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Canadian USA border crossings

Emigrants travelling to Upper Canada from the United States following arrival at the port of New York 1817-1819

John Drummond, wife and 3 children. Manchester.

Benjamin Bernard, 23 years, Miller and farmer

George Cutterwell, Suffolk, Watchmaker, 22 years, no family

George Underhill, Shropshire, butcher, wife and 4 children

John Wilson, Cavan, Ireland, farmer, wife and1 daughter

Robert Jones  and wife, County Tyrone, N. Ireland, weaver

Richard William, Cheshire, weaver, wife 3 sons and 2 daughters

Francis Wilson, Lincolnshire

Michael Graham, Monaghan, Ireland, printer. 28 Mar. 1817

James Hackling  England, Mar 29, 1817.

Thomas Aiken Yorkshire, Farmer, Been in New York since 1816. 31 Mar 1817

James McGuffin, from Caledon, County Tyrone Ireland 1817

John  Askworth , wife  2 daughters and 1 son. Co. Wicklow, Ireland, weaver. April 1817

James Fisher Co. Monghan, farmer, no family

David Ward, Yorkshire, farmer, April 1817

Benjamin Jones Harrison

James Scott wife and 3 children, Yorkshire, farmer. 1817

Joseph Walker Wilson, Antrim, a blacksmith, wife and son, April 1817

Richard Shaw, Manchester, silversmith, wife and 4 children, April 1817

John Ross, Fifeshire, Millright. arrived New York 1816. Crossed 1 April 1817

William Willis, wife and 3 children, County Tyrone  Ireland, Sawyer April 1, 1817

Samuel Stevenson, wife  and 2 children, County Tyrone . Ireland, a sawyer. 1 April 1817

Robert Morris, grandmother, wife and 2 children, Lancaster England, weaver (grandmother is stroked out) 1 April 1817

Thomas Walker, wifeand 1 child, Scotland, A blacksmith, 2 April 1817

Thomas Temple, Coleraine Co. Londonderry A farmer. 2 April 1817

John Fenton  Sheffield, recently arrived from England wants to go to Upper Canada before bringing his family there. No family in Canada. April 1817

James Parker, wife and 4 children (3 sons and 1 daughter ), London, shoemaker, 3 April. 1817


Thomas Morgan, Scotland, blacksmith 3 April 1817

Worthy Watson, wife, 1 son and 3 daughters, County Armagh Ireland, farmer. 3 Apr 1817

Thomas Eden, Yorkshire, carpenter, 3 April 1817

Mark McManus, wife and 3 sons and 1 daughter, Londonderry, Labourer, 4 April 1817

Joseph James, wife . one child and his brother William James, Armagh . Ireland, farmer 4 April 1817

Peter Bradwell, Yorkshire, Tailor 4 April 1817

Thomas Bedford, Yorkshire, farmer

James Harkin, wife  with  3sons and 2 daughters, Leeds,

John McPeake, Belfast, farmer. He has a wife and 3 children at home in Ireland but no family travelling with him

John Guthry, County Fermanagh Ireland, labourer. No family

Alexander Cathcart, wife  and son, Fermanagh, Labourer 4 April 1817

William Taylor, England, weaver

Robert Buchanan, Perthshire, tailor

Thomas  Hickey, Ireland, shoemaker

George Elliott, Omagh County Tyrone Ireland, farmer, no family

John Helmer?, County Donegal  Ireland, labourer

Thomas McDonough, County Fermangh Ireland, Farmer, 7 April 1817

Hamilton Heynes,{Haynes} Co. Down, Ireland labourer

Edward  Benford, wife, son  and 2 daughters, Warwickshire, Tailor

Mathew Rippey, wife 2 sons,and  3 daughters, County Tyrone, North of Ireland, farmer

