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Tyrone Land Grants 1610

Transcribed by Betty Boggs

From: THE SCOTCH IRISH by Charles A Hanna, published. Putnam, NY 1902


The following were the precincts or baronies set apart for English undertakers only, with the allotments to individual, for most of which grants were issued in 1610.


 TYRONE: Precinct of Clogher--12,500 acres.


1.  2000 acres to Sir Thomas Ridgewaie, Knt., Treasurer-at-War.

2.  2000 acres to Joh Leigh, gent.

3.  1500 acres to Walter Edney, Esq., and Thomas Edney, his brother.

4.  1000 acres to George Ridgeway, gent., Devonshire (bro. to Sir Thomas Ridgeway).

5.  1000 acres to William Parsons, Dublin.

6.  1000 acres to William Tu****. Sold before 1620.

7.  2000 acres to Edward Kingswell.  Sold in 1616.

8.  2000 acres to William Glegge.  Sold before 1612.



1.  2000 acres, Sir Thomas Ridgeway: stone castle and bawn; a town built containing 15 houses;       2 freeholders, 18 lessees; able to produce 56 men with arms.


2.  2000 acres, John Leigh: a house and bawn of stone built; small village containing 8 houses;    8 freeholders, 12 lessees, 21 cottagers; able to produce 48 men with arms.


3.  1500 acres, Walter Edney and Thomas Edney: stone house and bawn (60x140) built; castle begun; 5 freeholders, 20 lessees, 4 cottagers; able to produce 60 men with arms.


4.  1000  acres, George Ridgeway; a bawn of stone but no house in it; 1 freeholder, 10 lessees;   able to produce 26 men with arms.


5.  1000 acres, William Parsons; large stone house and bawn; a village containing 9 houses;2 freeholders 9 lessees, 4 cottagers; able to produce 38 men with arms.


6.  1000 acres, Sir Gerrard Lowther, Knight (grantee of William Turvin); bawn of stone; leased to Mr. Pringle living in a poor cabin, who claims to have twenty tenants.


7.  2000 acres, Sir William Stewart, Knight (grantee of Edward Kingsmill): castle and large bawn   (120x240) of stone building; a village with 9 houses built; 5 freeholders, 9 lessees, 8 cottagers;   able to produce 64 men with arms.


8,  2000 a cres, Sir William Cope (transferred from William Glegge): a stone bawn built 80 feet square, and a small house within; but no English settler on the land.


Total in Clogher Precinct:  23 freeholders, 6d8 lessees, 37 cottaters; able to produce 292 men with arms.



Sir Thomas Ridgway, vice-treasurer and treasurer of Wars in Ireland, undertaker for 2000 acres, has appeared in person.  His agent is Emanuel Ley, resident this twelve month, who is to be made a freeholder under him.  Sir Thomas brought from London and Devonshire, the 4th May, 1610, twelve carpenters, mostly with wives and families, who have since been resident, employed in felling timber, brought by Patrick McKenna of the Trugh (Trough), county Monaghan, none being in any part of the Barony of Clogher, or

elsewhere nearer him, viz, 700 trees,400 boards and planks, besides a quantity of stone, timber for tenements, with timber ready for the setting up of a water-mill. He is erecting a wardable castle and houses, to be finished about the next spring.  Ten masons work upon the castle, and two smiths.   One, Mr. Farefax, Mr. Laughton, Robert Williams, Henry Holland, and three of said carpenters are to be made freeholders. 


Other families are resident wherewith he will perform all things answerable to his covenants. Edward Kingswell, 2000 acres; has appreared at Dublin and taken possession personally; returned into England to bring over his wife and family;  has freeholders, tenants, and workmen; his agent, William Roules, has money imprested for providing materials to set forward all necessary works.  Sir Francis Willoughby, Knight, 2000 acres; has taken possession personally; William Roules and Emanuel Ley, in his abserce, employed in providing materials for buildings; 200 trees felled and squared.  George Ridgway,1000 acres; took possession in person; his agent is resident since March last;

some materials ready in place.  Intends to go forward with building his bawn.  Some freeholders and tenants to inhabit, but no work done.  William Parsons, the King's surveyor, 1000 acres took possession personally; his brother, Fenton Parsons, his agent, resident since March last; has provided materials for building; has two carpenters and a mason, and expects four Englishmen with their families to come over shortly; no work done. 


