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Irish Marriages L-McD


Lacey, Miss=Evans, John 1781 p. 112

Lacy, Miss=Bernard, Wm. 1806 p. 447

No entries

Laird, John, Carrickfregus=Hill, Agnes, of Island Mager Nov. 1808 p. 704

Lalor, Capt.=Baldwin, Jane, at Maryboro Be. 1783 p. 112
Lalor, Miss=Usher, Luke 1787 p. 448
Lalor, Charlotte=Sergeson, Thomas 1789 p. 672

Lamb, Miss=Archer, Thos 1778 p. 368
Lamb, hon. Miss=Cooper, Lord 1805 p. 511
Lamb., Capt. 26th Native Infy.=Sands, Maria, 2nd d. rev. Patrick, R. of Celbridge, co Kildare Mar. 1806 p. 191 [Oct. 10, 1805, at Calcutta, by rev. Paul, Limrick [sic.], Chap. to H.E.I. Coy]
Lamb, Mrs=Ross, Lt. 1806 p. 447
Lamb, Vincent, Youghall, co. Cork=Andrews, Anna Maria, d. of John, Figmount, King's co. Jan. 1797 p. 96
Lamb, Wm.=Piercy, Miss, Limerick, in co. Corke Aug 1771 p. 392
Lamb, hon. Wm [2nd s. of and suc. to] 1st Visct. Melbourne [bar.-at-law, Lins. Inn, 1804]=Ponsonby [Lady Caroline, d. of John, 3rd] Earl of Bessborough Julyu 1805 p. 446 [Md in Gt. George St. Han. Sq]

Lambert, Miss=Ansley, hon. Rhd 1771 p. 512
Lambert, Miss=Donnellan, Mr. 1780 p. 232
Lambert, Miss=Farren, John 1786 p. 672
Lambert, Mr., Mill Lodge, co. Clare=Benn, Eliza, d. of John, Raheen, co. Limerick, at Castle Connell Jan. 1785 p. 56
Lambert, Miss=Baynes, Sir Edwd., Bt. ii 1798 p. 815
Lambert, Miss=Murphy, Wm. 1806 p. 126
Lambert, Miss=O'Dell, Thos. 1807 p. 255
Lambert, Chas., co. Meath=Dutton, Miss, Gloster Oct. 1771 p. 512
Lambert, Eliza=Burke, John 1774 p. 629
Lambert, Elizabeth=Price, Rose ii 1798 p. 815
Lambert, Lady E.=Brickenden, Rhd. i 1800 p. 192
Lambert, F.T.=Talbot, Earl of ii 1800 p. 255
Lambert, rev. Geo., V. of St. Peter's, of this town=Norman, Miss, at Drogheda Dec. 1783 p. 672
Lambert, Lady Gertrude=Cromie, Sir Mich. 1774 p. 172
Lambert, Lady Honora=Woodgate, Capt. 1803 p. 446
Lambert, James, Carnegh, co. Wexford=Kennedy, Miss, d. of Counsellor, Dorset St. 30 June 1774 p. 430
Lambert, Jas., Bantry Lodge, co. Wexford=Lattin, Begnet, Morristown, co. Kildare, in Dorset St. Sep. 1780 p. 520
Lambert, John, attny=Warren, Miss, Stillorgan June 1771 p. 280
Lambert, John, attny., sec. to Lord Mayor Dublin=Allen, Miss, Dame St. Sep. 1794 p. 288
Lambert, rev. John, Belfast=Ramsay, hon. Rose, of Rothsay Dec. 1800 p. 379
Lambert, John, Woodeville, co. Longford=Tramasse, Miss, at Col. Wright's, Stephen's Green Feb. 1807 p. 128
Lambert, rev. Thos., co. Kilkenny=Draper, Miss, of Waterford Sep. 1781 p. 504
Lambert, Walter, e.s. Chas, Crogclare, co Galway=Dillon, Miss, s. of Robt, Clonbrook 2 Mar 1778 p. 191
Lambert, Wm.=Armor, Miss, Milltown Rd., in Scotland Aug. 1778 p. 536
Lambert, Wm. Balbriggen, co. Dublin=Barnard, Miss, Carlow Aug. 1788 p. 448
Lambert, Wm, Summerhill, co. Meath=Johnston, Miss, d. of John, of Johnstown, co. Louth Oct. 1800 p. 255

Lambie, Jas., engineer and archt., Paisley, Scotland=Madden, Jane, d. of Andrew, Peter St. July 1810 p. 336

Lancaster, Lt. Wm., Adjt. of Royal Engineers=Marsh, Ellen, Ballyshannon, King's co. Feb. 1806 p. 126

