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The ship American Londonderry to New York

Port of Londonderry, Ireland to New York

Departure 9th April 1803

Date of Arrival 1803 July August



A List of Passengers who intend going to New York on the Ship American, 340 Tons burthen, Alexander Thompson Master, sworn at Londonderry,

 9th April 1803.

Columns represent: name, age, county or town of origin in Ireland, occupation.

  1 David          Kerr           28  Donegal    farmer

  2 Hannah         Kerr           26  Donegal    spinster

  3 Robert         Virtue         22  Donegal    farmer

  4 Ann            Virtue         25  Donegal    spinster

  5 Alexander      Thompson       21  Fermanagh  farmer

  6 L.             Jenkin             Fermanagh  labourer 

  7 Andw.          Brander            Fermanagh  labourer

  8 L.             Miller             Fermanagh  labourer

  9 James          McCafferty         Fermanagh  labourer

 10 John           Ward               Fermanagh  labourer

 11 Robert         Fitzpatrick        Fermanagh  labourer

 12 Robert         Stinson            Fermanagh  labourer

 13 William        Taylor             Sligo      labourer

 14 Elinor         Taylor             Sligo      spinster

 15 Mary           Taylor             Sligo      spinster

 16 John           Longhead           Donegal    labourer

 17 R.             Longhead           Donegal    spinster

 18 Robt.          Longhead           Donegal    labourer

 19 John           Longhead           Donegal    labourer

 20 John           Whiteside          Donegal    labourer

 21 Ann            Whiteside          Donegal    spinster

 22 Arthur         Johnston           Donegal    farmer

 23 Mary           Johnston           Donegal    spinster

 24 Thomas         Longhead           Donegal    labourer

 25 Thomas         Longhead       28  Donegal    labourer

 26 James          McCrea         20  Ballantra  labourer

 27 John           McCrea         25  Ballantra  labourer

 28 Barbara        Spence         24  Ballantra  spinster

 29 Catherine      Spence         23  Ballantra  spinster

 30 John           Coulter        23  Petigo     labourer

 31 Dennis         Carr           22  Petigo     labourer

 32 Catherine      Carr           21  Petigo     spinster

 33 James          Tremble        26  Donegal    farmer

 34 Patk           McGeragh       22  Donegal    farmer

 35 Alex           McKee          27  Donegal    farmer

 36 Fanny          McKee          26  Donegal    spinster

 37 Patrick        McMullen       29  Donegal    labourer

 38 Hugh           Devanney       26  Monaghan   labourer

 39 Bryan          Devine         28  Monaghan   labourer

 40 Ann            Devine         25  Monaghan   spinster

 41 Mary           McGinn         22  Cavan      spinster

 42 Thos.          McGinn         27  Cavan      labourer

 43 James          Murphy         27  Cavan      labourer

 44 Thomas         Murphy         23  Cavan      labourer

 45 Thomas         McSurgan       26  Cavan      labourer

 46 Mary           McSurgan       23  Cavan      spinster

 47 Mark           O Neill        25  Drumquin   labourer

 48 Jane           O Neill        23  Drumquin   spinster

 49 Henry          O Neill        17  Drumquin   labourer

This information was originally published in "Passenger Lists to America" in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, along with a number of other lists, between 1906 and 1912, by Gerald Fothergill. 

These lists were found by Fothergill, while searching in British Archives, in British Museum Manuscript Add. 35932.

It was later published in book form  "Ship Passenger Lists" by Carl Boyer  in 1977, Newhall, California.  Library of Congress Catalogue number: 76-37355. {c}


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