112
Campbell, Michael, Parkstown, co. Meath=Dowdall, Miss, d. of Geo., Causetown, in said co. July 1805 p. 445
Campbell, Capt. Wm, 24th Foot=Kelly, Miss, of Armagh, at Violet Hill, co. Armagh May 1788 p. 280

Cane, Miss=Leslie, Mr. 1773 p. 448
Cane, Miss=Molesworth, Capt. Robt. 1776 p. 288
Cane, Annabella=Walker, Capt. Fdk. 1808 p. 191
Cane, Eliza=Jones, hon. John 1808 p. 192
Cane, Rev. Rbt. Erskine=Poole, Dora, in Cork July 1801 p. 447

Canning, Geo., M.P.=Scott, Miss, y.d. and co h. to Genl., s. to Marchioness of Tichfield Aug. 1800 p. 127
Canning, James, Ballymacarett=Brady, Ann, Saltwater-bridge Oct. 1808 p. 640
Canning, Paul=Spence, Jane, Dominick St. 20 July 1776 p. 504

Cannon, Thos., Moygaddy, co. Meath=Aylmer, Bridget, d. of chas. of Grange, co. Kildare Oct 1775 p. 630

Canny, Miss=Murphy, John ii 1796 p. 287

Cantillon, Mich., Castle Roberts, co. Limerick=Brown, Miss, d. of John, Mount Brown Apr. 1803 p. 255

Cantrell, Wm., Mount Mellick, Queen's co.=Hill, Miss, of Cappagh, same co. June 1777 p. 440

Carbey John, Carbery, co. Kildare=Walsh, Effy, of Cloncurry Jan. 1780 p. 34

Carden, Miss=Mann, Thos. Henry 1775 p. 255
Carden, Arthur=Kemmis, Miss Mar. 1801 p. 191
Carden, John Craven, Templemore, co. Tipperary=Pomeroy, Mary, d. of Arthur, M.P. for co. Kildare 26 Jan 1776 p. 143
Carden, Sir John Craven, Bt., Templemore, co. Tipperary=Westenra, Miss, d. of Henry, Dominick St. Mar. 1788 p. 166
Carden, John, Cardenstown, co. Tipperary=Bolton, Eliza, y.d. of Theophilus, at seat of rt. hon. John Monck Mason, at Thornhill, nr. Barry. Oct. 1789 p. 560
Carden, Maria=Despard, Geo. 1788 p. 560
Carden, Sophia=Chadwick, Wm. 1783 p. 224

Cardwell, Wm., Clanmore=Atkinson, Letitia, y.d. of Wolsey, Portadown, co. Armagh July 1804 p. 447

Carew, Rbt., co. Kilkenny=Boyle, Miss July 1771 p. 336

Carey, Capt. 1st Regt. Foot=Brocas, Harriet June 1771 p. 280
Carey, Miss=Boswell, James 1802 p. 320
Carey, Miss=Daly, Dan., M.D. 1779 p. 711
Carey, Mr., co. Londonderry=Grayson, Miss, d. of Anthy., in Linen-hall St. Apr 1770 p. 256
Carey, Miss=Foley, David ii 1792 p. 384
Carey, Miss=O'Rielly, Edmd. 1784 p. 112
Carey, A.=Grant, Rev. Alex. ii 1792 p. 192
Carey, Almeria=Digby, Rev. Wm. ii 1800 p. 191
Carey, Dolly=Boyle, Sam. 1780 p. 76
Carey, Rev. Edw., Munsin=Smith, Maria, Purfield, both co. Wexford 20 June 1780 p. 352
Carey, hon. and rev. Francis, R. of Abbot Bromley, Staffs.=Ormsby, Jane, 2nd d. of James, of Dawson St. Oct. 1796 p. 384
Carey, Rev. Geo.=Newburgh, Miss, e.d. of Wm., at Drumcairn, co. Wexford 22 Feb 1775 p. 254
Carey, Henry John, William St.=Verring, Eliza, d. of Watkin William, of French St. Nov. 1803 p. 703
Carey, Rev. Lucius, Red-castle, Londonderry=Kelly, Eliza Nov. 1811 p. 592
Carey, Susannah=Jefferyes, john 1773 p. 616
Carey, Thos., Dereleigh, co. Tipperary=Harden, Miss, d. of late Sam., Commira, in said co. July 1808 p. 447
Carey, W.P., painter, engraver and printer of National Evening Star=Lennon, Miss, of Grafton St. May 1792 p. 480

No entries

No entries

Carlon, Patrick, Tanner=Hay, Miss, both Drogheda Nov. 1811 p. 592

No entries

Carpenter, Hugh, Eden Hill=Ward, Miss, d. of late Rev. Geo. ,at Roskein, nr. Mallow Feb. 1790 p. 192

Carrick, Gilbert, printer, Wood St.=Grattan, Catherine, co. Kildare July 1804 p. 447

Carroll, Ephraim, bar.-at-law, M.P. boro of Fethard=Doherty, Miss, d. of late John, of Aungier St. Sep 1789 p. 504
Carroll, Rbt., Cavendish Row=Conolly, Miss, same place oct. 1806 p. 640

Carruthers, Lt., 61st Foot=Madden, Jane, y.d. of late Wm., of co. Dublin, at Cork Feb. 1793

Cartland, Jas.=McMahon, Widow Aug. 1782 p. 448

No entries

Casey, Miss=Moylan, Dennis 1804 p. 383
Casey, James, Bloomsgrove, co. Cork=Chatterton, Miss, d. of late Thos., at Glanmire Church, nr. Cork July 1808 p. 447
Casey, John=Gunnell, B., d. of late T., of and in Cork Nov. 1803 p. 703

No entries

Cassidy, Miss=Coogan, James 1806 p. 126
Cassidy, Miss=Stoit, Fred 1803 p. 702
Cassidy, Mark, Derry co. Monaghan=Hussey, Mary Anne, Abbey St. Feb. 1777 p. 144

Caufield, Lt., 24th Foot=Nicholson, Christiana, e.d. of John, Stratmore, co. Down May 1807 p. 319

Cavendish, hon. F., 2nd s. of Sir Henry, Bt.=Gore, Lady Elinor, 3rd d. of E. of Arran, s. to Marchioness of Abercorn July 1801 p. 447
Cavendish, Jas.=Coote, Moore Aug. 1773 p. 448

Cawthorne, Mr.=Brennan, Angel, in Linen-hall St. Dec. 1802 p. 764

Chadwick, Wm., Ballinard, co. Tipperary=Carden, Sophia, Bermane, same co. Apr. 1783 p. 224

Chalderton, Capt., 27th Foot=Green, Miss, d. of Lt.-general Sir Wm., at Plumstead, Kent Jan 1798 p. 96

Chambers, Surgeon=Alcock, Mary Anne, in Wexford Nov. 1786 p. 616
Chambers, Miss=Brown, Thos. 1807 p. 575
Chambers, Miss=Humphreys, Chas. 1789 p. 280
Chambers, Miss=Isham, Vere ii 1799 p. 216
Chambers, Lt., 6th Dragoons=Lowe, Miss, of Athlone. Feb. 1798 p. 191
Chambers, Miss=McDonald, Major John ii 1799 p. 360
Chambers, Miss=Sparrow, Wm. i 1800 p. 319
Chambers, Miss=Thomas, John 1771 p. 512
Chambers, Miss=Trevor, Hugh 1789 p. 168
Chambers, Anne=Connolly, Capt. 1779 p. 64
Chambers, Bell=Younge, Lt. 1787 p. 560
Chambers, Edward Elliott, Trim=Carston, Eliza, d. of Mr. Forstertown Dec. 1801 p. 363
Chambers, J.T., Aungrier St.=Praval, Miss, of Platanu Jan. 1796 p. 96

Chatterton, Miss=Casey, Jas. 1808 p. 447
Chatterton, Jas., K.C., M.P. borough of Doneraile=Lane, Miss, d. of Abraham, in Cork Dec. 1784 p. 744

Cherry, Rbt.=Dalton, Cath., d. of Thos Mar. 1800 p. 192

No entries

Clancy, Mr., Limerick=Burke, Mary Anne, Chambers St., Dublin June 1809 p. 376
Clancy, Miss=Byrne, John 1803 p. 64
Clancy, Miss=Massey, Wm. i 1791 p. 480

Clark, rev.=Nesbit, Miss Nov 1772 p. 624
Clark, Abercrombie, Peter=Clark, Eliza, d. of Percival, Ballinla, King's co. Sep 1796 p. 287
Clark, Eliza=Clark, A.P. ii 1796 p. 287
Clark, Fdk=Boland, Eliza, d. of late John, at Cork Oct. 1791 p. 384
Clark, J., jr.=Kenny, Miss, d. of Courtney, co. Mayo April 1801 p. 255
Clark, Thomas, Custom House, Dublin=Field, Miss, Drogheda Dec. 1791 p. 568
Clark, rev. Thos., Curate of the church=Ahy, Mary, y.d. of late Rhd. at Rufford church Dec. 1808 p. 763
Clark, Wm., Bantry=Walsh, Miss, Bandon, at Cork Jan. 1805 p. 62

Clarke, Rev. Raphoe=Nesbit, Miss Nov. 1772 p. 624
Clarke, Miss=Usher, Rev. 1784 p. 680
Clarke, Miss=Otwell, Wm. ii 1790 p. 192
Clarke, Miss=Sampson, Wm. ii 1790 p. 288
Clarke, Miss=Cook, Rev. Dr. ii 1799 p. 424
Clarke, Miss=Williams, Charles i 1790 p. 286
Clarke, Miss=Pollock, Wm., i 1791 p. 104
Clarke, Miss=Armstrong, Major Alex 1802 p. 639
Clarke, Miss=Worthington, rev. W. i 1800 p. 192
Clarke, Miss=Fitzroy, hon, Lt.-col. Wm 1801 p. 384
Clarke, Miss=Russell, Rbt. 1802 p. 639
Clarke, Miss=Gibney, James 1805 p. 445
Clarke, Mrs. Arabella=Leich, Geo 1806 p. 640
Clarke, Chas., Waterford=Corbett, Louisa, of and in Tipperary Mar. 1808 p. 191
Clarke, Chas. of Waterford=Boyd, Miss, s. to Mr. , coll. of customs at Wexford, md. at that place June 1802 p. 384
Clarke, Charlotte, Dickson, Geo. 1805 p. 511
Clarke, Cath.=Bell, Andrew 1787 p. 336
Clarke, Henry,attorney=Carter, Mrs., d. of Rhd., Phepoe Sep. 1777 p. 639
Clarke, Jesse=Pollock, A.H.C. 1811 p. 336
Clarke, J., 9th Light Dragoons=Buchanan, Catherine, s. of Capt. , Prospect, Westport, col Mayo Oct. 1807 p. 639
Clarke, John Read, Rutland, co. Dublin, s. of Benj., of Cullens Wood=Roe, Miss, d. of Peter, Fitzwilliam Sq. Aug. 1808 p. 511
Clarke, Joseph, M.D., Gt. Britain St.=Cleghorn, Isabella n. of Dr. Geo. April 1786 p. 224
Clarke, Maria=McKieman, Jas., M.D. 1776 p. 648
Clarke, Nich., Gt. Britain St.=Keating, Eliza, d. of Patrick, of same street June 1812 p. 279
Clarke, Polly=Clarke, Wm. 1771 p. 512
Clarke, Rebecca=Bird, Wm. i 1795 p. 96
Clarke, Rev. Sam, s. of Jervoise, M.P.=Griffinhoose, Miss., Mar. 1799 p. 208
Clarke, Wm. =Clarke, Polly, at Portarlington Oct. 1771 p. 512
Clarke, Wm.=Pollock, Miss, at Belfast June 1808 p. 383
Clarke, Wm., s. of Edw., Palmerstown=Wilcocks, Sarah, e.d. of Rhd., of the said place Jan. 1812 p. 48

Cleaver, Rev. Dr., Chaplain Marq. Buckingham=Wynne, Miss, d. of right hon. Owen, n. to Earl of Farnham, and Bishop of Meath May 1788 p. 280

Cleland, rev. John, Newtownwards=Jackson, Miss, e.d. of S., Mount Pleasant Feb. 1806 p. 125

Clement, Harriett=Holder, W.H.M. 1789 p. 447

Clements, Miss=Kearns, Rev. 1777 p. 376
Clements, Miss=Fleming, Wm. i 1798 p. 96
Clements, Miss=Milner, Mr. 1803 p. 447
Clements, Lady Charlotte=Sydney, Lord 1802 p. 384
Clements, Hy. Theoph., Kt. of Shire, co. Leitrim, dep. vice treas. of Ireland=Beresford, Miss, d. of John, n. to Earl of Tyrone Aug. 1778 p. 480