Lane, Miss=Stock, Sam. 1776 p. 143
Lane, Miss=Chatterton, Jas. K.C. 1784 p. 744
Lane, Miss=Ashe, John 1787 p. 112
Lane, Miss=Sayer, Henry J. ii 1798 p. 908
Lane, Abraham=Dunscombe, Elizabeth Parker, of Mount Desart, at Cork Oct. 1800 p. 255
Lane, Ambrose, treas., Co. Tipperary=White, Ellen, Whitefoot, Co Wexford 9 Feb 1771 p. 56
Lane, Daniel=Beek, Miss, d. of Francis, at Cork June 1792 p. 568
Lane, Jas., sheriff's peer of Dublin=Emerson, Amelia, d. of Ald. Thos., Roundwood, co. Wicklow June 1779 p. 375
Lane, John, Eustace St.=Harrison, Alicia, Bride St. Mar. 1806 p. 191
Lane, Rhd.=Cox., Miss, at Limerick July 1772 p 400
Lane, Rbt., Willmount, co. Tipperary=Lanigan, Miss, d. of Wm. of Lough May 1795 p. 480
Lane, Thos., of North Strand=Fitzgerald, Margaret, d. of late Gerald Dec. 1802 p. 764
Lane, Major Wm., of E.I. Co.'s Service=Carnac, Miss, d. of Turner, Greenmount Lodge, co. Louth Aug. 1787 p. 448
Lane, Wm. =Green, Miss, d. of Francis, of Craige, at Cork Oct. 1788 p. 560
Lane, Wm.=Vincent, Miss, d. of Rhd., of Limerick Nov. 1790 p. 480

Lang, Geo.=Gibbon, Miss, d. of Thos., sec. of Incorporated Society June 1774 p. 366

Langford, Miss=Drew, Francis i 1796 p. 568

Langton, Wm. Gore=Browne, Miss, d. of John, Saperton May 1800 p. 319

Langley, Chas., Lisnamrock=Bagwell, Miss, d. of John of Kilmore, Kt. of Shire co. Tipperary, at Clonmel Aug. 1794 p. 192
Langley, Lawrence, Priestown, co. Tipperary=Moore, Anne, s. to Stephen, of Barn, n. to Earl of Bective Jan. 1794 p. 96

Langrishe, Rev. [Jas., dean Achonary 1792-1806], 2nd s. of Sir Hercules, Bt.=Mitchell, Mary Harriet, d. of Hugh Henry, at Merrion Sq., Dublin Nov. 1796 p. 480

Large, R., Ballintubbert, Queen's co.=Morgan, Ann, Whitefriars St. Oct. 1805 p. 639
Large, Wm., of Custom house, Dublin=Laurie, Jane, d. of James, Kirkcudbright, Scotland July 1791 p. 96

Larkin, Miss=Byrne, Joseph 1805 p. 511
Larkin, Miss=Francis, Chas. 1801 p. 63

Lawless, Mr., grocer=Savage, Miss Apr. 1774 p. 238
Lawless, Miss=Scott, John 1779 p. 376
Lawless, Miss=Whaley, Thos. ii 1800 p. 191
Lawless, hon. Miss=Burton, hon. F.N. 1801 p. 384

Lawler, Julia=McGill, James 1807 p. 639

Lawson, Capt., of "Lord Holland"=Hennissy, Miss, of Cork, at Protpatrick Mar. 1780 p. 232

Leadon, rev. Roger=Plunket, Mrs., Aungier St. Feb. 1790 p. 192

Leary, Edwd., Crow St.=Dillon, A., Donnybroook Aug 1805 p. 510

Ledwich, Thos., counsellor, s. of Dean [Edw. of Kildare]=O'Neil, Miss, of Ely Place July 1776 p. 504

Lee, Mr., ironmonger, Abbey St.=Featherstone, Miss. d. of John, of Davidstown, co. Meath Jan. 1774 p. 60
Lee, Miss=Phillips,Stumble 1775 p. 502
Lee, Major=Hamilton, Frances, d. of Lady, at Bath Sep. 1797 p. 287
Lee, Miss=Dowedewell, Wm. ii 1798 p. 815
Lee, Miss=Williams, Solomon 1801 p. 181
Lee, Miss=Martin, James. Chas. 1803 p. 63
Lee, Arthur, exchequer office, Fishamble St.=Eager, Miss, Bachelor's Walk Sep. 1781 p. 504
Lee, Ben.=Smith, Miss, of Drogheda Aug. 1772 p. 456
Lee, Chas., Oulart=Goodisson, Theresa, d. of Sam. Granaduff Mar. 1808 p. 181
Lee, E.=White, Lt. C. 1806 p. 255
Lee, Geo., Barna, Co. Tipperary=Norris, Miss, d. of John, of Limerick Feb. 1778 p. 128
Lee, Lt. Henry, 5th Dragoon Guards=Crofts, Miss, n. to C. Creed, Ballynantry Jan. 1808 p. 62
Lee, J. Thos., M.D., Dublin=Troy, Margt., only d. of Walter, Annfield, co. Dublin July 1809 p. 432
Lee, Edw., Seatonville=LeHardy, Mary, 2nd d. of Peter Nov. 1800 p. 319
Lee, Thos., =Babbington, Catherine, both of Abbey St. Oct. 1775 p. 629
Lee, Thos., Leesborough, co. Kilkenny=House, Miss Callen Apr. 1788 p. 224
Lee, rev. Usher, Dean of Waterford [1804-50] = Sheppard, hanna, d. of Late Rev. Dr. Apr. 1805 p. 255

Leeson, hon. Rbt., Clermont, co. Wicklow, s. of late Earl Miltown=Rose, Philippa Juliana, y.d. of late Preby., of Worcester, at Turvey house, seat of Lord Timbleston Nov. 1810 p. 527

Leg, Thos., of Scotch Quarters=Gray, Frances, of Liscaughill, both co. Longford June 1776 p. 432

Legg, Miss=Wallace, Capt. Hill 1784 p. 111
Legg, John=Waller, Miss, d. of Chas. Apr. 1801 p. 255

Legge, hon. Miss=Dutton, hon. John 1803 p. 512
Legge, John=Waller, Miss, d. ofChas. Apr. 1801 p. 255

Leich, George, Temple St.=Clarke, Mrs. Arabella, of same place Oct. 1806 p. 640.