William Clegge, 2000 acres; has not appeared nor any for him.  It is reported that he passed his land to Sir Anthony Cope, whose son came to see   the same and returned into England; nothing done.  But by letter he desires to be excused, promising to go on thoroughly with his plantation next spring. Captain Walter Ednye, 1500 acres; took possession personally; his son-in-law resident since March last.  Provision made for building  a house, the foundation laid. Six families of English in the kingdom that will come to plant and settle next Spring.  William Turven, 1000 acres; took possession in person; his brother resident since March last; has provided materials for buildings.  Agreed with four families to come out of England the next Spring to plant, who promised

to bring other five families.  Intends to go shortly in hand with building a bawn and a house but nothing done yet.



Tyrone:  Precinct of Dungannon--7320 acres


1.  1320 acres to Sir Arthur Chichester, the Lord Deputy for Ireland.

2.  2000 acres to Sir Thomas Ridgeway, Vice Treasurer.

3.  2000 acres to Sir Richard Wingfield, Knt., Marshal of the Army, Suffolkshire.

4.  1000 acres to Sir Toby Caulfield, Knt., Oxfordshire.

5.  1000 acres to Sir Francis Roe, Knt., Essex.




1.  1540 acres, Sir Arthur Chichester; a stone fort built, 120 feet square; 3 houses, inhabited  by Englishmen; also a town built containing a church and 21 houses inhabited by British tenants; 30 English families.


2.  2000  acres, Sir Thomas Ridgeway; stone bawn, 160 feet square , timber house; 3 English families.


3.  2000 acres, Sir Richard Wingfield; stone bawn and 2 houses; church building; 28 English families;  able to produce 30 men with arms.


4.  1000 acres, Sir Tobey Caulfield; very large and fine stone castle; water-mill; a town built near  the bawn containing 15 English families; able to produce 20 men with arms.


5.  1000 acres. Sir Francis Roe; earth bawn, house of brick and stone; 17 houses  inhabited by British tenants.


6.  1000 acres, William Parsons; stone bawn and house ; one English family.


7.  480 acres, Sir Francis Ansley; sod bawn.


Tyrone:  Precinct of Donganon {Dungannon}


1. 3330 acres to Tirlagh O'Neale {ONeill} of Caslane, Esq.

2.  800  acres to Neal O'Neale, Esq. (brother. of the above.)

3.  370 acres to Bryan O'Neale, gent. (brother of the two preceding grantees).

4.  2620 acres to Catharine Ny Neale, wife of the late Terence or Tirlagh Oge O'Neale,

      and now (16 13) wife of Robert Hovenden, gent.

5.  400 acres to Tirlagh Oge O'Neale, gent. (brother. of Felimy Roe, aforesaid).

6.  200 acres to Neal Roe O'Neale.

7.  1500 acres to Bryan O'Neale, gent.

8.  200 acres to Neale O'Neale.

9.  360 acres to Henry O'Neale, gent.

10.  300 acres to Charles O'Neale.

11.  1160  acres to  Con Boy O'Neale.

12.  120  acres to Hugh O'Neale.

13.  140 acres to Robert Hovenden, gent.

14.  60 acres to Donill McShane (surnamed) Mallatas, gent.

15. 120 acres to Con Boy O'Neale, gent.

16.  60 acres to Hugh McDonell O'Neale, gent.

17.  60 acres to Cormock McNemee, gent.

18.  60 acres to Tirlagh Oge McBrian (O'Neale), gent.

19.  60 acres to Rorie O'Gormeley, gent.