Clifford, Amelia=Barker, Wm. 1807 p. 575
Clifford, Edward Southwell, Lord De=Bourke, Lady Mary Elizabeth, d. of Joseph Deane, 3rd Earl of Mayo, archbp. of Tuam [in parish of St. Anne's Dublin, 19 Feb.] Mar 1789 p. 168
Clifford, Lt. R. of Carlow Regt. = French, Miss, d. of late Archdn., of co. Galwya jan. 1809 p. 64
Clifford, Wm., 6th Dragoons=Cormick, Jane, d. of Rhd. at Galway May 1800 p. 320

Clinton, Miss=Byrnne, Robt. 1801 p. 127
Clinton, Lady A.M.=Cotton, Sir Rbt. S., Bt. 1801 p. 127
Clinton, Lady Cath.=Folkstone, Visct. ii 1800 p. 319
Clinton, John, Usher's-Quay=Fitzpatrick, Mrs., Abbey St. Oct 1805 p. 639

Clohesy, Martha=Trousdell, Lt. Rhd 1807 p. 384

No entries

Clune, Lt. of 63rd Regt.=Boyd, Miss, e.d. of Capt. of same Regt., at Belfast Nov. 1863 p. 703

Coates, Thomas, Ballanasa, co. Kildare=Browne, Miss, d. of Nicholas, of Greg's, same co. June 1788 p. 336

Cochran, Rev.=Moore, Eliza, d. of Chas. of Straughroy, co. Tyrone, at Omagh Mar. 1782 p. 168
Cochran, John=Orr, Sarah, both of Londonderry Dec. 1804 p. 763

Codd, Thomas, printer, Gt. Britain, St.=O'Brien, Miss, 3rd d. of Bryan, Ballinvally, co. Carlow, Oct 1804 p. 639

Coddington, Nicholas, of Farm=Barry, Miss, d. of Gaynor, s. to Visctss, Allen July 1793 p. 96

No entries

Coffee, Thos., baker, co. Meath=Hughes, Mrs. Sidney, of Temple Bar Apr. 1802 p. 256

Colclough, Henry, 67th Regt.=Crawford, Miss, d. of Alex., of Millford, n. to Sir Guy Carleton, K.B. May 1783 p. 280

Cole, Darby, Kilbride Pass, co. Westmeath=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Walter, Blackwater Bridge, co. Meath Feb. 1809 p. 127

Coleman, John=Hayes, Miss, at Corke Sep 1771 p. 448

Colles, Rev. =Leslie, Miss at Cork Apr. 1782 p. 224

Collett, John James, of Newtonlimavady=Sheridan, Mary, d. of Henry, of Longwood, co. Donegal Mar. 1801 p. 191
Collett, Rhd.=Newson, Jane, d. of late Solomon, at Cork Feb. 1806 p. 125

Colley,John, aet.80, co. Wexford=Bolland, Miss, aet. 16 July 1771 p. 336

Collier, Edw.=Stokes, Delia, Merrion Sq. Jan 1774 p. 60

Colethurst, Miss=Cottrell, F.E. ii 1793 p, 192
Colthurst, Lady=Gray, Major ii 1798 p. 656
Colthurst, rev. Chas., bro. Sir Nich. Conway, Bt.=Hamilton, E., d. and co.-h of late Jas., of Castlefin, co. Donegal Nov. 1788 p. 616

No entries

Comeford, Edmund=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Dennis, Thos., on Merchants' Quay, Dublin Dec. 1784 p. 744

No entries

Conner, John, co. Donegal=Shrewbridge, Miss, d. of Capt., of 3rd Foot Sept. 1787 p. 504
Conner, Judith=Blake, S. 1784 p. 744
Conner, Miss=Armstrong, Thos. ii 1800 p. 191
Conner, Widow=Cusack, Capt. i 1791 p. 480
Conner, Miss=Donnett, Thos. i 1797 p. 96
Conner, Miss=Lloyde, rev. edw. i 1794 p. 287
Conner, Miss=White, Henry 1789 p. 560
Conner, Catherine=Maitland, Capt. R.N. 1804 p. 383
Conner, Edward=White, Miss, Chapelizod, co. Dublin Feb. 1791 p. 192
Conner, Jas=Lockhart, E., of Hillsboro June 1808 p. 383
Conner, Jane Louisa=Pellegrini, P.A. 1804 p. 383
Conner, Margt.=O'Reilly, Dowell 1775 p. 319
Conner, Patrick, Inch, near Balbriggan=Byrne, Miss, of same place Apr. 1806 p. 255
Cnner, Thos., Edenderry, King's co.=Dunk, Peggy, Newberry, co. Kildare Oct. 1782 p. 552
Conner, Val. Batchelor's Walk=Moore, Mary, Mount Brown June 1775 p. 437
Conner, Wm.=Grant, Miss, d. of Thos., of Kilmurry, at Lismore July 1777 p. 512
Conner, Brabazon, Cloyne=Beasley, Mary, d. of Jeffery, of Cork Jan. 1790 p. 96

Conney, Mr.=Finn, Miss, at Athenry, co. Galway Apr. 1802 p. 256

Connolly, Capt. Royal Irish Foot=Chambers, Anne, of Athy Jan. 1779 p. 64
Connolly, Cornet=Myhill, Miss, at Flood Hall Nov. 1782 p. 608
Connolly, Anne=Dowling, Mr. 1786 p. 616
Connolly, James, Stephen's Green=Feeling, Miss, Apr. 1808 p. 256
Connolly, P.C., Crafton St.=Moore, Miss, Nassau. St Apr. 1805 p. 254

Connor [bride index lists Conner], Thos., Edenderry, King's co.=Dunn, Peggy, Newberry, co. Kildare Oct. 1782 p. 552

Conolly, Miss=Carroll, Rbt. 1806 p. 640
Conolly, Miss=Fitzgerald, Geo. R. 1781 p. 562
Conolly, Mrs.=Hone, Camillus 1807 p. 639
Conolly, Cath.=Field, J. 1807 p. 703

Conran, Jas.=Walsh, Miss of Mullingar Dec 1772 p. 676

No entries

Considine, Eliza=Riordan, Simon, M.D.1804 p. 575

Conway, Miss=Villiers, Lord 1772 p. 112
Conway, Fdk. Wm.=McEmry, miss, Dawson St. July 1811 p. 392
Conway, Lady J.R.S.=Hatton, Geo. 1785 p. 616
Conway, James, Grafton St.=Carberry, Eleanor, Aungier St. June 1803 p. 383
Conway, Luke, aet. 84=Murphy, Widow, aet 76, at Kilkenny (the third wife of one and fourth husband of other) Sep 1796 p. 287
Conway, Mary=Sandys, John 1796 p. 287
Conway, Robt., of Limerick=Green, Mrs., r. of Godfrey, Clonadromin, same co. Dec. 1807 p. 763

Coogan, James=Cassidy, Miss, both of Liexlip Feb. 1806 p. 126

Cook, Rev. Dr., fellow Oriel College, Oxford=Clarke, Miss, d. of late Dr., Provost of same Dec. 1799 p. 424

Cooke, John=Smyth, Miss 30 July 1794 p. 663

Cooper, Lord=Lamb, hon. Miss. y.d. of Lord Melbourne, at whose house in Whitehall they were married Aug. 1805 p. 511
Cooper, James=Keys, Widow, both of and at Strabane, by Rev. Mr. Hamilton. 9 Dec 1810 p. 571
[The groom was 90 and the bride 30. Owing to infirmity the bridegroom had to be supported to the altar by a gentleman barber. The ceremony was witnessed by 300 or 400 spectators, and the conclusion was announced by several volleys of musketry; a lady who rejected him is reported very melancholy.]

Coote, Miss=Bathurst, rev. Dr. 1780 p. 520
Coote, Chas., Mountcook=Oliver, Elizabeth, of Coolmore 3 Apr 1775 p. 255
Coote, Rev. Dr. [Chas.], dean Kilsenora=Bathurst, [Catherine], [married at St. George's, Hanover Sq., July 1, lic. Witnesses, "Apsley" and Mary Coote, Purdon] 1 July 1771 p. 336
Coote, Chas.=Helden, Sarah, 2nd d. of Michael, at Rescarrol, co. Cork Feb. 1777 p. 144
Coote, Chidley, of Mount. Coote=Hewitt, Miss, d. of hon. W.W., n. to Visct. Lifford Sep 1797 p. 287
Coote, Lt.-col Eyre=Creach [sic. female index has CREAGH], Miss, d. of Michael, at Rescarrol, co. Cork Feb. 1777 p. 144
Coote, Miss Moore=Cavendish, Jas. 1773 p. 448
Coote, Capt. Wm., R.N.=Saunders, Barbara Henrietta of Gardiner's Place Aug. 1808 p. 511

Cope, Geo., Castledermot=Howe, Miss, of Carlow Dec. 1773 p. 736

Coppinger, Edmond, of Rossmore=Shea, Miss, d. of Luke Sep. 1801 p. 515

Corbally, J., Trinity Place=Brennan, Miss, Fishamble St. 17 Aug 1811 p. 448

Corbet, Miss=O'Brien, Capt. William ii 1797 p. 287
Corbet, Rev., n. to Marq. of Bute=King, Anne, y.d. of late Thomas, of Cassington, co. Leicester Nov. 1798 p. 815

Corbett, Miss=Shaw, Barnet 1779 p. 128
Corbett, John=Pigott, Anne, 2nd d. of Rev. Wm., Egmond Mar. 1800 p. 192
Corbett, Louisa=Clarke, Chas. 1808 p. 191
Corbett, REbecca=Bushell, Jas. i 1794 p. 568

Corcoran, Thos. of Clonard=Grady, Miss (the most amiable and much admired), of Longwood, Feb. 1802 p. 128

Cordwell, Henry=Gage, Miss, cous. to Visct. Gage Feb. 1799 p. 136

Cormack, Miss=Keefe, Daniel i 1790 p. 192

Cormick, Miss=Lynch, Mark ii 1792 p. 568
Cormick, Jane=Clifford, Wm. i 1800 p. 320
Cormick, Mary=O'Reilly, Jas 1786 p. 672

Corneille, Daniel=Stewart, Miss, d. of Chas. Ross, of E.I. Co.'s Service June 1796 p. 568
Corneille, John, bar.-at-law=Ormsby, Miss, d. of J., of Dawson St. June 1796 p. 568

Corrigan, Miss=Thompson, John 1801 p. 191
Corrigan, Miss=Walsh, Peter 1803 p. 703

Corry, Thos. Chas. Stuart, of Rockcorry, co Monaghan=Dillon, Anne, 2nd d. of Sir John, Lismullen Sep 1804 p. 575

Costello, hon. Mrs.=Metge, Lt. John 1777 p. 640
Costello, Miss=Calwey, Anth. 1807 p. 64 [Note: Calvery in Groom index]
Costello, Thomas, Gurteen, co. Sligo=Stafford, Katherine, at Draindoe, co. Roscommon May 1795 p. 480

Costigan, James, South Gt. George St.=Smyth, Miss, North King St. May 1810 p. 288

Cotter, Barry, Flintfield=Hayes, Miss, d. of late Joseph, Cork July 1805 p. 446
Cotter, Rogerson, M.P. for boro. Charleville=Grady, Miss Sep 1794 p. 288

Cotton, Sir Rbt., Salsbury, Bt.=Clinton, Lady Anna Maria Pelham, s. to Duke of Newcastle, at Clumber Park Feb. 1801 p. 127

Cottrell, Francis Edws., Ballydulca=Colethurst, Miss, d. of Wallace, nr. Cork Aug. 1793 p. 192

Coulton, Capt., 36th Foot=Ormsby, Cath., y.d. of Capt. Henry mar. 1808 p. 191

Courtney, Miss=Wetherall, Rhd. 1778 p. 248
Courtney, hon. Anne=Annesley, hon. Geo. ii 1790 p. 576
Courtney, E.R.=Boyd, Miss, d. of Hugh, of and at Newry Mar. 1806 p. 191
Courtney, Henrietta=Thynne, Lord George ii 1797 p. 95
Courtney, Lt. Henry, Royal Devonshire Militia=Seaver, Catherine, only d. of Chas., of Phoenixfield, Mournes, co. Down Sep. 1796 p. 287
Courtney, John, Grange co. Tyrone=Hogg, Mary, Ivy Lodge, same co. Apr. 1807 p. 255
Courtney, Peter, Ballinrobe=Garnett, ann  same pl. Apr. 1721 p. 383
Courtney, hon. Sophia=Foy, Capt. 1805 p. 62
Courtney, Wm. [s. as 11th Earl of Devon, 1835, of Lincoln's Inn]=Leslie, Lady harriet, d. of Sir Lucas Pepys, Bt., and Ctss. of Rothes. [Nov. 29] Dec. 1804 p. 763 At St. George's Han. Sq., lic. Witnesses, Chas. Leslie, Will Waller Pepys, "Leslie", and Elizabeth Courtney.
Courtney, Wm. of G.P. O.=Tuke, Miss, d. of J., of co. Wicklow Feb. 1806 p. 126