Leigh, Anty.=Morgan, Miss, York St. May 1775 p. 320

Leonard, Eliza=Kenny, Thos 1787 p. 392
Leonard, John, aet. 23=Egan, Mrs. Penelope, aet. 87, at Nengah Oct. 1775 p. 629
Leonard, John=Toole, Miss, bot of Bishop St. Jan 1805 p. 62
Leonard, John, silk mfr.=Reilly, m., of Capel St. Feb. 1806 p. 125
Leonard, Patrick=Davis, Jane, d. of John, of Tuam, at Galway Sep. 1787 p. 504

Leith, Sir. George A., Bt. =Vaughn, Albina, d. of Thomas, at Calcutta July 1799 p. 72

No entries

Lennon, Miss=Frizel, Henry Loftus ii 1792 p. 384
Lennon, Miss=Carey, W.P. i 1792 p. 480
Lennon, Capt. Walter, of the Engineers on Madras estab.=Saunders, Martha, d. of Lady Martha, n. to Earl of Aldborough Feb. 1795 p. 192

Leslie, Miss=Peacock, Mr. 1772 p. 456
Leslie, Mr.=Cane, Miss Aug. 1773 p. 448
Leslie, Miss=Scott, John 1779 p. 432
Leslie, Miss=Colles, Rev. 1782 p. 224
Leslie, Miss=Lowry, rev. Jas. 1785 p. 391
Leslie, Miss=Duff, Alexander 1787 p. 504
Leslie, Miss=Johnston, Thomas 1788 p. 111
Leslie, Maria=Rawlins, Sam. i 1795 p. 480
Leslie, Lord, son of Ctss. of Rothes=Campbell, Miss,d. of late Col., of Duncan Nov. 1798 p. 815
Leslie, Mrs. =Montgomery, rev. Rhd. i 1797 p. 480
Leslie, Miss=Dickenson, rev. S. 1806 p. 256
Leslie, Miss=Gason, Rd. Willis 1811 p. 592
Leslie, Cath.=Forster, rev. Wm. 1780 p. 64
Leslie, Chas. Powell, Kt. of Shire co. Monaghan=Finch, Miss, in Merrion St. July 1785 p. 391
Leslie, Chas., e.s. of Chas. Powel, Kt. of Shire for co. Monaghan=Ryder, Miss, Merrion Sq. Oct. 1791 p. 384
Leslie, Lady Harriet=Courtney, Wm. 1804 p.763
Leslie, James, Leslie-hill=Fleming, Miss Nov. 1789 p. 616
Leslie, John, Monaghan=Edwards, Charlotta, d. of Christopher, Edenville Nov. 1801 p. 704
Leslie, John, banker, Cork=Hyde, Catherine, M., 2nd d. of late John, of Cregg, co. Cork, s. to Visctss. Boyle Apr. 1804 p. 256
Leslie, Louisa=Halliburton, hon. D.G. 1807 p. 448
Leslie, Rbt., Tarlet, co. Kerry=Crosbie, Miss. d. of late Pierce, Ballyheige, same co. Jan. 1790 p. 96

L'Estrange, Sam.=Smith, Anne, y.d. of late Rhd., of H.M. Ordinance, of Mount Pleasant Jan. 1808 p. 62

Lett, Stephen, Newcastle, co. Wexford=Moore, Miss Mary Arp. 1773 p. 216

Lewis, Lancelot, gent.-attorney=Ash, Letitia, of Kevin's Port Sep. 1804 p. 575
Lewis, Thos., Burgh, surveyor of Lisburn=Bateman, Miss, Dromore 12 Feb. 1778 p. 248

Lidwell, Mark, Clonmore, co. Tipperary=Scanlan, Miss, d. of Nich. Jan. 1775 p. 63

No entries

No entries

Linley, Wm. Sheffield=Murray, Henrietta, d. of rev. John, Dean of Killaloe, at Castle Connel May 1789 p. 280

No entries

Linton, Mr., of H.M. Depot, Shrewsbury=Hanly, Anne, d. of late Patrick, M.D., of city of Dublin Oct. 1806 p. 640

Lisson, Jonathan, jr.=Dunn, Sarah, of Mountview, at the seat of L.T. Sinnett, in the same place June 1803 p. 384

Lloyd, Rbt., Cashel=Ormsby, Miss, d. of Maunsell Nov. 1784 p. 680

Lloyde, Allen, Ballyfarrel, co. Wexford=Woodroffe, Miss, Goree Feb. 1775 p. 127
Lloyde, David, Rockville,co Roscommon=O'Brien, Mary, d. of Edwd., Dromolan, co. Clare Oct. 1800 p. 255
Lloyde, Francis, Mount Catherine, co. Clare=Johnston, Miss, Snowhill, co. Fermanagh, at Charles Fort, Kinsale July 1793 p. 96

Loane, Lt. Rbt., of Marines=Moore, Miss, d. of Sir Rbt., Bt., at Passage, nr. Cork July 1784 p. 416

Locke, Peter, Athgoe, co. Dublin=Kennedy, Miss, s. to late Chas., Johnstown, same co. June 1789 p. 336
Locke, Wm, jr=Jennings, Miss, d. of Henry Constantine, of Shiplake Oct. 1800 p. 255