20.  60 acres to Jenkin O'Devin, gent.

21.  60 acres to Henry Oge O'Neale. gent.

22.  60 acres to Bryan O'Neale and Neale Roe.

23.  60 acres to Art McRowrie O'Neale, gent.

24.  60 acres to Hugh Groome O'Hagan, gent.

25.  60 acres to Art McArte O'Neale, gent.

26.  60 acres to Felim McAmallam. gent.

27.  60 acres to Shane McDonell Groome O'Donnilly, gent.

28.  60 acres to Shane Roe O'Neale, gent.

29.  60 acres to James McGunchenan, gent.

30.  120 a cres to Henry McNeal McArte (O'Neale), gent.

31.  120 acres to Edmond OgeO'Haggan, gent,

32.  120 acres to Murtagh O'Quin, gent.

33.  60 acres to Fardoragh O'Haggan, gent.

34.  60 acres to Hugh Groome O'Mulchallane, gent.

35.  60 acres to Felim Boy O'Haggan, gent.

36.  60 acres to Neale O'Quin, gent.

37.  60 acres to Teige McEdmond Oge O'Hagan.

38.  120 acres to James Sheale, gent.

39.  140 acres to Owen Roe O'Quin, gent.

40.  120 acres to Bartholomew Owen, gent.

41.  120 acres to Gillaspick McDonnell, gent.

42.  60 acres to Shane McLaughlin O'Donilly, gent.

43.  120 acres to Owen O'Corr, gent

44.  120 acres to Brian O'Develin, gent.

45.  60 acres to Fardoragh McCahir O'Mallen, gent.

46.  60 acres to Caragh O'Donilly, gent.

47.  60 acres to Owen O'Hagan, gent.

48.  120 acres to Owen Oge O'Hagan McOwen McEvistan, gent.

49.  60 acres to Shane McHugh McAderany O'Donilly, gent.

50.  60 acres to Con McTirlagh O'Neale, gent.

51.  60 acres to Felim Groome McFelimy McNeale (O'Neale), gent.

52.  60 acres to Fardoragh McBrian Carragh O'Neale, gent.

53.  60  acres to Felim Oge O'Mulcreve, gent.

54.  120 acres to Laghlen O'Hagan, gent.

55.  60  aacres to Randall McDonnell, gent.

56.  60 acres to Hugh McCawell, gent.

57.  60 acres to Hugh McHugh Mergagh O'Neale, gent.

58.  120 acres to Mary Ny Neal (dau. of Sir Cormack).

59.  60  acres to Tirlagh Oge O'Gormeley, gent.

60.  1000 acres to Bryan Crossagh O'Neale (son of Sir Cormack).


Sir Arthur Chichester now Lord Deputy, has 600 acres about Dungannon, as a servitor, where he intends to build a castle or strong house of lime and stone, and to environ the same with a good and substantial stone wall and a deep ditch with a counter scarfe of stone to hold up the earth.  Has now masons and workmen to take down such remains of the decayed ruins of the old castle as are yet standing.  (Preparations detailed). 

Town to be made a corporation, and there are families of English and other civil men, who for the present have built houses of coples, but are bound to build of cagework or stone after the English, and makeenclosurers about the town.  Sir Thomas Ridgeway, Treasurer at Wars, 2000 acres in precinct of Donganon, as servitor, has carpenters providing timber &c., for building next spring.  Sir Richard Wingfield, Knight Marshel of the Army, 2000 acres as servitor, has great store of timber for buildings, and will have other materials ready by the beginning of spring. 

Sir Toby Calfield, Knt., 1000 acres as servitor, is  providing materials for building.  (Detailed.)  Will be ready to build next spring.  Sir Francis

Roe, Knt., 1000 acres as servitor, is pr;oviding materials for building. William Parsons, his Majesty's Surveyor,1000 acres as servitor, preparing to forward building next spring.  Francis Ansley, 400 acres, as servitor, had made a bawn of earth and sods with convenient ditch and flankers and provided timber to build a substantial English house within.  Captain Tyrlagh O'Neale, one of the natives of Tyrone,has removed and dwells on his lands in the precinct of Donganon, has no preparation for building but an

Irish house.   None of the rest are removed nor have made any preparations for building. 