Samuel Hughes wife Keough and child, Co. Down, labourer

John Nash, wife 2 sons and 2 daughters, Scotland, weaver 8 April 1817

James McKerriger, Scotland, farmer 8 April 1817

Charles Hattenton or Hallister, wife, two sons in Hampshire England , farmer

James Shannon, Co Cavan Ireland, shoemaker, 8 April 1817

Dennis Reardon, wife with 4 children. Limerick Ireland, a hatter

Charles Haines, wife 2 sonsand 1 daughter, Gloucester, a Millwright

James Grant, wife 1 son and 2 daughters, Scotland, carpenter, 8 April 1817

John Grant, wife, 4 sons, 4 daughters, Perthshire, Scotland, carpenter

William Orr, Co. Cavan, carpenter

William Bishop, wife and son, Gloucester, farmer

William Jacks, wife and 3 sons, Northumberland, carpenter, 8 April 1817

Andrew Fowler or Fould  wife and 3 children, Scotland, Tailor

William Harrison, Yorkshire, farmer 8 April 1817

Peter McPhail, Scotland, bookbinder 1817

James Dodds, Edinburgh, Carpenter 9 April 1817

George Dawson, wife and 3 children, Scotland

James Bell, Cumberland, Millwright

John McCauley Wife and1 daughter, County Antrim Ireland, a Smith

David Cunningham, North of Ireland, blacksmith

Terrence  Conlan, Co Monaghan Ireland, farmer. No family

Joseph Graham, Co. Monaghan Ireland, farmer

William Munro, Scotland, Weaver & farmer

John Knox, Edinburgh, 12 April 1817

Robert Graham, his mother and sister, Monaghan North Ireland, farmer 12 April 1817

John Neilson, wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons, a Tailor 14 April 1817

William Smith, wife, one son and 2 daughers, Ireland, farmer. 15 April 1817

Peter Reed, wife, 2 sonsand 1 daughter, Ireland, Tailor. He was married in Montreal, was a volunteer loyal subject during the revoluntionary war

James Curry, Margaret Curry and Jane Armstrong, Co. Donegal  Ireland, farmer.

John Wilson, wife 3 sons and 3 daughers, County Armagh, weaver

John Ross, wife 4 sons 3 daughters, Co. Londonderry  Ireland, farmer

Jonathan Bradwell Taylor, Yorkshire, Tailor

Jacob Latham, wife and 2 children, Liverpool, stone cutter

James McKinley, wife and 2 daughters in Ireland, Co. Antrim  Ireland, farmer

Thomas Wallace, wife and 2 children, Co. Tyrone,  Ireland, carpenter

Philip St. John, wife , 2 sons and1 daughter, Ireland, farmer

Samuel Allan and wife, North of  Ireland, tailor 23 April 1817

John Claridge, wife and 3 boys, Oxfordshire, Sawyer, 23 April 1817

Thomas Hutchinson, wife  2 boys and 2 daughters, Cumberland, miner & farmer

John Hutchinson, Cumberland, miner & farmer

David Cordingby, wife and  son and daughter, Manchester, A Dyer

W. Richard Doyle Dublin an Apothecary, 23 April 1817

William Claridge, wife one boy and 3 girls, Oxfordshire, Sawyer

Thomas Claridge Wife and 2 children, Oxfordshire, Sawyer

John Wilmott, wife  6 sons and 2 daughters, Yorkshire England, Carpenter

John Broughton, Rutland England, Labourer

Andrew Nesbit East Lothian Scotland, millwright.  No family 23 April 1817

Richard Rowell, wife and  2 boys, 25 April 1817

Thomas Stevenson Wife and 2 children, Leicester England, Cabinet Maker

Josiah Royer, wife and 3 children, Rutland England, farmer

Alexander McDonnell and wife, Co. Down, Carpenter

William Montague, wife and  child,  from Somerset  England, blacksmith

Hugh Craig, Scotland, Labourer. No family 29 April 1817

Robert Johnston, wife and mother, County Donegal Ireland, farmer

John Smith, London, no family 29 April 1817

Robert Cunningham, wife and child, North of. Ireland,

John Mitchell and wife, Yorkshire, Mason

Daniel Silcox, Wiltshire England, farmer. No family


Joseph Silcox, Wiltshire, farmer  He and his brother travelled to Southwold, Elgin Co. Ontario and died there

Thomas Orchard, Somersetshire, England. wheelright

John Wilson, no family , Tyrone. Ireland, Stone mason

Noble Edwards, wife and 2 children, Fermanagh Ireland, Labourer 30 April 1817

William Orr  wife and child, County Armagh, Labourer

Jonathan Barnes, wife  3 sons and 2 daughters, Gloucester, Mason

John Perrin  wife one son one daughter, Cheshire England, Shoemaker

Thomas or Joseph Lukey/Leckey, wife and 2 sons, Monaghan Ireland.

James Hunter, wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters, Londonderry City Ireland, Tailor

Alexander Dalzell,Glasgow Lanarkshire, Mason

John Walton, Cumberland, Miner 2 May 1817

Thomas Stephens, wife and 4 children, Belfast Ireland, farmer 2 May 1817

William Boyers Lancashire England, farmer

James Grunt  wife, son and 2 daughters

Thomas Argue, Co. Cavan, blacksmith, 3 May 1817

Thomas Bailey, Ireland, formerly a soldier in His Majesty's King George's Service

John Thomas, Ayrshire Scotland, farmer. No family 3 May 1817

James Orr, wife and one child, Co. Armagh Ireland, tailor

Obadia Stafford and Daniel Stafford (wife and other children in England), Derbyshire, Mason