Loftus, Capt. Wm., 3rd Regt. Foot Guards=King, Miss, s. of Mrs. Costello Feb. 1778 p. 128
Loftus, Dudley, Killyon, co. Meath=Gore, Lady Jane, y. d. of Earl of Arran, by first wife, n. to Earl of Annesley, in Gardeners' Row, by Bishop of Ossory July 1793 p. 96

Logan, Miss=Archer, Sam. 1802 p. 383
Logan, Miss=Gibson, Jas. 1807 p. 63
Logan, John, Centry, Castlereagh=Richardson, Ann, Ballytrim, nr. Killileath Dec. 1807 p. 763

Lombard, Geo=Duggan, Anne, at Cork July 1786 p. 392

Longfield, rev., Mountiford=Lysaght, Grace, d. of Wm, in Cork Nov. 1796 p. 480
Longfield, Rbt., M.P. for boro' of Donegal=Callaghan, Miss, Thanbally, co. Tipperary Apr. 1778 p. 248

Lonnergan, Thos., Killaloon=Brown, Miss, Clonmell Oct. 1780 p. 576

Lopdell, Christopher, Derryowen, co. Clare=Browne, Miss, d. of James, Brownhall, co. Mayo, at Ashfield, co. Galway

No entries

No entries

Loveden, Pryse, of Woodstock, co. Oxford=Agar, hon. Mrs., s. to Visct. Ashbrooke Apr. 1798 p. 383

Lowcay, Anthy, Wexford=King, Miss Mar. 1773 p. 160
Lowcay, Standish=Allen, Miss. n. to late Rev. Dr. Downes Sep. 1794 p. 288

Lowden, Mrs.=Kinaham, D. 1804 p. 447

Lowe, Rev.=D'Arcy, Mrs., both of Peter St., June 1789 p. 336

Lowry, rev. Jas, yngr., Tullyhog, co. Tyrone=Leslie, Miss y.d. of Bishop of Limerick, s. to Edw. of Tarbet, co. Kerry, at Willisborough, co. Londonderry July 1785 p. 391
Lowry, Edward=Wilson, Ellen, both of Portglenone Dec. 1807 p. 763

Lucas, Henry, printer, Denmark St.=McDermott, Miss, Mary St. June 1812 p. 279

Lumsden, Andrew, of Lurgan=O'Brien, Mary, d. of late Denis, of co. Derry Feb. 1802 p. 128

Lunnam, W., Shapland=Deane, Miss, d. of late Lieut., of Clare Regt. Mar. 1804 p. 192

Lyden, Alicia=O'Hara, C. 1806 p. 512

Lyle, Miss=Lyle, J. 1806 p. 255
Lyle, J., Sallypark=Lyle, Miss, d. of R., Lylemount, co. Derry Apr. 1806 p. 255
Lyle, Sam., Coleraine=Acheson, Miss, Derry Sep. 1787 p. 504

Lynam, John, only s. of Aldm. Joseph, banker, Dublin=Gore, Miss, Seaview, co Wicklow June 1792 p. 568

Lynch, Mr.=Skerret, Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112
Lynch, Miss=Magee, Mr. 1772 p. 400
Lynch, Miss=Mitchell, Patrick 1774 p. 430
Lynch, Mr., of Bruges, Flanders=Lynch, Miss, d. of Anthy., Batchelor's Walk Sep 1780 p. 520
Lynch, Miss=Lynch, Mr. 1780 p. 520
Lynch, Miss=Brabazon, Edwd. 1789 p. 336
Lynch, Miss=Warren, Edwd. 1789 p. 336
Lynch, Mr., Lane=Duff, Miss, Skerries Aug. 1806 p. 512
Lynch, Capt. Alex.=Darcy, Miss, Woodville, co.Galway May 1793 p. 480
Lynch, Alice=Moffitt, Francis 1809 p. 128
Lynch, Anne=Ryan, John 1784 p. 680
Lynch, Chas. Lawler=Haughton, Catherine Cornwallis, at Galway May 1797 p. 480
Lynch, Denis=Donovan, Miss, at Cork Dec. 1772 p. 676
Lynch, Eleanor=Blake, John 1779 p. 320
Lynch, Lt. Henry, 13th Dragoons=Reynell, Miss, of Castle Reynell, co. Westmeath Apr. 1794 p. 384 [In Dominick St.]
Lynch, Jas., Suckfield, co. Mayo=McDermott, Miss, Ballyglass, same co. Apr. 1778 p. 248
Lynch, James, Moss, co. Meath=Finlay, Miss, Arran Quay Sep. 1792 p. 288
Lynch, Julia=Martin, Walter i 1800 p. 380
Lynch, Mark, Galway=Burke, Miss, d. of Stephen, Isercloran, co. Galway Mar 1785 p. 168
Lynch, Mark=Cormick, Miss, n. to Sir Geo. Staunton, Bt. in Galway Dec. 1792 p. 568
Lynch, Mark=Skerret, Miss, both of Ballinasloe May 1793 p. 480
Lynch, Mark, Ballinasloe=Bodkin, Miss,d. of Dominick, Carnborg Nov. 1794 p. 480
Lynch, Owen, Woodpark, co. Roscommon=Concannon, Miss, d. of Henry, Crownecregg, co. Galway Sep. 1809 p. 544
Lynch, Patrick=French, Miss, at Cork Dec. 1772 p. 676
Lynch, Pat., Clogher=Blake, Mary, d. of Edmond, in Galway 8 May 1780 p. 288