Part 9



1.  3500 acres, Andrew Stewart; castle thatched; 7 freeholders, 12 lessees; able to produce, with  their undertenants, 80 men with arms.  (In 1628 portions were sold to Bilbert Kennedy and John  Collis.  Christopher Harrison was the first purchases from the landlord.)


2.  1000 acres, Andrew Stewart.  Jr. ( transferred from Robert Stewart): building bawn and castle;  2 freeholders,  8 lessees; able to produce 32 men with arms.


3.  1800 acres, Robert Heyborne (Hepburne):  stone house and bawn; 6 freeholders, 3 lessees,  10 houses; able to produce 26 men with arms,  (In 1620, portions of this land were sold to Thomas  Averell, John Lyford, Michael Lawrence, Robert Edmonston, John Coulson, Henry Clarke, and William Ploughman; and later, before 1629, the remainder was conveyed to Henry Stewart.)


4.  1000 acres, Alexander Sanderson (transferred from George Crawford): stone bawn and house;  5 freeholders, 4 lessees, 7 cottagers; able to produce 36 men with arms.  (His son, Archibald, sold  a porton of this estate to John Madder in 1629.)

5.  1000 acres, Alexander Richardson (transferred from Bernard Lindsey); stone bawn and timber house;  2 freeholders, 4 lessees, 11 cottagers; and able to produce 39 men with arms.


6.  1000 acres, Robert Lindsye's widow: earth bawn, timber house, 2 freeholders, 8 lessees, 12 cottagers;  able to produce 30 men with arms.


7.  1000 acres, David Kennedy: stone bawn containing timber house; 2 freeholders, 5 lessees, 9 cottagers;  12 houses;  able to produce 36 men with arms.  (Sold to John Syminton before 1630).


Total in Mountjoy Precinct, 28  freeholders. 52 lessees, 39 cottagers; able to produce 311 men with arms.


Precinct of Mountjoy 


The Lord Uchelrie (Ochiltree), 3000 acres; being stayed by contrary winds in Scotland, arrived in Ireland  (at the time of our being in Armagh, upon our return home), accompanied with 33 followers, gent. of sort, a minister, some tenants, freeholders, artificers, unto whom he hath passed estates; and hath built for his present use three houses of oak timber, one of 50 foot long and 22 wide, and two of  40 foot long, within

an old fort, about which he is building a bawn.  He has sundry men at work providing materials, and there are in  readiness 240 great trees felled, and some squared; and is preparing stone, brick, and lime for building a castle, which he means to finish next Spring.  There are two  ploughs going upon his demesne, with some 50 cows, and three score young heifers landed at Island Magy (Magee), in Clandeboy, which are coming to

his proportion, and some 12 working mares; and he intends to begin residence upon his land the next Spring, as he informeth us.  Sir Robert Hepburne, Knight, 1500 acres; sowed oats and barley the last year upon his land and reaped this harvest 40 hogsheads of corn; is resident; hath 140 cows, young and old, in stock, and 8 mares.   Hath 7 householders, being in number 20 persons; is building a stone house 40 foot long and

20 wide, already a story high, and before the end of this season he intends to have it three stories high, and to cover it, and the next Spring to add another story to it; good store of timber felled and squared, and provinding materials to finish the work.  The Laird Lochnorris, 1000 acres; being diseased himself, as we were informed, had his agent here, Robert O''Rorke; hath some timber felled, and is preparing materials for building against next Spring.   Bernard Lendsey and Robert Lendsey, 1000 acres apiece; have taken possession personally in the Summer, 1610, returned into Scotland; agent, Robert Cowties, resident; a timber house is build on Robert Lendsey's portion, who hath three householders, being in number 12 persons. Hath eight mares and eight cows with their calves, and five oxen, with swine and other small cattle, and a competent portion of arms. 