Cox, Rev.=Hogan, Miss Sep 1784 p. 552
Cox, Lt. Sir Rhd., Bt., 68th Foot=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Cap.,n. to Earl of Inchiquin 2 Feb. 1780 p. 120
Cox, Joseph, Killala, co. Mayo=Brown, Sarah 1 June 1780 p. 325
Cox, Wm., Ballynoe, co. Limerick=Scanlon, Miss, .d of Michael, Ballynaha July 1796 p. 96

Coyne, Miss=McDowall, Surgeon 1772 p. 456
Coyne, George, Holleywell, co. Clare=Lysaght, Miss, d. of James, killcoran, said co. Sep. 1791 p. 288
Coyne, Thos.=Flood, Miss Rose, Kilgavny, co. Westmeath June 1774 p. 430

Crampton, Capt. John, late 4th Horse, 2nd s. of Ald. Philip=King, Miss, d. of Croker, famous surgeon Dec 1784 p. 744

Crauford, W.K., M.D., of Hotwell, Bristol=O'Connor, Emily, 2nd d. of Sir Patrick, of Cork, at Clifton July 1801 p. 447

Crawford, Miss=Armstrong, Martin 1788 p. 616
Crawford, Lieut-col., 98th Foot=Bernard, Miss, n. to Bishop of Limerick, at the Cape Mar. 1800 p. 192
Crawford, Miss=Colclough, Hy. 1783 p. 280
Crawford, Miss=Goslin, Arthur 1804 p. 575
Crawford, Miss=Manly, Capt.1805 p. 255
Crawford, Miss=Munsell, Peter 1788 p. 280
Crawford, Mrs.=Peachy, Major-gen. ii 1797 p. 95
Crawford, Miss=Ramsden, Rev. 1786 p. 504
Crawford, Dr., Westmeath Militia=Thompson, Miss, Ardkill Aug. 1805 p. 511
Crawford, Miss=Savage, Francis ii 1795 p. 480
Crawford, Andrew, Langham, co. Longford=Handy, Eliza, d. of Dam., Bracca Castle, co. Westmeath June 1803 p. 383
Crawford, Ann Smyly=Hamilton, rev. A 1806 p. 63
Crawford, Anne=Alexander, Jas. 1774 p. 694
Crawford, Col (Lt. Gen. Sir Chas. gregan, K.C.B.)=Newcastle (Anna Maria Stanhope, 5th d. of Earl of Harrington) Duchess of [r. of Thos. Pelham Clinton, 3rd duke, md. at her mother's house, Curzon St., Hanover Sq.] at Chamber Park, co. Notts. [7 Feb] 1800 p. 192
Crawford, David, Ballyshannon=Caldwell, Miss, Tullybrooke, co. Donegal Sep. 1791 p. 288
Crawford, Frances=Swayne, rev. J 1812 p. 279
Crawford, Hugh=Venables, Elizabeth, d. of Thos., in Londonderry Oct. 1787 p. 560
Crawford, Jas.=Maxwell, Miss, at Omagh, co. Tyrone Mar. 1774 p. 172
Crawford, John, Balintober, co Tipperary=Bland, Miss, d. of John, Blandsfort, Queen's co. Dec. 1787 p. 672
Crawford, John, Violet Lodge, co. Kildare=Vincent, Miss, n. and h. to late Rhd., of Oristown, co. Meath, at Oakley, seat of rev. Jason Crawford Aug. 1807 p. 511
Crawford, Maria=Duncan, Rbt. i 1800 p. 256
Crawford, Mary=Gordon, David 1789 p. 504
Crawford, Matthew, of Isle of Rathaspick, co. Longford=Hicks, Margaret, Creta, co. Roscommon June 1790 p. 576
Crawford, Rbt., Newton Stewart, co. Tyrone=Rose, Jane, late of Tullamore, King's co. Dec. 1792 p. 568
Crawford, Thos. Termoyle, co. Tipperary=Carroll, Miss, of Emill, King's co. at Neuagh, co. Tipperary Feb. 1790 p. 592
Crawford, W.H.=Hutchinson, Miss. d. of Ephriam, Harcourt St. July 1805 p. 445

Crawley, Mr., Newcastle=Johnston, Mary, of same place Sep. 1781 p. 504
Crawley, Geo., Drogheda=Hamill, Miss, s. of Roger Sep. 1809 p. 544

Creagh, Miss=Stawell, Wm 1775 p. 144
Creagh, Miss=Coote, Lt. col. Eyre 1777 p. 255
Creagh, Andrew=Smith, Mary, at Cork Oct. 1807 p. 639
Creagh, Ann=Isdell, Oliver 1801 p. 763
Creagh, Cath.=Moylan, Dennis 1788 p. 289
Creagh, John, Rochfort, Phoebe, d. o Michael, of limerick, in Cork Oct. 1791 p. 684
Creagh, Margt.=Stritch, Thos. 1781 p. 616
Creagh, Mary=McNamara, Thady ii 1793 p. 384
Creagh, Rhd.=Parsons, Matilda, parsonstown, King's co., in North Gt George St. July 1793 p. 96

Creaghe, Miss=Scott, John 1807 p. 575
Creaghe, John, bar.-at-law=Lysaght, Miss, d. of Ge3orge, at Ballykeal house, Ballykeal, co. Clare Sep. 1804 p. 575

Crean, Judith=Crofton, John Edw. 1780 p. 232

Creed, Edward, of Cork=Russell, Miss, d. of Late Wm. of Limerick Sep. 1801 p. 575

Crilly, Capt. Newmarket=Bluett, Mary, d. of John, in Limerick 29 Mar 1780 p. 176

Croasdaile, Rhd., of Corbally, Queen's co.=Dunn, Miss, of same place 24 Oct 1774 p. 694
Croasdaile, Rhd., Rynn=Sandys, Miss, d. of Lancelot, Kilcaven, Queen's co. 10 Sep 1775 p. 566

Croften, Hugh, M.P. boro Tulsk=Smyth, Frances, d. of Ralph, Bathville, co. Westmeath June 1787 p. 336
Croften, Malby [bride index lists Crofton]=Kelly, Miss July 1772 p. 400
Croften [bride index lists Crofton], Morgan, bar.-at-law=Dunn, Mary, d. of Wm., banker in Dublin, at Stephen's Green Sep. 1791 p. 288

Crofton, John Edw Grenwood, co. Mayo=Crean, Judith, Pebblesfield, nr Calre, same co. Apr. 1780 p. 232

Croker, Chas.=Achmuty, Miss, at Fostertown, co. Meath Sep. 1786 p. 504

Cromie, Sir Mich.=Lambert, Lady Gertrude, d. of Earl of Cavan mar. 1774 p. 172

Cross, Wm.=Murray, Miss, Warringtown, at Dungannon Sep. 1782 p. 504

Crotty, J.=Kennedy, Jas. 1807 p.447

Crowe, Mrs.=Wildenham, Henry 1775 p. 255
Crowe, Miss=Power, Edw. 1779 p. 198
Crowe, Miss=Mahon, Counsellor 1785 p. 168
Crowe, Miss=Studdart, Jonas i 1705 p. 383
Crowe, Miss=Innes, Capt. ii 1796 p. 96
Crowe, Miss=West, Rbt. Best 1811 p. 592
Crowe, Rbt., bar.-at-law=Wolfe, Miss, e.d. of Anthony, at Ennis, co. Clare Jan. 1789 p. 56
Crowe, Rhd.=Morton, Miss, Arran Quay Jan. 1772 p. 72

No entries

Cruise, Francis, Balgart, co. Dublin=Mahon, Elizabeth, y.d. of Timothy, of James St. Oct. 1788 p. 560

Crumpe, Nath.=O'Neil, Arabella, y.d. of Chas., M.P. for boro. Cloghnakilty Jan. 1792 p. 94

Cudmore, Mich.=Sexton, Miss, d. of late Joseph Nov. 1783 p. 616

Cullen, Mr., watchmaker, Fishamble St.=Atkinson, Sarah Nov. 1773 p. 616
Cullen, Miss=Haynes, J., R.N. 1806 p. 125
Cullen, Anne=Fitzpatrick, John 1807 p. 511
Cullen, Denis, of Coombe=McEvoy, Mrs., Thomas St. Aug. 1792 p. 192
Cullen, Isabella=Isdale, Fran. 1777 p. 639
Cullen, John, grocer, Barrack St.=O'Sullivan, Miss, Pembroke St. Feb. 1801 p. 128
Cullen, M., North Cumberland St.=Power, Miss, d. of Wm., Dismount, co. Waterford July 1805 p. 447
Cullen, Michael, Killgow=Eise, Anne, d. of James, Donnoymore, co. Meath mar. 1792 p. 208

No entries

No entries

No entries

Cullen, Mr., watchmaker, Fishamble St.=Atkinson, Sarah Nov. 1773 p. 616

Cummins, Chas., s. of Mr., of York and Hull theatres=Brown, Miss, both of the Lancaster co. of Comedians Sep. 1802 p. 576 [They celebrated their union by inviting their guests to a performance of "How to Get Married"]

Cunningham, Miss=Thompson, John 1802 p. 256
Cunningham, Alicia=Peyton, Walter 1789 p. 616
Cunningham, John=Miller, Miss, in Londonderry July 1786 p. 391
Cunningham, Luke, West St., Drogheda=Mulligan, Miss, d. of Edw., Cool, co. Westmeath Feb. 1806 p. 126
Cunningham, Sir Wm., Bt.=Greame, Miss, of St. Andrew's Sq., at Edinburgh Dec. 1799 p. 424

Cunyngham, Col.=Thurlow, hon. Mary, y.d. of Lord June 1801 p. 384

Currie, Jane=French, John 1807 p. 511

Curry, James, Linen-hall St.=Sherrard, Maria, e.d. of Thomas, of Capel St.Jan. 1797 p. 96
Curry, Mary=Parr, rev. Wm. Henry 1802 p. 576
Curry, Sam.=Civill, Mrs., r. of Sam., a late land waiter, of Custom house Quay, Dublin July 1784 p. 516
Curry, Wm., Drumharriff, nr. Loughall=King, Miss, Hamilton Barn, at Richhill Sep. 1808 p. 576

Curtin, Miss=Roche, Edward 1805 p. 446

Cusack, Capt., W.India trade=Connor, Widow, Fleet St. May 1791 p. 480

Cussack, Mr.=Keating, Miss Jan. 1772 p. 55

Cussen, E., of Cork=Duggan, Mary A., d. of F., of Lisbon Jan. 1803 p. 63

Dalton, Miss=Morres, Rev. 1774 p. 366
Dalton, Miss=Parker, Capt. Wm 1774 p. 430
Dalton, Miss=Barry, Edward ii 1792 p. 384
Dalton, Mrs.=Wallace, Wm. 1784 p. 743
Dalton, Cath.=Cherry, Rbt. i 1800 p. 192
Dalton, Capt. Dominick=Malony, Mrs., r. of Lambert July 1786 p. 391
Dalton, Lt.-col. Edw., in Austrian Service=McCarthy, Miss, Tipperary July 1771 p. 336
Dalton, Edwd., Mecklenburgh St.=Geoghegan, Miss, e.d. of Dr. of North Cumberland St. at Finglass June 1802 p. 383
Dalton, Geo. Forester=Wall, Miss, e.d. of late James, at Shrubs, co. Dublin Oct. 1795 p. 384
Dalton, Michael, jr.=Bowerman, Alice, at Dearpark, co. Clare Jan 1790 p. 96
Dalton, hon. Oliver, of Mount Dalton, co. Westmeath, Count of Holy Roman Empire=French, Miss, d. of Dominick, in Abbey St. July 1786 p. 391
Dominick, Regina Maria=Roche, Ambrose i 1792 p. 480

Daly, Dan., M.D.=Carey, Miss at Peak, co. Cork Nov. 1779 p. 711
Daly, Dennis, Castle Daley, co. Westmeath=King, Harriet, y.d. of John, Ballylu, King's co. Feb. 1776 p. 143
Daly, [Note: Bride's index lists DALEY], James, Dunsandle, co. Galway=Smith, Maria, 2nd d. of Sir J. Keffington, Bt. Mar. 1808 p. 191
Daly, Peter, Cloncha, co. Galway=Roache, Helena, d. of Philip Aug. 1774 p. 493
Daly, Peter, Prospect Lodge, co. Galway=McEvoy, Miss, 20000, Baker St. Portman Sq. May 1806 p. 319
Daly, Wm.=D'Arcy, Ann, in Galway Nov. 1783 p. 616