Lyndon, Geo., s. of Dr., Great Ship St.=Annesley, Margt., Ballyfax, co. Kildare 22 June 1774 p. 430
Lyndon, Jas., proctor in Eccl. Cts.=Stuart, Eliza, Bow St. 26 Feb 1771

Lysaght, Miss=Hewson, john 1772 p. 55
Lysaght, Miss=Sayers, Edw., M.D. 1774 p. 366
Lysaght, Miss=Hodder, Wm. 1775 p. 255
Lysaght, Miss=Coyne, Geo. ii 1791 p. 288
Lysaght, Miss=Creaghe, john 1804 p. 575
Lysaght, Miss=O'Dwyer, H. 1807 p. 128
Lysaght, Grace=Longfield, rev. M. ii 1796 p. 480
Lysaght, James, Diomoher=Evans, Miss, d. of Geo., of Smythstown Oct. 1788 p. 560
Lysaght, Jane=Palmer, Joseph 1788 p. 111
Lysaght, John Mallow=Gubbins, Miss, d. of James, Kenmare Castle, co. Limerick may 1798 p. 479
Lysaght, Rhd., Leeson St.=Andrews, Amelia, 4th d. of John, Firmont, King's co., by s. lic. May 1806 p. 320
Lysaght, Sally=Staunton, Rhd. 1789 p. 280
Lysaght, Thomas, jr.=Vallaney, Miss, y.d. of Lt. gen Chas. Nov. 1799 p. 360

Lyster, Capt.=Kelly, Helen 1 Mar 1771 p. 112

No entries

Macguire, Hugh=McNemarra, Miss May 1773 p. 272

Mackay, Miss=North, Roger 1772 p. 168
Mackay, Dr.=Dixon, Mrs. Oct. 1789 p. 560
Mackay, Lt. George, 48th Foot=Mipet, Miss, y.d. of late James, Dowdingstown, co. Kildare Feb. 1808 p. 128

No entries

Macky, Miss=Macky, Jas. 1806 p. 576
Macky, Jas., Gallagh=Macky, Miss, Clonsquien Sep. 1806 p. 576

Macleod, Major 4th Foot=Annesley, Lady Arabella, d. of Earl of Mountmorris Dec. 1801 p. 763

Macnamara, Miss=Allen, Ulick 1787 p. 336
Macnamara, Miss=Hamilton, Capt. Edwd., R.N. 1804 p. 763

Madden, Miss=Stewart, Wm. 1772 p. 168
Madden, Miss=Grattan, David 1774 p. 366
Madden, Miss=Hawkshaw, rev. Sam. 1788 p. 448
Madden, hon. Miss=King,Edw. i 1793p. 384
Madden, Miss=Wildidge, John i 1792 p. 382
Madden, Miss=Blackwood, Rhd. 1801 p. 763
Madden, Mr.=Hamilton, Miss, e.d. of Bishop of Ossory Dec. 1802 p. 764
Madden, Miss=Ryan, Edw. 1806 p. 576
Madden, Edmd.=Cornerford, Miss, at Kilkenny Sep. 1781 p. 504
Madden, Elinor=Reynolds, John 1802 p. 128
Madden, Eliz.=Glascott, rev. Wm. 1787 p. 616
Madden, Elizabeth=Mairs, Edw. 1810 p. 452
Madden, Jas., Summerhill=Callanan, Honora, 3rd d. of late Peter, Skeacur, co. Galway Apr. 1812 p. 191
Madden, Jane=Carruthers, Lt. 1793 p. 192
Madden, Jane=Lambie, Jas. 1810 p. 336
Madden, John, brass founder=Brady, Jane Dec. 1801 p. 763
Madden, Joseph, New Row=Daly, Catherine, of Stanhope St. Apr. 1802 p. 256
Madden, Malachy, Runny, co. Rosocmmon=Plunket, Miss, Ardkenna, same co. Mar. 1792 p. 208
Madden, Robt., Mead's Brook, co. Meath=Palmer, Eliza, d. of late Henry, Dramoyle King's co., at Blackrock, co. Dublin Oct. 1796 p. 384
Madden, Sam., Monaghan=Ryder, Miss Feb. 1781 p. 112

Magarth, Denis, Trinity Coll.=McNeil, Miss, d. of Daniel, of co. Louth Dec. 1784 p. 744
Magarth, Gamaliel, Fitzgerald, Redsmonstown, co. Tipperary=Quin, Miss, d. of Wm. of Adare, n. to Lord Dartrey, at Limerick dec. 1775 p. 63

Magauran, Philip, Dorset St.=Fox, Miss, Hammond Lane June 1787 p. 336

Magee, Mr.=Lynch, Miss July 1772 p. 400
Magee, Wm. Snell, Lower Ormond Quay=King, Croker, d. of Sam. Croker Oct. 1787 p. 560

Magill, Lt., 5th Dragoons=Nugent, Miss, d. of late Mr., Clonlost, co. Westmeath Jan 1791 p. 104

Maguire, John, quill mfr.=Walsh, Widow, Rosemary Lane May 1806 p. 320
Maguire, Roger=Moore, Miss, d. of Thos., both of Athboy, co. Meath 14 Feb 1780 p. 120

