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Passengers of the Industry

Schooner Industry, Halifax to Philadelphia.










The Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.















                      9, July 1818
                    Schooner Industry
                     Halifax (British)

Schooner = Industry: Master = Richard Dunn: From = Halifax:
Burthen = 50 49/94 tons: Built at = Richmond Bay, Prince Edward Island:
Bound to = Philada [Philadelphia?]:

Margaret Martin  }                    Patrick McKeenan
Agnes Martin     }                    Thomas Bellow
James Martin     }   One Family       Jno Meade       }
Geo Martin       }                    Danl Higgins    }  One Family
James Johnston     }                  Mary Higgins    }
Margaret Johnston  }                  Patrick Walsh   }
Ellen Johnston     }                  Patrick Milligan   }  One Family
James Johnston     }                  Ann Milligan       }
Andrew Johnston    } One Family       Margaret Milligan  }
Samuel Johnston    }                  Izabel Topen    }
Izabel Johnston    }                  John Topen      }
William Johnston }  Ann Topen         James [Retill?] }
Elison Johnston  }                    Ann Topen       }  One Family
William Johnston }  One Family        Wm Topen        }
James Johnston   }                    James Topen     }
Mary Johnston    }                    Jno Topen       }
David Musgrove                        Grace Topen     }
James Elliott                         John Topen      }
George Scott                          James Topen     }
Thos Black    }
Mary Black    }                       Jno Crosby
Jno Black     }    One Family         Jno Johnston
George  Black  }                      James Kehoe
Mary Black    }                       Richd Dingle
John Little                           Wm Perry
Peter Fitzsimmons                     Alexr Johnston
John [Donlay?]                        Thos Murphy
Thomas Foley                          James McCormack
John Woodside                         Thos Murphy
Andrew McAlroy                        Edward Conway   }
Joseph Stafford                       Quinton Morris  }
Jno Hacket                            William Coyle   }  One Family
William Hall                          Catherine Coyle }
James Arnold                          Patrick Coyle   }
Jno O'Donnell                         Mary Coyle      }
James Dalton                          Denis Cormack
Patrick Daniel                        Denis Cartney
                                      Martin Dee
   Fifty Boxes & Trunks.
     [?] Bags
     [?] Barrels



















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