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Passengers on the Anglo-Saxon



The Steamship Anglo-Saxon, from
Liverpool out of Londonderry Ireland,
Quebec, while in a dense fog, some three miles distant
Cape Race, on the 27th of April,1863 went on shore, and in a
short time became a total wreck.  Of 444 passengers and crew
who were wrecked on board 180 have reached land, or been
picked up in small boats;


"The deck broke up in about one hour after the Anglo-Saxon
struck.  Nothing but the misenmast is standing.  Several
persons clung to the fore rigging untill the foremast fell.
No assistance could be rendered.  Guns are being fired at the
Cape to attract the attention of the missing boats.


The following is a list of passengers on board the

CABIN PASSENGERS.- Miss Malley, Hon.[Honourable?] John Young
and Family, 11 in number; Captain and Mrs. Stotherd and
servant; Captain Cassidy, Rev. C.P. Eaton, Mrs.
Wright, Captain T.R. Read, Mrs. Caldwell, Lieutenant Clark,
Mr. J.S. Mill, Mr. J. Martin, Mr. Guy Pemberton, Mr. S. Rodgers,
Mr. Fraser, Mr. Tealby, Mrs. Jackson and child, Captain Hyler,
Lieutenant Simpson, Mr. P.H. Nott, Mr. J. McGregor, Mr. Houghton,
Mr. W. Kirkness, Mr. James Bullock, Miss A. Ashwith,  Mr. Towers,
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood, Mrs. James and child, Mr. Withers.

STEERAGE PASSENGERS boarded in LIVERPOOL.- Samuel Stevens, wife,
and child; Thomas Churchyard, wife, and three children; Honor
Ripley and one child, Mrs Borroughs and two children, Mr.
Little, Jane Fulton and one child, R.Mitchell, Edward Dance,
George Dance, William Berry, John Fisher, Wilelm Cronebry,
wife, and two children; Issac Chapman, wife and one child;
Bernard Shanley, John Rorke, Peter Spahr, Christen Olson,
Hans P. Christianson and wife, Neils C. Anderson, Michael
Cullan and wife,  Thomas Jones, David Evans, Walter Waller,
Thomas Lockett, Allen S. Horne, Mrs. Thomas, Susannah Cooper,
Richard Jones and wife; Richard Harrison, David Rees, wife,
and two children; David Lload, David Beran, Margaret Jones,
Wm.[William?] Griffith, John Griffith, Griff Griffith, David
Davies, wife, and two children; John Morgan, Catherine
Davies; Evan George, wife and four children; Mary Harris and
two children, Wm. [William?] Ankres, Wm. [William?]
Wainwright, Benjamin Douglas, J. Douglas, Sarah Douglas,
Edwin Dingle, J. Cunnel, W.H. Stanley, T.A. Feler, Reubin
Painter, wife and one child; Lembros Painter, J. Hartley,
Thomas Irwin, David Newsome, Philip Jones, wife and one
child; J. Chadwick, John Jones, John Vickerman, Henry
Callaghan, wife, and six children; George Dallir, Mrs. J.
Alexander and two children, Thomas Bishop, Jonathan Walker,
Bangcroft Marsden, Richard Tapper, Harriet Roberts, Mary
Ronlston, Ellen Ryan, John Townsend, Samuel Whormby and wife,
Henry Brookfield, Edward Walter, wife and two children; Joel
Mellor, Thomas Barber, Denis Woolhouse, John Duckworth,
Joseph Hill Samuel Bardsley, John Booth, Frederick Boyes,
John  White, William Cross, Mary Ann Boyes, Elizabeth
Stevens and five children; Ambroze Underhill and wife, James
Stevens James Wood, William Sape, John Wickett, William
Burrow, James Damrell, Thomas Allen William Allen, James
Brent, Isaac Packwell, William Turtey, Robert Legg, Mary
Waldren and one child, William D. Woonacott and wife, John
Headon, William Hockridge, Henry Morgan and wife, Richard
Colville and wife, Robert Oatsons, Charles S. Dunbar, Robert
Blair, C. Brown, Martin Shechy, Luke Wood, Lesette Graetz and

two children, Martin Schneider, Eliza Schneider Jean Becker,
Jean Fealtan, wife, and five children; Jean Melenstein, wife,
and four children; Augusta Loubre, Alex. Lafercade, B.
Billyard, Andmo Brizio, Fidele Elschi, Mathios Neter, Sybella
John, Bosli Christen, wife and one child; Wm. [William?]
Jessy, Alex. Meuri, Thomas Jessy, Hyacinth Jessy, Josephine
Jessy, Rudolph Beningusta.