William Smith, Yorkshire, farmer 8 May 1817. No family

Alexander Cochran, Ireland, Smith. No family

William Hudson, Yorkshire, Smith

William Seaton, Aberdeen, Smith 8  May 1817

George Morrison, Glasgow  Scotland, weaver. 8 May 1817

William James, Armagh, 9 May 1817

Robert Yates, Yorkshire, Farmer

William Godley, wife and 2 children, Leicestershire, wheelwright

William Shearin, wife and 6 children

Edward Fletcher, Ireland

Samuel Phillips, Dorsetshire, shoemaker

David Armstrong, wife  4 sons and 2 daughters, County Tyrone Ireland, wheelwright

George Watson, Tyrone Ireland

John Quinn, wife and five children, Ireland, farmer

William Manning  Cavan, Labourer

John Graham, Leicester, Hosier

William Scott, Leicester, Hosier

William Rauch, wife and 1 child, Yorkshire, farmer, 4 June 1817

John Peters, Yorkshire, farmer, 4 June 1817

George Mitchell, wife and one child, Yorkshire, farmer,4 June 1817

Robert Peters, Yorkshire, farmer, 4 June 1817

William Noble, wife and 5 children, Yorkshire, farmer, 4 June 1817

James McQuinton, wife and 4 children, Belfast Ireland, weaver

William Smith wife and 4 sons, Yorkshire, farmer and miller, 8 June 1817

John Dickson, Yorkshire, farmer

John Thorn Junior Devonshire, mason. 14 June 1817

John Thorn senior, Devon England, mason, 14 June 1817

James Taffe, wife and 2 sons and 2 daughters, Dublin, Quarry Man, 19 June 1817

Alexander Milne, wife  5 sons and 2 daughters, Scotland, 1 July 1817

George Hutchinson, wife and child, Yorkshire, mason, 3 July 1817

Thomas Meehan, Ireland, clerk, 5 July 1817

William Berringer, England, 5 July 1817

Aaron Luke, Staffordshire, farmer, 5 July 1817

 Richard Macholm Wife and child, Leeds Yorkshire, farmer 5 July 1817

Samuel Macholm, Leeds Yorkshire, farmer, 5 July 1817

Lawrence Power, wife and 4 children (wife and 4 children has line drawn through) , Cork Ireland, farmer, 5 Aug 1817

William Laurance, Ireland, labourer 5 July 1817

Peter Dickson or Davidson, Yorkshire, farmer 8 July 1817

Joseph Smith, Staffordshire, farmer, 9 July 1817

Joseph Bateman, Derbyshire, farmer, 9 July 1817

Edward Lloyd, North Wales, farmer, 11 July 1817

John Kennedy, with his mother, Dublin, A manufacturer, lately arrived, 18 July 1817

William Frances Page, wife 3 chlldren, Fifeshire Scotland, farmer, 19 July 1817

James Bennett, wife  4 sons 1 daughter, County Armagh Ireland, mason, 28 July 1817

John Moore, wife one child, Northumberton, Wheelwright, 26 July 1817

James Robertson, Berwick on Tweed, Scotland. Courier. 26 July 1817

Matthew Scott, wife  2boys 1 girl, Yorkshire, farmer, recently arrived from England 28 July 1817

Robert Fawkes, Shropshire England, Farmer, 30 July 1817

William Birdwhistle, Lancaster England, farmer August 1817

James Brown Donnelly, lately in His Majestys Service, August 1817

Thomas Cooper, Westmoreland,farmer, August 1817

George Sparrow, From Staffordshire, England.

Edward Keenan or Kirwen, Waterford August 1817

John Keenan or Kirwen, Waterford August 1817

John Hunter, Co. Cavan Ireland, August 1817

John Hunter, Co. Cavan Ireland, 12 May 1818

James Reynolds, wife and child, August 1817

William Irvine County Tyrone, Tailor, August 1817

John Huston, wife and 2 children, Co. Cavan, Ireland, August 1817

William Little Aberdeen Scotland, farmer, 2 August 1817

John Murray, Scotland, farmer. 2 August 1817

Thomas Caffrae, Scotland, carpenter, 6 August 1817

Thomas Bell, Scotland, 6 August 1817

Andrew Patton, Scotland, newly arrived in New York, wife and family 23 August 1817

Francis Dawson, wife, daughter and son, Yorkshire, farmer, recently arrived 29 August 1817

William Dawson, wife and 2 children, Yorkshire, recently arrived, 29 August 1817

William Vollar and 5 children, 1 Sept. 1817

William Sinclair, wife and 2 children, Scotland, came from St. John New Brunswick. 27 Sept. 1817

John Betteridge and one son, Gloucester England, farmer, 29 October? 1817

Benjamin Howell, Glamorgan Wales, labourer, 29 Jan. 1819



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