Maher, Miss=Butler, Mich. 1779 p. 256

Mahers, John, Freshford=Harold, Jane, d. of late Martin, co. Clare Sep. 1809 p. 544

Mahon, Miss=Browne, Dennis 1775 p. 437
Mahon, Counsellor=Crowe, Miss, d. of Thos., at Ennis Mar. 1785 p. 168
Mahon, Clarinda=James, Rhd. 1779 p. 320
Mahon, Elizabeth=Curise, Francis 1778 p. 560
Mahon, rev. James=Gunn, Miss, d. of W.T., at Tralee Feb. 1805 p. 127
Mahon, Margt.=Mahon, Nich ii 1791 p. 288
Mahon, Neary, bookseller, Grafton St.=Bolger, Maria, d. of B., Longford St. Feb. 1809 p. 128
Mahon, Nicholas=D'Esterre, Miss, d. of late Henry, Castle Henry, co. Clare SEp. 1794 p. 384
Mahon, Patrick, Sangville=O'Gorman, Miss, d. of late John, Ennis, co. Clare Feb. 1798 p. 191
Mahon, Pierce=Maunsell, Miss, Ballybrood, at Limerick Mar. 1792 p. 208
Mahon, Ross, Castlegar, co. Galway=Brown, Lady Elizabeth, d. of Earl of Altamount Sep. 1786 p. 504

Mahony, Miss=Hart, Wm. i 1796 p. 568
Mahony, C.=Grey, Humphrey 1806 p. 125

Mairs, Edward, Mountrath St.=Madden, Elizabeth, Angelsea St. Sep. 1810 p. 452

Maitland, Capt. R.N.=Connor, Catherine, 2nd. d. of D., Ballybricken June 1804 p. 383

Majoribanks, Philip, Capt. of Battle Axe Guards=May, Miss, d. of Sir Jas., Bt. Aug 1784 p. 488

Maley, rev. Owen, of Wales=Burnett, Susanna, Richmond, co. Dublin Oct. 1800 p. 255

Mallay, John, Clondia, co. Longford=Cusack, Ellen, d. of late Wm, of Cork, at Hazel Bank, co. Down May 1809 p. 320

Malling, Archibald, Magherafelt=Johnston, Miss, of Castle Dawson Jan. 1803 p. 63

Malone, Miss=Sneyde, Lt. Henry 1788 p. 166
Malone, Anne=Howard, Luke 1806 p. 125
Malone, Edmd., Ballynahown, co. Westmeath=O'Connor, Mary 11 Aug 1774 p. 493
Malone, L., grocer, Bride St.=McDonald, Miss, Prussia St. July 1805 p. 446

Maloney, John, 4th Dragoons=Leggett, Miss, d. of J. of West Hampnett, Sussex, in London June 1809 p. 376

Malony, Mrs.=Dalton, Capt. Dominick 1786 p. 391

Malowny, Walter Weldon=Spellissy, Miss, at Limerick Jan. 1795 p. 96

Mandeville, Edwd. Callan=O'Neil, Miss, Waterford Apr 1782 p. 224

Mangan, Wm. aet. 85=Brady, Margaret, aet. 15, with a large fortune, on the Inns Quay Jan 1805 p. 62

Mangin, Lt. R.C., R.N. s. of Lt.-col.=Dabzac, Miss, e.d. of rev. Henry, Sr. Fell., T.C., Dublin Apr 1803 p. 255

Manly, Capt., 63rd Foot=Crawford, Miss, d. of Hugh, Belfast Apr. 1805 p. 255

Mann, Thos. Henry, 9th Dragoons=Carden, Miss, d. of John, of Templemore, co. Tipperary Mary. 1775 p. 255

Manning, Mrs.=Redford, Archibald i 1796 p. 96
Manning, Miss=Wright, Rev. Jas 1802 p. 128
Manning, Archibald, ironmonger=Howe, Miss, both of Grafton St. Dec. 1772 p. 676