Robert Stewart of Haulton, 1000 acres; has appeared in person, having brought some people.Timber felled, and providing materials for building.  Robert Stewart of Robstone, 1000 acres; has appeared in person, with tenants and cattle; timber felled and squared and is preparing materials for building.


TYRONE: Precinct of Omagh--11,000 acres


1.  3000 acres to George Tuchet, Lord Audley.

2.  2000 acres to Sir Marvin Tuchet, Knt., son of George Tuchet.

3.  2000 acres to Sir Ferdinand Tuchet, Knt., son of George Tuchet.

4.  2000 acres to Edward Blunte, Esq., Derbyshire.  Sold before 1620

5.  2000 acres to Sir John Davys, Knight, son-in-law of George Tuchet.



1.  3000  acres, Lady Audley (widow of George Tuchet, Lord Audley)' neither castle nor bawn  on the land; 8 lesees, 3 cottagers; able to produce 11 men.


2.   2000 acres, Sir Marvin Tuchet; nothing built; said to have 64 tennants on this and his other estates.


3.  2000 acres, Sir Marvin Tuchet (grantee of Sir Ferdinand Tuchet); nothing built.


4.  2000 acres, Sir Marvin Tuchet (grantee from Edward Blunte); stone house; rent-roll show 64  British tenants on this and two preceding proportions.


5.  2000 acres, Sir John Davys; no bawn; two strong stone castles{Curlues}; 4 freeholders, 12 lesees; able to  produce 30 men.


Total Omagh Precinct: 4 freeholders, 20 lesees able to produce 41 men.


Precinct of OMYE


The Lord Audley, 3000 acres; has not appeared, nor any for him; nothing done.  Sir Marvin Audley, Knight, 2000 acres; the like.  Sir Ferdinando Audley, Knight, 2000 acres; the like.  Sir John Davys, Knight, the King's Attorney General, 2000 acres; possession taken by his agent, Wiliam Bradley, resident, who is preparing materials for building a stone house or castle with a bawn, which materials will be ready before Allhollowtide next; at this instant the walls of the castle are 22 foot high, and in breadth between the walls 19 foot, and in lenght 36 foot.  Already four fee farmers, one leaseholder, and a carpenter, with their families, are ready to be estated on portions, which they could not receive until now, for that five quarters of the best of the said lands were in controversy, and some of it not yet cleared. 

The said Sir John intends to finish his works next Spring, and to plant and people his lands according to the articles. The Fort of OMYE.  Here is a good fort fairly walled with lime andstone, and a large deep ditch about the  rest, within which is build a fair house of timber after the English manner.  All begun by Captain Ormond (Edmond) Leigh, and finished by his brothers John and Daniel Leigh,  at their own charges upon the lands of the Abbey of Omye, At which place are many families of English and Irish, who have built them good dwelling houses, which is a saftey and comfort for passengers between Donganon and the Liffer. The for is a place of good import upon all accasions of service and fit to be maintained.


The Castle of MOUNTJOY,  upon Loch Chichester, beside the old fort, wherein are many inhabitants, both English and Irish, together with Sir Francis Roe's foot company. Here is a fair castle of stone and brick, covered with slate and tile, begun in the late Queen's time, and finished by his Majesty. It is compassed about by a good strong rampier of earth,  well ditched and flanked with bulwarks.   In this castle Sir Francis Roe, the constable, and his family dwell.


The  Forte of DESERTE MARTYNE, a place in Glanconkeyne, is thought fit for the King's service and the serving of travellers between Colraine and all parts of Tyrone and Armagh, to be laid out with 300 acres for a fort, to be erected for lodgings for a constable and wardens.  The London agents have agreed to the place and number of  acres, but in regard that Deserte Martyine, on which the fort is to be erected, is the Bishop of Derry's land and a quarter adjoining, we think fit that the Londoners should give him so much in exchnge thereof of their own land, and we think it not amiss that the King should give 200 £ towards erecting the fort, and the constable to pay the overplus, if any.