Dalzell, Lt. Rbt. Alexander, of 20th Foot=Parkes, Jane, d. of Wm. at Ballinadee Oct. 1783 p. 560

Danby, Thomas=Duggan, Miss, Kilkenny, at Cork June 1791 p. 568

Daniel, Geo. Robt., bar.-at-law=Smyth, Miss e.d. of Henry, Harcourt St, s. lic. Sep 1806 p. 676
Daniel, Thomas, Capel St.=Kennedy, Miss, Cork St. July 1809 p. 432

Darby, rev. Wm., Chaplain Royal Hospital=Morgan, Olivia, d. of Chidley 19 July 1774 p. 493

D'Arcy, Ctss.=Talbot, M. 1783 p. 392
D'Arcy, Miss=Irwine, Major 1788 p. 224
D'Arcy, Mrs.=Lowe, Rev. 1789 p. 336
D'Arcy, Miss=Sirr, Henry Chas. ii 1792 p. 192
D'Arcy, Mrs.=Blake, Stephen i 1792 p. 568
D'Arcy, Miss=Irwine, St. George 1802 p. 639
D'Arcy, Major=Buchanan, Miss, at Rockfield, co. Westmeath Oct. 1804 p. 639
D'Arcy, Ann=Daly, Wm. 1783 p. 616
D'Arcy, Ann=Naghton, Thos. ii 1794 p. 384
D'Arcy, Antony, Bryne=Murray, Miss, Ellis Quay, Dublin Feb. 1809 p. 128
D'Arcy, Barbara=Meadows, Arthur ii 1796 p. 287
D'Arcy, Dominick, Rockvale, co. Galway=O'Connel, Mrs. r. of Rhd. Dec 1792 p. 568
D'Arcy, Frances=Fox, Joseph 1807 p. 128
D'Arcy, Francis=Briscoe, Miss, at Corbetstown, co. Westmeath Nov. 1796 p. 480
D'Arcy, James, bar.-at-law=Pigott, Mrs. of Winchester Nov. 1789 p. 616
D'Arcy, John=Blake, Frances, at Hounds Wood, co. Mayo Oct. 1782 p. 552
D'Arcy, John=Hart, Mrs. Mary,at Birt. the joint ages of the couple equalled 170 years Sep. 1800 p. 191
D'Arcy, John, Hyde Park, co. Westmeath=Purdon, Miss, d. of Thomas, of Huntingdon, in same co. Apr. 1801 p. 255
D'Arcy, rev. Joshua, R. of Lackagh, dio. Kildare=Fleming, Sarah, e.d. of late Capt. Hermitage, of that co., by rt. hon. Bishop of Kildare Sep. 1811 p. 504
D'Arcy, M.T.=Rutledge, Mary, in Crow St. Feb. 1806 p. 126

Darcy, Miss=Burke, Ulick 1777 p. 639
Darcy, Miss=Fox, James 1803 p. 255
Darcy, Miss=Lynch, Capt. Alex i 1793 p 480

No entries

Darley, Geo., Greenhill, co. Down=Allen, Miss, d. of John, Batchelor's Walk Mar. 1788 p. 166

Dashwood, Bateman, Wells, Lincs.=Pelham, hon. Georgina, y.d. of Lord Yarborough Aug. 1811 p. 448
Dashwood, Capt. Chas., R.N.=DeCourcey, hon. Elizabeth, 2nd d. of Lord Kinsale, at plymouth Dec. 1799 p. 424

Davies, Lt. of 68th Foot, s. of Archdn.=Rose, Miss, d. of Hickman, of Limerick Feb. 1777 p. 144

David, Mr., Shilileagh=Green, Miss Feb. 1781 p. 112
Davis, Thos., Exchequer St.=Walsh, C., William St. Aug. 1811 p. 448

Deane, Miss=Lunnam, W.S. 1804 p. 192
Deane, Edwd, Fort=Hare, Miss, d. of Rhd., co. Limerick June 1809 p. 376
Deane, Henrietta=Spread, Capt. 1807 p. 575
Deane, Joseph, of Parsonstown=Talbot, Miss, d. of Wm., postmaster of that town Dec. 1802 p. 764
Deane, Sir Rbt. Tilson, Bt.=Fitzmaurice, Miss, 3000 per ann., g.d. and s.h. of John, Springfield, co. Limerick May 1775 p. 320

Dearing, Miss=Ewing, Patrick 1773 p. 216

Dease, James, Turbotstown, co. Westmeath=Plunkett, Lady Teresa, d. of Earl of Fingal, at Killen Castle Dec. 1784 p. 743

De Courcey, Miss=Meade, Rhd. 1774 p. 629
De Courcey, hon. Elizabeth=Dashwood, Capt. Chas., R.N. ii 1799 p. 424

De Courcy, Miss=Agnew, Capt. Andrew i 1792 p, 568

No entries

Deey, Chris., Crampton Court=Robins, Mrs. r. of Peter Sep. 1774 p. 630

No entries

Delandre, Bartholomew, Waterford=Russell, Miss, e.d. of Vernon, at Ross July 1802 448 [Note: also same exact entry made with dates of Aug 1802 p. 512.]

Delaney, Dr.=Bourke, Miss, both of co. Tipperary Feb. 1788 p. 111

Delany, Mr., South King St.=Ford, Ally, s. of Joseph, Fleet St. July 1805 p. 446
Delany, Malachy=Read, Bowen, h. of late Benj. Read, of Summerhill Mar. 1792 p. 208
Delany, Pat., Castle Burrow, co. Kilkenny=Donnellan, Ann, d. of John Francis, Braycastle, co. Wicklow May 1811 p. 280

No entries

Dempsey, Miss=Boylan, John 1808 p. 128
Dempsey, Wm., Bolton St.=McDermott, Miss, of Merrion Square May 1803 p. 319

Dennis, Wm.=Doyle, Miss, d. of Dean, at Waterford 2 Apr 1776 p. 288

Dermott, Terence, Coothall, co. Roscommon=Plunkett, Miss, d. of Barth, of Mantua, same co. May 1775 p. 437

Dermundy, And., Curragh, near Killyon=Kelly, Mary, of parish of Killoughly Jan. 1773 p. 736

No entries

Desart, Visct. [Ottway Cuffe, cr. 1793 Visct. Castle Cuffe and Earl of Desart]=Browne, Lady Anne, 1st d. of Peter Earl of Altamont [s. to John Denis, 1st Marq. Sligo] 18 Aug 1785 p. 448

Despard, Capt. =Croisdale, Miss July 1772 p. 400
Despard, Francis G., Swanderry, Queen's co.=Head, Mary, at Atchley Park, co. Tipperary, seat of John Head 9 Jan 1807 p. 64
Despard, Geo., Castletown, Queen's county=Carden, Maria, d. of Rhd., of Lismore, same co. Oct. 1788 p. 560

No entries

Devereaux, H., Ballyann=Walsh, Miss, d. of Peter, of New Ross Nov. 1803 p. 703

Devereux, Wm., from West Indies=Browne, Anne, d. of Tentworth, of co. Cork, at Lismore Sep 1774 p. 639

No entries

No entries

Dickenson, Rev. Stephen=Leslie, Miss, at Clifton, by Rev. Henry Leslie Apr. 1806 p. 256

Dickson, Geo.,Aungier St.=Clarke, Charlotte, d. of Benj. Aug. 1805 p. 511
Dickson, Joseph, Grafton St.=Smyth, Anne, d. of late Pat., of Stafford St. June 1803 p. 383

Digby, John wm., Sanderstown, co. Kildare=Smith, Miss, Barbaville, co. Westmeath Dec. 1781 p. 672
Digby, Rev. Wm=Carey, Almeria, s. to Visct. Falkland Sep 1800 p. 191

Dignan, Ann=Murphy, Frances 1806 p. 448

Dillon, Miss=Brown, Mr. 1777 p. 512
Dillon,  Miss=Tully, Dr. 1777 p. 831
Dillon, Miss=Lambert, Walter 1778 p. 191
Dillon, Miss=Jones, Thos. 1779 p. 128
Dillon, Miss=Fitton, Wm. 1784 p. 744
Dillon, Dr., Kildare St.=Furnell, Mrs. Jan 1795 p. 96
Dillon, Miss=Tresyllian, John i 1797 p. 96
Dillon, hon. Miss=Webb, Sir. Thos, Bt. i 1799 p. 359
Dillon, Miss=Dillon, Chas. 1803 p. 319
Dillon, Mrs.=Handgrave, Fdk 1804 p. 672
Dillon, Miss=Sinnett, Rhd. 1805 p. 62
Dillon, Miss=Barry, John 1806 p. 384
Dillon, Miss=Jackson, Josiah 1810 p. 479
Dillon, A.=Leary, Edw. 1805 p. 510
Dillon, Anne=Corry, Thos. Chas Stuart 1804 p. 575
Dillon, Barbara=O'Flaherty, Edmd. 1771 p. 224
Dillon, Chas., late of 38th Regt., of Cork=Dillon, Miss, d. of James Edw., of Killeea, co. Roscommon may 1803 p. 319
Dillon, Geo.=Sweetman, Miss 28 Feb 1771 p. 56
Dillon, Henry Augustus=Browne, Miss, e.d. of D.G., at Castle, Mount Garrett, co Mayo 1807 p. 128
Dillon, Jas., Roscommon=Nugent, Miss, in Scotland June 1771 p. 280
Dillon, John=Browne, Miss, at Jamestown, co. Limerick Feb 1784 p. 112
Dillon, John, R.N.=Flyn, Miss, in Stephen St. dec. 1802 p. 764
Dillon, Nath.=Winchworth, Elinor, d. of Robt. Carr, of Arnestown, co. Wexford, at Ross, co. Wexford June 1780 p. 352
Dillon, rev. Ralph=Corry, Miss, s. lic., at Lismullin, co Meath Mar. 1806 p. 191
Dillon, Robt., Clonbrock, co. Galway=Green, Letitia, d. of John, of Lettyville,co. Tipperary, in Merrion Sq. 6 Feb 1776 p. 143
Dillon, Thos, Lyffine, co. Roscommon=Crain, Miss, d. of And., of same co. Jan 1778 p. 64
Dillon, Val, Longford=Ferrall, Miss Sep. 1772 p. 456
Dillon, Wm., Clonmel=Fanning, Miss, d. of John Jan. 1805 p. 62

Disney, Garret, surveyor of Excise, Antrim=McCulloch, Miss, Glenarn, at that place May 1809 p. 320
Disney, W.=Oliver, Anne, by s. lic., at rev. Mr. Ryder's, Merrion Sq. June 1804 p. 384

Dobbin, Jas., attorney=Vernon, Jane, Churchill, co. Armagh Jan. 1773 p. 736

Dobbyn, Rbt., recorder, Waterford=Bolton, Miss Oct. 1772 p. 568

Doherty, Miss=Carroll, Ephraim 1789 p. 504
Doherty, John, Middleton, co. Dublin=Esmond, Miss. s. to Sir Thos., Bt. July 1789 p. 504

Dolan, Terence, of Pill Lane, Dublin=Timon, Mary of Drogheda Apr. 1802 p. 256

Dongeal, Earl of [Arthur Chichester, M.A., 1759; D.C.L., 1763, Oxon.; cr. peer of Great Britain, 1790; as Baron Fisherwick, co. Stafford, 1791; Earl of Belfast, Marquis of Donegal (I.)=1. 16 Nov 1761 (31?) Easton, Suffolk, Hamilton, Anne, e.d. of James, 5th Duke]=2. Moore, Mrs. [Charlotte, r. of Thos. d. of Conway Spencer, Fremary, co. Down, at St. Michael's, Bath, Oct. 24, she d. 1789] Nov. 1788 p. 616 = 3. Godfrey, Barbara, [d. of Rev. Luke, D.D.R. of Middleton, co. York, Oct. 12] , at his house, St. James' Sq., St. James', Westmr. Nov. 1790 p. 480

Donelan, Miss=Killen, Visct. 1785 p. 60
Donelan, Chr.=Doolan, Miss Sep 1772 p. 512
Donelan, Jane=Ward, J. 1804 p. 575

Donellan, John=Shadwell, Miss May 1771 p. 224

Donnelan, Thos.=O'Connor, Miss, at Tuam July 1771 p. 336

Donnelan, Miss=French, Rbt 1775 p. 437
Donnelan, Mr., Marble Hill, co. Galway=Lambert, Miss, d. of C., of Cregclare, same co. 8 Apr 1780 p. 232
Donnelan, Miss=O'Berne, Rev. Chas. 1784 p. 280
Donnelan, Miss=Taffe, Andrew 1788 p. 336
Donnelan, Miss=Sheridan, Dr. 1789 p. 560
Donnelan, Miss=Mayer, W.E. 1806 p. 126
Donnelan, Ann=Delany, Pat. 1811 p. 280
Donnelan, Arthur, Werburgh St.=Drury, Miss, Limerick Dec. 1784 p. 743
Donnelan, David Nixon, Ravensdale=Cullun, Miss, Dorset St. Aug 1776 p. 576
Donnellan, Nehemiah, e.s. of Nich., of Jockey Hall=Hunt, Dorethea, d. of Daniel, at New Garden, co. Galway Sep 1807 p. 575

