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Presbyterian Petitions 1775

1775 Petitions Ref T808/15307

Petitions of Dissenters {Presbyterians} and also some members of the Established Church to the Irish Parliament . The names were recorded by Parish or Congregation


PROTESTANT DISSENTERS (as PRESBYTERIANS were disparagingly termed) were barred from holding public office because of their beliefs. Presbyterian congregations across Ireland petitioned the parliament in Dublin for repeal of the Test Act which required all office holders, i.e. magistrates, burgesses etc. to be communicant members of the Established Church. Clearly, not all members of the Presbyterian congregations signed: some may have been beholden to a landlord belonging to the Established Church and did not wish to upset him.


 Dungannon Town and neighbourhood Tyrone

*Note where 2 names are the same, senior indicates the father and junior  the son

Samuel Thompson

Hugh Thompson

James Kennedy

Robert Donnelly

Geo Newall junior

James King

James McCamish

John Ferguson

Hugh Ferguson

James Bairnes

Thomas Verner

Hugh Laird

Moses Campbell

John Little

John Brown

John McCollum

John Parks

Alexr Smith

David Matthews

Samuel Stevenson

James Carragher

Nath. Struthers

Joseph Arthurs

Jacob Hacket

Hugh Steenson

Wm Irewin

John Robinson

Pat McIlroy junior

William McIlroy junior

Joesph Anderson junior and senior {father and son}

Alexander Keith

Samuel Keith

Alex Keith

James Stevenson

George Hunter

Wm Hunter

William Ewart

Samuel McMenemy

John Anderson

Hugh Willson

Saml Thompson

Thomas Downs

Alexander Frizzell

David Frizzell

Wm Thompson

James Thompson

Alexander Sinclair

Saml Seawright

James Seawright

John Wallace

Richard Willson

Robert Henry

Thomas Bell

John McGill

Gilbet Kennedy

Wm Campbell

James Campbell

John Wilxson

James Smith senior

James Smith junior

Joseph Greer

Joseph Wilson

William Greer

Robert Johnston

James Sterling

Robert Crothers

Andrew Wallace

Robert Ramsay

Morieck Bell

Geo Wallace

Simon Sparks

David Smith

John Smith

James Frizell

James Simpson junior

Ezkl. Walter

Robert Hutton

Joseph Anderson senior

Saml Irwin

James Semple

William Adams

Robert Hamilton

Pat McIlroy junior

John Ferguson

James Carragher junior

Joesph Allan

Thomas Allan

John Ritchie

James Ritchey

George Ritchey

Richard Rea

James McCamish senior

Robert Campbell

 Andrew Dillworth

Alex Kennedy

 Wm Hanna

Robert Stevenson

James Stenson

John Frizell

William Frizell junior

George Frizell

 Laurence Patterson

William Patterson

James Johnston

Hugh Wilson

Alex Mercer DM

Wm McIlroy

Thomas Anderson

James Dillworth

Wm Cross

John Searight

William Willson

John Robinson

Edward Shaw

George Shaw

Robert Sproull senior

John Wright

James Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Wm Anderson

Joseph Anderson

John Keeth

Robert Patterson

James Wallas

Robert Newell

George Newall

William Newall

William Frizell

Robert Hatten

John Jenkinson

James Frizell

Patt McIlroy


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