Passengers boarded in Londonderry -
Davis, Hugh
Strachan, Samuel Morgan,  M. Henderson, Jose Jameson, Louisa
Gibbs and two children, John Norman, W.S. Finlay, Angus
McLane, F. Mackenzie, Robert Parker.
Matilda Ganley and one child, James Kirk,
Robert Bruce, Hamilton Magee, Edward Kerr, wife, and one
child, William Johnston, Mary Kearney, Alice Stewart, John
Keeley, Daniel Ferguson, John Meaney, Daniel Coulter, Mary
Coulter, Catherine Early, Bernard Early, John Morrow and
wife, Marjorie Morrow, John Carrol, John Reilly and wife,
George Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, Ellen Atkinson, Joseph
Eagan, Mary Eagan, William Rodgers, John McNally, Francis McDonald,
Peter Nolan, and wife, and two children; Peter Watson, John
Davison, wife, and child; Thomas Power, Mary A. Adam, Martha
Rimp, Francis Gornley, Patrick Gormley, Anne Gormley, Samuel
Cotter, William Glover, wife, and seven children, John
McCrew, Alexander Storey, Thomas M. Cambridge, James A.
Direa, James Finlay, Rose A. Gartin, Sarah Smith, Charles
McClusky, David Dinsman, Daniel Gerahty, James Murtagh, C.
Crawford, Mary Binnek, Margaret Binnek, Mrs. Black, George
Black, Ann Orr, John Livingstone, Peter Crumplin, Samuel
Menice, John Wright, Peter Connagher, Margaret Fernie, James
Barclay, Peter McMillen, Thomas Anderson, John Small, Jose
Winch, Catherine Cameron, Rose Bell.

List of the Crew
.- W. Burgess, master; John Hoare, first
officer; John McAllister, second officer, Robert Allan, third
officer; George Scott, fourth officer; Alfred Patton,
surgeon; William Jenkins, purser; Gilbert Little, assistant
purser; John Allan, carpenter; William Read, carpenter;
Edward Newell, boatswain; Hugh Jones, boatswain.  Able bodied
seamen.- Wm. [William?] Cape, John Williams, Andrew Gibbie,
Robert Cain, John Johnson, William Bennett, Thomas McCormick,
Thomas Lloyd, John Larkin, Thomas Quayle, John Pritchard,
James Wilson, William Edmonston, Joseph Heasley, Thomas
Chapman, Frederick Hunter, Thomas Phelom, George Taylor, John
M. Ellis, Peter Patterson, James Martain, George Moffatt,
Thomas Hannibal, James Redmond, John Halloran.

ENGINEERS' DEPARTMENT.- Wm. [William?] McMaster, first
engineer; Alexander Mackay, second engineer; William Ritchie,
third engineer; James Henderson, fourth engineer; Charles
Cardle, fifth engineer; Firemen.- John Dow, Michael Toole,
Thomas Murphy, Henry McKenney, John Williams, George
Roberton, Thos.[Thomas?] Davidson, John Murphy, John Riley,
Henry Norton, Thomas White, Berry Bridge, John Howard, James
Baxter, Patrick Purcell, James McCartney.

STEWARDS' DEPARTMENT.- Thomas Wood, first steward;
Wm.[William?] Jones, second steward; Charles Barlow, Wm.
[William?] McStay, Henry G. Davis, John J. Carr, George
Purcel, John Davidson, Robert Corlett, Wm. [William?]
Montgomery, John Reeve, George Woolner, John Leah, Edward
Evans, John Haggup, John McDermot, Martin Cleary, John
Pennington, and Ewd.[Edward?] J. Lloyd, assistant stewards;
Mrs. Parry, stewardess; Arthur Grace, first cook; John
Harvey, second cook; Henry Weston, Alfred Costello, and
Bobt.[Robert?] Hodgson, ships cooks; Andrew Kennedy, baker's
mate; Wm. [William?] Jones, butcher; Wm.[William?] Carrol,

HALLIFAX, APRIL 30.- The following is a list of the steerage
passengers by surname saved from the Anglo-Saxon:-

Parker, Parsons, Saint, Marie, Collagan, Dallie, Cooth,
Fleck, Ferguson, Callaghan, Pautrie, Wilpolm, George, Wood,
Stanley, Naglies, Lahn, Barbour, Coulter, Finlay, Morgan,
Rooke, Lloyd, Furre, Jones, Griffiths, Churchyard, Wickett,
Burrow, Nance, Black, Jones and wife, Fideles, Jones,
Loubrier, Barclay, Jamieson, Small, Bishop, Gourley, Corder,
Mackillavey, Johnston, Drusmon, Reid, Howell, Mackay,
Murtagh, Garetty, Christianson, Davies, Tupper, Macnally,
Atkinson, Rees and child, Townsend, Damsell, Cross, Cronen,
Berry, Crawford, Gauley and child, Christiana Brown, Elizabeth Wood,
Dance, Pale, Harrison, Walter Bruce, Jones, Wamby, Mary Ann
Adams, Mina Christian, Jessie Christian, Mary Waldron, Mary
Lenwick, Martha Lenwick, Maggie Lenwick, Ann Gourneley, Jane
Colton, Mary Ralston, Ann Stevens, Mary Cullan, Mary
Calligham, Alice Stewart, Mary Kenney, Fanny Mackenzie, Mary
Reed, Jane Walker, Ellen Ryah, Sarah Smith, Kate Early,
Margaret Evans, Sophia Davis, and child, Eliza Grity and two
children, two children unknown.


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