Donely, John=Montgomery, Mary, d. of late Henry Lyons, in Drogheda Oct 1802 p. 639

Donnelly, James, co. Cavan=Byrne, Mary of Clove Hill, in said co. Apr. 1804 p. 256

Donnett, Thos., Sussex=Connor, Miss, Brook Lodge Jan. 1797 p. 96

Doolan, Miss=Donelan, Chr. 1772 p. 512
Doolan, Miss=Doolan, Wm. ii 1791 p. 288
Doolan, John, Shinrone, King's co.=Short, Mrs., r. of John, of Wingfield, co. Tipperary May 1774 p. 302
Doolan, Thos., Turrets, King's co.=Percy, Miss Angel, of same co. at Oak Grove 7 Aug 1778 p. 480
Doolan, Wm., Portumna, co. Galway=Doolan, Miss, Kilmurray, King's co. Sep. 1791 p. 288

No entries

Doran, Miss=Ward, Peter 1771 p. 448
Doran, Miss=Stapleton, Rhd. 1789 p. 222
Doran, Bartholomew=Deegan, Ann, both of Ravensdale, co. Kildare Aug 1792 p. 192
Doran, Ellen=Sutton, John 1804 p. 192

Douglas, rev. Arch. Edw. R. of Carnallway and Oughtreagh, in Ireland=Drew, Lady Susan, d. of late Earl of Dunmore, in London Sep. 1809 p. 544

No entries

Dowdall, Miss=Jones, Henry 1772 p. 400
Dowdall, Miss=Campbell, Michael 1805 p. 445
Dowdall, Lancelot=Glenny, Jane, at Newry Jan. 1793 p. 96
Dowdall, Mary=Esmond, Sir Thos., Bt. 1776 p. 288

Dowdell, Elizabeth=Burne, Edw. i 1791 p. 192
Dowdell, Joseph, Athboy=O'Reilly, Eliza, of same place Aug. 1782 p. 448

Dowdeswell, John Edmund, s. of Wm.=Brietyck, Miss, d. of Chas. Oct 1800 p. 255
Dowdeswell, Wm. = Lee, Miss, d. of late Rhd. Nov 1798 p. 815

Dowling, Mr., surgeon=Connolly, Anne, d. of rev. Arthur Nov. 1786 p. 616
Dowling, Jas., aet. 89=Moore, Bridget, aet. 96, at Ballysin, Queen's co. Jan. 1780 p. 64
Dowling, Joseph, South Gt. George St=Harney, Honora, Skinner's Row Nov. 1790 p. 480

Downes, Henry=Gibbons, H., at Waterford Feb. 1806 p. 125

Downing, John, aet. 85=O'Neil, Miss, aet. 16, d. of Chas. at Rosegift, co. Derry June 1779 p. 375

Doyle, Miss=Dennis, Wm., 1776 p. 288
Doyle, Miss=Heard, John 1778 p. 480
Doyle, Miss=Wakefield, Joseph 1781 p. 224
Doyle, Miss=Meagher, Capt. 1784 p. 552
Doyle, Andrew, Francis St.=Doyle, Miss, Bishops St. Oct. 1802 p. 639
Doyle, Jas., M.D., New Ross=Byrne, Mrs. Mary, Burros, co. Carlow Sep. 1809 p. 544
Doyle, Joanna=Moore, Chris. 1803 p. 319
Doyle, Lydia=Fox, Thos., 1811 p. 280
Doyle, Margaret=Bradley, James, jr. 1801 p. 763
Doyle, Nich., Milley=Bowers, Anne Apr. 1772 p. 224

Doyne, Whitfield, Wexford=Frizzell, Miss Oct. 1772 p. 568

Draught, John, King's co=Meares, Miss May 1773 p. 272

Drew, Barry=Paul, Miss, co. Kilkenny Feb. 1772 p. 112
Drew, Eliza=Goggin, Stephen 1809 p. 320
Drew, Francis, Drewsburgh, Court, co. Clare=Odel, Frances 7 Apr 1777 p. 296
Drew, Francis, Mocollop, co. Waterford=Boyd, Amy, d. of late Hegatt, Rossa, co. Wexford June 1791 p. 568
Drew, Francis, Drewscourt=Langford, Miss, d. of late Lloyd, at Limerick June 1796 p. 568
Drew, Francis, of Drewsborough=Eyre, Miss, ??20,000, s. to Col., n. to late Lord, 1st cousin to Visct. Dunlo. Feb 1801 p. 127
Drew, Francis, Drewsborough=Down, Miss, d. of John, of Ennis, in Limerick May 1808 p. 319
Drew, Ringrose, Drewsborough, co. Clare=Wallington, Alicia,d. of John, at Killosbant, co. Tipperary Nov. 1803 p. 703
Drew, Lady Susan=Douglas, rev. A.E. 1809 p. 544

Dromgoold, Nicholas=Smyth, Miss, at Drogheda Mar. 1772 p. 164

Dromore, Bishop of =Smith Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112

Drought, Miss=Burr, John Smith 1773 p. 160
Drought, Elizabeth=Spunner, L. ii 1796 p. 384
Drought, Geo. Mears John, Willsborough, co. Wicklow=Acton, Jane, y.d. of Thomas, at West Aston, co. Wicklow July 1805 p. 446
Drought, John, jr. Whigsborough, King's co.=Perceval, Miss, e.d. of late rev. Philip, Temple house, co. Sligo Jan 1806 p. 63
Drought, Rbt. =Bristow,Miss, e.d. of Roger, of Baggot St. Mar. 1796 p. 288
Drought, Capt. Wm Beasley, Prince of Wales Light Dragoons=Homan, Miss, d. of Rhd. of Moat, co. Westmeath. 7 July 1774 p. 430

Dudley, Robt., of Clonmel=Stokes, Mary, d. of Mr., brewer, Bristol, at Frenchay, Eng. Sep. 1777 p. 639

Duff, Alex. =Leslie, Miss, d. of Wm, Glanmire House Sep. 1787 p. 504
Duff, Rhd.=Kelly, Miss, of Whitehall, nr Rathfarnham Dec. 1804 p. 763

Duffield, Capt. Francis, 60th Foot, Royal American Regt.=Bermingham, Lady Elizabeth, e.d. of Earl of Louth Aug. 1779 p. 488

Duffey, John, jr., Ball's Bridge=Orr, Margt., d. of Wm., Ralston House, Paisley June 1804 p. 384

Duffy, Cornelius, Usher's Quay=Rorke, Miss, d. of Lau., Nangor, co. Dublin Mar. 1803 p. 192
Duffy, James John, R.N.=Keighley, Miss, g.d. of late Thos., of Island Bridge Apr. 1805 p. 254
Duffy, John, Roebuck, co. Dublin=Nolan, Cath., of same place July 1806 p. 448

Duggan, Miss=M'Mahon, rev. Jas. 1786 p. 224
Duggan, Miss=McCarthy, Dennis 1786 p. 392
Duggan, Miss=Danby, Thomas i 1791 p. 568
Duggan, Anne=Lombard, Geo. 1786 p. 392
Duggan, Augustine, M.D.=Mars, Miss June 1783 p. 336
Duggan, Mary A.=Cussan, E. ii 1790 p. 384

Dun, John, Mounthowly=Gallagher, Widow of, Ballylaken, Edenderry Jan. 1773 p. 736

Dunbar, Maria, Isabella=Brooke, Major ii 1797 p. 192
Dunbar, Capt. Thomas, 70th Foot=Kerin, Margaretta July 1790 p. 96
Dunbar, Widow=McCombe, Alex. 1805 p. 62
Dunbar, Jane, Matilda=Ackerman, Edward 1801 p. 255

Duncan, James, Finglas Bridge=Smith, Isabella, d. of Rbt., Rowlestown, co. Dublin Feb. 1790 p. 192
Duncan, Rbt., Belvoir, co. Donegal=Crawford, Maria, y.d. of Wm. Chas., Annmont, co. Down Apr 1800 p. 256

Dundas, John, 3rd. s. of Patrick, Roscar, co. Fermanagh=O'Brien, Miss, d. of late Counsellor, Drumhala, co. Leitrim Apr. 1805 p. 254

No entries

Dunkallow, Mr.=Smith, Widow, at Cork Feb. 1772 p. 112

Dunleavy, Rev.=Moore, Miss, Ardmoyle, at Thurles, co. Tipperary July 1782 p. 392

Dunn, Miss=Kean, Wm. 1771 p. 280
Dunn, Surgeon=Mead, Miss Mar. 1773 p. 160
Dunn, Miss=Croasdaile, Rhd. 1774 p. 694
Dunn, Miss=Griffin, James 1803 p. 255
Dunn, Gawn, Rockvale, nr. Moneyrea=Edgar, Miss, Toly's Hill, nr. Saintfield Mar. 1812 p. 143
Dunn, Martin, Queen's co=Shaw, Charlotta, d. of Robert, of said co. Oct. 1801 p. 640
Dunn, Mary=Crofton, Morgan ii 1791 p. 288
Dunn, Mich., aet. 50, Churchtown=McEvoy, Widow, aet. 95, of York St. Jan. 1775 p. 63
Dunn, Peggy=Connor, Thos. 1782 p. 552
Dunn, S.=Moons, Adrian 1785 p. 448
Dunn, Sarah=Lisson, Jonathan 1782 p. 448

Dunne, Miss=Osborne, Henry
Dunne, Geo., Ey Place=Jacob, Jane, 2nd d. of Dr. of Queen's co. Apr. 1812 p. 191
Dunne, S.=Stewart, Chas. 1807 p. 575

Dunford, Capt.=Walsh, Miss, at Waterford, May 1789 p. 280

Dunleavy, Rev.=Moore, Miss, Ardmoyle, at Thurles, co. Tipperary July 1782 p. 392

Dunsany, Lord [Randall, Plunkett=1. Mandeville, Mrs. Margaret, r. of Edward, Ballydine,co.Tipperary, d. ofEdward Archdekin of co. Kilkenny, she died 1791]=2. Smith [Emma Mary], d. of John and s. to Drummond, of Beds., in London 4 May 1797 p. 480

No entries

No entries

No entries

Dutton, hon. John, s. of Lord Sherbone=Legge, hon. Mary, only d. of Lord Stawell 11 Aug. 1803 p. 512 [At St. George's, Han. Sq. Witnesses, "Stawell" and "Mary Stawell"]

Dwyer, John=Flanagan, Miss, d. of Rhd., farmer, at Waterford Jan. 1805 p. 62
Dwyer, Mr.=Sweeney [Note: bride index has SWEENY], Mrs., r. of Mr. at St. John's Well, nr. Waterford July 1775 p. 437 [The 4th wife, 5th husband, issue 13 children]

Dyer, Miss=Higgins, Lt. John ii 1791 p. 192
Dyer, Henry, surgeon=McMahon, Widow, at Cork Oct. 1782 p. 552

Eades, Lt. M.A., 30th Foot=Brown, Miss, d. of Major, of 4th Veteran Batt., at Gibraltar Jan. 1811 p. 56

Eagle, Simon, Gerradstown, co. Dublin=Kenny, Arabella, d.of late rev. Patrick, preb. Clonmethan, same co. May 1790 p. 480

No entries

Egan, Miss=Hooper, Rhd. 1786 p. 672
Egan, Miss=Gordon, John 1806 p. 256
Egan, John=Holmes, Mrs., Cork Aug. 1799 p. 488
Egan, Mary Ann=Boyse, J. 1805 p. 446
Egan, Michael, pro-collector for Limerick=Lloyd, Miss, d. of late Francis, chandler, at Limerick Jan. 1804 p. 62
Egan, Mrs. P.=Leonard, John 1775 p. 629

Elliot, Rhd., Clonmel, co. Tipperary=Roe, Anna Sophia, d. of Andrew, Rockwell, same co. 5 Oct 1780 p. 576