No entries

No entries

No entries

Martin, Miss=Campbell, Capt. 1776 p. 792
Martin, Miss=M'Alpine, Conynham 1794 p. 192
Martin, Major, Enniskillen Dragoons=Pocklington, Miss July 1799 p. 72
Martin, Miss=Harrison, John 1806 p. 576
Martin, Miss=Huby, Capt. John 1804 p. 763
Martin, Miss=Kirk, William H. 1804 p. 763
Martin, Miss=Peshall, Capt. Chas. 1808 p. 319
Martin, Miss=Rosongrave, John, jr. 1809 p. 376
Martin, Miss=Skey, Sam. 1801 p. 63
Martin, A.P. Eaglehill=Burke, Charlotte, d. of Jas., at Galway Oct. 1807 p. 639
Martin, Andrew=Burke, Miss, d. of Patrick, at Portumna, co. Galway Sep. 1777 p. 704
Martin, Andrew=Burke, Charlotte, d. of James, at Galway Oct. 1807 p. 639
Martin, Anne Elizabeth=Synnot, Sir Walter Sep. 1804 p. 575
Martin, Cath.=O'Birne, Bryan 1805 p. 384
Martin, Chas., city Dublin=Millerd, Miss, d. of Ald, in Cork Nov. 1783 p. 615
Martin, Major Chas., Chester Castle, England=Williams, Miss, Palace St. Mar. 1793 p. 279
Martin, Fdk., of Sligo=Thompson, Anne, of Castlebar, at West Point 21 Oct 1777 p. 704
Martin, Geo. Sullivan=Nevison, Miss, d. of Chas., Cabra, co. Longford June 1800 p. 381
Martin, J. Anne=Bastard, J.P. 1809 p. 432
Martin, Jas. Ross=Busted, Miss Dec. 1772 p. 676
Martin, James Chas.=Lee, Miss, d. of Anty., of co. Wexford Jan. 1803 p. 63
Martin, John=Swettham, Miss Mar. 1773 p. 160
Martin, John=Caraher, Miss, of and at Dundalk Sep. 1801 p. 575
Martin, John, Larne=McClelland, Mary Elizabeth, Island of Magee, at that place May 1809 p. 319
Martin, Mary Anne=Hendrick, rev. Geo ii 1800 p. 64
Martin, Rhd., M.P. boro Jamestown, s. of Rbt. ,Dangar, co. Galway=Vesey, Mary, n. of Agmondisham, Lucan, co. Dublin, at Holymont, co. Mayo 19 Feb. 1777 p. 144
Martin, Rhd., Dungan, co. Galway=Hesketh, Miss, d. of Dr. Hugh Evans, of Cashel June 1796 p. 568
Martin, Rhd.=Manning, Mrs. , at Limerick June 1771 p. 280
Martin, rev. Rbt., Dawson St.=Brownrigg, Miss Stephen's Green Nov. 1787 p. 616
Martin, Walter, Westport, co. Mayo=Lynch, Julia, d. of Martin, Lavally, co. Galway June 1800 p 380
Martin, Wm., Bailey's Mill=Todd, Elizabeth, Toddstown Nov. 1808 p. 704

Masset, Henry=Murray, Euphemia, at Glashough, co. Monaghan Sep. 1775 p. 629

Massey, John, Prospect Hill=Smith, Miss, d. of Thomas, Clooney, co. Clare Jan. 1789 p. 56
Massey, Wm. Glinwilliam, co. Limerick=Clancy, Miss May 1791 p. 480

Mathers, Wm., Dorset St.=Browne, Miss Sep. 1800 p. 199

Matthew, Chas., Tipperary=Ryan, Miss May 1773 p. 272

Maunsell, Geo, collector of Limerick=Smith [Smyth]Anne, d. of Jas. Smyth, late collector Apr. 1786 p. 224

Maxwell, rev. Benson, e.s. of Col., Burdstown=O'Hara, Miss, d. of Rbt., Mountjoy Square July 1809 p. 431
Maxwell, Hamilton, Abbey St.=Fox, Miss, d. of Geo., of Capel St. Apr 1797 p. 384

May, Miss=Majoribanks, P. 1784 p. 488
May, rev. Edw., R. of Belfast=Sinclair, Miss, e.d. of late Wm., in Belfast June 1809 p. 375
May, Humphrey, 2nd s. of Sir Jas., Bt.=Grueber, Miss, g.d. of Rev. Dr., of Armagh July 1784 p. 568
May, Joseph=Stert, Frances, d. of Rhd. Oct. 1797 p. 384
May, Mary=Tottenham, Nich., Loftus 1778 p. 424

Mayer, W.E.=Donnellan, Miss, d. of late D.N., of Artane Feb. 1806 p. 126

Mayne, Henry, Abbey St.=Netterville, Celia, of same st. Sep. 1801 p. 575
Mayne, Rbt. attorney, Stpehen St.=Keller [Note: bride's index listed as KELLEY], Mary, d. of Jas., of Cormeen, co. Meath Jan 1775 p. 127
Mayne, Sedborough=Gore, Henrietta Mary, d. of late Rhd. Oct. 1802 p. 639

McAlpine, Conynham=Martin, MissAug. 1794 p. 192

McAuliff, Geo., printer=Hennessy, Miss, f. of late John, cabinet maker, at Limerick Oct. 1802 p. 639

McAuliffe, Wm., bookseller, =O'Connor, Mary, at Tralee Jan. 1807 p. 63

McAwly, Awly, Frankford=Fallon, Miss, Runnymead Mr. 1781 p. 168

McBride, Thomas=Brunton, Miss Mar. 1790 p. 286

McCabe, Luke=Browne, Miss, of Rockville, co. Galway Dec. 1799 p. 424

Macale, Rhd., Gorondoo=O'Brien, Mary, n. of late Sir Lucius, of Dromore July 1804 p. 447

McCall, John=Ellway, phillis Maria, of Monmouth, at Grey Abbey Dec. 1804 p. 763
McCall, John, linen draper, Newgrove, nr. Ballynahinch=Heron, Miss, d. of Fan. Ardegon, nr. Killileagh Apr. 1809 p. 256
McCall, Thomas=Denroach, Miss, d. of late Chas., in Cork Oct 1796 p. 384
McCall, Sam.=Poole, Miss, d. of Hewitt, Maifield, n. to Abraham Morres, Kt. of Shire co. Cork, at Glanmire Jan 1795 p. 96

