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Passengers on board "The Duncan"























Ship "Duncan", Londonderry to New York.26th May 1804















T 3262/1: Irish Emigration Lists, 1803-1806.















The Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.




















May 1804
A List of the Crew and Passengers who have Contracted
to take their Passage on board the Ship Duncan of Whitehaven
Burthen 238 Tons Abraham Sibson Master out of Londonderry for New York
No   Names               Age   Occupation
1   James Shields        40    1st Mate
2   John Paxton          28    2nd Mate
3   John Griffin         22    Seaman
4   Henry [Halerow?]     21    Seaman
5   John Potter          36    Cook           Crew
6   Nicholas [Halerow?]  16    Apprentice
7   Curwen Irwin         15    Apprentice
8   John Smith           11    Apprentice
9   George McCauley      17    Apprentice
10  John Angus           12    Apprentice
                             Passengers     Place of Abode
11   George Cuthbert      35    Labourer    Parish Coleraine
12   James Alcorn         40    Labourer    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
13   Michael Alcorn       16    Labourer    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
14   John Alcorn          17    Labourer    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
15   Mary Gallagher       35    Spinster    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
16   Ann Cuthbert         13    Spinster    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
17   Fanny Cuthbert       12    Spinster    Parish Glenvenogh Co of
18   John Coyle           20    Farmer      Parish Glenvenogh Co of
19   James McCaran        20    Farmer      Parish Glenvenogh Co of
20   Edward McCaran       22    Farmer      Parish Glenvenogh Co of
21   James Todd           19    Labourer    Largilly
22   John Gibson          19    Labourer    Ballycloy
23   Thomas Paul          20    Labourer    Co Down
24   George Elliot        24    Farmer      Co Down
25   James Gamble         25    Farmer      Donaghady Co Tryone
26   Samuel Patterson     26    Labourer    Donaghady Co Tryone
27   George Watson        29    Labourer    Donaghady Co Tryone
28   William Sanderson    35    Labourer    Langfield Co Tryone
29   Margaret Sanderson   18    Spinster    Langfield Co Tryone
30   Sidney Sanderson     28    Farmer      Langfield Co Tryone

31   James [Davitt?]      24    Farmer      Astraw Co Tryone
32   Patrick McGawly      26    Labourer    Urney Co Tryone
33   John Ginn            28    Labourer    Drumceeran Co Tryone
34   Margaret Ginn        26    Spinster    Drumceeran Co Tryone
35   Jane Ginn            20    Spinster    Drumceeran Co Tryone
36   Anne Ginn            50    Spinster    Drumceeran Co Tryone
37   Mathew Gibson        38    Farmer      Drumceeran Co Tryone
38   Eliza Gibson         28    Spinster    Drumceeran Co Tryone
39   Fanny Gibson         18    Spinster    Drumceeran Co Tryone
40   Charles Johnston     38    Labourer    County Fermanagh
41   Ann Johnston         26    Spinster    County Fermanagh
42   Thomas Keys          24    Farmer      Magheramny Co Fermanagh
43   Eliza Keys           20    Spinster    Magheramny Co Fermanagh
44   Francis Crow         22    Labourer    Magheramny Co Fermanagh
45   Richard Guthrie      30    Labourer    Magheramny Co Fermanagh
46   James Crozier        20    Labourer    Fermanagh
47   Robert Crozier       22    Labourer    Parish of [Dromaish?]
48   James Brisland       26    Farmer      County Tryone
49   Margaret Woods       28    Spinster    Parish Lissen derry
                                      [Parish of Lissan, Co Derry?]

Abraham Sibson Master of the Ship Duncan of Whitehaven now
bound for New York, Maketh Oath that the said ship is of the
Burthen of Two Hundred thirty eight Tons p [per?] Register
and that the foregoing List contains a Just and true Account
of all Persons on board or intended to be taken on Board said
Ship, with the Names Age and Occupation of each person, as
also of the Crew.  And he does further Swear that to the best
of his Knowledge and belief there is neither Artificer
Manufacturer Seaman or Seafaring Man/except the crew belonging
or being Subject to the King of Great Britain on board or to
be taken on board said Ship

Abraham Sibson          Sworn before me at the Custom House
                        Londonderry 26th May 1804
                                R G Hill



















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