Elliott, Miss=Hickman, Wray 1787 p. 504
Elliott, Mr. , Parliament St.=Binns, Miss, Dame St. Jan 1804 p. 62
Elliott, Mrs. =Brabazon, Henry 1803 p. 702
Elliott, John=Ellis, Mary, n. to late Dr. Thos., in York St. Feb. 1791 p. 192
Elliott, R., of Belfast=McDowal, Miss, Maghera, at that place Apr. 1806 p. 254
Elliott, Thomas, of Cathcroag, co. Carlow=Nailor, Miss, e.d. of rev. Mr. of Cork, at Sherwood Park Nov. 1789 p. 616
Elliott, Capt. Wm., 11th Dragoons=Fitzgerald, Miss, d. of Sergt., of Dawson St. Apr. 1780 p. 232
Elliott hon. Wm., bro of Lord=Robinson, Miss, d.of Lt.-gen., Donston Hall, Suffolk, n. to Lord Powis, in London Mar. 1812 p. 143

Ellis, Thos. of Castletown, co. Mayo=Gallaghan [sic. bride indexed as Gallagher], Miss Aug. 1775 p. 566

England, Miss=Johnson, Wm. 1771 p. 392
England, Miss=Younge, Wm. i 1792 p. 480

Erskine, Lt. col. of 15th Light Dragoons=Paget, Lady Louisa, 3rd d. of Earl of Uxbridge Apr. 1801 p. 255
Erskine, Capt. Wm., 16th Foot=Myers, Miss, only d. of Major-gen. Sep. 1801 p. 575

Esmond, Miss=Doherty, John 1789 p. 391
Esmond, Sir. Thos., Bt. Ballynaster, co. Wexford=Dowdall, Mary, of Gawlstown, co. Meath, on Arran Quay Mar. 1776 p. 288
Esmond, Sir Thomas, Bt., Ballinstraw, co. Wexford=Hill, Miss, Ringville, co. Kilkenny Sep. 1802 p. 576

Evans, John, Limerick=Lacey, Miss Feb. 1781 p. 112
Evans, John, Mallow=Smyth, Mrs., r. of John, of Dublin, e.d. of late Darby O Grady, Mount prospect, co. Limerick Jan 1809 p. 64
Evans, Wm=Grattan, Mrs. at Rathangan, co. Kildare Nov. 1807 p. 703
Evans, Tyrell, Ballinacourty, co. Limerick=Briscoe, Miss 1 Apr 1780 p. 232

Everard, Thos., Randlestown, co. Meath=O'Keilly [sic.-cross ref has O'Reilly], Miss, d. of Jas., co. Westmeath Dec. 1777 p. 572

Ewing, Lt. John, 64th Foot=Brown, Jane, d. of Sam, in Belfast Nov. 1796 p. 480
Ewing, Pat.=Dearing, Miss, of Enniskillen Apr 1773 p. 216

No entries

Fagan, John=O'Reilly, Widow, of Athboy Aug. 1782 p. 448

Fairford, [Arthur Hill] Visct. 2nd s. of [Wm. Hill] Earl of Hillsboro [who was cr. 1789 Marquis Downshire], F.R.S. 1790; Registrar of Irish Court of Chancery=Sandys, Mary, 15000 per ann., d. of Col. Martin, n. to Lord, at St. Marylebone church 29 June 1786 p. 392

Fallon, Miss=O'Reilly, John 1776 p.504
Fallon, Miss=McAwly, Awly 1781 p. 168
Fallon, Miss=Birmingham, Wm ii 1791 p. 96
Fallon, John, Athlone=Chadwick, Charlotta, of said place Nov. 1797 p. 497
Fallon, Mary Anne=Flanagan, B., M.D. i 1794 p. 192

No entries

Fanning, Miss=Dillon Wm. 1805 p. 62
Fanning, rev. Audley=Spotswood, Rebecca, both of Londonderry Dec. 1784 p. 744

Farran, Wm.=Smith, Miss, d. of John, North Ann St. May 1796 p. 480

Farrell, Andrew=Ganly, Miss, of Ducklin, co. Roscommon Sep 1796 p. 287
Farrell, James, of Knock, co. Meath=Ward, Margaret Mar. 1804 p. 192
Farrell, Peter, Cook St.=Smith, Miss, of said place Sep. 1807 p. 575

Farren, John, Exchequer Office=Lambert, Miss, co. Wicklow Dec. 1786 p. 672

Farrington, Capt. 33rd Foot=Boland, Caroline in Cork Jan. 1794 p. 96

No entries

No entries

Fegan,Miss=Silk, Owen 1805 p. 445

No entries

Fellowes, Lt. Thos. Burdes, R.N.=Nicholson, Miss, of and at Gardenhill, nr Belfast June 1808 p. 383

Ferguson, Mr., of Belfast=Butler, Miss, of Dublin Oct. 1771 p. 512
Ferguson, Miss=Harding, Rbt., M.D. 1786 p. 672
Ferguson, Miss=Ferguson, Chas. 1779 p. 656
Ferguson, Miss=Thompson, Wm. ii 1791 p. 480
Ferguson, Miss=Franks, M. 1803 p. 703
Ferguson, Miss=Nash, rev. Edw 1808 p. 511
Ferguson, Miss=Ireland, John 1807 p. 384
Ferguson, Bat., De Bourgh, 17th Foot=Harrison, Miss, of and at Limerick June 1803 p. 383
Ferguson, Chas=Ferguson, Miss, of Edinburgh, in Cork Nov. 1779 p. 656
Ferguson, Edw., co. Donegal=Montgomery, Anne, same co. Oct. 1776 p. 720
Ferguson, Jas.=Brownig, Miss May 1782 p. 280
Ferguson, James, London=Dalyrmple, Miss, d. of Sir David, Bt., a lord of Sessions Dec. 1799 p. 424
Ferguson, John, Carrickmacross=Pace, Miss, Ballibriggen Nov. 1795 p. 480
Ferguson, John, Lurgan=Turkington, Miss, of same place Jan. 1809 p. 64

Fergusson, Lt. col. Donald=Munroe, Miss, d. of Lt. gen Sir Hector, K.B. Feb. 1798 p. 191
Fergusson, Wm.=Garstin, Miss, of Arran Quay 14 Aug 1775 p. 502

No entries

Field, George=Bolland, Miss, at Clapham, Surrey Jan. 1798 p. 96
Field, J., Britain St.=Conolly, Cath., of Galway, Nov.1807 p. 703
Field, John, Clonmel=O'Neil, Mary Ann, y.d. of M.P. Youghal Sep. 1806 p. 576
Field, Wm. jr.=Ford, Anne Apr. 1773 p. 216

Finegan, Lt. 16th Regt.,, Foot=O'Brien, Marcella, of and at Carlow Mar. 1785 p. 168

Finlay, Rev.=Morgan, Miss, at Down Aug. 1799 p. 143

Finn, Mr., bookseller and printer, Kilkenny=Williams, Miss, d. of late James, Dame St. June 1796 p. 568
Finn, Miss=Conney, Mr. 1802 p. 256

Finnucane, Mar., bar.-at-law=O'Brien, Miss, d. of Edw., Ennistrinon Mar. 1775 p. 255

Finucane, Mr., Cregg, co. Clare=O'Connell, Miss, d. of M., of Moreisk Mar. 1808 p. 191
Finucane, Wm., =Sifred, Miss, d. of late Pat., of Ennis, at that place May 1810 p. 288

Fitton, Frances=Haynes, Joshua 1804 p. 763 [Note, in groom's reference as HAYES]
Fitton, Nicholas=Greene, Jane, d. of rev. Rbt., Rathmore, co. Kildare Mar. 1779 p. 192
Fitton, Wm.=Dillon, Miss, d. of Croker, of Danville, at Cork Dec. 1784 p. 744

Fitzgerald, Capt. Edw., late 21st Foot=Tiernay, Miss,d. of Edmund, at Limerick Sep. 1793 p. 288
Fitzgerald, Dudley, Ballydavin, Queen's co.=Galbraith, Frances, 2nd d. of Sam., Old Derrigg, same co. July 1780 p. 407
Fitzgerald, Edward, aet.20=Hughes, Mrs. aet. 66 Jan. 1808 p. 62
Fitzgerald, Edwd., Shannon Grove=Briscoe, Abigail, d. of john, Sandpitts, co. Kilkenny, at Limerick Oct. 1777 p. 704
Fitzgerald, Geo. Rbt., co Mayo=Conolly, Miss, 30,000 1781 p. 562
Fitzgerald, Maurice, Killcullen, co Kildare=Nugent, Miss, of Johnstown, co. Westmeath Jan 1796 p. 96
Fitzgerald,Rhd.=Radford, Mrs., Ballynecarrig, co. Wexford, at Cashel June 1789 p. 336
Fitzgerald, Rhd., Castle Richard, co. Cork=Power, Catherine, d. of Redmond, Whitesfort, co. Wexford Sep. 1804 p. 575

Fitzgibbon, Miss=Trant, Dominick 1776 p. 143
Fitzgibbon, Miss=Saunders, Mr. ii 1793 p. 288
Fitzgibbon, rt. hon. John, Attorney-Gen.=Whalley, Miss, 12000, e.d. of late Rhd. Chapel, Whalley Abbey, co. Wicklow, at St. Stephen's Green, s. lic. July 1786 p. 391
Fitzgibbon, Maurice, Castlegrace, co. Tipperary=O'Dell, Miss, d. of Thomas, of Limerick, at Baldoyle Feb. 1805 p. 127
Fitzgibbon, Thomas, Gibbon, High Sheriff, co. Limerick=Osborne, Miss, d. of Henry, High Sheriff, co. Tipperary, at Beechwood, same co. Mar. 1804 p. 192

Fitzmaurice, hon. Thos., bro. Earl of Shelburne=O'Brien, Lady Mary, d. of Ctss. of Orkeny and Earl of Inchiquin, and cousin Duke of Leinster, in London Dec. 1778 p. 64
Fitzmaurice, Miss=Deane, Sir Rbt Tilson, Bt. 1775 p. 320
Fitzmaurice, Miss=Sealy, John ii 1792 p. 568
Fitzmaurice, Diana-Ashe, Joseph ii 1800 p. 127
Fitzmaurice, Jas.=Cooper, Mrs., Bennekerry, at Carlow Mar. 1776 p. 216

Fitzpatrick, Miss=McCarty, Mr. 1803 p. 383
Fitzpatrick, Dr. Trim=Taylor, E., of Castlepollard Aug. 1806 p. 511
Fitzpatrick, Mrs.=Clinton, John 1805 p. 639
Fitzpatrick, Miss=Shaw, Nicholas 1805 p. 639
Fitzpatrick, B., Hammond Lane=Millin, C., of Coles Lane May 1806 p. 319
Fitzpatrick, James, Abbey St.=Goulding, Charlotte, Hawkins St. Jan. 1805 p. 62
Fitzpatrick, John, aet 67, parchment mfr., Marylebone Lane=Cullen, Anne, aet. 17, Kilmainham Aug. 1807 p. 511
Fitzpatrick, rev. Joseph, Tynagh, co. Galway=Perse, Miss, d. of Pat., of Spring Gardens Sep. 1779 p. 600
Fitzpatrick Lady Louisa=Shelburne, Earl of 1779 p. 432
Fitzpatrick, Margt.=Webb, Tobias 1774 p. 172
Fitzpatrick, Mary=Flood, rev. Oliver 1779 p. 256
Fitzpatrick, Wm., Pill Lane, Dublin=Gouran, Miss, of said place Nov. 1807 p. 703

Fitzroy, hon. Lt.-col. Wm.=Clarke, Miss, s. of Sir Simon,Bt. June 1801 p. 384

No entries

Flanagan, Miss=Dwyer, John 1805 p. 62
Flanagan, Bernard, M.D., Eyrescourt, co. Galway=Fallon, Mary Ann, Athlone Feb. 1794 p. 192
Flanagan, John, Coolmine=Hyland, C., d. of P., Brooklawn, co. Dublin Aug. 1809 p. 488
Flanagan, Mich.=Laleman, Miss Mar. 1771 p. 168
Flanagan, Thos., printer, Capel=Powell, Miss, Bride St. Feb. 1805 p. 127
Flanagan, Wm., jr, mfr, Cork=Walsh, Mrs. Sep. 1801 p. 575

No entries

Flanrey, Sam, of Island of Tortola=Hennesy, Miss, d. of C. of Roscommon Jan 1803 p. 64

Fleming, Mr.=Mitchell, Mrs., of Tyrone Dec. 1772 p. 676
Fleming, Aldm., Thomas, of city of Dublin=Sweeny, Eliza, d. of rev. Shapland, R. of Temple Shambo, co. Wexford  Dec. 1795 p. 568
Fleming, Lt. 67th Foot=Ormsby, Mrs., r. of Anthy. Jan 1806 p. 63
Fleming, Wm.=Clements, Miss, Marlboro St. Jan 1798 p. 96

Fletcher, Henry, M.P.=Vaughen, Frances Sophia, d. of Thomas Apr. 1801 p. 255

Flood, rev. Oliver, Middlemount, Queen's co.=Fitzpatrick, Mary, d. of Patrick, Ballybodden Apr 1779 p. 259