No entries

McCarthy, Miss=Dalton, Lt.-col. Edw. 1771 p. 336
McCarthy, Miss=Atkin, Lt. M. 1785 p. 391
McCarthy, Lt., R.N.=Chartres, Miss, d. of Wm., in Cork Nov. 1801 p. 704
McCarthy, Capt., of Queen's German Regt.=O'Connell, Miss, Portmagee, co. Kerry, at Tralee Nov. 1803 p. 703
McCarthy, Miss=Osborne, E.1812 p. 240
McCarthy, Ann=White, Laurence 1775 p. 63
McCarthy, Dennis, Springmount=Duggan, Miss, d. of late Wm., Ballyclearnce, Tipperary Jan. 1807 pp. 63-64
McCarthy, Denis, of Cork=Reilly, Miss July 1796 p. 96
McCarthy, Denis, Minchill, Cork=Lockwood, Miss, d. of late Wm., Ballyclearance, Tipperary Jan. 1807 p. 63 64
McCarthy, Francis=Daunt, Miss, e.d. of Wm., of Janeville, at Ballymoney, nr Bandon Oct. 1793 p. 384
McCarthy, John=Swiny, Eliz., at Cork Apr. 1771 p. 168
McCarthy, John, Newcastle, co. Limerick=Allen, Miss, d. of Christopher, Mayor of and at Cork Nov. 1803 p. 703
McCarthy, Mary=O'Connor, Mr. i 1794 p. 568

McCartin, Jeremiah, Rhadune, co. Cork=O'Connell, Miss, d. of Morgan, Cahir, co. Kerry July 1791 p. 96

McCartney, John=Moore, Mary, both of Cavan July 1771 p. 336

McCloskey, Capt. of the "Two Brothers", of Ostend=Moore, Anne, d. of Andrew, North Anne St. Jan. 1805 p. 62

McCombe, Alex, Mount St.=Dunbar, Widow, of James St. Jan. 1805 p. 62

McCready, Miss=Sinclair, John Jr. 1807 p. 448
McCready, Edward, Mont co. Meath=Gill, Miss, Baltrassney, same co. Aug. 1792 p. 192

McCree, A., Strabane=Allen, B., Lifford May 1809 p. 320

McCullagh, Ann=Aldy, Mr. 1810 p. 288

McCulloch, Miss=Disney Garrett 1809 p. 320
McCulloch, Ann=Moore, rev. D 1809 p. 432
McCulloch, John Shaw, 47th Regt.=Harrison, Ann, y.d. of late Hugh Churchfield, co. Antrim, at Ballymerra, by Rev Rhd Balbington July 1807 p. 448

McCullogh, Miss=Potts, Rbt. 1804 p. 639

McCullagh, Miss=Nelson, Jas. 1808 p. 640
McCullagh, James=Ireland, Miss, both of Castlewellan Aug. 1805 p. 446

McCutchan, Chas., Granard=Fox, Maria, d. of Matt, of Foxbrooke, co. Meath July 1805 p.446

McDermot, Geo., Linenhall St.=Flood, Miss, only d. of Mathew, of Boot Lane Oct. 1805 p. 639
McDermot, John, aet. 78=Cooper, Widow, aet. 63, at Kilbrew, co. Tipperary Sep. 1774 p. 629
McDermot, Maria=Blake, Edw. 1810 p. 288

McDermote, Hugh, Coolavin, co. Sligo=O'Connor, Eliza, d. of Denis Aug. 1793 p. 191 [at Belangare, co. Roscommon]

McDermott, Miss=Lynch, Jas. 1778 p. 248
McDermott, Miss=St. Clair, Sterling 1786 p. 56
McDermott, Miss=Philips, Edw. ii 1794 p. 287
McDermott, Mrs.=McKenna, Theo. ii 1794 p. 568
McDermott, Miss=Dempsey, Wm. 1803 p. 319
McDermott, Miss=Hughes, Frances 1804 p. 763
McDermott, Miss=Lucas, Henry 1812 p. 279
McDermott, Anty., Thomastown, co.Louth=McKenna, Bridget of Dundalk Jan. 1778 p. 64
McDermott, Christopher, Ballyglass, co. Roscommon=Atkinson, Miss, Bedford St., in London Sep. 1788 p. 504
McDermott, John, surveyor, of Ringsend=Mutty, Mrs. of same place may 1779 p. 320
McDermott, Mulloy, 2nd s. of Thos., Alderford, co. Roscommon=Lloyd, Sarah, 4th d. of Wm., Rockville, same co. 3 May 1810 p. 240
McDermott, Thos. Alderford, co. Roscommon=Molloy, Margt., 2nd d. of Coote, Hughston, same co. Jan. 1777 p. 72

No entries

McDonnel, Miles, of Grange=Hughes, Miss, Ballyderrin, co. Mayo. Oct. 1792 p. 384

McDonnell, Christopher, of Merchant's Quay=Brennan, Ann, d. of Edwd, of Francis St. Feb. 1801 p. 127

McDonagh, Miss=Nugent, John 1771 p. 392
McDonagh, Mrs.=Geoghegan, Mr. 1805 p. 510
McDonagh, Miss=Kine, Bryan 1803 p. 62

McDonald, Major John=Chambers, Miss, e.d. of Late Sir Rbt. Nov. 1799 p. 360

McDonaugh, Stephen=Noone, Bridget, at Tuam, co. Galway Oct. 1790 p. 384

McDonogh, Maria=Stackpole, John 1806 p. 125

McDonough, Edw., Monastereven, co. Kildare=Flood, Cath., Cherry Valley, co. Meath 24 June 1776 p. 432

McDowall, Surgeon=Coyne, Miss, Westmeath Aug. 1772 p. 456


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