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1775 Religious census of the Parish of Coagh, Co. Tyrone

1775 Religious Census of Coagh transcribed from PRONI

Ref T808/15307

Members of the Church of Ireland Congregation in Coagh 1775

John. McClelland;

James. Ledlie;

Thos. Lawson;

Robert. Brown;

Josias Brown;

William. Akin;

James. Watt;

Duncan McCarter;

John Ekin;

Thomas Walker;

Thos. Hutchison;

Wm. Vance;

Robert. Morton;

Wm. Corry;

James Bryson;

Robert. Ferguson;

Thomas Archer;

James Campbell;

James Dunn;

John Gibson;

John Mackeral;

Andrew. Moffet;

Andrew Bell;

James Brown;

John Vance;

Hugh McGaa;

John Vance;

Andrew. Taylor;

John Johnston;

John Murray;

John Bell;

John Wilson;

William Wilson;

Thomas Ferguson;

John Ferguson;

Robert. Bell;

Thos. Bell;

William Duff;

James White;

William McGaa;

David Bridget;

John George;

Wm. Story;

Wm. Ardley;

John Given;

John Duff;

Thos. Petterson;

William Young;

Robert. Peterson;

John Rea;

Arthur Fair or Phair;

James. Johnston;

George. Ledlie;

Samuel Taylor;

Robert Shaw;


John Means;

William. Lawson;

John McCormick;

Robert. Bryson;

John Bryson;

Richard McGaa;

James. Dixon;

Alex. Woods;

John Drennan;

John Mitchell;

Hugh Campbell;

Samuel. Browne;

Robert. Gillespie;

Wm. Dunlap;

John Dunlap;

Andrew Edmiston;

James Dixon Junior

Gabriel Miens;

Geo. Johnston;

Thos. Bell;

James Glen;

Michael Johnston;

John Knipe;

James Hutcheson;

David Thompson;

John Bell;

William Thompson;

Archibald Cook;

John Cook;

Thomas Hogg;

Patrick McCurdy;

M. Wilson;

Thos. Wilson;

Wm. Johnston;

Hugh McCleary;

George. Buck;

David Sutter;

James Coulter;

Alex. Kennedy;

Wm. Houston;

Saml. Young;

John. Delap;

George Wilson;

James Dunbar;

John Bratton;

James Hamilton;


James Lawson;

Michael Dunbar;

Samuel Lawson;

Joseph Vance;

Wm. Stuart;

Samuel Walker;

Mathew George;

Samuel. Boyle;

Samuel. Britten;

James Strean;

Joseph Thompson;


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