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The Mary Campbell

The Sailing Ship Mary Campbell 1850 Londonderry to Quebec Reference D.2892/1/1-14 The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland Ages are recorded of those under 16 Surname First Name Age Where From Madden Elizabeth Ballymoney Madden William Ballymoney Madden Betty Ann 12 Ballymoney Madden Thomas 9 Ballymoney Madden Catherine 7 Ballymoney Elliott Andrew Clones Elliott Sarah Clones Elliott Sarah Jane 13 Clones Elliott Elizabeth 11 Clones Elliott John 9 Clones Watson Sarah Strabane Watson Hamilton 12 Strabane Watson Robert 10 Strabane Watson Robert Strabane Joy John Coleraine Joy Elizabeth Coleraine Joy Robert 4 Coleraine Joy Archibald 2 Coleraine McCollum Rachel Coleraine McCollum Archibald 11 Coleraine McCollum Ann Eliza 10 Coleraine McCollum Mary 5 Coleraine McNickle Eliza Gortin McNickle John 13 Gortin McNickle James 11 Gortin McNickle William 9 Gortin McNickle Daniel 7 Gortin McNickle Mary Jane 5 Gortin McNickle Robert 3 Gortin Diver Matilda Milford Diver William 13 Milford Diver Mary Jane 10 Milford Steen Robert Coleraine Steen John Coleraine Booth John Drumquin Booth Bessey Drumquin Booth Alex 9 Drumquin Booth John 7 Drumquin Booth James 5 Drumquin Booth Archy 3 Drumquin Booth Robert 3mo Drumquin Kilpatrick James Drumquin Kilpatrick Fanny Drumquin McAree Brine Drumquin McCanny Bridget Drumquin McBay James Drumquin McBay Margaret Drumquin Nethry James Drumquin Nethry Bessey Drumquin Nethry James 4 Drumquin Harvey Betty Castlederg Harvey Patrick Castlederg Harvey Michael Castlederg Harvey Matilda Castlederg Harvey Rose Castlederg Harvey Andrew Castlederg Harvey Eliza Castlederg Harvey Rodger Castlederg White Rebecca 12 Castlederg White James 10 Castlederg Hamilton Rebecca Ardstraw Hamilton Margaret Ardstraw Coll Margery Carrigart Coll Nancy Carrigart Coll Unity Carrigart Tailor James Kesh Tailor Catherine Kesh Tailor John Kesh Tailor Bessy Kesh Tailor Edward Kesh Joy Jane Coleraine McKay Nancy Coleraine McKay Ellan Coleraine McKay Archbald Coleraine McKay Elizabeth Coleraine McKay Margaret Ann Coleraine Glancy James Ballyshannon Reiley Thomas Drumquin Reiley Eliza Drumquin Reiley Mary 8 Drumquin Reiley Eliza 5 Drumquin Reiley Sarah 6 Drumquin Reiley Fanny 3 Drumquin Reiley Mary 6mo Drumquin Moore Mary Drumquin Moore Thomas 10 Drumquin Moore Mary Jane 8 Drumquin O\'Neil Sally Drumquin Adams Sarah Enniskillen Adams Margaret 7 Enniskillen Adams Jane 4 Enniskillen Kerr Sarah Limavady Kerr Jane 13 Limavady Kerr Hyndman 10 Limavady Kerr Samuel 8 Limavady McKay John Coleraine Rennie John Coleraine Rennie Jane Coleraine Rennie Betty Coleraine Rennie James Coleraine Rennie John 12 Coleraine Rennie Alexander 4 Coleraine Logue Michael Coleraine Logue Eleanor Coleraine Logue Eleanor Coleraine Logue Ann 14 Coleraine Logue William 11 Coleraine Logue Jane 8 Coleraine Logue Patrick 6 Coleraine Rennie Michael 5 Coleraine Conaghan Mary Church Hill Kerr Mary Church Hill Johnston Charles Ederney Bell Nathan Drumhaggard Bell Mary Drumhaggard Bell William 12 Drumhaggard Bell Samuel 10 Drumhaggard Bell James 8 Drumhaggard Bell John 6 Drumhaggard Bell Mary Jane Drumhaggard Hamilton Robert Killeter Hamilton Rebecca Killeter Hamilton Robert Killeter White William Omagh Love Martha Castlederg Mills Jane Ballyshannon Stevenson James Castlederg Morrow Jane Ballyshannon Morrow Margaret 7 Ballyshannon Morrow Eliza 5 Ballyshannon Davis Martha Balteagh McCorkell Robert Derry Booth Margaret Omagh McElroy James Strabane Porter Sandy Castlederg Walker Jeramiah Newtownstewart Walker Eliza Newtownstewart McMorris Robert Newtownstewart McCool Charles Ballymoney Craig mary Newtownstewart Woods David Newtownstewart Woods Martha Newtownstewart Woods Eliza Newtownstewart Park Thomas Newtownstewart Park Charles Newtownstewart Park John 11 Newtownstewart Park William 9 Newtownstewart Mitchell Mary Gortin Mitchell William Gortin Mitchell Robert Gortin Mitchell Margaret Gortin Rennie Margaret Coleraine Rennie Robert Coleraine Rennie Margaret Ann 9mo Coleraine Lepper John Three Trees Lepper Jane Three Trees Lepper Meria Three Trees Lepper Sarah 6 Three Trees Lepper Arthur 3 Three Trees Bell William Three Trees Mulherren Mary Ballyshannon Mulherren Terrence 10 Ballyshannon Mulherren Ellen 7 Ballyshannon Mulherren John 4 Ballyshannon McClain Anne Kesh McClain Anne 6mo Kesh Faussett Isabella Newtownstewart Reynolds Margaret 12 Gortin Reynolds Hugh 10 Gortin Reynolds John 7 Gortin Beacom Eliza Drumquin Beacom George 8 Drumquin Beacom Robert 6 Drumquin Anderson William Omagh McGrath Elizabeth Ballyshannon McGuire Patrick Newtownstewart Fiddis Jane Strabane Fiddis Sarah Strabane Fiddis William Strabane Fallis Elizabeth Strabane Burgess Arthur Strabane Burgess Mary Strabane Burgess John Strabane Wilson Joseph Strabane McDonald Mary Ann Strabane Kerrigan Peter Ballyshannon Mitchell Thomas Gortin Quigley Mary Gortin Quigley Margaret 1 Gortin Edwards William Killetter Kenigan John Ballyshannon Watt Robert Ramelton Bovaird Alex Letterkenny Collins Anne Cappagh McClimore George Rusky Montgomery Thomas Rusky Doherty Elleanor Strabane McCorkell Augusta 4 Strabane Keys Thomas Ederney Keys Ann Ederney Keys Henry 7 Ederney Brunt Mary Ann Trillick Cruise Martha Culmore Cory Margaret Castlederg

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