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Survivors from the Hanna


Authentic Particulars.


  We (Newry Telegraph) by this week\'s mail from America, have received,

from a friend in Quebec, the following communication relative to the

loss of the brig \'Hannah\' from this port.  For the perfect accuracy of

the representation of our correspondent, we can unhesitatingly vouch; and

his statement, with the explanatory list setting forth the names of the

parties saved and lost, and specifying the counties whence they had

emigrated will be read with much interest, and will have the effect of

allaying the deep and painful anxiety which the tidings of the disastrous

occurrence excited in the minds of many of the inhabitants of the rural

districts adjacent to Newry:-

                                Quebec, 18th May, 1849.

By the last mail you will have heard of the melancholy loss of the ship,

Hannah, Captain Shaw, which sailed from Warrenpoint for this port, with

passengers on the 3d. of April last.  Many of the passengers went down

with the vessel, or perished miserably on the ice; but the exact loss

cannot now be ascertained, as the ship\'s list of their number and

description was lost.-  I enclose you a printed list of the persons saved,

the publication of which, in The Telegraph, will answer all the purposes

of a full list of all lost and saved - as the friends of those parties who

sailed by the Hannah, and who are not mentioned in the enclosed, will

understand, that all such are among those who perished.  It would appear

that great blame is to be attached to Captain Shaw, in this melancholy

affair, whose cowardice and inhumanity are said to have been conspicuous



(Here is repeated report of Captain Marshall. See Monday June 4.  Part of

this report badly torn in 11th June edition of Armagh Guardian).


The Doctor\'s disposition, with that of Richard Irving, one of the sailors

on board the Hannah, (which corroborate each other) are both forwarded by

this mail to Mr. James Ferguson, the charterer of the vessel.


 The surviving passengers arrived at Quebec, of course in a miserably

destitute and almost naked condition; but through the active and benevolent

exertions of Mr. Hyde, a sum of £50 and a large quantity of clothing, were

collected from the charitably disposed, and they were enabled to proceed

free, and with each a small supply of money, to their several destinations,

comfortably clad, and without any loss of time.


The head-money, which would have been leviable on the passengers, had the

Hannah arrived in port, was handed by Messrs. Hyde & McBlain, on account of

Mr. Ferguson, to the Emigration Agent, and by him repaid to the surviving



  List of passengers per brig \'Hannah\', Curry Shaw, master, from the port of

Newry, Ireland, which was wrecked by the ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, on

the 29th April, 1849, distinguishing those saved and those lost, as nearly as

can be ascertained:


James Murphy and wife; William Tadford, wife and child

(1 child lost); Michael McGill, wife and two children; Owen McCourt and wife;

Patrick McGurk, with wife and two children; Joseph Kerr, wife and 2

do.; (5 children lost); Alexander Thompson, wife and 4 children,

(father and mother, and his child lost); Peter Murphy, wife and child;

John Delaney, wife and sister; Wm.Henderson, wife and 4

children (1 child lost); John Murphy, wife and 4 children (2 children

lost); David Garvin, and wife; Ann McGinn (6 children lost); Ann McEwan

and sister (2 brothers and 2 sisters lost); Henry Grant and wife (4

children lost); Ann Lennon, daughters, 2 sons and niece; Daniel McGuigan

and brother; William Wood; Thomas Cannon, sister and 2 brothers; (father,

mother, and the children\'s niece lost); Eliza Blackstock; Samuel

Henderson; Edward Nugent;  Charles Mulholland; Edward McElhern, wife and

child (mother, and 6 of his children lost); Patrick McGrory, wife and 3

children,(4 children lost); James Ward, wife and 4 children; Alice

McKinley and cousin; James McVerry; Peter Loughran, wife and 6 children;

Eliza Perdue and 2 daughters; Thomas Quin, brother and brother and

sister-in-law; Jane Thompson and sister, (father and mother lost); Mary

Ann Brantford; Peter McFarlane, (father, mother, and two brothers lost);

Michael Grant, mother, sister, uncle, and brother - the foregoing persons

are from the County Armagh.  Patrick McGinn; John Tuft and son, (wife and

2 children lost); County Down; Andrew Kelly, County Tyrone; Joseph Murphy

and sister, children - South of Ireland.  Catherine Hart -unknown.


Total number ascertained to be lost, 49, which, with 127, the number

saved, made 176, the total number supposed to be embarked.



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