Foley, David=Carey, Miss, d. of Peter, late of Cork, at Bloomfield Oct. 1792 p. 384
Foley, Francis, Bridge St.=Grady, Miss, in Limerick Dec. 1807 p. 763
Foley, Sam., Trim, co. Meath=Boyle, Eliza, Cavan May 1784 p. 280

Follett, Capt. Benj., 13th Foot=Webb, Miss, d. of late John, at Kinsale Oct. 1790 p. 384

Folkestone, Visct. [William Pleydell Bouverie, s. as Earl of Radnor, 1828, Recorder of Salsbury=Clinton, Lady Catherine Pelham, 60,000, d. and eventually h. of Henry Finnes, Earl of Lincoln Nov. 1800 p. 319 [Married at her mother's house, 2 Oct. s. lic; she d. 1804]

Foord, Abham.=Brown, Miss, at Limerick Apr. 1777 p. 376

Foote, Capt. Wm=Hill, Miss Feb. 1800 p. 120

Ford, Miss=Smith, Rev. Thomas 1774 p. 694
Ford, Miss=Vance, Rev. i 1791 p. 104
Ford, Miss=Brownlow, Wm. i 1795 p. 288
Ford, Miss=Parsons, rev. Wm. 1801 p. 640
Ford, Ally=Delany, Mr. 1805 p. 446
Ford, Anne=Field, Wm., jr. 1773 p. 216
Ford, Capt. James=Page, Sarah Anne, y.d. John, in Dundalk Mar. 1797 p. 290
Ford, John, Moore St.=Kelly, Miss, Marlboro St. May 1788 p. 280
Ford, Roger=Bell, Miss, d. of Mossom, of Streamstown, co. Mayo 24 Apr 1777 p. 576
Ford, Sarah=Hutchinson, Rhd. ii 1800 p. 191

Forde, Miss=Page, Rbt. ii 1800 p. 191
Forde, Francis, Johnstown, co. Meath=McEntagert, Elizabeth, d. of Geo., collector, of Drogheda Aug. 1810 p.384

No entries

Forster, Rev. Wm=Leslie, Catherine, d. of rev. Hy., D.D., at Tanderagee Jan. 1780 p. 64

Fortescue, Faithfull Wm., bar.-at-law=Adair, Jane, d. of John, Rath, Queen's co. Nov 1797 p. 479
Fortescue, Faithful, Corderry, co. Louth=Smyth, Maria, d. of John, Grange Lodge, same co. Nov 1780 p. 632
Fortescue, Wm. Henry, Ravendale Park=Johnston, Anne Maria, d. of John Edward, Carlingford Dec. 1800 p. 379

Fottrel, Miss=Weldon, Nicholas P. ii 1800 p.380

Fox, Mr., Francis St.=Nangle, Miss July 1772 p.400
Fox, Miss=Magauran, Philip July 1787 p. 336
Fox, Miss=Maxwell, Hamilton i. 1797 p. 384
Fox, Miss=McLaughlin, Dan 1803 p. 191
Fox, E.=Browne, Philip ii 1800 p. 319
Fox, J., Dublin=Reilley, Ann, y.d. of James, Coulston, co. Westmeath, s. of Pat., founder of Church St. July 1805 p. 446
Fox, James, Foxbrook, co. Meath=Darcy, Miss, Hyde Park, co. Westmeath Apr. 1803 p. 255
Fox, John, Newcomen=Nesbitt, Mary, both of city of Dublin May 1791 p. 480
Fox, Joseph, Doolestown, co. Meath=D'Arcy, Frances, Hyde Park, co. Westmeath Feb. 1807 p. 128
Fox, Luke, bar.-at-law=Annesley, Miss, n. of Visct. Loftus, at Rathfarnham castle, Dublin Jan. 1791 p. 104
Fox, Maria=M'Cutchan, C.G. 1805 p. 446
Fox, Michael, Custom House, Dublin=Coane, Miss, d. of Rhd., Higginstown, co. Donegal Oct. 1787 p. 560
Fox, Thomas, Francis St.=Doyle, Lydia, 2nd eldest d. of Moses, Bride St. May 1811 p. 280
Fox, Rhd., Foxhall, co. Longford=Maxwell, Lady Anne, e.d. of Earl of Farnham, at Farnham, co. Cavan Dec. 1787 p. 672
Fox, Wm., laceman, Parliament St.=Reed, Miss, of same st. 14 Aug 1774 p. 493

Foy, Capt. Royal Artillery=Courtney, hon. Sophia, s. to Visct. Courtney, of Powderham Castle, at Powderham Church, Devon Jan. 1805 p. 62

No entries

Francis, Chas., Mount Anvil, co. Louth=Larkin, Miss, Newry Jan. 1801 p. 63

Franks, Chas, Mallow=Nash, Miss, of Cork June 1794 p. 568
Franks, M., of Dublin=Fergusson, Miss, d. of late R., of Cork Nov. 1803 p. 703

French, Henry Walter=Plunket, Miss, Mantau, co. Roscommon, at Port Patrick Mar. 1776 p. 216
French, John, Lanndowne, Queen's co., y. bro. of Lord Ashtown=Currie, Jane, e.d. of late Dr. Jas., of Liverpool, at St. George's Hill, Liverpool Aug. 1807 p. 511
French, Rbt., Innfield, co. Roscommon=Donnellan, Miss, 1,200 per ann., of Henry St. 1 June 1775 p. 437

No entries

Frizel, Charles, Castle Kevin, co. Wicklow=Ball, Mary, d. of Benj., at Season Park, co. Wicklow Oct. 1792 p. 384
Frizel, Henry Loftus=Lennon, Miss, d. of Counsellor, in Harcourt St. Oct. 1792 p. 384

Frizell, Rhd., of 60th Foot=Biston, Elinor, d. of Dr. R.N. May 1791 p. 480
Frizell, C.F., of Beaufort Villa, nr. Rathfarnham=Sedwith, Miss, d. of late George, of Sedwithstown, co. Longford Nov. 1803 p. 702

Frizzell, Miss=Doyne, Whitfield 1772 p. 568

Fudge, Wm. bar.-at-law=Purcell, Eliza, d. of Rhd., Templemary, at Buttevant church, co. Cork July 1800 p. 63

Fulton, Jas, Belfast=Smyth, Sarah, d. of Andrew, of Ballyearl Dec. 1804 p. 763

Gage, Miss=Cordwell, Henry i 1799 p. 136

Galbraith, Miss=Hickman, Walter 1778 p. 192
Galbraith, Frances=Fitzgerald, Dudley 1780 p. 407
Galbraith, Morgan, Carrigrane, co. Longford=Lloyd, Miss, d.of Wm., Smith-hill, co. Roscommon, at Elphin, same co.29 Mar 1776 p. 288

Galway, Edw., Lota, co. Cork=Harte, Hannah, r. of Wm., Knockferry, co. Limerick by rev. Wm. Hoare, at George's Church, Limerick 1807 p. 447

No entries

No entries

Gallagher, Widow=Dun, John 1773 p. 736
Gallagher, Miss=Ellis, Thos. 1775 p. 566
Gallagher, Michael, Granard, co. Longford=Carter, Miss, d. of John, at Limerick July 1806 p. 448

No entries

Gamble, Mr., Youghall=Smith, Miss April 1771 p. 168

Ganley, Miss=Farrell, And. ii 1796 p. 287

Gannon, Alice=Brady, Joseph 1812 p. 240
Gannon, John, grocer, Gt. Britain St.=Quartermass, Miss Oct. 1806 p. 640

Garden, John, Craven=Moore, Miss May 1781 p. 280
Garden, Rbt.=Jones, Miss, e.d. of Theophilus, at Cork Abbey, nr. Bray Nov. 1785 p. 616

Gardiner, Miss=Burgh, Thos 1784 p. 280
Gardiner, hon. Miss=Bourke, hon. nad rev. Joseph ii 1799 p. 72
Gardiner, Thos.=Porter, Mary, in Mary's Abbey Dec. 1785 p. 670
Gardiner, Jas., Fleet St.=Carson, Harriott, Upper Camden St., in Peter's church Apr. 1812 p. 191
Gardiner, John, Tonroe, co. Mayo=Gildea, Anne Feb. 1790 p. 192
Gardiner, Lt.col. Wm., 45th Foot, bro. to Luke, Kt. of shire, co. Dublin=Wrottesley, Miss, maid of honor to Queen, s. to Duchess of Grafton and Sir John, Bt. Jan. 1799 p. 64 [Md. at house of Duchess of Bedford, s. lic.]
Gardiner, Miss=Russell, James J. 1803 p. 255
Gardiner, Miss=Bradshaw, J. 1808 p. 576

No entries

No entries

Gaskel, Thos. Penn, Shannagarry, co. Cork=Ward, Miss, d. of late Dow. Ctss. of Glandore, s. to rev. Aug. Vesley Ward, Fell Trin College Feb. 1794 p. 192

Gason, Rhd. Willis, Richmond, co Tipperary=Leslie, Miss, e.d. of Chas. Henry, Wilton, Co. Cork Nov. 1811 p. 592

No entries

No entries

Geale, Fdk. =Brady, Miss, Ross Lane 19 Oct 1778 p. 592

Geary, Major, Royal Artillery=Joliffe, Miss, Merston June 1800 p., 381
Geary, Jeremiah, city of Cork=Annesley, Miss, of Dublin, n. to Earl Mount Morris, s. lic. Feb. 1809 p. 127

Geoghegan, Miss=Dalton, Edw. 1802 p. 383
Geoghegan, Mr.=McDonagh, Miss, in Castle St., Dublin Aug. 1805 p. 510
Geoghegan, Gerald, William St.=Richardson, Miss, d. of late John, Mullin June 1804 p. 383
Geoghegan, Jas., Dublin=Parker, Miss, d. of Matt., Batchelor's Walk Oct. 1807 p. 640

No entries

Gerrard, John, Meath=Wynne, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 168

Gibbings, Bartholomew, e.s. rev Rhd., of Gibbings Grove, co. Cork=Smith, Miss, d. of Rhd., of Ballylin, co. Limerick Jan 1809 p. 127

Gibbon, Miss=Lang, Geo 1774 p. 366
Gibbon, Miss=Homan, Wm. 1801 p. 192

Gibbons, And.=Holmes, Miss, Cork Apr. 1773 p. 216
Gibbons, H.=Downes, Henry 1806 p. 125
Gibbons, Mary=Batchelor, Edw. 1803 p. 383
Gibbons, Rhd., M.D.=Smith, Miss, of Bayley, co. Westmeath 3 Oct 1776 p. 720
Gibbons, rev. Rhd., Gibbons grove, co. Cork=Odell, Miss Ballinrougby, co. Limerick Sep 1783 p. 504

Gibbs, rev. John=Brown, Frances, d. of Rhd., of Coolcower, co. Cork 8 Feb 1799 p. 128

No entries

Gibney, James, Crane Lane=Clarke, Miss, of Mullingar July 1805 p. 445

Gibson, Jas.=Logan, Miss Kameton, at Londonderry Jan. 1807 p. 63

Gildea, Miss=Bourke, Walter 1783 p. 280
Gildea, Miss=Richardson, Lt. W.W. 1805 p. 511
Gildea, Anne=Gardiner, John i 1790 p. 192
Gildea, Anthy., of Portroyal, co. Mayo=Knox, Anne, d. of Francis, of Rappa Castle, of said co. Jan 1804 p. 62
Gildea, James, e.s. of John, Ballinrobe, co. Mayo=Wrightson, Martha, d. of late Thomas, Dundalk, at Lowther Lodge, co. Dublin Dec. 1806 p. 764

Gill, Miss=M'Cready, Edw. ii 1792 p. 192
Gill, T.H.=Reynett, Maria, d. of Nathaniel, of Waterford Oct. 1810 p. 479
Gill, Thomas, Bradley=Hindley, Fanny, of Grassington, at Linton, nr. Skipton Feb. 1812 p. 96

No entries

Gilligan, Miss=White, Nicholas 1806 p. 576

Glandore, Earl of [Wm. Crosbie]=I. [Nov. 1745 Bligh, Lady Theodosia, .d of Earl of Darnley, she d. 1777]=2. Ward, Mrs. [Jane], r. of John, d. of Edw. Vesey, cousin of Visct. De Vesci 1 Nov 1777 p. 831

Glascock, Edward=Baker, Jane, of William St. May 1803 p. 319

Glascott, rev. Wm. R. of Ballybrack, co. Wexford=Madden, Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Dr., Vicar General of Ossory Nov. 1787 p. 616

No entries

Glen, Rbt., Ballytrench=Miller, Miss, Ballyherbert Jan. 1808 p. 62

No entries

Glian [sic. Allen index spells it Gliam], Thos.=Allen, Miss, of Duke St., in Duke St. Dec. 1781 p. 672