1.  3000 acres, James Hamilton, Earl of Abercorn; a strong castle built; and about it a town of 80 houses  containing 120 families; 12 freeholders, 20 lessees, 53 townsmen; able to produce 286 men with arms. 


(An inquisition taken at Strabane, 16 August 1693, mentions the following tenants as having holding in the town of Strabane, viz.,  Anne Newburgh, William Henderson, James and Patrick Hamilton, Oliver  McCasland, Samuel Lawes, Robert Robinson, John Anderson, Andrew Parke, Walter McFarland,   John Love, James McGee, and Thomas Holmes.)


2.  200 acres Claude Hamilton's estate: stone bawn containing a good castle; 6 freeholders, 14 lessees,   6 houses; able to produce 50 men with arms.


3.  2000 acres, Sir Robert Newcomen, Knt. (transferred from James Clapen): castle and bawn being built,  and town of 14 houses; 4 freeholders, 9 lessees, 12 cottagers; able to produce 48 men with arms.


4.  1500 acres, James Hamilton, Earl of Abercorn (transferred from Sir Thomas Boyd):  bawn and large strong castle begun; 3 freeholders, 10 lessees; able to produce 100 men with arms.


5.  2500 acres, Sir George Hamilton: a bawn of stone, and village of 10 houses on 1000 acres; bawn, house  and village of 30 houses on 1500 acres; 6 freeholders, 25 lessees, 12 townsmen; able to produce 93 men with arms.

6 1000 acres, Sir John Drommond, Knt: a stone bawn containing a timber house; village of 10 houses and  water-mill near; 30 British men.  ( Among these were John Grime,  John McGowan, William Reade, William  Sharpe, Patrick Smythe, John Crosby, William Crosby, William Munteeth, John Wood, Thomas Gryme,   Patrick Brum, Thomas Beane, John McAulay.)


7.  1500 acres, Sir George Hamilton, and Sir William Stewart (transferred from James Haig):  no improvements,  but said to be 8 British families on the estate.


Total in Strabane Precinct, 31 freeholders, 78 lessees, 95 cottagers and townsmen; able to produce 607 men with arms.


Precinct of Strabane


 The Earl of Abercorne, chief undertaker, has taken possission, resident with lady and familly, and built for the present near the town of Strabane some large timber houses, with a court 116 foot in length and 87 foot in breadth, the groundsells of oaken timber, and the rest of allor (alder) and birch, which is well thatched with heath and finished.  Has build a great brew-house without his court 46 foot long and 25 foot wide.  His followers and tenants have, since May last, built 28 houses of fair coples; and before May, his tenants, who are all Scottishmen, the number of 32 houses of like goodness.  Is preparing materials for building a fair castle and bawn,  which he means to put in hand for the next spring. 

There are 120 cows in stock for his own use. Sir Thomas Boyde,Knight, has a proportion of land, is resident with his wife and family; is providing material for building. Sir George  Hamilton, Knight, a proportion of land, resident with his wife and family.  Has build a good house of timber for the present, 62 foot long and thirty foot wide. He brought over some families of Scots, who have built them a bawn and good timber houses, l80 cows and 16 garrons among them. 

Sir John Dumonde (Drummond), Knight,  1000 acres; appeared in person, took possession, and has one  Scottishman, 2 garrons, and a mare.  James Clapham, 1000 acres; resident, prepares to people his land, competent store of arms in readiness. James Hayge, 1500 acres; has not appeared, nor any for him; nothing done. Sir Claude Hamylton, Knight, 2000 acres; has

not appeared nor any for him; nothing done.  George Hamilton, 1000 acres; has taken ppossession, is resident, making provisions for building.




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