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Inhabitants of Fivemiletown 1908

Adams, Arthur, carpenter
Adams, Thomas, builder and contractor
Adams, John, farmer, Gortmore
Anderson, P. S., medical hall
Armour, Mrs.
Armstrong, Henry T., R.D.C., farmer, Artclea
Ashton, Miss, N.S. teacher
Barbour, George, carpenter
Beatty, Archibald, Railway hotel
Beatty, George, farmer, Corrylongford
Beatty, Robert, horse dealer
Blakely, James, farmer, Murley
Bogue, Peter, boot and shoe maker
Boyd, John, clerk
Brannigan, P., enginedriver
Breadon, S., N.S. teacher
Breadon, Joseph, postman
Breadon, John, cardriver
Brown, Wm., enginedriver
Busby, Henry, blacksmith
Callaghan, Francis, post car owner
Campbell, James, carpenter
Carruth, Robert, carpenter
Caruth, Thomas, guard
Clements, The Misses, drapers
Colgan, C., fancy warehouse
Colgan, Morgan, butcher
Condell, Henry, egg dealer
Coulter, Joseph, clerk of petty sessions
Coulter, M. T., manager, Northern Bank
Coulter, Thomas, farmer, Aughinlark
Cowan, Wm., farmer, Mossfield
Coyle, Constable, R.I.C.
Cumberland, Wm., farmer, Gortmore
Cullen Bros., drapers
Curran, Thomas, metal repousse worker
Doherty, John, road contractor
Earley, Robert, draper
Edwards, Rev. Thomas
Elliott, Alexander, grocer and egg merchant
Elliott, J., bootmaker
Fenton, Constable, R.I.C.
Ferguson, Robert, porter, C.V.R.
Flynn, John, farmer, Cess
Gillespie, Daniel, farmer, Screeby
Gillespie, Noble, grocer and publican
Gillespie, Thomas, tailor
Graham, John, carpenter
Graham, W. D., solicitor
Green, Rev. W.
Greenfield, W., cashier, Northern Bank
Gunn, Thomas, farmer, Artclea
Hackett, Patrick, town postman
Hall, John, farmer and road contractor, Loughermore
Hamilton, James, farmer, Cullinane
Hamilton, John, J.P., Crieve
Hannon, Constable, R.I.C.
Henderson, John, saddler
Henderson, Miss A., fancy warehouse
Hunter, M., china, glass, and shoe merchant
Irwin, John, farmer, Kiltermon
Johnston, Joseph, blacksmith
Johnston, M., boarding-house
Johnston, William, farmer, Timpany
Keenan, Bernard, postman
Keenan, James, summons server
Kennedy, Constable, R.I.C.
Kilpatrick & Allen, drapers
Knox-Browne, Colonel, D.L., J.P., Aughentaine castle
Kyle, Samuel, grocer and ironmonger
Kyle, Thos., & Co., drapers and outfitters
Lendrum, E. & S., drapers
Lendrum, John, farmer, Cleen
Lendrum, Robert, Cullinane
Little, John, farmer, Gortmore
Martin, John, ironmonger and timber merchant
Martin, Miss M., draper
Mills, John, farmer, Cullinane
Mitchell, R. J., farmer, Killyban
Mohan, James, tailor
Monaghan, A., dispensary nurse
Montgomery, Hugh do F., D.L., Blessingbourne
Montgomery, William, farmer, Cavanleck
Moore, D., boot and shoe warehouse
Moore, Joseph, boot and shoe maker
Mullan, Joseph, creamery employee
M'Caffrey, Daniel, flesher
M'Caffrey, Ed., jun., boot and shoe maker
M'Caffrey, J., postman
M'Caffrey, William, photographer
M'Connell, John, farmer, Cess
M'Cullough, C., fancy warehouse
M'Elmeel, Rev. P., P.P.
M'Geary, J., farmer and shopkeeper, Murley
M'Geary, John, cooper
M'Geary, John, boot and shoe maker
M'Mahon, John, victualler
M'Manaway, Rev. J., The Rectory
M'Nulty, James, baker
M'Swiggan, James, grocer and egg merchant
Noble, B., coachbuilder
Norman, A., dentist
Owens, Hugh, bootmaker
Owens, John, postman
Palmer, William, letter carrier
Primrose, James, farmer, Aughater
Primrose, Joseph, N.S. teacher
Rafferty, Bernard, farmer, Blacklands
Rafferty, John, grocer and publican
Reid, Robert, farmer, Bohatton
Richey, John W., & Co., grocers
Riley, Robert, sexton Parish Church
Scholes, R. & E., boot, shoe, and delph merchants
Scott, Jas., postman
Shaw, James, farmer, Crieve
Sloan, Wm., engine cleaner
Shaw, John, auctioneer for A. J. Woods & Co., auctioneers
Spence, Miss, postmistress
Stewart & Armstrong, auctioneers
Stuart & Co., drapers
Tavener, Jacob, grocer and leather merchant
Thompson, Robert, farmer, Tattyreagh
Thompson, Thomas, farmer, Cavanleck
Thompson, J., post car owner
Thompson, James, farmer, Cavanleck
Tierney Bros., watchmakers and jewellers
Trimble, Robert
Trodden, M., hairdresser
Trodden, Mrs. Ellen, restaurant
Walker, William, porter
Wallace, John, shopkeeper, Clabby
Waterworth, Rev. J.
Weir, D., constable R.I.C.
Weir, Mrs., Corcreevy house
Whighan, T. J., grocer and hardware merchant
Williams, S., painter and photographer
Wilson, W., printer
Young, Austin, publican
Young, George, grocer, ironmonger, and hotelkeeper



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