Glynn, Joseph, linen merchant, Bainbridge, s. of Thomas, of Dublin=Cusac, Miss, of Cork Apr. 1805 p. 254

Goggin, Stephen, printer, Limerick=Drew, Eliza, d. of late L., Seariff, co. Clare May 1809 p. 320

Going, Thomas Rhd., Birdhill, co. Tipperary=Adams, Miss, d. of Wallace, Kilbray, co. Cork June 1797 p. 568

Golding, Jackson, cmptr. of G.P.O., Dublin=Higgins, Miss, y.d. of Dr., in London Aug. 1799 p. 143

Gondy, rev. Alex., of Donaghadee=Adams, Lucy July 1788 p. 392

Goold, Geo., Old Court, co. Cork=Brown, Lady Charlotte, e.d. of Earl of Kenmare May 1802 p. 320

Gordon, Alex., Bridge Street=Kyle, Miss, Lower Ormond Quay July 1785 p. 391
Gordon, David=Crawford, Mary, at Crawford's Burn Sep. 1789 p. 504
Gordon, John, of Sligo=Egan, Miss, Paddock, King's co. Apr. 1806 p. 256

Gore, Miss=Lynam, John i 1792 p. 568
Gore, Mrs.=Sherston, Lt. ii 1792 p. 384
Gore, Mrs.=Scary, rt. hon. Edw ii 1793 p. 191
Gore, Lady=Harding, Rhd. ii 1798 p. 815
Gore, Miss=Ormsby, John 1802 p. 384
Gore, Lady, Ann=Hatton, Henry 1783 p. 616
Gore, Lady Elinor=Cavendish, hon. F. 1801 p. 447
Gore, Francis, late 44th Foot=Wentworth, Miss, co. Devon, at Exeter Nov. 1793 p. 480
Gore, Francis, Derrymore, co. Clare=Peacock, Christiana, d. of Joseph of Barntick Oct. 1797 p. 384
Gore, Henrietta Mary=Mayne, Sedborough 1802 p. 639
Gore, Lady Jane=Loftus, Dudley ii 1793 p. 96
Gore, Rbt.=Riches, Miss, d. of Philip Feb. 1800 p. 120
Gore, Lt. Ralph, R.N.=Hay, Miss, only d. of late Col. Alex., of 4th Veteran Batt., at Clyne May 1808 p. 319
Gore, Wm.=More, Lady, r. of Sir Haydocke Evans, Bt. 10 Apr 1778 p. 248
Gore, Wm., attorney=Harding, Miss, Pope's Quay Nov. 1781 p. 616
Gore, Cornet Wm., 14th Dragoons=Head, Maria July 1788 p. 392
Gore, Wm. Exchequer St.=Pickney, Miss, Dame Court Feb. 1806 p. 126

No entries

Gorman, Stafford=Kirkpatrick, Margaret, d. of Alexander, Dumcondra, co. Dublin Apr. 1789 p. 222
Gorman, Thos., printer, Clonmell=Roche, Miss, d. ofWm., on Sunday, 16 Feb, at Kilworth Feb. 1806 p. 124
Gorman, rev. Wm=Bushe, Miss, at Mitchelstown Mar. 1787 p. 166

No entries

Goslin, Arthur, Dublin=Crawford, Miss, Newtown-Forbes, co. Longford Sep. 1804 p. 575

Goulding, Wm.=Smith, Miss, in King's co. Feb. 1781 p. 112

Gower, Roger=Browne, Mrs., of Templeoge, co. Dublin Nov. 1796 p. 480

Grace, Capt. John=Grady, Honoria, 2nd d. of John, of Cahier, co. Limerick Feb. 1793 p. 192

Grady, Mary=Pomeroy, hon. Henry 1788 p. 511
Grady, Miss=Harrison, Henry 1788 p. 504
Grady, Miss=Cotter, Rogerson ii 1794 p. 288
Grady, Miss=Monsell, Capt. John Thos. ii 1795 p. 96
Grady, Miss=Corcoran, Thomas 1802 p. 128
Grady, Miss=Foley, Francis 1807 p. 763
Grady, Miss=Grace, Capt. John 1793 p. 192
Grady, Standish, Eton, co. Limerick=Ryves, Mabella, y.d. of Wm. of Limerick, at Turvey, co. Dublin July 1789 p. 391
Grady, Thos, of CapperCullen=Quin, Christian, d. of Wyndam, n. to Lord Dartry, at Adare, co. Limerick Apr 1779 p. 256

Graham, Capt., 71st Regt.=Persse, Miss June 1808 p. 383
Graham, James, of Abbey=Shea, M., d. of late T., postmaster of the said town, at Mullingar Aug. 1803 p. 511

Grames, James=Smiral, Miss, both of Kilrea Jan. 1808 p. 62

Grant, rev. Alexander, co. Waterford=Carey, A., d. of Peter, of Careyville Aug. 1792 p. 192
Grant, J.S.=Adams, Dorothea, both of Cork June 1809 p. 376

Grattan, Mrs.=Evans, Wm 1807 p. 703
Grattan, Mrs.=Taylor, George 1809 p. 320
Grattan, Cath.=Carrick, Gilbert 1804 p. 447
Grattan, David, Anna, co. Galway=Madden, Miss, Dennistown, co.Galway June 1774 p. 366
Grattan, Henry, M.P. for boro, Charlemont=Fitzgerald, Miss, Dominick St. Dec 1782 p. 664
Grattan, Thos., Rath, King's co.=Field, Miss, co. Kildare mar. 1776 p. 216
Grattan, Thos., M.D.=Ridgway, Miss, d. of John, at Edenderry, King's co. Apr. 1777 p. 576

Gratten, Capt. Wm., late 64th Foot=Giffard, jane, d. of Sir Duke, Bt., at Peamount July 1792 p. 96

Gratton, Richard, Drummin, co. Kildare=Biddulph, Miss, e.d. of Fran., of Vicarstown, Queen's co. Feb 1788 p. 111

Graves, Lord [Thomas North]=Paget, Lady Mary, y.d. of Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge July 1803 p. 447 [On 27 June at St. James', Westminster]

Gray, Widow=Campbell, Capt. Douglas 1777 p. 576
Gray, Major=Colthurst, Lady, r. of Sir Nich, Bt. at Cork Sep. 1798 p. 656
Gray, Miss=Roberts, Robert 1801 p. 192
Gray, rev. Chas., Castlereagh=Carson, Miss, n. to late David McCormick, at Millmount Sep. 1811 p. 504
Gray, Frances=Leg, Thos. 1776 p. 432
Gray, John, Rosecomerow=Fossett, Miss 3 May 1775 p. 319
Gray, John, bookseller, Glasgow=Wylie, Margaret, y.d. of Jas., of Belfast Oct. 1810 p. 479
Gray, Mary=Arnold, Wm. 1801 p. 256

Green, Miss=Davis, Mr. 1779 p. 256
Green, Miss=Lane, Wm. 1788 p. 560
Green, Major, of Waterford=Massey, hon. Jane, 2nd d. of Lord, at Suir Castle, co. Tipperary Oct. 1789 p. 560
Green, Miss=Bunbury, Thos. i 1790 p. 560
Green, Miss=Chalderton, Capt. i 1798 p. 96
Green, Miss=Seale, Henry 1802 p. 639
Green, Mrs.=Conway, Rbt. 1807 p. 763
Green, Barbara=Newnham, Wm. ii 1792 p. 384
Green, Edward=Humphreys, Harriet, at Bath Nov. 1798 p. 815
Green, James, Coleraine=Ould, Miss, Frederick St., g.d. of late Sir Fielding Aug. 1791 p. 192
Green, Jane=Fitton, Nicholas 1779 p. 192
Green, John, Clonmell=Thronbrow, Miss Apr. 1773 p. 216
Green, John, Graige, co. Limerick=Massey, hon. Miss, s. to Lord Sep. 1793 p. 288
Green, Joseph, s. of John, late of Greenville, co. Kilkenny=Newport, Miss, d. of Wm., of Belmont, in liberties of Waterford Dec. 1804 p. 763
Green, Letitia=Dillon, Rbt. 1776 p. 143
Green, Mary=Prendergast, Edw. 1775 p. 566
Green, Michael, jr., Greenmount, co. Tipperary=Alleyn, Miss, d. of Sam., of Goulden Feb. 1790 p. 192
Green, Molesworth=Wright, Miss, d. of Archdn. Dec. 1784 p. 742
Green, Patrick, Green Abbey, co. Tipperary=Arthur, Maria, d. of Francis, Middle Gardiner St., Oct. 1806 p. 640
Green, Samuel, of Scart, co. Limerick=Young, Maria, s. to Robt. Oct. 1788 p. 560
Green, Thomas=Brickwood, Miss, d. of Geo. Joseph Mar. 1801 p. 191

Greene, Miss=O'Shea, Wm., jr. 1808 p. 319
Greene, Ann=Tooke, Rhd. ii 1792 p. 480
Greene, Fran. Wm.=Browne, Jane, 2nd d. of Thomas, Newgrove, co. Clare, at High Park, co. Wicklow Sep. 1786 p. 504
Greene, Henry=Reynolds, Anne, in Kilkenny July 1790 p. 96
Greene, Jane H.=Walsh, Thos. 1807 p. 703
Greene, John, Kilkea, co. Kildare=Cooper, Mary Ann, e.d. of John, of Cooper Hill, co. Meath, in St. Mark's church, Rev. Dean Hewitt June 1779 p. 375
Greene, Wm. [late private Secy. to Lord Macartney, govr. Caribbean Island, 1776-84, and the famous ambassador to China]=York, Miss, d. of rev. Philip Sep. 1786 p. 504

Greer, James, Balllynewry, co. Armagh=O'Hara, Miss, d. of Henry, at Ottara Brook Apr. 1805 p. 254

Gregg, Elizabeth=Blundell, Lt. 1788 p. 616

No entries

Grey, Miss=Brabazon, Capt. Lambert i 1796 p. 480
Grey, Lady Amelia=Kaye, J.L. ii 1800 p. 319
Grey, Booth=Grey, Lady Sophia, d. of Earl of Stamford, Warrington, at Bowden, England Nov. 1809 p. 629
Grey, Lord [George Harry], s. of Earl Stamford=Charteris, hon. [Henrietta Charlotte Elizabeth] d. of Lord Elcho Jan. 1798 p. 96 [At St. George's Hanover Sq., on 23rd Dec., 1797. Witnesses "Elcho," "Susan Elcho", W.B. Grey]
Grey, Humphrey, Donevaile=Mahony, C., d. of Andrew, Mallow Feb. 1806 p. 125
Grey, Lady Sophia=Grey, Booth 1809 p. 629
Grey,Wm., Fishamble St.=Hamilton, Mary, Francis St. Feb. 1806 p. 125

Griffin, Miss=Stack, Capt. G.B. 1809 p. 592
Griffin, James, of Dublin=Dunn, Miss, d. of Darby, of Queen's co. Apr. 1803 p. 255
Griffin, John=Vincent, Miss, d. of Aldm., At Limerick June 1774 p. 376
Griffin, Jno., Balbriggan, co. Dublin=Butler, Miss, Merville, co. Kildare Dec. 1782 p. 664
Griffin, Wm. =Carrol, Miss, d. of Wm., of Linenhall, St. at Nenagh Dec. 1802 p. 764

Griffith, Wm, Ballytivenan, co. Sligo=Kenny, Miss, y.d. of Courtney, Ballinroke, co. Mayo Oct. 1802 p. 639

Griffiths, R.=Winter, Miss, d. of Arhtur, n. to Aldm. Few Apr. 1791 p. 383

Grogan, Miss=Barrington, Jonah 1789 p. 336
Grogan, Cornelius, Johnstown, co. Wexford=Frost, Rebecca, same co. July 1786 p. 391

Grove, Capt., 4th Dragoon Guards=Pearce, Miss, d. of Capt. Aug. 1800 p. 127
Grove, M., Tiercullen=Rooke, Miss, d. of Wm., of and at Youghall Dec. 1808 p. 763
Grove, Susanna=Grove, Thomas i 1794 p. 287
Grove, Thomas, co. Donegal=Grove, Susanna, 2nd d. of rev. Wm., of Charlesford, Co. Sligo Mar. 1794 p. 287

Groves, Wm.=Abbott, Eliza, in Cork Aug. 1805 p. 510

Grubb, Francis of Clonmell=Miller, M. Mount Millick, at the Quaker's Meeting House Sep. 1804 p. 575

Gubbins, Stanger, Kilruxh, co. Limerick=Russell, Miss, d. of Frances Oct 1790 p. 384

No entries

No entries

Gumbleton, George, Castle Richard, co. Waterford=Quin, Miss June 1792 p. 568

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