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The John Bulkeley Londonderry to Philadelphia








Ship John Bulkeley, Londonderry to Philadelphia.

Passengers from Donegal Londonderry and Tyrone












                       22 August 1812
                       Ship John Bulkely

Names                                   Baggage
-----                                   -------
           Cabin Passengers
Andrew Walsh                   One Box One Bed One Mattress & Bedding
John Walsh                     One Box One Barrel Bed & Bedding
Edward McIntire                Five Boxes & Bedding
Sarah McIntire                 Seven Boxes Four Beds & Bedding
Mary Miller                    Two *Boxes One Bed     One Chest)
Robert Danan

          Steerage Passengers
Thomas Fawcett                 One Box
Ruth Fawcett                   One Box
John McCanally
Hannah McCanally
James Armstrong     )
Mary Armstrong      )          Two Boxes Three Beds & Bedding
Catherine Armstrong )
Eliza Armstrong     )
Joseph Armstrong    )
James Bustard
George Jamison                 One Trunk One Box
Eliza Jamison
Elizabeth Smith                One Box One Bed
James Ferguson                 Three Boxes
Martin Ferguson
James Loughery         )
Elizabeth Ann Loughery )       Two Barrels Two Boxes
Robert Loughery        )       Two Beds & Bedding
Jane Loughery          )
& Two Children         )
John Walker                    One Box
Robert Neely
Ann Alexander       )
Margaret Alexander  )          One Box One Bed & Bedding
John Alexander      )
George McIntire                Two Boxes One Bed & Bedding
Mary McIntire
William McIlhinney  )
Ann McIlhenny       )
Archd McIlhenny     )
James McIlhenny     )          Two Boxes One Barrel
Betty McIlhenny     )          Two Spinning Wheels
Sarah McIlhenny     )          Three Beds & Bedding
Alexander McIlhenny )
Margaret McIlhenny  )
Margaret Haylin                One Box
George Neely                   One Barrel Two Boxes
Archd Neely
James McCardy       )          Two Boxes
Mary McCardy        )          Three Beds & Bedding
Mary McCardy        )
        Daughter    )
Mick Crossan                   One Box
Saml Lockart                   One Box
Henry Ewing                    One Box
Patrick Meeghan                One Box
John Tosh                      One Box
George Workman
Rose Thompson
John Gallagher                 One Box
Alex McIntire                  One Box
William Grourly    )           One Box One Bed
Mary Grourly       )           One Barrel
Thos Withnow                   One Barrel One Box
Edward Grourly     )           One Box One Bed & Bedding
Peggy Grourly      )
Margaret Hamilton              Two Boxes
James Isaac        )
Belle Donnell     )
Jane Donnell       )           Two Boxes One Chest
James Laird        )           Four Beds & Bedding
Mary Isaac         )
Ann Isaac          )
John Donnell       )
Thomas McCrory                 One Box
Jane Steele                    One Box One Bed
P. Carolan                     One Box
Jane Thompson      )           One Box One Bag
Oliver Thompson    )
James Hughes                   Nothing
Robert Patterson               One Box One Bed
Mary Patterson                 One Box
Jane Smiley                 )
Jane Smiley Daughter to her )
Mary Smiley                 )  Two Barrels Two Boxes
Agnes Smiley                )  Two Beds & Bedding
Martha Smiley               )
Eliza Smiley                )
Robert Smiley               )
Wm Smiley                   )
James Smiley                )
John Murphy                    Bed & Bedding
Roger Meighan                  One Box
James Perry                    One Box
Margaret Stuart             )
Eliza Stuart                )
Ann Stuart                  )
Saml Stuart                 )  Eleven Trunks & Boxes
Eleanor Stuart              )  Four Beds & Bedding
John Stuart                 )
Hamilton Stuart             )
Alexr Fleming                  Two Boxes
John Humphreys                 One Box
James Phillips                 Two Beds & Bedding
& Wife
& Two Children
Wm Blakely                     One Box









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